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Computer won't start with Geforce 6600GT
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7617 3dMark05... decent for stock clocks?
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i need help i connected me t.v to me pc an its fuzzy help me sum one
ASUS 6600 O'C prob
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6800GT problems , please help if you can!
How does GF6200 Turbocache Compares to a Radeon X700?
best nvidia card if you only do 1024/768?
FX5200 and enabling the DVI output?
help me!
STASIS IceStorm NV6800 Gen 3
Best drivers for 6800 & CS:S
6800nu Unlocking pipes / vertex
SLI 6800gts won't overclock for me
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Gainward 6600GT Golden Sample GLH
Hi, question about RivaTuner hardware monitoring..
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6800GT: Leadtek, MSI, or BFG? Please help!
Help Flashing ASUS6200 bios
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Can I do better than $599 for a 7800!!!!!!!??????
I think something is wrong
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3DM05 World Record: 16364!
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7800GT Cards comming next week/$499
Decent coolers for 6600GT PCI-E?
BFG 7800GTX OC - Duff clock speeds (UK?)
Is AGP worth it?
Coolbits Question
MSI 6600GT VS Asus 6600GT, or whats the best 6600gt?
Who makes the best Nvidia Cards?
BFG 7800gtx just arrived..... rawr 4 teh t-shirt!
best drivers for 6600gt
Troubles running 133 MHz CPU on ASUS P2B-B with Nvidia Geforce2 MX.
Forcware 77 and up, WMP fix
6800GT w/ WCing as STOCK cooling!
Any One water cool there 6800 U
standard 6600's
Bootable DOS Floppy for BIOS Flash?
SLI questions..
Apparently there will be a 7 series Gt
Driver or Hardware issue?
6600GT vs. 9800XT
Doom 3 problem
6800U to 7800.. Trade in program ????
Overclocking GeForce FX 5900 Ultra...
Should I upgrade to a 7800GTX from 6800 Ultra AGP?
How do I mod my 7800gtx?
Help Me Choose
nvidia fx 5500 o/c utilites?
VF700 cu clearence on DFI
OC geforce 5500 what is good
What are the 7800's deminsions?
The Old Chip switch?
need help getting more performance from my fx5200
Anyone else try to blow up their FX 5200?
how to find my temps
6600GT, video and 3D nogo?
an outdated question
Leadtek 6600gt problems?
What card
Need a new card
77.72 driver random screen resize problem
Warning about NewEgg (my new 6800NU)
I am getting a new EVGA 6800 gt!!! Suggestions.
7800 GTX vs 7800 GTX OC?
77.72 Driver Problem
did i break my new video card?
help me please
6600GT power?
7800gtx Agp?
what driver to use?
New ForceWare 80.40
Nvidia chaeting with #'s on the 7800GTX
Windows uninstalled my pci cards after installing new AGP 6800gt ?
Buying a 6800GT: which brand
6600GT Cooler
evga 6800GT & Zalman vf700, use stock mem cooler still?
6600gt artifacting...again
is this chart wrong?
Need help
6600GT 128mb or 256mb?
6600GT vs 6800
Nvidia Graphics Card: Unknown (to me) component
6800GT prices
The 7800 Power thread... 7800 owners post here
Possible to monitor temps through network?
4.60 audio driver/nforce3/and no nvmixer
Bad Cooling on GF4's?
I Have Unlocked The Secrets Of ATI!!!!!!!!
Last AGP card
6800GT > Ultra by GTU BIOS problems...Is it dead?
ti 4200 128mb vs 5600 128/256mb non-ultra
77.72 WMP artifact fix - tested, works always.
Yet another 6600GT thread!
2x6800ultras or one 7800gtx
No AGP 7800GTX
Ultra Getto Heatsink mod.
which 6800 to get?
7800 GTX 32 Pixel pipelines?
Negative LOD Bias question, help please...
questions about the new update
BF2, No Display options Past 1024x768
Coolbits Settings?
asus v9999gt 128mb geforce 6800gt
Whats with this GF2 MX/MX 400 ?
default drivers?
I think my PSU is not capable enough to run my 6800NU...
Sudden game performance loss
9800 Pro HOT HOT HOT! (literally)
Poor QC control, Gigabyte
pci and AGP cards @ the same time?
Help! Broken capacitor on eVGA 6800!
7800GTX: what CPU?
Bridgeless SLI on ANY 6*** Cards
77.72 Driver Comments
Zalman VF700 without memory heatsinks ok?
5700LE, wont play wolfenstein ET. Goes black.
I just bought 2x BFG 6800gtos
Are these good scores for a 6800?
Voltmods for 6800GT
what should i do?
Which version of the 6800GT is best?
AGP apature size
SLI vs Reg Question
New Drivers: 77.72 Final
New nv44a?
geforce 6800 le
how accurate are the temp sensors on 6 series cards?
Im going 6800gt sli...WHAT BRAND
6800 GT Temps are high can I do anything?
will i get a performance increase?
Sweet!! Viper John is going to vmod the 7800GTX for me!
POST here if you ordered your 780GTX
monitor keeps going blank
6800 Series Price-Drop??
Leadtek UK RMA
Timescale for the 7xxx range?
1080i support for 6800Go
Card going bad or bad driver?
