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Leadtek 6800
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Just got a BFG 6600 GT OC
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x300 256 or 6200 256 turbo cach
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got it down to four brands
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Check out what $85 got me
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nv utility
coolbits guides?
ASUS demonstrated dual 6800 Ultra
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how do I o/c a FX 5700 128mb?
Shimmering with SLI & DVI
good upgrade?
76.10 drivers new?
BFG 6800 gt oc new owner!
sli bridges for sale finaly
Quest to break 3k in 3dmark05
fx5700LE any good?
6200 256 agp is it worth it
PCI Express OC'ing
BFG 6800 OC cooling noiseyy
AAH f***
Price Drop
Cooling 6800gt SLI
6800 OC's....what can you run?
6600 GT problem
Thoughts and feedback please on 2x6600GT SLI'd
overclocking software
Worst scores ever / 3D Mark 05 + GeForce 5900XT
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Question on 78.41 drivers.
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GeForce4 MX440 - Has It Bit The Dust
Leaktek 6800GT OC result!!6162 in 3DMARK05
weird 3dmark scores
New Drivers: 71.84 Final!
Leadtek A400 Ultra HSF or nV Silencer 5?
6800 wtf :(
another BFG problem
vanilla 6800 ?
Galaxy 6600GT cease to exist??
how could i increase my overall performance
6800 Ultra Temps?
XFX passively cooled 6600GT
new gpu tech, anyone know if or when? what cpu to match what gpu
New official drivers from nVidia 71.84
Amazing service from XFX
Will My CPU bottleneck a 6600GT AGP 8x
woo hoo!!! new vid card!
6600gt 3dmark Shoot Out !!
Chaintech Apogee Geforce 6800gt
What is the average Overclockablity of a 6600GT??
eVga 6800 GT 256mb PCI-e power connector ?
6600GT AGP HSL Cooling Solution
mmmmmmmmmmm silence
Bfg 5900xt Oc
5ns memory on a 6200 reaching 710mhz?
very board = crazy attempts.
Problem With Volt Mod
Please Help Me With 6200!!!
FX5200 Won't Play Halo
How hot will either 6800 or 6600gt run?
6800le Query
Dual 6800 Ultra PCI-Express!
2x 6600GTs or 1x eVGA 6800GT
nvidis version of ATI tool
Contemplating on switching to Nvidia...
your fav brand of GeForce 6600GT 128DDR3
BFG 6600GT stuttering problem
Msi 6600GT
wheres the difference, 6600GT
6600gt / 6800
hows the agp 6200?
Heat output of the 6800 Ultra
5700 to 6200
Calling all 6800 owners. Please help! (Technical Question)
Advice on Obtaining More Preformance
Truthful opinion Albatron Ti4200p @4600 level plyainf Far Cry or HL2
My 6800 GT gives no video signal :(
what is this and when can i buy it
What is this?
help me Identify this card
Graphics card problem
reinstall drivers after OC?
6800 question about 2d/3d oc
Benchmark #s - 0 defects
Dell 5600
ti4200 128bit and 256bit
67.03 --> 71.90 - +11C Idle Core Temp ?!?!?
BFG 6800 GT owners: got loud fans?
gt/ ultra pcb differentiation
Geforce FX 5700 not working fully..
My NV Silencer 4 Doesn't Fit on my Video Card
BFG 6600gt, 6800, or 6800gt
PNY Nvidia Personal Cinema FX5700
Places to get a 6600GT in Canada?
new Geforce PNY 6800 GT
6600GT seems to be getting hot...
power user tweaking in riva tuner and BFG 6800 OC
Omega Drivers?
Does This Software work?
Need larger PSU for new videocard?
6600GT PCI-e cooling?
pny 6200?
BFG 6800 GT OC - replace thermal grease with AS5?
Ambient heat from CPU over heating BFG 6800?
Don't set that voltage too high
Vsync Slows Down Games?
driver help
Broke off capacitor on 6800...
6600GT on KT133 board...
6800U problems need help
A cry of help from an oc'r
6800LE unlocking
Benchmark settings
Which Is It???
My GeForce 6600GT's toast, right?
1st build, best 6600GT card?
Ti 4600 vs fx5500
New Forceware Drivers! 71.90WHQL
What do you think about getting a refurb 6600gt on newegg?
