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What settings for the 6800GT ?
Finally....SLI on Intel results :)
Semi-Funny story
Anyone got experience with Zalman VF700?
What is best to use when mounting ramsinks on vid card?
other apps to unlock pipelines and shaders other then rivatuner
6600 GT Problem..
how do i OC my xfx 6600gt?
Few questions about tweaking my new setup..
Best Drivers For 6600GT
Help me decide which card for semi-budget system: GF6600 or Radeon9800Pro!
Using 76.41
YEY Just got my 6600GT bye bye 5600 lol
geforce Fx... was it really that good?
BFG 6800GT weirdness
G70 (7800 GT) unconfirmed specs!
Nvidia Distance Fog?????
Ocing 6800 ultras
which 6600GT manufacturer?
NVIDIA to Showcase Next-Gen G70 Chip at E3, CEO Says.
nVidia 6600GT PCIe 256MB: is it any good??
6800gt artifacting at stock speed in Lineage2
512 MB 6800U Review ( with SLI )
XFX 1gb SLI twin Pack
My 3dmark03/05 scores.. are they comparable?
How hot should my new 6600GT PCI-Express run?
im just wondering
Going from ATI to NVidea..... driver help please.
what do u say on leadtek 6600GT extreme?
Can this kill a card?
6800 PCI-E $100 more?
Switching from ATI- nVidia = How?
Does the NV6 fit the 6600non GT??
help editing my vid bios
Evga cooler
BFG 5700 Ultra memory overheating
Lower Refresh Rate = Smoother looking gameplay.
what card to get?
I just picked up a PNY FX5700 LE optima and
PCI x0 ?????
refurb gigabyte 6200 overclock
sli cards
SLI no longer works!
msi 5900xt questions
Which SLI setup would beat my X800 XL?
9800pro vs. 6800GT ?
Just got a 6600GT, are my scores right?
SLI with bridge and DFI SLI mobo doesn't work!
5700LE Dual monitors....
help with GPCIDrv driver error
5700LE ocing
WTH Is "Ambient" On A 6800?
MSI6600GT mods??
6800GT ot 6800Ultra
Leadtek 6800 GT A400 Cooling options
Geforce 4 MX440 VS Geforce 2 GTS
Can I OC geforce 5900XT???
geforce 6600GT Install Problem
MSI / Asus /eVGA/Gigabyte/BFG .. For GeForce 6800 Ultra ?
soo hard to decide
How hot is too hot?
bfg 6200 256mb
Will I be able to RMA with AS5 on my 6800GT?
BFG 6800GTOC - good card?
256mb 6600GT???
directx, game, and benchmark problems need help
6800 LE Ultra Benchmarks
BFG 6800 OC Flash
6800 question
Problem with screen going blank
PNY ti4200 64mb problem
Help with home made cooking...I mean cooling
Zalman & Gigbayte 6600GT AGP
What is the difference between the 6600 GT and the 6800?
6800 Ultra 512mb card is here (and with a "free" PSU)
What is 6800 ULTRA exactly?
Upgraded Video driver got some issues now
Evga or XFX
Stasis Icestorm NV6800C5 and stock mem sinks
AGP 6600GT overclock?
Best HSF for 6600 GT >25-30
Cooling Gainward's Ti-4200
Best card for $150-$200 ?
Rivatuner OC, low power=performance
Hmm, terrible 6600 GT OC core?
TNT2 32mb
G70 When?
Best driver for a FX 5700LE 128
HL2 Benchmarking WEIRD things happening
Geforce4 MX 440 PCI vs FX5700LE PCI
Quick guide installing GPU
Adventures in SLI: This shouldn't work but it does
How to find the Temp??
Whats The Difference?
Full screen video playing through SVIDEO output to TV
FX 5200 Flickring
Are the forceware work ??
BFG mistake = yay!
3dmark problems
Which 6800GTs overclock the best?
Man 6600non GT's aren't that great....
Help with PNY 6800GT
NV Silencer 6 rev. 2 or Zalman VF-700 CU
Why should i go SLI?
6800 cooling
Need Help! New 6800nu
BFG 6800GT OC + NV Silencer 5 rev2 ??
Asus EN6200TC256
6200 question.
Out of scan range, 4600TI?
Can drivers lower temps that much?
Which would you buy????
6800 question
watching movies on tv in dualview mode question
I think my 6800GT is dead...
5900XT corruption and reboot
BIOS flashing 6800GT @ Ultra
Witch vid card is better for all around gaming
XFX 6600GT AGP for $154.99!!!
FX5200 Problem plz help me !!!
Which is the best card?
Aquamark3 keeps minimizing help please
How is this card??
any other 256mb/6800 (nv41) that could be made compatible with my leadtek?
