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10622 score on 3dmark05 good from my setup?
If I step up my 6800GS to a 7900GT will I see a big difference in FPS?
n00b question on sli
7900gt EVGA Stepup ready! Should I?
9550 > 7900gt IQ poor!
7800GS w/DVI-D for a Dell 2407WFP?
Lookin to replace the stock cooler on the 7900GT
massive heatsink on a tiny GPU
fan adjustmeant on 7800gt
ac nv silencer5 rev3 memory heat spreader
6800GS and BSOD's
84.21 drivers and riva tuner 20rc158
Please help bsod caused by nv4_disp
Sli'd 7900gt or 7900gtx question??
7900GTX or 7900GT
Decided to kinda go all out, 7900gt
is it ok to have a fan resting on the back of my 7800GTX?
7900GT pencil mod?
Fan on mx460.
Two problems with dual monitor setup...
XFX Geforce 6800 Vanilla overclocking problems.
Thank you fellow Nvidia (NVDA) owners!!
XFX 6800 Xtreme SLI Benchmark
drivers for 7600GT for oblivion? Forceware 84.25 or Xtreme-G?
eVGA 7900 GT CO
proper driver cleaning
Problem with 6800Nu
New 6800GS AGP, questions
PCI-E 16x or 8x
is this good? Geforce 6800XT 128MB PCI Express $89.99 after $40 MIR
The N6600 cards - whats the difference between DT/LE/TD?
Whats the deal on 7300s?
pny geforce 6800gs unlocking question
Auto Overclock a Joke?
7900GT 512MB GLH
MAZE4 on 7900GTX
Strange .. lost 200 3Dmarks05 after OC'ing
Should I give up on SLI??
6800GS good upgrade for 9800pro? (AGP)
I need Help with psu & BFG 7800GS!
Just a heads up.. (Big Pictures alert)
7800gtx s-video out?
eVGA Geforce 6800 256-P2-N384 or XFX Geforce 6800 XTreme PVT42EUDE3?
leadtek 6800Gt cooling
When to expect 7900GTX Dual GPU cards in stores?
is it a good card...
Video issues
6800gt screwed up?
Can I can unlock a 6800gs XT to 16 pipelines?
I want to run 3 monitors....
Your current favorite drivers for BF2, Quake 4, etc?
7800GTX, 7900GTX, the same?
Cant run Oblivion! Damn FX 5200s!!!
Check out this quad vid card system from dell
BFG 7800gs overclock
Is SLI worth it?
Compatibility question?
7900 gt/gtz series OC results
two monitors
7800GT rattling noise
whats a volt mod??
NVIDIA Dual Display manager, where is the windows one?
Anyone else agree?
7900 GTX Overclock Results?
2 7600GTs or 1 7800GT
7900GT Ram Temperature
What video card for 1680x1050 (highest settings) and good FPS?
Is this a good card 6800xtreme $99
Is an FX5500 decent???
Adjusting Vidio cards fanspeed in driver?
Gainward Bliss 7800 GS 512 MB AGP
Now that I've got two 7800GTs in SLI....
EVGA model question
Another "Best for value question" $150 ish
7800 gtx OC or 7900 gt
No dual monitors with SLI unless restaring...lame
Finaly got around to posting my 3dmark benches.
Guesses on what the next-Nvidia/Dx10 series card will put out core/memory wise & FPS
Any results on overclocks with a PNY 7900GT?
ok upgrading from ATI X800 to 6800GS
can someone with a 6800GS or a 7900GT please measure how long the card is?
BFG 7900gt's temp question??/
20 pipes for AGP
SLI without the bridge
OC forum Guru advice on a 7900GT 256
6800 128 vs. 6800gs
RivaTuner not compatible with Forceware 84.21?
should I buy a 7900GTX??
Overclocking my 7800GTX
Good 3dMark05 score for 6800gs?
Modding my 6800nu to 1.4v
Overclocking, 7900GTX, 650, 665, 675 and 690Mhz cores.
Anyone on water want to sell me their 7900gtx stock heatsink?
Evercool VGA mini water cooler $45
Overclocking a crappy 5200
Need Help!!!!
5700LE and NiBiTor
MSI NX6600 TD256mb wont overclock?
Wait for DX10?
Third Party Drivers
7900gt vs 7800gtx 200$ price difference why?
Which 7900gt has 800mhz memory
SLI question
Gainward BLISS GeForce 6800 GS "Goes Like Hell"
Leadtek A6600 GT TDH
7600 GT or X850XT for new rig?
what would cause this?
Passive cooling on 5200?
Help me out with my BFG 6800 OC (non-ultra)
Dual montiors with SLI
New drivers coming out Wednesday (for Oblivion's release)
Has anyone with a 7800gtx/7800gt or higher played the Roboblitz Unreal 3 engine demo?
6600GT or 6800XT for $100?
