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Quadro FX4500
Little Advice on Older AGP Cards
XFX GeForce 7950
Safe Temp. for XFX 7800GT..?
AGP users rejoice!
7950GX2, how it works?
Need Help -- eVGA 7800gs co + vRam OC = Crashes
Stop at coolbits or go further?
MSI and thier D.O.T
7900GT locks on ANY OC... thoughts?
7900GT cant overclock at all... thoughts?
Does Coolbits read my 7600GT wrong??
7600GT new, scrambled display
2x 7900GT or 1 7950gx2?
Got a PCI-E 7600GT. PC locks up on certain websites!!!
Nvidia GeForce 6800 Questions
2x7800gt SLI
No SLi in Vista?
6600GT Probs...
Cannot change clock frequency!, Help!
Snow effect in games. Card Problem?
eVGA 7900 GT CO SC - RMA Replacement
I think I have a record....
Not to happy with the XFX 7900 GT 256MG PCI-e Extreme
SLI 2x 7600gs 512mb -VS- 1 7900gt 256mb
XFX GeForce 7600GT OC problems
Issue with an AGP 6800XT
new 7900GT, 3Dmarks about right? CPU bottleneck?
eVga GeForce FX 5500 pci card and eVga 7900 GTX 512
7900GTX vs 7950GX2
Problem, New games don't work right on 7600GT, Step up, or more RAM?
Widescreen resolution question
Video Game too fast?
Talk about NewEgg EXAGGERATING the 7950GX2
Thoughts on 7 series cards
Hold off on 7950's, read inside!
Dying 5700???
XFX 6800XT... nv4mini crashing when drivers install
HELP!! 6800GT Heat Issues
My wait in line is ALMOST over! Gone from #202 to #39 in line for the 7950gx2, woot!
Do 7900's Work on HL2?
fan control 6800
so i am looking for a review on my newly purchased xfx 7900gt XXX...
Simple Question: EVGA 7900GTX or EVGA 7950GX2? Benefits of one against the other?
problem with XFX 7950 GX2 XXX
SLI video card drivers
Are my 3dmark06 scores normal
Nvidia driver control panel to get new look
One 7950gx2 beats two 7800gtx 512 in SLI in several games
Artifacts/Shutdowns with 7800GTX?
Well. When is someone from OC gonna grab a 7950?
Help v9999
Laptop 7900 GTX??
evga GF 7600GT CO not overclockable?
Some 7950 GX2 Counterpoints...
6800 series major problems
ugg wats wrong with my pc lol
BFG 7900GT Video capture
Dual monitors, show on one screen during boot.
Card Temps
7900gt 256mb Which Brand?
Is Your 7900gt Working Properly?
6800GT vs 7600Gt
Using my 7900gtx eVGA step up to a 7950GX2
is 7600GT PCI express better than 6800GT AGP?
Do I Need SLI?
question about video bios
New Nvidia card benchmarked by Gamespot!
Go with 7900GT SLI or the 7950GX2? read inside.
7900GT Overclocking
can someone explain the xfx lifetime warranty to me?
7600 or 6800
Geforce 6800GT still won't operate
Need info on 6800nu tv tuner edition
Maybe Problem with 7800gt
upgrade time?
NVidia 7950 GX2? Crazy....
Thinking about switching to NV, need some advice...
XFX GeForce 6200 OC'ing problem. :(
Trick the fan sensor?
FX 5700/5800 Black Screen Problem
New MOBO ---> AGP card goes blank?
Odd 3dmark 05 score
Extended desktop problems.
eVGA NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT Freezing
Noob Question
Been out of the loop - need advice on new card
Severe Artifacing in CSS with 7900GT CO
How to unlock BGF tech 6200
computer refusing to boot with 6800GT AGP
7800GT connecting it to a TV
7900gtx stock cooler > *
6600 GT on Intel815E Chipset
why is the cooler on my 6600gt....
6600 gt vs 6800 xt agp
Memory speed
Question about 7600GT usual problems...
