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XFX 6800 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express -- POST YOUR OC AND SCORES HERE
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7800gtx , post your stock scores!
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When the heck is Release 80 comming out?
Will 7800GTX AGPx8 run BF2 smooth on my Barton 2400+?
ATI Tool supporting NV!!
im impressed
Going 78, what should i buy?
LCD flicker everyone once in a while...
7800 with Zalman VF700-Cu running SLi
problem with FX 5200...
using Rivatuner to control fan on a 5900?
2 X 6600GT or 1 X 6800GT
Texel origin adjustment / Alternate pixel center for 6800GT w/ 77.77 drivers
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7800gtx Psu
g0dM@n's Leadtek 6800LE naked Pix
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6600 pci express vrs. 6600gt ??
Time to upgrade...Need some help
Buying a 6800 GT
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Old cards
considering SLI....for new build/first ever
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Just bought a A400 LE (6800LE AGP), Unlocking Questions
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Xfx 6800 Gt
Trouble with my BFG 7800GTX. Please help.
7800 Agp ?
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Since when was a 6800GT dual slot?
Please help! Can't flash 6600GT
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dim/dark video on GF2 GTS, any ideas?
Would using the Thermalright V1 allow for higher overclocks?
Gigabyte GV3D1 hacks
Question about 6800GT
6800 256 bit 256 mb vs fully unlocked 128 mb 6800 or 6800 le.
Gainward BIOS(s) for 5950U
wth is going on???
evga 5900 fall off the planet?
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video card question?
xfx 6800gt and 77.77 benchmark
XFX6800GT to hot?
eVGA FX 5500 Causing Computer to Shut Down?
Question about flashing.
What the heck? 'dead pixels' in bios
6800GT and F.E.A.R.
BF2 - good graphics card
I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
SLI...... Please help a novice.
Nice 68nu
7800gtx aftermarket coolers?
7800gt price drop?
Help getting Better cooling for vanilla 6600
GeForce 7800GT vs 7800 GTX
help with upgrade leadtek and 7N400 Pro
Arctic Cooling for 7800GTX???
Nivida Overlocking
Quadro FX or 7800 series?
image settings
Holy Crap 6800 GO OCs a lot
Check out these revenue/sales ##s from nvidia
finally ordered a 6800gt :)
7800GT Unlocking
Confused: 6600GT & 6600LE
Suddenly low auto-OC for my 6600GT... any ideas why?
BFG 6600GT OC Unlocking Pipes
Cold Bug?
7800gt or gtx
1 128mb 6800 vs 2 6600 sli vs 1 7800GTX
7800GTX Temp Problem?
Buy 7800GT or Gtx and get Mobo free!
best 7800gtx make
Which 7800gt should I get?
7800 gtx/ any pci-e card voltage?
Help on video card.
Bit the bullet and ordered XFX 7800GTX!!
7800 overclocks.....post em here
BFG 7800GTX (SLI) & A8N SLI Deluxe No Worky - Need Helpy
Whats this cable called?
XFX "Double Lifetime Warranty"
7800gt -> 7800gtx ?
G70 has multiple clocks...
6600 gt PCIE cooling solutions
mobo or graphics card?
Testing Stability.
Video capturing posible with...
256mb 6600gt, a few questions.
7800GT Review...so, GT or GTX?
$150 for a PCI-E card
New to nvidia New 7800 GTX
Nvidia to release "Physics only" card
Coolbits showing 7500gt default clock @ 275mhz 1200
removing the stock evga 6800gt pcie heatsink
Any news to when the 7800 Ultra will be coming out?
Whats the overclockable difference between 7800 GT and GTX?
6800GT - A Look at how much extra MHz helps your 3DMark Score!
Little problem, please help!
7800GT in AGP?
Leadtek 6800GT Thoughts
7800 gtx vs 7800 gt?
BFG 7800GTX/GT watercooled editions
6600gt at 148c!
6600GT vs 6800 non GT
eVGA 7800GT (not GTX)
refurb 6800 ultras
new nvidia driver 77.77
78gt and softmod
5800 Utlra
Burned my finger!!!
Need BIOS 6800U
artifacts all over my screen plz help now
6800GT Tries to Throttle, I WONT LET IT!!
msi 7800 gtx "lite" vs. regular
hwy are the 7800GTXs so cheap?
Can someone please help me out with my 7800 GTX SLI setup?
What graphics card should i get?
6600GT dying ?
Confirmed 7800GT Specs
MSI 6600gt 3dmark05 score's
problem: 6800 GT video playback
My 6800gt got hot!!!! WHY???
Asus n6200/TD 128Mo AGP
PowerStrip only upto 399Mhz?
Is this a real GT or is a 'Egg typo?
GeForce 6800 Price Cuts...YAY
Problem with my 5900U
Albatron 6800GT 3d issues
9958 in 3DMark05 with Single 7800GTX!
9958 in 3DMark05 with Single 7800GTX!
9958 in 3DMark05 with Single 7800GTX!
The 6800 power requirements
Anyone with a 6600gt pleae help!
will the nv silencer 5 revision 2 cool my 6800 better?
Will this work?
Nvidia shipping chips for 16x SLI
remove old drivers ?
is this card any good
Just bought a Leadtek 6600 GT WOW Impressive.
