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Looking for new nVidia for under $150.. what's good?
6800 Performance Issues in 3dMark05
Evga 7800gtx
PCI-E 6800GS ~6600 in 05?
What size PSU is needed for a 7800GT?
problem with new 6800gs
coolbits question
another question about enabling extra pipelines on 6800 GS...
temps on EVGA 6800 GT STILL way to high
??? Why wont my Video Card STAY overclocked?
My new AGP card...
Nvidia 7800GT bad?
GeForce video card and Asus Mobo problem.
6800GS..into SFF..?
Did i fry my card?
Where can i find the benchmark of 6800GT SLI vs single 7800GTX 256mb?
Just upgraded, question about OC'ing
* Performance enhancements for dual-core CPUs. New Driver hoppfully soon.
Overclocking issues and how hot can i go? 7800gt
mobo selecting please with 920 CPU
What the heck is this card??
7800gs prices
checkerboard of death on 2 geforce 6's!
6800GS vs 7800GS AGP
XFX customer support..thumbs up
6800GS AGP vs. 6800GS PCIe
7800GTX - Single vs. SLIx16 3DMark06 Scores
Anybody think this is a good deal?
Video Card Selection
Asus 7800GTX Reboot Driver Problems // Dual Screen Problem Also.
7800GS viedo card weighs 20 lbs !!!
Where can i get the good Asus EN6800gt?
7800gt to gtx??
degrading performance
How to: GF6200/6600 Temp Monitoring
Ghetto HS
okay, need some clarification on video card
Hey guys, question on PCIx Bus...
Msi Nx6600-td256
overclocked fx5200
Nvidia 7800 Aniostropic Shimmer, AA flicker, any fixes?
Bought my 7800gtx from NewEgg around Dec. 20, will I be able to trade up to the 7900?
5900XT problem
7300 GS Spotted
7800gt voltages
Just got my EVGA 7800GTX Full Throttle edition.
window fan for a 6600
Anyone got Leadtek Service Phone Number?
pny 6200 agp nv44 overclocking problem!!
7300 GS Or 6600?
7800Gt questions for nvidia noob :)
non gamer graphics card?!
What can I unlock on a 6800 XT?
Bench scores so low Im gonna cry
7800GS "AGP" is out :)
7300 GS looks like crap... seriously.
6600 256mb PCI-E at 520 mhz core, 501 mem
Corrupted shadows on 7800gt??
How To Achieve Higher OC Without VMod ?
7800gt 289.00 at newegg
Voodoo Rush(s) in SLI???
What will nvidia have to offer in March?
ASUS Extreme N7800GT DUAL, SLI not active!
New nVidia 512 card any news on when it is coming?
Which 7800GT OC would you buy from ME ?
Solder more Vram onto a GTX..?
Can anyone help with nvidia Geforce 6200?
xfx 6600gt too warm?
Help, me diagnose my video issue.
evga 7800gt co temps and monitoring
A question for those that have 6800 Vanillas
7800....gt / gtx....xfx / bfg/ evga?
will a voodoo 3 work?
6800gs xxx......dudd / just no good?
GTU Bios
So, my 6800 is fixed
Best air cooler of 7800gt
Volt modding the card, how much heat will increase from this?
3DMark and gforce 5200 (pci) doesn't like coolbits....
looking for drivers for Geforce GO 6600 (the laptop card, TOSHIBA)
I used R-tuner to unlock my BFG 6800 GS...question
7800GTX 512 Prices Are Through The ROOF!
running hot!
E-VGA 7800 GT moddable??
6800 GT. Not sure about supported resolutions. Wide screen or no?
Anyone has experience with Gainward support and RMA ?
new gtx and artificats?
Man this new 7900 better take out the x1900.
My card doesn't want to overclock - do I need a bios update?
Reasonable OC for WC 7800GTX?
Drivers? BFG 6800 GS AGP.
7800GTX is acting weird...
Xfx exclusive 6800XT PCIe, $125?!