7800 gt (evga) problem
Help - 6600gt works on one monitor but not the other?
FX5700 Personal Cinema now black and white?
How much do you think a used BFG 6800GT is worth?
7900GTX bluescreening/artifacting in 3DMark06
os or card related?
Video Card burn ins?
BFG 7800 GS AGP Overclock :)
Can anyone find these specs?
good heatsinks for the mosfet?
6600gt AGP?
What are your 6800nu clocks?
6800 artifacts
eVGA 7600GT Temps
Post your 7900GT overclocking results
7900 Gt Ko
Hows my 3dmark score and how can i make it better?
Voltage on 6600gt
XfX 6800gs; i need help please.
Repair a fx5700u
Crazy Artifacting
Curious 7900GTX question...
AGP Asus 6800TD w/512DDR2 RAM
eVGA Step-Up program?
Coolbits with new beta 91.28 drivers?
SLi Dual screen Question
1.52v Vcore 2.2v Vddr Too High for 7600GT?
Is 89-92 celsious Idle too high?
Sell my 2nd card?
NEW RIG_Dark Side here I come!
How do i get the max out of my 7800gs?
6800 Ultra Overheating?
Think I made a boo boo...MSI 7900GT???
Is my 7600GT not performing properly?
2 x XFX SLI'd 7600GT vs x1800xt
76gs agp on the way, Possibly more
need help on 6600 temp
Got 7600GT to 700/1700!
PCIE 1x video card?
Gainward 7800GS+ (7900GT GPU) 3dMark05/06 scores
the new RivaTuner 2.0 RC 16
setting up in sli
New nvidia beta drivers out
7800GS OC
7900gt crashes system
7800GT SLI to 7900GT SLI
Need help with 7900 GTX
worth upgrading existing video card
Video card help needed.
SLI inconsistant
2xQ AA: Does anyone use it?
stepping up 7800GS to 7900GT... need a mobo!
HEY I FOUND Buried treasure.... i think
possible upgrade?
The Future of...?
Nvidia Turbo Cache
6600GT going haywire, PSU problem?
Please critique my SLI 06 score.
6800GS or something else?
color on a tv
SLI-7900gtx better than the new 7900GX2 when not quad just "SLI"?
Full screen games.
7800gs problems but not really a problem
Weird Error when 3dmarking (bfg 7900gtx..)
am i limited by my cpu?
7600GT BIOS Volt Mod?
Evga 7600GT KO Bios issue
What is the next round of Cards coming out? 8xxx and ATI 2xxx?
Artifacts during game play.
Bootable cd?
nVidia 6600GT AGP quirky POST problem?
Riva Tuner startup settings
7800GS: Change disabled stuff in Rivatuner?
Modding 7600GT with CPU HSF, How do you guys do it?
Which is better?
7900GT Power Supply Help
Evga 7600GT Help!!!
ATI x850XT PE or XFX XXX 7600GT ??
eVGA's e-GeForce 7800GS CO has me thoroughly impressed.
Bio Volt Mod for 7800gt??
need help badly
Yet another new heatsink for my 5200
6800 128m --> 7600 GT?
Power for 7800gtx? help!
yet another evga quesiton
BFG 7900 GTX OC Power supply question
Quick eVGA Stepup Help!!!!
Overclocking in Sli
Overclocked Video card
eVGA 7800 GS CO Superclocked AGP
&900gt 1.4v mod questions
7800gt framerate issues
eVGA 7600GS @ 550/850 stock??
New 7-series card w/ 1gb DDR3 vram?
7900 KO or GT Co?
7600GT Help
'Good' temperature range for a 7900GT?
4600Ti shows up as 5100FX
Need opinion on upgrade
Lost red on one monitor
6600GT SLI, worth it?
Newbie with 7900gt SLI
I know comparison questions are annoying... but...
Garbled text, unusable signal after a reboot following 3 hours of intense gaming.
87.25's are on the net - beta driver
is this a GT????