How easy is it to oc 6800gt to ultra speeds?
Litterally cant OC my 6800LE
6800LE weak performance
6800 stuck oc
7800GTX In The UK.
Force Set Refresh Rates
what manufacturer go with for GeForce 6800 Ultra ?
Questions concerning my new 6800
my 6600 GT
7800 GTX on newegg.com
6600-6800 decisions...
Best Cooler For XGX 6800GT
6800gt clocks
Amazed by 6600 (non-gt) peformance
Who bought the PNY 6800nu for $159 at Egg
xfx 6800GT freezing/sound stuttering?
Help finding the best deal on Sli cards and bridge
7800gtx benchmarks but todays cpus are almost 100% bottleneck!
Real 7800 benchmarks
game freezing
I think something is messed with my driver(s)
7800GTX Specs and price leaked from a vendor
Game Crashes w/ FX 5900 Ultra
Brand new XFX 6800GT
Ultra Question
6600gt pipe unlock?
lol chek this out 512 mb 6200
Ti4600 what should I upgrade to ?
6600 non-gt vs x600 xt both 128 mb
bfg 6800gt oc 252mb 256bit ($459.91cdn) or asus v9999(128mb[$427cdn] or 256mb[$576])
First Post - Nvidia overclocking tools
New drivers, making sli even better
i think i found my cards limit
Can't Overclock Asus v9980u
Need refreshfix and OCing proggy...
Help with Geforce 5500.......
6800gt cooling solutions
Help i can't update my Nvidia drivers
Having some video card probs? Plz help?
Omega 1.4403 drivers?
6200TC Questions
How to O/C A 6800 GT to get every last bit of power?
nv4_mini.sys BSODs
77.50 Forcware work great with BF2 and others!
7800GTX, cheaper than i expected...
Gigabyte 6600GT AGP: Does the Zalman VF700 Fit?
3DMark05 scores for 6600GT
eVGA 6800 arriving today.
So i just bought this 6800nu...was it worth it?
Ti-4200 (Golden Sample) vs. Ti-4600
STASIS IceStorm 6600GTAGP HSI Heatsink (Now even bigger!)
Artic Silver 5 on 6600GT
6600GT will not run on new setup...
Coolbits for the 5200fx
Could I.....
Soft Mod for a 5900xt ?
Jumpin from 5900XT to 6600 nongt, worth it?
6600gt Vs. 6800nu
Flash 6600 BIOS on PCI-E XFX 6200 256 MB?
fx 5200 128mb w00t! -6800 w00t 256 mb (beast)
Copy from HD to VHS
6200 gamer edition and 6600 gamer edition?
6x00 worth it for me ?
MSI NX6600GT Temp Readings?
San Andreas Problems
Need fan for ASUS Siluro(sp?) G4 Ti4200
help i think 6800gt is screwy
? on leadtek 6800 & AS-5
Low VGA core clock speed?
help me BFG6600gt OC vs MSI6600gt vs bfg6800
Gaming Problem
BF2 '77.30' drivers making screen blurry?
Fan Died - BFG 6600GT OC
6800gt or ultra?
XFX 6600GT AGP= artifacts and freezing?
XFX 660GT AGP= artifacts and freezing?
BFG 6800 GT Freezing
nvidia 6800 drivers?
Pick a card for me
Is this card any good?
6600gt vs 6800nu
Regarding my Evga 6600gt
6600GT Good enough to run Battlefield 2 on high settings?
HDTV problems with a 6600GT
5900vs 6600 non-gt vs 9800 pro vs x600 xt?
how did doom 3 run of this system?
PNY 6800 GT No boot help plz
Preliminary results for Zalman on XFX 6600GT
6800GT AGP and 2500+ poor fps
Broken Card?
Nvidia 7800 Series to be released!
How to fix my temp issue?
bios mod for temp readings on 6600GT
Finaly foudna pic of my card I can use heh.
6800 gt peformance!
Odd 6600GT AGP Gaming/Benchmarking Results
Anyone getting G70/7800?
FX5600 or TI4600?
Looks like i got a problem with MSI 6800GT reseting
5700 LE for games
what games can you expect a GeForce MX4000 to handle?
bfg eVGA 6800gt HEAT ISSUES :(
6800gt not performing??
new 6800gt
acceptable temps for 6800gt??
best most stable driver for 6800gt??
Using Artic Silver on 6800oc
MSI 6600gt
evga Geforce 6800 GT
Noooo! I scratched my video card!
LeadTek Winfast A280 LE Trouble
Stasis IceStorm for 6600GT AGP
Questions about unlocking pipelines on 6800nu
NV Silencer 5 any good?
BGA Memory
Wow, I guess I just wasted $78
6800 OC not showing any results
6200 -> 6600
6800u Help
512MB 6800ULTRA PCI-e @ Newegg
6600GT TDH Bios Flash Question
have they stated that agp g70s will be available at launch?
FX5600 fried, need new AGP -- any suggestions?
jus ordered my 6800gt :D
leadtek 6800gt runs tad hot
Is My New 6600GT Toast?
Geforce, ho?
After G70 is released, will prices drop?
Stock plain vanilla 6800 vs. fully overclocked 6600GT?
FX5700LE + VF700-AlCu