6600 bios editing
Check out this odd AGP card...
Random crash with my Ti-4800 @ 8x
eVGA 7800GT 40mhz core boost?
Possible 6600GT problem
Trading an XXXX XXXXfor a XXX?
6600GT's SLI OR ONE x1800xt?
Next Generation Nvidia AGP card?
6800 GT Temp. Hot
is the xfx 6800gs a good choice?
How hot is too hot? 6800 OC
Unlocking pipes 6800 vanilla 128MB PCI-E
Tried unlocking 6800, failed, how do I go back?
How do they know?
Dumb (probably) question about nVidia profiles
How would you guys rate this....
7800gtx 512 vs. 1900xtx, worth the price?
OCing my 7800gt
WoW performance since upgrading to 7800gt
7800gtx oc artifacts - cooling suggestions?
Do intels really score this much lower in 3dmark05??
WinFast PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme
7800 series ocing
nVidiaXFX Ge-Force 5200+ OC
6600GT+3Dmark06 = Strange Problem
yes 8100 points on 1 7800gt
How do I change memory timings on my 7800GT?
6600gt or 6800xt?
omgwtfbbq Zalman cooler on 6800 makes it run worse!!
evga step up program
Lapping a 6800 GPU, Can I?
AGP card showing as PCI slot 3?
Is my video card fried?
Cooling an OC'ed card
Mmmmmm, 2 x 7800-GTX ViperJohn modded & Pelted...tasty!
Fully unlocked 6800 can't oc.
Amazing Core score
Is SLi Really That Improtant
Cable modem causing low benchmark scores?
Nvidia 7800 Ultra?
6800le suddenly artifacting no matter what I try
Is aftermarket cooling really necessary?
OMGWTFBBQ far cry overheated without oc
workstation with 2 7800gtx's
How do I make my 7800GTX faster?
2005 fpw shimmer on dvi out?
dell 2405fpw + 720p HDTV on one 7800GT???
Power Supply ?
any other artifact detection tools?
7800GT Drivers
If your system won't boot after trying to unlock 6800GS PCIe Read This
Help with High End Video Card Decision
7800 GTX Volt MOD?? worth it ?
which card is this?
Anyone unlocked a 6800GS to 16 pipes?
Strange colored lines on boot ?
6800gs what else is close to it for price?
7800 GT S-Video Help
ok got my 3dmark06 scores
Strange Blue Hue w/7800gt?
eVga Graphics cards compared.
HELP! 7800GTX with artifacts after NV Silencer Install
Should I push it?
XFX GeForce 7800GTX Extreme XXX Edition 512MB
evga 7800gt w/o power cable :(
6800 non ultra problems
Why is my 3dMark 06 score so low?
7800gt power connection problems
Horizontal lines
OC'ing questions
best $200 card?
Best optimised drivers for a GF2 and for a GF3?
Video card stability/artifact testing
Confused - 5600 help!
xfx6800gt clocks
Worth the upgrade?
what should my 3dmark05 score really be?
Poor Overclocker
Help unlocking 6800LE
Component Video? = HDTV?
Stuck with AGP for now...opinions on this card...
What Card the best
7800gt upgrade from 6800gt worth it??
3dMark 2006 Nvidia Scores Thread
6800GS (PCI-E) Modded BIOS, need volunteers
Two 6800GS SLi w/ cooler fit?
GeForce 7300GS (G72) Released
7800gt oc to 7800gtx 256mb worth it?
Can I unlock pipes in a GeForce 5200FX?
how's my oc?
Last High-End Video Card for AGP
NVIDIA nForce4 SLI XE and Ultra
Need honest answer....
3DMark 2006 out tomorrow, anyone else excited?
Driver Roundup, By: Icedragn
6800Gs is owning me
Please help
The Video Quality Optimization Thread (56k warning, picture heavy!).
evga 7800gt oc issues
New EVGA 7800 GTX runs really HOT - this normal?