The turbocache blues
7800GT - voltmodding? Delta? Need more power!
7900GT Artifacting -- Possible soution for some?
7900GT problems
Question about 3dMark05 freezing...
7600GT Overclocking - Full System Freeze
7600GS - Awsome card, i would reccomend it.
7800gs overcurrent protection
My 7900GT CO scores
Overclocking in SLI
Overclocking Competition.
Beeps while playing Oblivion
6200 Passive Cooling
7900GT KO Impressions
7900GT CO Memory speed reporting
I'm trigger-shy, should I OC my 7900gtx?
Aegeis physics processor, PPU for U?
Ati Vet = Nvidia n00b a little OC direction please
7800gt work in dell 5150?
How can I tell if these cards are KO or CO?
7800gs hoorah!
Nvidia conference/meeting tomorrow,
Overlocking XFX 7800GT (new to OCing)
these scores ok for a 6600?
PNY 6600 timeout probs...help!!!
The King of AGP: Gainward 7876-BLISS 7800GS Silent 512MB GS+
Arctic Silver 5 OK with EVGA RMA?
Ordered another 7900gtx after having to RMA the first, what to do? (OCing & drivers)
Ti4600 & Widesreen Resolution
7300LE + Oblivion = ?
calling all bfg representatives
EVGA step up question
new video card, or mod my current 6800gt?
7600 gt ko cooling solution
6600 cooler mod
Are 7900gt's crap?
Dual GPU on single slot?
7900gt or 7900gtx
Upping AGP clock?
EVGA 7800GT OC fan problem
SLI Question
7900 water block options
Gainward 7900 GT 512mb Volt Mod?
Problem with new EVGA 6600LE Card
Does vsync lower fps? I've heard it does
hair tearing problem with 6600
Did I kill my 6600GT??
evga step-up my queue up, should I....?
Any new SLI 16x Intel Chipset drivers?
3dmarks for gainward 7800gs
eVGA 7900GT Signature Series
budget & quiet card
Refresh rate override not working properly with OpenGL
7900 GT SLI / 3DMark06 score...
Video tearing or artifacting
Nvidia Guys -- Input Needed
InnoVISION or Albatron?
lock up after OCn' 6600
Pics of my "wasted" unused pelt-modded Asus 7900-GTX
(Relatively) Low overclock for 7900GT?
OCing the 6600GT
Overclocking/fan speed control program for 7900GT?
7900gt slow with graw
G80 release date...?
900+ mhz out of 7600GT memory?
Really that noticable?
Is my graphics card damaged?
Finaly got my gainward 7800GS working
Zalman VF700-CU on a 7800gs?
can someone post a pic of the 'proper' amount of AS5 spread on a GPU?
Which is faster?
XFX GeForce 6800 XT:Can you open more pipelines?
7600gt 3dMark results
6800 clocks post them (Not Gt or Le)
go from 7800gt to 7900 gt is it worth it???
7900 gt temperatures
Strange sounds comin from my 7800gt
How far have you pushed your 7800gs?
7900 GX2, results are in
How to measure Temp.
Old 6800U (AGP) + new PCIe/AGP motherboard: Keep or u/g video card?
7900gtx cooling help
6800GS Temps...?
2.8ghz ~ Watercooling ~ SLi 7900GT CO & Crap peformance
G80 anticipation thread. . .
xpress 200 IGP MB w/ 7600GT?
funky results with 7900gt
GPU for my setup
6600gt, finally overclocked it
7800 gs... no overclock!
need help... alot
EVGA Step up program. Missing cable, 15% OMG?!!?
What kind of 12V PSU do you need for a 7900GT?
got my abit max3, gainward 7800gs still not working
S754 + 7900GT
Ok, Ok, I now admit it, the card is basically defective,
what would you do in my case?
Nvidia Drivers?
Temperatures for laptop GPU, idle and active
before i blow 350
I don't want to RMA my 7900gtx, I *think* it's just BF2/Drive related, agree?