Advice on SLI...Anything I need to know?
Buying a 7900GT
XFX7800 GTX oc and A8N32=artifacts... 8(
xfx 7900gt benchmark
Good Deal? (PNY Geforce 6600)
BFG 7900 GTX OC Benches
Safe GPU temp? A lot higher than safe CPU temps!
Stock 7900gtx cooler vs NV5 rev3
7900gtx under $500 total shipped
7900 vs x1900 benchmarks.
PCI eXpress Frequency and the 7900's
7900 GS/GT/GTX for AGP ?!?!?!
6800nu 128mb...Considering unlocking.
6800gt won't OC after driver change, won't even UNDERclock. Please HELP.
What benching programs to test OC?
Asus Extreme en6600gt Fps Problem
7600Gt or 6600Gt Duo?
Looking for a $100-$150 upgrade from a FX5600, any recommendations?
Next NVida card after 7900GTX
Major Upgrade
Graphics errors
Nvidia Release a New GPU in 4 days
Who makes the different 7900 cards?
SLI problem: Thread stuck in device driver
IS it worth stepping up my 6800Gs to a 7900GT CO
Thermal pads for video card (ie. 7800GT)
7900GT Temperatures
Fastest 6800 "vanilla" on AIR?
84.21 WHQL Out now
7900gt sli vs 7900gtx
Program profiling
Newegg.com has 7900GTX, auto notify, wrong!!
GRRR, 75c+ degrees on my 7800gtx on F.E.A.R.
Nvidia 7800 GS OC - System Restarting (Help)
Where are the XFX 7800 gt?
Geforce 6 series.. supports SM3/HDR, right?
7900GTX overclock limit?
eVga 7900gt
What is the 6800gs voltage?
AGP 6800NU blew up?!
7800GS limited to 1600x1200 over DVI?
PALIT GF 6800GS 512MB or CLUB 3D GF 7600GT 256MB
Questions about step up program
7900GT Superclocked $50... worth stepup?
7900GTX + wind xp pro 64bit help
Freezing, garbled screen, not overheating, 6800GT
Powerstrip or RivaTuner?
about evga step-up
artifacts With Sli and two diffrent Cards!!!
NEW Gainward BLISS GeForce 7800GS 512MB AGP
You snooze you loose....
price for a 7900gt
Which GF 6800 card?
Which One
Riva Tuner Help
Let us know what ram your 7900 has.
nvidia sli only pci-e 8x???
Worth waiting for the Zalman VF900?
xFx nVidia Geforce 7300 GS
7900gtx @ 1Ghz Core
eVGA 7900GTX EGS (vanilla)
How do I remove MSI tabs from display properties?
7900gt oc results
new video card or SLI
6800GT, Installed Silencer, want to OC more, possible problems? Also BIOS Q
New Beta Driver
First OC for me! Well, Coolbits that is.
Any reason to buy a 7900GT OC board?
Upgrading from 7800 to 7900
Graphical problem when powering card
DVI connection to SLI setup
** 2x7800GTX (v-modded & TEC-cooled) ** (w/ pics)
6600GT AGP Unlocking?
Just got my 7900gt 500/1500 stock
7900GT 24 Pipes ?
7800 gs pipes?
Selling 7800gt makes perfect sense
Why are my temps so high!!???!
7800GT & HL2 - Lost Coast problem
Will This Power Supply Power my card?
suggest me an alternate?
eVGA 6800GS types
Power for 7800
Cheap and nasty Nvidia card
7800GT Temps & Settings - air cooling
Fan speed control on XTX 7800 GT?
FPS stuck at around 20
Freekin nVidia....
6600gt AGP question...
What utility to use to oc a 7900?
SLI temp monitoring
I Feel Like an Idiot :(
7900GT - buy OC or Stock?
7900 GT or GTX Supports?
Seriously considering stepping up for a 7600 GT SC, Need advice...
eVGA Step up, from 7800GT or wait?
Tough-Tough-Tought!! Choice
XFX 7900 GTX Extreme Edition Benchmarks & Pics
MSRP from evga
XFX 6600 SLi setup question
7900GT VS 256MB 7800GTX
What's in the box??
7900gt and NV Silencer 5 rev 3
3DFX Glide on a GeForce, is it possible?
Modifying BIOS for your videocard?
Overclocked 7900gt Tests
7900GT Cooling
rivatuner 6800gs 16p/6v
7900gtx prices increase already
Help me pick a video card
Who bought what today?
7900gtx 750/1.9 STOCK
7600GT Vs. 6800GS.
7800 gt oc results
PNY 7900GTX 512MB - Picture
7800 GT CO to 7900 GT CO
7800GT EGS, CO, and CO Superclocked - hardware differences?
7900 Series Reviews go here
Sli with 2 different brands?