PLEASE HELP! I think my GPU core is physically eroding!
i just got a bfg 7800gt oc 256 but problem...
not bottlenecked amymore but I could cook an egg
help me fix my 6600gt 56k warning
Problems with crashing..
evga 7800gt oc temps
What heatsink/fan do you guys recommend for the 7800 GTX?
2x 6600GT, or 1x 6800GT?
would this benefit?
Something weird is happening, please help!
AA/AF relating to CPU bottleneck Question
3dMark problem
Will a 6800GT be cpu limited by a 64 3200 venice?
Can a 7800gtx support DX10, and if not, will the 7900?
Big issue with drivers for 6800gt
OVerclocking and PCI Express
What vid card asap
Are these 78gts exactly the same?
low FPS with 7800GT
quick easy question.
mobile drivers
Lag spikes
Just ordered an eVGA 6800GS AGP card
Hmm bad performance
MSI 7800gtx, overclocked to 490/1.31ghz, reaching 70c while playin COD2, is that bad?
program to test video card temps under load
flashing the bios on my 7800gt
Anyone using NV Silencer 5 rev.3 on their 7800GTX?
Help! stock evga 7800gt artifact + freeze
Are these 3dMark05 scores right for my 6800GT setup?
Is this right?? 275mhz core clock for a GTX KO?!
Buying the BFG 6800GS OC, Opinions?
Overclocking my Nvidia GeForce FX 5200
7800gt CS:S and bump mapping
Bios flashing question
fastest agp card ?
Does anyone know if the eVGA GTX 512 MB card has RAM on the back?
My quest for a Video Card continues - 7800 GTX
3DMark 05 Score - 6800gt Confusion
please share your experiances with 6800gt bios modding
Holy **** 7800GS AGP!!
Why did my CPU score so low on Aquamark 3?
Why do some 7800 GT Manufacture stock clocks are lower than others?
Is there any way to make quicktime, use the video overlay ?
XFX 7800GTX Overheating
Just installed a 7800 GT - here are the numbers.
Geforce FX5200 need help...
What can I do to bring my 7800 GT to GTX performance?
How do I attach ram sinks on a 7800 gtx?
having to skimp on graphics card :(
New XFX 7800 GT?? Special edition? SLI
BIos mods for the 6800GS
3D Fuzion 7800 GT - is this a good card?
Need help with a profile.
Graphics flickering, bad sign of pushing card too hard?
Card Keeper
X3 - The Reunion = Good test for video card performance.
Dell 30" UltraSharp Is the refreash that hi?
Nvidia's Geforce 7900gtx rumored to be 32 pipes and crush ATI
Possible 6600GT problem
Just installed GeForce 4800 GS OC'ed - WOW Jesus!
7800gt Oc
GeForce 7900 Reportedly Coming in March
6600 LE overclocked question
6800U PCI-E Fan [LOUD]
Some questions about asus 7800gt and zalman vf700-cu
PNY 6600 vs 6800 GT - how much performance improvement?
Get the KO Edition for $35..
ASUS 6800 AGP card question
Should this cause 3dmark to skip?
has anyone tried this card? ASUS Geforce 7800GT
evga 7800gt drivers
Wheres the 7600 and 7200's?
7800GS vs 6800GS
BFG Warranty?
6800gs xxx extreme pci-e v's 6800gt agp...
6600gt nVidia Sentry not enough power warning!?
7800gs (agp)
OH GAWD...another 6600GT vs. 6800 question
Unlocked my AGP 6800GS's pipes!
6800GS AGP finally.
How can I read video temps below 31C?
Sli ?
PNY Geforce 6600 - How much can I OC?
Any1 have a clue when they're going to cut prices on 7800?
Bios Flashing Noob Here
Should I buy another 7800gtx for SLI for the "next gen" games?
PNY- GeForce 6600 PCI-Express 256 MB
Is 58 degrees Celsius too hot for 7800gtx?
Dialing in a GDC?
Leaked Geforce 8000GTX pic
looking for lowest cost NEW EVGa 6800 ULTRA
Some Questions about 6600gt's
6600gt or 6800 ?