Strange shacking in 85 hertz
16/6 XFX 6800GS agp oc'ing
78 vs 79 series... 512mb vs 256mb SLI... Questions...
7900GT CO vs. 7900GT KO...
ForceWare for GO cards?
Stock 7900gtx 512 artifacting in BF2 (pics inside)
7800 temps
BFG 6800 GS Artifacts after water cooling
7900GT KO released!
W00t! 7600 GT on its way....
thinking about getting a 7800gs
3Dmark Scores low?
First 3dMark 06 score w/ 7900gtx 512 at 710/1860
Coolbits just auto-deteced 710/930 for my 7900gtx 512, you think it'll stay that way?
wait time on 7900GT CO Super on evga stepup?
dual display capable pci-e card
best graphics card for a flight sim
Will me be bottlenecked?
6600GT high temp, OC'ability
Geforce 7600GT or 7900 GT?
Can I put AS5 on my N6200c GPU?
Need advice on a 6800nu
NewEgg needs to HURRY UP!
Having real trouble with multiple desktops and screens...
old p1 heatsink= ramsinks=free
my 7600gt oc
7800gt pci vs 6800 gt oc AGP
7600GT - Got some questions.
DVD's looking poor...?
6800 agp LE dying?
Just bought a EVGA 6600LE
7600 GT or x850 XT
Artifacting at stock clocks 7900gtx
Problem overclocking BFG 6800GT
Poor Man's SLI
7800 GTX SLi question about poor benchies
7900GT Test Card
Stumped by the NV4_disp error!
I Want a new 7800gs, whcih is better? evga or bfg
Zalman VF700-cu question
F.E.A.R. bench scores 7900GT (1.4 v-modded)
Just ordered a 7900gtx 512, so long my faithful 7800gtx. . .
XFX 6600GT SLI - Memory/GPU Speed Issues
Please help Serious problem with my new 7800gs
DirectX 10 wait or buy?
helping with cooling
6600GT cooling
Opinions about 6800 GT versus 2 6800's in SLI
7900GT, but what brand?
7600GT overclocking limited by PCIe power output?
A little advice.....7900 GTs ot 7900 GTX
So which eVGA 7900gtx 512 to buy?
So how well have the 7900gtx 512s been overclocking on air?
AGP to SLI question
Question about 7800gs and power suply..
Weird Problem when Installing Driver
Gainward 7800gs here we go again lol
7800GTX multi-desktop...
Fastest AGP 8X card? My 6800 Ultra died
Computer Stutters!!
eVGA 7900GT non-CO is here, and...
Strange Problems
XFX 7800GTX Problem (Need Help)
HDR vs. AA (anti-aliasing)
Correct Voltage Conections
Zalman VF 700, mostly
This is retarded, I can get a 7900gtx 512mb for just a LITTLE more than a 7800gtx256
SLi shutdown?
SLI Physics, good idea you think?
BFG Any good?
Has this GPU seen it's last days?
Volt modding 7900GT
What should I buy a GF 7900GT or GF 7800 GTX?
stick stuff on 7800gt
7600GT, worth it over the 6600GT?
6800GT hardware problem? Hardware scholars in here.
Question from an Amateur.
So, if I add another 7800gtx (256), would that be better than 7900gtx/x1900xtx?
7800GS + Thermalright V-1 Ultra?
You think a new card is going to be announced during E3? Dx10 perhaps?
Help on a AGP upgrade
Finally got around to OC'n the 7800GTs
6800GT Overclocking
A motherboard and pci-ex card or 1 6600 gt agp
Overclocking the Nvidia GeForce 5600
Got PNY 6800GS AGP, have question....
Wierd 7900gt problem
looking for a new pci card
7900GTX scores okay?
FX5700 Personal Cinema Cooling
nVidia GeForce 7800gtx
Silent Cooler on 7800gt PCI-E
I think i found an amazing deal ! (Quickish reply needed :) )
Nvidia 84.43 beta
Two Cards or One?
