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*sigh* so confused
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150ish Video Card
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nVidia GeForce 6200 128mb AGP Card
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10180 3D03 marks on 6600GT :Update:
nVidia newb here
Im thinkin about getting 7800GTX.
this cant be right...
SLi- ing. Dual 12v rails?
is it worth it?
What new card is equivalent to a 6800LE?
Odd post, Fan died, need help figuring out which replacement to buy.
Decisions about cards
6800LE memory voltage
is the Nividia 6800go Bios locked ?
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3dmark2003 score....
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81.94 v2.21
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Why is this so much?
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BFG 6800 GT OC starting to artifact, new parts
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Flashed to 5950U VGPU & VDDR Readings/Volt Mods
Which 7800GTX card?
7800GTX SLI plus PCI card....problems?
Thoughts on 3D Fuzion..
Freezing when playing CODUO MP 81.94
AGP bus
Anyone have experience with leadtek rmas?
Is it possible to get a gaming console hooked up to my card to get HDTV res?
have i broke my video card?
core clock on BFG 6800GT
nVIDIA 82.04 forceware
Anyone use the nvTempLogger?
mobile cards
help me decide!
Forcing over clock?
81.92v2 SLI...wipes tears from eyes :-(
Do I have to have 2 SLI cards?....
Monitoring the graphic's temp while gaming?
BFG releases 512mb 7800GTX! 1.16Billion Vert/s!
XFX 7800gt TV-Out problem!! please help !!
XFX 7800 GT can't go no more?
just got a GTX! auto d = 518/1.37
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Stupid nvidia demos and windows xp (a rant)
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OC'd my BFG6200 OC
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Rivatuner and coolbits question
Monitoring load temp on card?
Chronicles of Ridick? Problems`
Leadtek A400 6800LE @ 16/6 - Whats the max OC?
7800GTX 512MB or 7800GT SLI
A Budget PC for games need GPU recomendation
Explanation of 7800GT Overclocking.
6600GT PCI-E 16x, thoughts?
nVIDIA 81.94 Forceware
Help enabling temp monitoring
Best 7800GTX 512MB
Just got my new 6800GS
How do you softmod a geforce 5900?
What kind, if any, price drop in the 256mb 7800GT's?
my bfg 512mb gtx arrived
6800GT SLI cooling?
What Happened To Evga's Warranty!?
Power supply to graphics card
6200TC Cooler-very strange.
Want to overclock 6800 GT
overclocking a 6800gt agp
512 is CSS or HL2??
512MB 7800 GTX's are available
7800GTX 512MB Reviewed at Anandtech
Help me pick for work
Dual vga out ?
How much does dual screen effect performance?
Anyone know where I can get a 6800 GT AGP?
can my psu run a 7800gtx oc?
Air exhaust mod for 7800GTX?
pci exhaust mod for 7800GTX?
Well,,,, there was noone around to slap me....
Recommended board manufacturer for GTX?
7800 GTX temperature readings bug?
evga 7800 GT How to clock higher?
512 MB GTX Reviews
pixelated/washed out/bright video playback
6800US or 7800GT?
How do you eliminate thermal throttling?
Cheap card w/tv-out? (s-video, coax, etc)
6600gt ddr and gddr3?
EVGA 6600GT or 6800?
Is the new 7800 512mb worth it?
More Halo problems with 7800gtx...
Cheap 6800/7800 Series Heatsink Mod
Another SLI Problom
7200 and 7600 launch dates leaked
6800 or 6600GT?
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6800 xt realesed
Leadtek 6800LE unlocking
I'm trying to help a friend.
Quake 4 Frame Rate & Halo Flashing Problem...
7800 GT suspect for system crash. Help please
7800gtx Sli Fps12!!!!
7800 GT Temps
6200 to 6600 mod?!
Gpu safe max temp??
BFGTech 6600 GT OC- OverClock Results :)
Another "which card" thread
Nvidia Beta drivers are out.
Nvidia 7800GT in AGP form
7800GTX Ultra 550/1800 Arrives 11/14/05
Geforce go 6600
Calling all 6600GT AGP owners
6600gt OC showing 300 not 525??????
New 6600GT/OC problem, and 3dMark03 results
Is Clone mode straining my 6600GT?
7800 top and 7800gtx regular in SLi
6800GS in AGP?
Dead FX 5200. RMA?
AGP cards?