Maze4 on 7800 GTX 512s ? Anyone know?
7800gt pencil mod link?
Issue's OCing my EVGA 6800GS
Anyone know a link for info on delta in gpu bios settings??
HELP!! My 7800GTX's Vga Core Clock is REALLY REALLY LOW
Should i step-up to a 6800gs?
XFX Geforce 6800 Problems
Does this 6800 seem like a good deal?
6800gs vs 6800 xt
SLI problems, mboard or 2 diff cores?
6600Gt 128 ddr3 vs 6600 256 ddr
generic brand 6600 vs 7800gtx
Can someone explain to me...
How much of a temp drop to expect from a zalman cu?
Lapping +as5 worth it or...?
Dual 7800gtx RELEASED! ~ QUAD SLI
apps for finding max heat and stability
evga 7800gt
video question
You thought 2x 7800gtx 512's was good what about 4?
PNY 6800 Ultra AGP retail OC
Dell and Nvidia. Quad SLI-PC
7800 GT Artifacting
evga 7800gt co benchmarks/ocs
7800GT Not doing so good
geforce 6800 - no temp sensor?
7800gt pipes
7800GS price?
Just read that 68gs Agp does unlock
so i just got a Viper John modded GTX
Which manufacturer of 6800GS?
Fx 5200
Bad luck?
XFX 6800GS - A good upgrade?
Swiftech MC14 ramsyncs not sticking?
6600GT AGP dead, suggestions?
Help from the experienced please.
Knocked a capaciter off my 7800GT. Any suggestions?
Linux card
problem with my 7800gt
Price trends on 7800GT's
Low benchmark scores :'(
well i bios vmoded my 7800gt
Artifacting in an older game
7800gtx oc
6800GS AGP Sightings?
Strange problem with a friends 6800GT
Haha... crazyness
6800GS temps
eVGA 7800GT 256 - Worth The Money?
I got my 7800gtx 512mb..well, kinda.
EVGA's step-up program
Oc Xfx 6800gs
nVidia G71? new card? when?
Can unlocking my pipes hurt my card?
Ohhhh The Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O/Cing my XFX 6800 Ultra PCI-E
6600gt AGP: What to sink?
Pny 6600gt Agp
My poor 68GT... R.I.P. :(
rthdribl help
difference between 7800gt co and 7800gt co se?
eVGA 6800Gs?
fx5200 compatibility isues 755 a2
6600GT help please
Have evga 6800GT, think temps are WAY to high
Ati Tool Is Awsome
Strange gameplay
EVGA 6800 artifacting at stock core/mem?
Anyone unlocked a 6800XT?
SLI and VIVO- are u experienced?
Heat damage possible?
Distorted text and wavy line with 6800 GT
Inno 6600GT 128MB PCI-Express
Matching 6800GT eEVGA for SLI
My new 6800n/p comes tomarrow
new card from 6800gt
gf3 64m ti450 vs bfg fx 5200 256
6800GT to 7800GT...worth the upgrade?
eVGA vs. XFX!!! 1 day sale?!
6600gt needs.. extra power?
I need to know ASAP!!!
need a quick answer
Flashing bios on 7800gt without floppy
Lowered my temps on my 7800gtx by 9c
How High is Too High?
New Video Card what....
new card cooler!
My new video card
6800 -> 6800Ultra a good upgrade?
New graphics card and boost in ISP speed?
7800gt power connector?
Video Card 4x The Price Of 7800GTX : Quadra FX3000
what kind of drivers should i use?
7800gt Multi-video errors
Need advice on my new sli machine
CALLING ALL 7800GTX Video Card Owners (HELP)
Xtreme-G's 81.98v.2 Plus R out.
GeForce 2 Pro on Madden 2006?
Mad Funny
7800GTX 512mb GDDR3 memory revisions?
6600 GT lemon
eVGA 7800 GTX Temperature Under Load
Forceware 82.12's
3dMark 2005 Score sound right with my new rig?? Input needed.