FarCry Problems on my 6800nu
OC 6800GT OC Help!!
6600gt driver help
Beta 71.84 drivers from Nvidia them selves
Dual Display and SLI
Post your 6800GT and 6800U OCs!
Games freezing computer on 6800GT
whats bottlenecking my computer?
6600gt AGP overkill for my system?
6600 256MB vs 6600GT 128MB PCX
Anyone in here running 1.5v on their 6800gt?
6600gt help
6800 series users post your drivers.
6600GT help
Which Nvidia videocard is the best overclocker?
upgrade from 5950 ultra
can anyone help with OC my bfg6800 and riva
Fps Question on Chaintech 6600GT PCI-E
good lower end card
bfg 6800gt runs hot
BFG 6800U, OC'ed, Silenced, Benched and Pics
weird bios flash results.
best version of the 6800gt?
Want to flash the BIOS of my 6800LE
Holy @&#! Whats going on!?!
Prob with Nvidia driver and refresh rate
So..What's the Next "Big Thing"?
Low 6800GT SLi 3dmark03 score
Flashing Textures with 6800GT
using nvflash 5.13
looking for a new graphics card
6800GT or 6600GT
are there any mods for the geforce 4 ti 4200 8x or 4x
fx5200 and Via KT133 board, no good?
Geforce overclock.
Stock 6600 cooling sucks.
Geforce FX5700 problem
Increasing core voltage on a 6800 series GPU?
I want to flash my 6800 from a CD.
How do I check temp of a PNY 6600GT?
6200 to 6800 mod does it realy work and does it work on a 6200 tc
Why can't my 6800GTs go any higher?
pcie 6600gt choices
Which PCI-e 6800 gt to buy?
Rivatuner Help with 6800GT plz
6800gt and monitor problem
Just wondering about the FSAA
OC 6800 vs Unlocking Pipes
no more artifacts after installing silencer! 3Dmark03: 11,700 w/6800NU
Next step from FX5900XT OC?
Help 6600gt Wont Work!!
help ! BFG 6800 GT OC won't overclock!
Post-Processing on or off?
eVGA 6800 ultra crashes!!??Can it be PSU??
New NV Mobile Video
Gforce 6800GT better than Gforce 6600GT?
G70 is the next generation Nvidia
What's your max 6800GT overclock
Who uses AA / AF for games?
Ati's proceeding forward, where's nvidia??!!
Problems booting with two vid cards enabled
Question on SLI
video overclocking noob
Shaking screen with SLI
NVidia Resets Core when it reaches a certain temp?
6600/6600GT and OpenGL 2.0 support
what is the newest WHQL cert. driver?
BIOS Flash
6600GT running at 61*C
Video Card, MB, or PS problems?
XFX 6800nu Help!
whats the best nvidia driver for....
Help for a gamer on a BUDGET!!!
Video Card Questions
My XFX 6600GT just arrived!
Finally Broke 15K In 3Dmark03! On 6600GT
Is there a temp fix for the 71.81 drivers?
Source Problem with 2x 6600GT
noob help evga 6600gt wont boot
How hot is too hot 6800 ultra GPU?
Want to OC 6800nu but have a few queustions 1st?
whast the difference between the 6600 and the 6600gt
5800 ultra better than 9700pro???
Video Playback Question
This is what happens when you overclock beyond ultra speeds. screenshot
Forceware 75.90 - A must try for 6X00 cards
is this suppose to happen.
Whats faster, 2 6600gt, or 6800's, or a agp 6800 ulttra?
What 6600GT?
FX 5700 Mulitmedia Center. Any info?
Does your NV Silencer perform miserably?
New rig, Which video card??
video out with gefoce 4 4200ti
Drivers for a Nvidia GeForce Ti 4200 with AGP 8X card?
cooling between 2x 6800
Leadtek 6600GT SLI test
Which 6800GT? 6800GT plz help.
6800 Problems with freezing benchmarks
Immediate Help needed!
Low 3dmark03 score
OC'd my 6800gt screenshot
Going NVidia, help me!
how do i install the 71.xx drivers?
6600GT Temps
Best drivers
6800GT 1.4v was it worth it?
think i got a good 6800ultra.
BFG Gf4 ti4200 troubles
Dual Display Question.. How Do I Enable Dual Display In SLI Mode?