Curious? What woud 2x6800XT 256 in SLI be equal to
Geforce Ti 4600: is it AGP 1.5v or agp 3.3V?
Sli Problem! Please,help me.
7800gt for agp?
ok so I DO need help..
7600GS: Who has one?
7800gs idle temp?
Post Your 6800Ultra Temps
Geforce 6800GT + $55 = Geforce 7800GS
Bios mod for 6600gt AGP
Need advice on Video Card upgrade....
XFX 7900 GTX XXX Edition, what are they worth
GeForce 7800GT Voltage BIOS Softmod
5600PCI + 7800GT HS?
3dmark showing frequency as N/A?
7800GT reporting as 7800GTX
7800GTX is BURNING hot!
Highest recommended temps on 7800gs?
How to stop IRQ sharing for 6800 GT?
where is extended desktop?
PNY 6600 problems
6800GT artifacting, what is the cause?
Rows in sli!
SLI 6600GT or 7600GT!?
7900GT vMod guide (from extremeoverclocking.com)
Upping Voltage On MSI GeForce FX5500 128mb 128bit
Looking for a new vid card.
2D clock and 3D clock the same???
Inconsistent frequency measurements
Highest Vcore on a 5200 Geforce
Problems with PNY 6800GS
BFG SLI'd 7900gt benchmark
nVidia GeForce FX5500 128mb DDR 128bit AGP
Is my vid card not powerful enough?
Finally got my stepup to 7900GT. 06 Score.
Questions about nvidia cards????
NEED HELP ASAP ordering today
Single 7900GX2
gainward 7800gs has arived
BFG 7900gt benches
I swear this is my last upgrade for awhile! 2x7900-gtx SLI'ed on phase...(pelted late
help me choose....
...matching cards to SLI...???
7900GT Won't Boot
6800 Ultra - 84c under full load
games look bad..brand new video card
Fix for 7800gs problems
XFX GeForce 6200: Supports Shader 2.0?
Quad SLI cards
Evga 7800GT upgrade to a Evga 7900GT ? Worthwhile ? Benefits ?
7600gt pipelines unlock...?
7800GS good upgrade from a 6800GT?
nead some help with a nvidia 6200GE
7900 GT SLI -> 1.55 volts
Sounds like a fan bearing going on my 6800GT
7800GS Overclocking
Help With 6600GT cooling
Good GPU cooler for the 7900GT?
possible problem with bfg 7800gt oc
Need advice, 6800GT => 7900GT
nVidia AGP question
Screen goes black except cursor?
gainward bliss 7800gs update
eVGA 7900GT CO/CO SuperClock owners come in
eVGA 7900GT KO News Thread
7900gt Voltage
My 7900gt + vf900 + Volt mod
Pure video HD support
7800gt not overclocked but crashing
why whould you buy this?
New Palit nVidia cards...
6800xt's in SLI faster than an x850 xt?
"Official" 7600GT Thread
6800U Driver Problem?
A little advice on 7800gt and psu
How do people hit 10K in 3DMark05 with a 7800GTX?
Post pics of your SLI setup!
eVGA 7900GT vs. 7900GT CO vs. 7900GT CO Superclocked, Whats the dif?
Any 7800GTX Bios Mods to Increase Performance?
7900GT oc'd 80% on air!
Newer Nvidia drivers work horribly with Maya, going back to "old faithful"
Any nice cooler out there for 6600GT?
Started a step up for my 6800GS to a 7900GT CO!
Idle temps for a XFX 6800
Will a 7900GT CO overclock to 7900GT CO Superclocked speeds?
10622 score on 3dmark05 good from my setup?
If I step up my 6800GS to a 7900GT will I see a big difference in FPS?
n00b question on sli
7900gt EVGA Stepup ready! Should I?
9550 > 7900gt IQ poor!
7800GS w/DVI-D for a Dell 2407WFP?
Lookin to replace the stock cooler on the 7900GT