AGP 6600GT Cooling options
7800GT cooling
newer 7800gs bios wanted
Occasionall flicker problem in XP with New System
Re-seating stock HSF on 7800 GTX 512
6600GT Temp issues
OC on Dell OEM 6800GT
Is this a video card problem?
7900 series already sold in Israel
7800GS or 6800GS on i850/i850E
Not seeing all the graphics in HALO pls help
7600GT Spotted in the wild
Whats Real?
Leaked Single core 7900GT scores
Dynamic Overclocking 7800GT?
SLI really worth the extra $$??
EVGA step-up questions
6800GT vs. 7800GS
How high is safest temp for 7800GT?
Any good
6800LE/NU BIOS Vmod fries your card eventually!
7800gs user pls read
Need to revive a ti4200 with ti4600 PCB.
'IDirect3d9' SLi problems with 3dmark
Will my idiocy have killed my card?
GeForce 2 temps?
Anti-aliasing, physics, and graphics cards
My Leadtek PX6800 Ultra is DEAD!
600GT volt mod-has anyone done tis yet?
Evga 7800 Gt Co
6600gt agp... DAMN...
Which cardkeepr for 7800GT?
2 x 7800 GT in SLi or 1 x 7800 GTX
Leadtek 6600GT 256mb DDR3
Geforce6800GT died while turned off
High temps for my 6800GT
Just put as5 on my 7800gt
agp fast writes?
Sli 6800 vanilla or 7800GT
clock speeds on 7800gt
ASUS 6800 issues
Distorted Colors on startup
Long awaited ForceWare 84.12 (PureVideo is here)
SLI Everywhere???
video card recommendation needed
Need help choosing video card.
Nv Silencer
Can you overclock the eVGA 7800GTX?
Find Used VGA Cooling
7800GT Memory Timings Tweaks
Geforce 6200
6800 GT Temps?
Which is better Ti 4600/4800 or BFG 5700le OC...
Games locking up
SLI 7800GTs/7900GTs vs. X1900XT/X ... which wins performance wise?
What 6800 card to get?
cool video card:
Removing 6800GT cooler... stripped screw
TNT2 M64 and Nvidia Drivers
Leadtek 7800GTX
blinking problem with geforce 3 ti200 64MB
SLI temp Problem
I want 500MHz
FX5500 what can you do to it?
GeForce 7 7900 on March 9/06 (90nm G71)
problems with 7800GT..
upgrade 6800gs to 7800gt or wait for dx10 card
DirectX 10
BFG Rma service
EVGA 6800 help
6800gs or 7800gs?
Issue with my bros new comp, Really need help in here
Video card recommendation
7900 GTX only 8-10% faster then 7800GTX 512MB
Which Graphics card
7800 Gtx Sli Aa
6100 questions
I vant more, I vant more out of dis card! 7800gtx
Help with VIVO adaptor pls
My 6600GT Experiments
External Fan Blowing on Video Card=Money Shot
GeForce 6100 + NF410 Video problems
6800 GS: Whats the next step up?
Load temps can't be right?
WTF is the problem??!
MSI 6800GT's won't work ... help?
Video setup
results of nv6 silencer for 6600gt
my first nvidia
Rate My 3Dmark03 Score...
My eVGA 6800GS CO AGP has been unlocked!!
My friend's 6800GS
GPU BIOS tweaks & OC suggestions for 6600 LE?
7900gt=20p/450c/1200m, 7900gtx=24p/650c/1600m, 8800gtx=32p/1000c/2000m
Question about buying a 7800GS
6600 good enough?
Enough power for Sli(7800gtx ko)
Anyone know hot to run ATI demos on a 7800GT?
Overclocking my 6800 gs
XFX Dont buy!
upgrading pipelines -need help
avergae temp for 6600?
Problem overclocking 6800GT
SLI Problem
which flavor of 6800gs
6800NU 3Dmark question
6800 GS CO SE vs non CO SE?
7800GTX - THAT much faster than a GT?
7800 Gtx 512
AGP will Neva die!@$% 7800GS benchies
GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Vs GeForce 6100
7900GTX and 7900GT Details and Specs
Clock delta? Geometric/shader/ROP domain wtf?
Help!!!! Killed Card with bios flash...Please Help
6800 GS cooling
What the hell is wrong with my Computer/Video Card combo? 3DMARK result
Question on videocard CAS timings... help
Quad 7800 anyone?
HDTV output on VGA cards, not good.
Considering modding my 5700
New toys
Nvidia’s First DirectX 10 Chip to Be “Hybrid” Design.
7800GS PCI-E to AGP Chip cooling...
6800GS overclocking
the new gainward 512MB 7800gt
the new gainward 512MB 7800gt
Need help, 7800 GT
MSI 7800gtx stock fan question
Nvidia stops manufacturing 7800GT and GTX
Upgrade question
Getting a 6800 GS
g71 release date?