Soft or Hard mod Better
Has anyone modded the NV silencer 5 fan?
AS5 on core.
Getting a 6800 with my new dell, overclockable?
quick question b4 buying a 6800gt
Palit GeForce 6800nu - owned! -pls check
Need help overclocking
AOpen 6600 256MB AGP
Is this the heatsink I should get for an FX5900?
dual PCI-e
BFG 6800GT OC - what drivers to use?
Bios setting question (AGP)
Rare 6800gt !!!
xfx 6600GT AGP VIVO -> S-video
overclocking a Leadtek 6800GT
NVidia newbe needing help
6800NU Bios Flash help
why so many refurb 6600's at newegg?
What Should i Do
Should I do it?
XFX AGP 6600GT Problem
Playing with CoolBits settings
Vertical Line Artifacts
Rivatuner or Coolbits
Quadro4 Softmod question
Load test for 6600gt
Help - Attaching a Zalman onto a 6800GT PCIE
6800gt problem
Holy Flying Overclock Batman!!!
6800GT choice
6600GT vs 9800XT?
xfx 6600gt need help with overclocking
screen flickers w/Forceware 71.80
eVGA 6800 GT
ATI's Ruby on 6800
Looking for Advice (OC q on a 6800 U)
Best Brand for 6600GT?
any 6600gt bioses ??
Question on Vantec Icebery 4 Pro led heatsink/fan
Question on geforce4 440...
Anybody tried 71.80
Battlefield Vietnam, 6600GT or 6800?
MSI 6600GT heat issue solved!
Need help plz
new drivers new benchies...
nVidia & Windows Xp 60hz Problem
6200 Agp?
Of GREAT interest to GeForce 6xxx series owners!!
NVidia under $100
6600GT Temps with Vf700-Cu
Dual Core 6600 (on one card)
unlocking pipes
Where is my display drivers?
Hynix HY-50U83222A? Is this right?
GeForce 6200 256MB AGP review
Can't get back into Farcry once I quit the game
Audio help ={
Leadtek stock cooler or NV Silencer 5?
CPU limited?
6800 to 6800GT?
Palit GeForce 6800 128MB (good buy?)
6800 Ram and Gpu
Sparkle GeForce 6600GT Help...:-(
BFG 6800 OC 256... What is going on now.
Emergency new card reccomendations
Using coolbits to o/c Asus 6600GT
NVidia noob question
Help Needed ASAP
What else can I do to push my 6800GTs?
Best 6600 pci-x card
Arctic Cooling NV5...In the Garbage!
Best possible GPU/mobo set-up?
Benchmarking scores?
6800 cry for help
eVGA TX and AX cards, Difference??
Enabling Temp Sensor on ALL 6600GT AGP cards.
resolutions dissapearing....
5700 Ultra
Post your 6600gt overclocks
6800GT/VIA graphics corruption problem
NV Silencer ?'s
Pny 6800gt
6200 or 6600 (non-gt) for budget overclock?
6600gt freezing computer
Geforce FX 5800 vs. 5700 le
video card dead??
Tearing when I benchmark
6800 ultra. help
One Of My XFX 6600GTs Burnt Out BIGTIME Yesterday :(
6600gt in SLI
Asus Video Cards, Are they good?
geforce 6600 gt oc overclocked w/ zalman vf-700
Problems with colour on 6800GT
BFG FX6800 OC 128MB or MSI Geforce 6600GT 128MB
Looking for reviews and advise on Asues N6600GT/TOP/128
Big Problems With New Videocard/computer
6600GT - How safe is coolbits?
Aftermarket 6600gt cooler?
6600gt 3dmark03 scores
What is?
aftermarket cooling 6800gt PCI-e
Does this mean that 6800 also has TV Tuner?
How do you edit the nVidia default max temp for a GF 6600GT?
Best vid card manufacturer?
Advanced nvidia users/programmers...
Best Nvidia Drivers?
107 in stress test, 40-50 avg in CSS? 6600gt.
Leadtek 6800gt PCI-e power connectors?
what is the problem wih my graphics card???
6600GT 0r 9800Pro For Spearhead
Drivers for a 6800nu,,Your thoughts please.....
ChainTech vs Aopen
6600GT Problem
Grah my video card fan is making too much noise!