EVGA 6800nu 3dmark low?
3dmark05 scores low ?
Albatron GF 6600 256MB agp, bios?
eVGA 7800 GTX Clocks
Better to go for lower priced evga 7800gt and oc?
7800 512 AVAiL NOW!
Refurb Leadtek 6800GT or XFX 6800 with Zalman Cooler?
Well,swapped cooler, video card is dead
How to tell apart SLI or non-SLI 3DMark scores?
New BFG 6600GT OC. Tips?
WHAT! Limited Quantities Of The 7800 512MB!
128mb fx 5200 vs 128mb gf3 ti 200 vs 64mb ti 4200
Call of duty 2 free when you buy 7800 gt
Crazy 6600gt default
Got my STASIS NV7800C5 installed (pics)
I haven't installed my first game yet, and i'm getting artifacts in windows.
Utterly Speechless...
7800GTX 512...where is it?
Help - this card any good?
BFG 6800GT SLI Problems!??!!?
"MSI Clock" software OC?
geforce 6 6200 256meg 3dmark scores?
Overclocking: Does nothing
GeForce 6600 GT Worries
Evga 6800nu and Rivatuner Problems
sli'd 7800gtx or single 512mb gtx
eVGA 7800GTX KO Edition cards...
What do you think of this casual oc on a 6800?
Nvidia 6800 GS
Is this bad?
New Driver does not work with Pain Shop PRo and other programs Beware.
Best 7800 GT for overclocking?
7800 GTX 512MB Priced.
Nvidia's latest offering: 6800GS
Is there a omg!!..whiz-bang!! Difference - 7800GTpci versus 6800GT pci?
how much will prices fall when new gtx comes out?
250W p/s
Info on the new 7800 gtx 512mb?
need a stock BFG FX5500OC 256MB BIOS
Not sure if just me new dets dual mon crash
3dMark 05 Scores w/ 7800GTX Post Em
6800 Ocing and Unlocking
Core voltage?
600MHz / 1300MHz on 6600GT
Feasability of placing new memory to an old board?
SLI Question
One simple SLI question
using a 6800 ultra bios on a 6800 gt
eVGA Step up program anyone?
Is the 7800GTX worth the upgrade cost?
Changing voltage on Video card?
Good start off ocs on evga 7800 gt?
Low gtx score
geforce 7800gtxgo !!
7800 gt installed now having problems please help!
Question about TV out on 6600
6800 LE black sreen problem
7800GTX 512mb to beat ATI to consumers by 7 days.
6800 tearing/flashing at high FSB on Shuttle SB61G
ASUS GeForce 7800GT Dual Benchmarked...
This can't be normal...
7800GTX Direct X errors
Time to replace a 5900
Ok got a new problem.
Post your 3d05 Scores w/ 7800gtx
Is my card fubar?
6600LE Questions.
Geforce 4 ti4800se overheating?
Nvidia Returneth
7300 Go.
SLI Help
Just got my 7800GTX
81.85 help please
Worthy Upgrade?
7800gtx/6800ultra question
7800 Ultra !
New to 3DMark05...is this normal?
Possible to connect Gigabyte 6600 via composite?
nforce3 / geforce 5900 to nforce4 / geforce 6600?
Trying to overclock 7800GT but....
Nvidia Loves Us
Difference between these eVGA 7800's?
SLI as an upgrade choice? opinions
I accidently broke a capacitor on my Geforce 6800 Ultra
XFX 7800GT temps
latest useful drivers for 5900 flashed to 5950?
hows this upgrade?
BadGamePatch (7800GT's Sli) help
in game video problems =/
Drivers for 7800gt for Enterprise 2003?
Cant load XFX 7800 gt cd
Changing Software of graphics cards to new model
BFG 6800 GT - Oh no..what have I done??
What do you think about GeForce2 MX200?
tv output on 6800gt
How to raise the voltage on a 6600gt??
SLI not working correctly (I think)
Nvidia Beta 81.87 Driver Comments
Gigabyte 3D1-68GT in SLI
Last supported driver ?
BFG 7800 GTX OC & Leadtek PX6800 Ultra TDH in SLI
Asus EN7800GT Dual
my FX 5500 is buggin' !
When the 512MB 7800GTX's are out..
Absolutely terrible 3dmark scores.. help
6600GT SLI need cooling
Help with a Gainward 6800gt ultra/2400 Golden Sample
Any Word On a 32 Pipe 7800 Yet?