GeForce 7800 GTX KO
7800GT AND 7800GTX for AGP?!!?!!?!?!
evga 6800le unlock?
"Power of 3"
Aerocool VM-101 Fanless Cooler no 6600GT
GeForce 7800GTX Ultra?
vga silencer rev 3 on a 6600gt?
Video Trouble with FX5500 card
7800GTX/x850xt and the new F.E.A.R Demo
max safe temperature for a 6600gt?
BFG FX 5950 Ultra Opinions
AGP Aperture size
6800GT Shader 3.0 Question
x800 vs 6600GT
Leadtek FX5700LE, wanting to mount cpu cooler
Does this work?
Help! 6600 Crashing/Freezing ----
3DMark05 Score 1000 Less During Overclock
Stock vanilla 6600 agp artifacting
Why wont the svideo work? i wanna hook up my tv
Can a 6800GT PCI-E be modded to a 6800 ultra?
URGENT! 6800U problems HELP!
Video not playing clearly after installing battle field two.
6800le little help please
Gigabyte dual 6600 ?
6800GT Temp and processor limits
Price drop discussion...
Leadtek 6800gt issue?
MSI 6600gt overclock advise/suggestions
A helpful tip to those overclocking SLI...
d94's 7800gtx
My amazement with the performance of my BFG 7800GTX
Cooling 7800GTX
6800 OC advice
Finding the right PCI card
Choosing the best brand
6800LE or 6600GT?
e-GeForce 7800 GTX KO
Poll - Speeds obtained by your Video Card
6600 oc
regarding the future
WOOT my XFX 6600gt is herr!1!!!!
EVGA's ACS3 Solution
Problem with LeadTek Winfast Geforce 6800 GT Black PCB Limited Edition
Overclocking 7800gtx
BIOS editing
7800GTX throttling due to low temp
Question on video card overclocking: knowing when to stop...
No signal?
FX5900XT Question
Is it worth another $30?
Leadtek PX6800 GT TDH PCI-E in SLI?
Justin's XFX 6600GT AGP
Why cant I update my Video card Drivers? 6200 BFG OC Open pipes
I f***ed up my BFG 6800GT
Nvidia 6800..oddest thing ever
Ultra loading @ 78C
6800 ultra NV5 Silencer and PCI cards
nvidia fx power consumption
best PCI-E nvidia card for HDTV
I f***ed up my 6800GT today...
77.72 Drivers, now my movies/divx are messed up.
Is it safe to apply AS5 on GPU
Volt modded my 6800nu
problems running widescreen tv on geforce 5900
4731 in 3dmark2k5....
Max frequencies before needing higher voltage for 6600 GT
SLI Hardware Guide and F.A.Q
Hardware Problem
Hook up console system to graphics card?
Broken 5700?
OmniExtremeEdit FX Question
Finding PCI 5700le oc tool
Question for anyone who owns the 6800gt
ok to mix agp x800xtpe with pci gf4mx420?
Cooling 6800GT while keeping SLI (2 slots) possible?
Any difference between BFG 6800 GT OC and 6800 GT?
Geforce 6600GT question
78 series in Agp, Do you think it will happen?
[HELP] obtained 6800GT - need somethings...
Zalman VF700-Cu, a godsend in every way...
Just bought a 6200 BFG OC. Is this a decent card.
Overheating Issues?
need to check temps on evga 6600gt
Let's Play... Help me overclock my 7800GTX!
Help me break 10000 in 3DM05
Zalman HSI heatsink
6600GT - SW Republic Commando flawless - 3DM03, CS:S & AM3 die...
Leadtek 6800LE = Leet Edition
What brand of 6800 gt?
6800GT and power supply
A Stumper!
min requirements?
Possible to leave GF 6800GT ramsink assembly on with VF700-Cu?
Flashing a card and getting irreversible artifacts?
How are my odds for unlocking this?
Calling All Graphics Card Pro Modders
upgrade to a 6600GT or a 6800GT (money matters!)
FarCry vs. Doom 3
6200 questions
wait for 7800u or not
6600gt fan, can i remove it?
How Good Are PNY Cards???
Starting to see expected price drops
flash 6600gt?
Dell Problems
HelP! Video playback Avi messed up!
is my 6600gt dead?
SLI Setup
6800NU SLI Results
Installation of Icestorm on 6800gt
Need help with Chaintech 6600 (pic inside)
6800Gt Problems..
anyone have a Leadtek A400GT?
which 6600 to buy
voltage concerns - 6600gt
6800GT...died :(
7800ultra release date?
Worth getting a 7800 gtx
Which 6600 should I buy? (non-GT)
Geforce 7800 Ultra pictured
2x 6600GT's or just one 6800GT?
Running the Luna demo on 6800U
Computer won't start with Geforce 6600GT
Computer won't start with Geforce 6600GT
6800 agp vs 6800 pcie?
6800 Ultra cooling mod
Ti 4600 or 5200 a few questions.
Do you own a BFG 7800 GTX? If so, come on inside...
Cant figure out which driver to use
Flashing 6800 to GT
Help with Throttling problem
gigabyte dual 6600gt
OCing Gainward 6800GT issue
7800 Ultra pics