Geforce 6800 tempurature anomolies
Geforce 6800 tempurature anomolies
65-75c GPU load OK?
It's DEAD Jim.....
^800's Thermal throttling under cold conditions
Ambient Temp not working with XFX 6600gt
MSI NX6600-VTD128 Diamond
Exchanging VC HSF
Sli Bridge ??
xfx 6600gt dual DVI & TV-Out
Customizable SLI Profiles
eVGA...good or no?
eVGA...good or no?
5900 to flash or not to flash
How to take off heatsink? (pictures)
Mounting Bracket question for 6800
safely SoftMod your 6200 to a 6600GT NO FLASH required
Very low noises coming from Nvidia cards?
GeForce mx 4000l
Chaintech 6600GT good or not for OC??
Painting a Gfx Card?
fx 5900 running at 300mgz ??????
Program to detect manufacturer on 6800GT?
Quadro mod on 5700, lose DX preformance? & hard vs softmod quest.
Whats theBest Global Driver Settings for BFG 6800oc?
XFX or Chaintech 6600gt?
fx5500 cant run bf1942?
which card to get??
Weird Problem
Quadro Cards - How Good Are They?
Powerstrip with SLI?
what causes this?
6800 Tv-out, S-video , Tv 32" 16:9 Flickering
Gigabyte FX 5700 ~ Coolbits ~ 2D/3D ?
5200 ultra problems
Is this a good 3DMark score?
Is this card any good
BFG 6800 Ultra power requirements?
I hate to say it but next week I am back to being an Nvidiot again!!
Leadtek 6600GT
Which 6800 PCIe to get?????
Gigabyte goes DUAL CORE!!!! READ!!!
Which brand is better? BFG or XFX
Ultra low Aquamark, 7500 64MB and 5200 128MB
Soundstorm not functioning ??
6800 stuttering kill's me, any cure for me ?
Which 6629-supported video card is the best deal?
HELP! Which VGA Silencer will fit??
Weirdness 6BFG 6800GT
Crashing 6600GT.Never overclocked.
Which 6800nu brand best unlocks pipes?
6600GT on OMEGA
6600gt artifacting...again
Who wants to help me ?
Geforce4 Ti4200 with 6600GT Fan?
How do you enable fast writes in driver?
nVidiaFX 5600 vs Geforce4 Ti4200
GeForce 6600GT PCIe Who has'm
Quick Help. 6800NU vs 6600GT Whats better?
BFG 6800 Ultra Question
FX 5200+ problem. Help quik plz...
LOW 3dmark01 score with my 6600gt? what the hell?
coolbits and 6600gt
Zalman Vf700-Cu Does not Fit with Ram Sinks
Where do you put ramsinks?
Where to buy ramsinks and vga cooler for 6800
My buddy needs Leadtek 6800GT help
can 6800 le be flashed to gt?
AGP speed selection problem...
Im scared
Changing AGP 8x to 4x?
Find Core Limit...how High?
Which 6800 GT to buy?
XFX 6600GT driver issues
Good Deal?
6800 on PCI??
6600GT dual cores?
HELP!!!! :P Love my new AMD system need help picking out the new SLI setup
Source of 6800s gfx "hiccups" found?
Good or bad ?
i saw alot of TI4200 on ebay, how to look for a good one?
xfx 6800 stock
EVGA 6800GT overclocking
which is better? 6600gt or 6800
Best drivers for 6800 GT OC?
Zalman VF700-Cu/AlCu on --> 6600GT or 6800GT/Ultra
NV Silencer 5, Not Impressed.
Can not decide between Leadtek or XFX 6600GT
Gainward GS
BFG Warranty Info?
3000+ winnie and a 6800 ULTRA? - a good combination?
6800gt aftermarket cooling?
There was def. something wrong (anyone with 6600gt's)
Save old card: bios flash?
6800ultra Still VERY HOT on NV68 Block
6600GT's memory bandwidth?
Omega Drivers
how high have you OCed your ultra
flashing a mx 440 to a ti 4400
Need BIOS for MSI Ti-4200... Urgent help request !
stupid question
Quality aftermarket HSF for 5600?
fx5900 vs fx 5900xt for overclocking to 5950
Anyone try NVTweak v1.7.1 ?