Project BIOS flash...need some help
SLI in a Nutshell
Can't load windows w/ 2 GPUs, Safe Mode is fine
6200 overclock
I would like to know the results!!
2X6600Gt's VS 1 6800GT ?
Should I Swap From AGP to PCI-Express??
how much faster is pcix?
bios AGP frequency NF7-S
My benchmarks on my new system at stock clocks.
Need Help...Need to know a resistor value...
My 3DMark03 score, Is it good?
G70 to be power hungry
low 3dmark score
Nvidia 3 Monitor Horizontal Spanning
6800gt Vs 6800ultra
TI4200 best drivers?
6800 new question/advice!!!
6800GT temps and Zalman VF700
How to uninstall omega drivers?
Leadtek or Gainward ?
Stasis ICESTORM for 6800 GT Review
Shopping for New Card...
6600gt to 6800gt
evga 5900se
Ordered 6800NU
6200 softmod
6800 Ultra and SLI dumb question
I keep crashing...
6600 agp what can be done
Problem with 6800gt 256mb agp
6800GT Color issues.
Does Nvidia Co. actually have engineers now ?
Top XFX 6600GT?
Core refresh? G70?
OCing a 6800
Whats the best effective VGA cooler of them all?
How much further can the BFG Oc's be overclocked?
6800GT lost in the mail NOOOOOOOOOOO!
PNY 6800gt owners - broke 6200 in 3dmark!!
How to fit a 6600GT
Post Your Geforce 6600 GT Temps here
TR SK7 or TT Venus 7+ on a BFG 6800GT
6800NU Problem
Overclock speeds of an Asus Geforce4 Ti4800SE?
Is Sparkle a Generic brand?
Which 6600GT to get??
Need Serious Help!
Best 6800GT Oc'ing Program?
6800nu to gt
2nd XFX 6600 GT Blown :( THIS IS HORRIBLE!
Can this be modded to a 6600gt?
Screen going fuzzy
will this void my warrenty.....
Is this card any good?
6800Ultra cant overclock right now..
woah: agp 6600gt's on newegg
Ohhh No....
Vid Card Doesn't Like Its Temp Taken...
SLI for 1280x1024?
replace 6600gt fan?
My Hybrid cooling solution
Wat is with this card and The Matrix Online.
Zalman VF700-Cu on a 6800ultra?
GF4 MX440 se flash-BIOS
Best card for 350 or less
Deadly benchmarks/game crashing...
SLI Problems...
New to me 6800GT
Ti4200 PNY, how far can it go?
XFX 6600gt Is Cooking
6800 GT - To OC, or not to OC.
3dmark '05 scores 6600GT
XFX 6600GT AGP - New cooling device?
Stock ramsink or OCZ ?
New mobo = lacking performance?
Double Decker Madness! NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 SDI
Rivatuner question with 6800 ultra
Any XFX Problems?
To SLI or not to SLI?
is there even a 1% chance of hurting my 6800 256mb nu card by vm and unlocking pipes?
New Member with question 6800GT
6600gt AT 299 CORE CLOCK?
6800 nu 256 mb $235 good deal????????????
SLI 6800GT Overclock gains?
saving video card bio w/out floppy
6600gt flickering
Alt-Tabbing lag with new drivers.
6600 gt vs 6800 both 128
New (for me) 6800 GT
nVidia for EQ2
what's the deal with sli?
OC'ing a 6800U
Anyone else get BSOD trying to use 8xs AA with thier SLI?
6800 Ultra Noise Problems
6600 gt pipes
6600 Gt Agp Cooling To The Maxor!
6600 GT PNY / XFX / LeadTek ??????
Anyone here own the Leadtek 6800GT?
Just got my new Gigabyte 6800 U PCi-EX
Anything similar to ATI Tool for NVidia cards?
Problem with nVidia S-Video
To flash or not to flash...?
6800 GT Flash Gone Bad
Ti 4400 Fried?
SLI overclocking, finally got it to work...
Should we expect AGP to drop drastically? Good time to buy?
6600gt seriously low 3dmark score
Seeing a Faint Grid
Good Driver
ti4600 vs. Radeon 9000 Pro
bizarre - 6600 non-gt with gddr3
Tri Monitors with SLI?
Replacement TI 4400 heatsink fans
possibility to flash an OEM geforce 3?
(FarCry Problem)Whats the best drivers for My Asus GeForce4 Ti4800 SE
using coolbit2
XP120 on my ULTRA
6600 vs. 6600gt
!!OMG!! NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800 GTs are out!!!
Futuremark problem? Please help
6800GT worries
Whats the difference between 6800GT and 6800GTO?