Questions about 6800 ultra & SLI
nView Glitchy?
H2O on my 7800GT's- memory?
Bfg7800gt Vs Evga7800gt?
7800gt Vs gtx?
Low 3Dmark05 score for my 7800GTX
FFS man wat is wrong
5700 Ultra cooling upgrade
7800 BIOS updates
what happened to the 7800GTX TOP cards?
Merry X-mas from NV 81.98 are here
6800GT AGP what happien to them?
STASIS IceStorm NV43AGP "Platinum Edition"
Need Help: 6800gs v. 7800gt?
XFX 7800gt vs evga 7800gt
7572 benchmark score, 7800GTx, 512ram, AMD 3800+ X2, ok for stock settings?
geforce fx5500 PCI
Little question
6800nu's temp way too high?
7800gt problems after water cooling
7800 wtf?
PC suddenly screwed up out of nowhere
7800 GTX DVD playback
Best uber driver?
12 Volt SLI Power?
Which 7800 GT to get?
Best drivers for my Vidcard?
Terrible Problems with Leadtek 6800LE again...
Should I used tweaked drivers?
I'm looking for software that will...
pci express?
My XFX 7800GT OC numbers seem to be low.
Dead 6800GT?
Is this an good cooler?
Overclocking needs extra voltage for GraphicsCard?
Screen flashes off?
Game Crashing...
evga or xfx
Best drivers for 6800s?
Moving to the dark side for a while
SLI, why is is working?
What can I do to prevent bottlenecking?
Best way to OC a 6series graphics card?
Burning in your videocard
Issues with rivatuner 15.8 and 7800gtx clocks
Did i kill my Leadtek a400 6800 128mb
7800GT Cooling..
Track record for unlocking 6200's?
best 7800GTX for WC rig
Taking the plunge on 6800GT AGP
6800gt Losing Performance when OCed
Dead 6800gt PCI-E
BF2 + Dual monitors?
forcing resolution and/or refresh rates question
New Nvida card spotted behind the IronCurtain
6600GT's or 7800GT
How much will the geforce 8800 debut for?
best drivers for 6600gt?
SLI Question
Is the 7800gt for 280 as good as its gonna get?
7800GTX 512 orientation????
Graphics card for a friend...
Nvidia buys ULi out, hello Uvidia.
First Preview of dual GPU on a single card!?1!?!11?!?1!?one1?!?!1?
My 6800 scores so low in 3dMark05!
7800GTX w/ VF700-CU
7800gtx 512mb
MXM Type II Have a promising future and/or worth getting?
volts on a leadtek 6800 agp
Overclock not passing driver?
Referb 6800GT now, or a 7800GT later?
Leadtek 7800GT Heads Up
81.95v2 and POP3:2 thrones non/SLI
3dmark2001 SE
??? on 7800gtx
Temp on 5200 ultra
NVIDA Driver overcloking limiter help
Buying a EVGA 7800GTX 512mb...HELP!
6800GS question
6800GS question
Which 7800GT??
7800GT SLI Vs. 7800GTX??
leadtek 7800 gtx
#1 reason to buy a BFG 7800 512
Remember those defective Gainward Ti4200s? Want to RMA one
location of geforce 7800gt
7800 GTX 512 Cooler?
6800 Ultra Quicktime decoding...can it do that?
6800 Ultra Lacks Power
7800GT overclocking
making my fx5900 fans run at 100%
PNY 6600 PCI-E 256mb...what can this be flashed to?
Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5(Rev. 3) question
PNY 6200 troubles
My PC hangs up in DualView mode, when i drag something to Secondary Display (TV)
nvcpl the parameter is incorrect?
STASIS C3s are here
Need help finding 512MB GTXs!!
2 PNY GeForce 6800 GS (in SLI mode) or 1 Pny GeForce 7800GTX???
Geforce 6800GT with 12 pips???
Bought eVGA 7800gtx 512 Quick Question
HELP, no post DIED while gaming!