Best 6800?(regular,gt,etc..)
Asus N7800GT Dual
To SLI or not to SLI.. that is the question.
problems with my pc
Linux AMD64T/EM64T nvidia drivers
Performance on 6600gt dropped for no reason
7800 Gt PSU question
7800GTX SLI-- Rendering mode question
New SLI PC having issues with games
Burning-in a 7800GTX GPU
$50 for used MSI Ti4200, good deal?
SLI question
The best 7800 GTX?
Good Choice?
7800GT Super Loud - Very Annoying
SLI Overclocking? Core/Mem speed?
Nvidia vs Ati
PC Keeps Rebooting after V/C Flash???
poor perfomance with 7800 GTX!
BFG 7800GTXs not working at stock speeds in SLI
gtx questions geforce software
OC to different speeds with SLI cards?
bfg 7800gtx when do i stop?
Evga N515, N17, N18
Really weak OC on 6800GT
justified 3Dmark05 scores?
TV Out and WMP Video
6600gt problems - please help
Finding company of 7800GTX without BOX?
New Nvidia drivers, SLI with TV NOT!
VGA Coolers
6600GT's Seem Limited Now
ti4200 dead?
unlocked pipelines
F.E.A.R Resolution
7800GTX Overclock. 498 core, can't go anymore?
NV Silencer 5 Rev 3.
xfx 7800gt kinda stinks...
Gigabyte 5200 nvidia card
Dual or single core 6600GT?
whats causing the artifacts?
Best 7800 GTX Cooler Do it your self Cheap . . .
6800 GT Overclocking
Weird overclocking 6800GT.
6600 256 or 6600GT 128
Unlocking the 6200 (tried everything)
agp 6800gt to 7800gtx/gt
I tihnk my 6800 died...
6600GT ---> 6800... reinstall drivers?
help needed! 6600GT Problem
Fasted AGP card
Unable to overclock 7800GT with coolbits
Ti4200 or similar gen owners
ASUS with nVidia GForce 7800GT - cooling
evga 7800gtx differences - N538, N525 & N528
eVGA 6600GT Win Serv 2k3 x64 HELP!
Anyone know the difference between the beta & wHQL 81.85s?
9800 pro to 6600gt?
new drivers - 81.85 (official whql)
Nvidia SLI certified.... Really needed?
Intel 975X and SLI
nf4 sound
6800GT Memory Overclock
6800 leadtek gets hot!
Geforce7800gtx/gt mod quadro is possible?
New Line of Nvidia cards: 7800GS!
Anyone have any experience with 3D Fuzion's 7800GT?
Is sli worth the money at 1280x1024??
MBM type prgoram for video cards?
A program kinda like ati tool?
driver problem
CPU Speed for SLI/Crossfire
DD Maze 4 compatibility w/ 7800 series?
Mouse Wrapping Disable?
Best GeForce (AGP), under 130$.
Good Cores
6800U, Water Dmged I think NEED HELP
SLI 6600GTs or 1-7800GT
If you had 250 dollar - 300 dollars...Which card would you buy? AGP please
One more question....
right move to make?
Upgrade from Ti4800SE to 5700 Ultra to 6600GT
7800GTX Blower / fan speed
Random Fuzzy Pixels, Slow Response
SLi On Single Card
What are your 7800GTX temps?
Unlocking the 6800 by leadtek problems?
7800GTX with 1280x1024 display
Nv Control P acting strange,problem when inst. monitor driver!?
6800le and battlefield 2
Unable to overclock
upgrade advice
anybody with 2 different temp readings on SLI?
Nvidia's counter-attack to the x1800xt
Idle temps on my 6600 gt...
6200 to 6600
i dunno wats going on.. need somea advice
nvidia go driver not installing
5500 crazy?
Another reason to HATE NVIDIA....
Problem with the water in Farcry
Why did you do this Nvidia?!??!
6800NU 256MB PCI-E bios ?
Hi, RivaTuner settings question..
Best driver for 3dmark05?
Whats the diff in these 7800GT's?
ASUS V9520/TD FX5200 won't play with me!
Quick Question!
Aopen GT, bad overclocker?
Leadtek 6800LE OCing/unlocking
XFX 6800 128MB 256bit
Found out my problem.
7800's vs 6800's