Nforce3 Ultra with a Nvidia V-Card
possible videocard problem
silencer on my ultra SUX - 67C IDLE
how well can a ti4200 play HL2?
2x6600GT suggestions...
6600 256mb vs 6600gt 128mb
BFG FX5900 temps
New Official Drivers! 71.89whql
Need Help With New 6600GT
Aopen 6600 - crashes in 3D demos and 3D Mark!
Video Card Capture ?
Quick Q, I need to know if the XFX 6600 GT AGP is not 3.3V
6800 Wont OC with Nforce3
512mb 6800 from leadtek any thoughts??
Need a reference resistance.
driver hard lock?
What does artifacting in CS:Source look like?
Gainward 6800GT GLH cant run in enhance setting
Cooling an o'ced 6800U
Bfg 6800gt
6800 Or 6600GT?
6800GT powering a widescreen monitor?
Sweet... finally got my second 6800GT...
6800 nforce & driver cleaner...which to remove?
Asus 6600GT
6600gt or 6800gt
restarts after 10 min of gameplay
6800 vs 6600GT, w/oc best bang 4 $
small question
is the ti 4800 better than the 4600 if so how much better....
"Driver not compatible with hardware"
64 mb ti 4200 or 128 fx 5200
x800 pro pci-e or 6800 gt agp 8x? or the x800 xl pci-e?
MSI 6800GT stock heatsink removal
Next Gen
STASIS IceStorm - 6800 Series Preview
fx 5200 vs ti 4200 both 128
Help with MSINX6800 TD128/Rivatuner
what nVidia Drivers Do you use?
Rivatuner OC help
Suggestions to cool an XFX 6600GT PCI-E ?
geforce256 > quadro linux??
6800 oc
x800 pro,xt,xl,6800 gt,ultra or le
GeForce FX 5200 vs Geforce 4 ti 4_00
GeForce FX 5200 vs Geforce 4 ti 4_00
Card failure?
doom 3 ultra benchmarks
How to measure Load temp of 6600GT?
Shader model 3 alert (splinter cell chaos theory)
whast wrong with this card? will a new fan fix it?
Looking to buy a 6800gt PCI-e...
Need Help
Installing Silencer NV5 Rev 2 Question
Problem unlocking my pipes
6600GT Eating my Ram!
Diablo2 800X600 resolution setting problem
5600 Ultra & AquaMark
bios vmod on 6600gt
Think this would damage anything.
NV Silencer 5 (Rev. 2) question
Problem with 2 videocards...HELP!
nVidia 5700Le, strange problems
Too little arctic silver on gpu and memory?
Evga 6800gt driver install problem
6200 softmod to 6600?
5900 Heatspreader
Max 6800gt OC with water cooling?
Which 3rd party cooler? Will it be better than current HS?
6800ultra for MAC and boy is it HUGE
Wierd Device?
stock SLI 6800GT's
Getting so mad, please help...
Uhh hmm what now (6800GT)
What Brand of 6600 should I buy?
Sen's $260 PNY 6800U ocing thread (all others welcome)
6600GT SLI Question
FX5700le i bought on eBay
NV Silencer 5 Revision 2 found in stock
Ti-4200, FX5600, or 5700LE?
6600gt crashes in 3dmark03
6600gt with 256mb gddr3 ram - coming soon?
My 6800U not a good OCer??
6800GT @ $299 only? cool or shady?
rosewill 6800 duel monitor info.
extrmly high temp increase w/new forceware driver on FX5900
6800 idles @ 52C?
AGP mhz increase?
6600gt AGP benchmarks??
Nvidia Nhancer ............ New Tweak Tool
get ready for the ultimate noob question
6800GT 256MB PCi-e or 2 X 6600GT 128M Pci-e?
Sli 6600gt.
Question about SLI
Gigabyte 6600gt and HL2 issues?
User Survey - How many PCI slots will you sacrifice for cooling?
PNY 6200 dosent do much
nvidia? theatre mode??
Overclocking woes (6800GT)
Need Help
Aquamark score 6800
quick utility to see pipes and clock speeds
Leadtek 6600 GT Memory ???
Just got an eVGA Geforce 6800NU
Hmm... could it be that the stock thermal paste is actually pretty good?
Drivers 71.xx vs 76.xx
this motherbaord uses agp 8x and pci-e?
x800 xt vs 6800 gt
Whats wrong w/ my Mx440?
6600GT OC Question
low fps on a fx5900 why ?
6600GT 3D destroyed?
Best cooling for 6800 Ultra?
6800GT ..waste of money!!!
Underclocked XFX 6600GT?
3dmark 2005 *setup*
what to do?
6800gt dead
Coolbits auto detect is junk
6800GT Drivers - Which are the best?
code creatures
Geforce256 vs. tnt2???
oc'in my 5900xt..