Whats your 6800GS core & RAM up to? PCI-e
zalman vu700 worth it?
Dell Nvidia 6800
7800gtx pcb gets hot
7600 gt benchs appear
AS5 on my 7800gt?
Bios flash... HELP
Monitor incompatible with video card/OS?
7800 GT temps (SLI)
Upgrades with tax return
what speeds will i see on my 7800gt
SLI problems
Getting more out of a 7800GTX?
asus 9280s vs. bfg 5700 ultra
Price Drops
EVGA 7800gt and DFI installation prob
evga 6800GS a bit hot
7800GT for 260... monarch
6600v+ vs 6600GT
7800GTX and NV Silencer5 a good pair
Default Fan Speed low by default
Direct X 10 and 7800 gt?
a 512mb 6600gt ?
7800 GS AGP vs 6800 Ultra AGP
7800GT winxp x64 drivers
Getting more out of my 5200...
2 Quick Questions about 7800GT
2 monitors, slow window drawing on second
I ordered a 7800GT but got a 7800GTX instead!!
Doubled the speed of my 6800GS
SP2 recommended for new Video card drivers?
evga trade up program
Need Some Help
tweaking e-vga 6200/256 questions/problems
Does Nvidia make any of their own Graphics Cards?
6800GT BFG OC for $200?
7300/GS And Other Latest AGP Cards
GeForce 7800GT, Should I buy?
Help buying 7800gt
Asus Extreme N7800 GT DUAL...
Asus 6800XT
GeForce 7600 Geek Pr0n!
Unlocking 24 pipes on the 7800GT?
7800GT - I've got $300-350, should I get this card?
Will the thermaltake giant 3 cool a 6600?
Plan on going SLI, need a quick question answered.
Opteron 144 o/c with retail hsf
Trying to keep my system alive...
sli with different cards???
7800GTX vs x1900 Cutting Through The BS
GTX 7900 are you going to buy it, or going to go to 1900xtx?
7800GTX Bios Mod problems
7800GT Vs. X1900XT??
My old card made it to a cellphone
Gainward 6800LE (Powerpack 2100LE)
3D Mark 06 Error
Radeon 7000 PCI question.. TV and LCd output?
7800 Bios Voltage
My 6800GS running hot...dumb questions...
how long is the 7800gt
is 7800 gs fan adjustable with riva tuner or another program?
SLI Profiles
Question on Nvidia SLI
best way to unlock 6800GS extra pipes and shaders
I need a high-end ~300 nvidia AGP card that's quiet TODAY
Batch file to unlock 6800GS?
Unlocked 6800 3d03 scores right?
eVGA FX5500 and Dell 2005FPW
What's a 7800GS?
6600gt to a quadro? is it possible?
What AGP card is cheap and can play all games out now?
What 7800GT to get?
new 3dmark05 score for me!
3d stress program
US$565 6800LE, can you say wtf?
I need help ocerclocking my vid card
Has anyone heard from Gainward lately?
Overheating SLI eVGA 7800 GTX KO Edition - Anything I can do besides strapping a fan?
omgwtfhaxx 3dmark score
Removing the AS5R3 from 6800gs prob
Best stock video card for $120 (AGP8X)
6600 OC'ing
PCI Express Power Cable Extender
Can I make a shortcut to advanced display properties?
Different Core Clocks on different programs??
7800GS Bottlenecked by 3300+?
7800gt + SLI??
Will I miss any 'new' features if I buy a 7800 GT?
Do my eyes deceive me or is the 7800GS
SLI: A tax on the uninformed
6800GS scores lower oc'd
What is the best OC you've got on a BFG 6800 GS AGP?
Need help from Sli pro's
finally got it :)
Screen Of To The Left :s
Evga 6800GS super clock bios
Boot-Time Problem BGF 6800GT OC
Quick question about flashing video BIOS with SLI
RivaTuner fan speed control
New Drivers ForceWare Release 80 Version: 81.98
Dell XPS Renegade 600...
BFG nVidia 6800 ULTRA OC Power Issue???
The 6600GT that just keeps giving??
Question about running different cards/bioses etc in SLI
3dmark 05 is above me :(
PCI latency tool...?
Huh? "New" Forceware drivers same as old ones!
Just scored a 6800 Ultra PCI-E
1x 7800gtx better than 2x 6800gts?
is 7800gs for me?
6800GS: Help me decide the flavor
Replacement fan for 6800
new evga 6200 256agp questions
6600GT gaming issues
nvidia on way down ...
Help with TV Output
FX5200 troubles...
Video Card Overheating? (7800GT)
Problhem with SLI when changing settings.
What is up with my 3d mark scores?
Running dual monitors on FX5700LE
6800GS OC - Unlock 16 pipes and Vertex Question
Got around 7000 on 3dmark05 with 7800gtx, normal?