5200 question
Overclocking killing my card?
Need suggestions on choosing a new card
Weirdest Nvidia issue ever.... seriously!
Evga 6600 gt Mr. freeze!
Please need advice...
Source for SLI bridge for DFI nf4 ultra-d and 6800 ultras?
what 6600gt??
new to nvidia and need help
BFG 6800gt driver??
fx 5200 vs the 9200 which is better.......?
Good Comparison Website between 6600GT and 6800GT?
Using ATItool on My 6800gt
BFG 6800 Ultra OC question
Which Coolers 2 use?????
Just got a BFG 6800Ultra OC, need advice.
Xfx 6600 Gt
Why can't I see core clock and mem clock when submitted results?
Is this good?
Deciding: 6600GT or 6800GT: Which Brand?
FX 5800 vs. 6200-->6600
What about TI4200 OC?
Xfx 6800gt
fx 5700le-what can i do to it?
6600 GT or 6800 NU
Exploded graphics cad - what is this component?
xfx geforce 6600gt vs xfx geforce 6800nu
Leadtek 6600 GT Heatsink Mod!!
Nvidia 6800GT Bios Information
vid card problem, refurb from newegg
Cheapest mid-level AGP card that will last me a while...
FX softmod to Quadro FX series ??
ATI RAdeon 9600xt vs nVidia geforce 6600
Will I see a Big Preformance Boost?
My first Over Clock score with 6600 GT
Temp bug is fixed!
6600GT and COH, maybe other games
is that 6600GT VC suck?
installed NV5 on 6800Gt...almost 90c IDLE!
can a pci gf2 mx 400 mod into anything
Nvidia N6600
Questions regardin my 6600GT
my first 3dMark Ouch!
How high for a GeForce 2 MX400?
Bad FPS Jults, 6800
BFG 6800 GT 256MB: Slower clocks, higher 3Dmark05??
GeForce viedo card
nVidia resolution refresh rate overrides
Bios help
Pny6800gt is better than bfg6800gt believe it..
SLI- Coolbits2 vs Rivatuner
tnt2 bios flash??
Need some help with my Geforce
RivaTuner Problem
High temps on Gigabyte 6800GT
Sli Hellllp!!! Anyone???
6800 LE vs 6600 GT
6600GT/AGP h2o block?
FX5700 and K8T Neo-2 problem?!?!?
How hot does your video card run
will the zalman ZR60D fit on an AGP 6600GT?
4200 ti OCed just died(crying)
Hot 6600gt
Thermal Compound on RAM Chip
Power status monitoring
AS5 use
NV Silencer for 6600gt agp?
6600GT Or Sony PSP?
Best aftermarket cooling for PCI-EX 6800gt
6800 ultra
Leadtek 6600gt AGP
how is this working? 100 percent oc and no end in sight
whats the diference beetween the 6800 gt and the 6800 ultra
Coolbits auto-detect OC
NVIDIA SLI Support - Getting Better
pcie 6600 twin pack? pcie 6800nu?
6200 or 6600??
NV Silencer 5 Rev 2.
SLi mode not enabling, plesase please help!
ATI equiv of Geforce4 series?
Any1 using a 6600GT or 6800GT with Solidworks 2005?
Mod SLI Cooling Question
Why does my 6800GT load temp get so high?
EVGA 6800GT and NVS5
6200 and EQ2
Fail to set clockspeed.. reboot? plz help
Underclocking 6800
6800 fan stops?
How to get more out of my Asus Geforce4 Ti4800SE
Will the NV Silencer 6 REV2) work with my card?
6600 gt 2-pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flashing Geforce 6800 GT bios
Just recieved my EVGA 6800 Ultra...
unlocking pipes on XFX 6800....or any other dual DVI 6800
6800 Ultra 512mb release date?
What video card should I get?
6600 GT vs 6800 LE
Bad 6800GT or bad NVS5?
Best drivers for 6600 GT
what can i do with this: XFX ti4200 agp 8x 128 bit, 128 ddr (Samsung 4 ns)
Enabling Temperature readings on your 6600gt
alright i have a major problem
Lemon Overclocking : FX 5600
Newegg RMA info & advice ....
GF 6800 PCI-e pulls
Which 6600GT to get?
Asus 6800GT Temp check?
your favorite brand 6XXX card ?
who has unlocked a plane jane 6800 ??
PCI-E 6800GT BIOS Questions
What's the equivilant of a 6600GT?
what will beat oc'ed 6600gt ??
Leadtek WinFast A6200TD(AGP) OC test
How do I check Temp on my BFG 6600 GT?
Why cant i OC my 6800gt?
Leadtek 6800
BFG 6800 GT*Please read*
6600gt 128mb vs 6600 256