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Does this mean that 6800 also has TV Tuner?
How do you edit the nVidia default max temp for a GF 6600GT?
Best vid card manufacturer?
Advanced nvidia users/programmers...
Best Nvidia Drivers?
107 in stress test, 40-50 avg in CSS? 6600gt.
Leadtek 6800gt PCI-e power connectors?
what is the problem wih my graphics card???
6600GT 0r 9800Pro For Spearhead
Drivers for a 6800nu,,Your thoughts please.....
ChainTech vs Aopen
6600GT Problem
Grah my video card fan is making too much noise!
Geforce 6800 tempurature anomolies
Geforce 6800 tempurature anomolies
65-75c GPU load OK?
It's DEAD Jim.....
^800's Thermal throttling under cold conditions
Ambient Temp not working with XFX 6600gt
MSI NX6600-VTD128 Diamond
Exchanging VC HSF
Sli Bridge ??
xfx 6600gt dual DVI & TV-Out
Customizable SLI Profiles
eVGA...good or no?
eVGA...good or no?
5900 to flash or not to flash
How to take off heatsink? (pictures)
Mounting Bracket question for 6800
safely SoftMod your 6200 to a 6600GT NO FLASH required
Very low noises coming from Nvidia cards?
GeForce mx 4000l
Chaintech 6600GT good or not for OC??
Painting a Gfx Card?
fx 5900 running at 300mgz ??????
Program to detect manufacturer on 6800GT?
Quadro mod on 5700, lose DX preformance? & hard vs softmod quest.
Whats theBest Global Driver Settings for BFG 6800oc?
XFX or Chaintech 6600gt?
fx5500 cant run bf1942?
which card to get??
Weird Problem
Quadro Cards - How Good Are They?
Powerstrip with SLI?
what causes this?
6800 Tv-out, S-video , Tv 32" 16:9 Flickering
Gigabyte FX 5700 ~ Coolbits ~ 2D/3D ?
5200 ultra problems
Is this a good 3DMark score?
Is this card any good
BFG 6800 Ultra power requirements?
I hate to say it but next week I am back to being an Nvidiot again!!
Leadtek 6600GT
Which 6800 PCIe to get?????
Gigabyte goes DUAL CORE!!!! READ!!!
Which brand is better? BFG or XFX
Ultra low Aquamark, 7500 64MB and 5200 128MB
Soundstorm not functioning ??
6800 stuttering kill's me, any cure for me ?
Which 6629-supported video card is the best deal?
HELP! Which VGA Silencer will fit??
Weirdness 6BFG 6800GT
Crashing 6600GT.Never overclocked.
Which 6800nu brand best unlocks pipes?
6600GT on OMEGA
6600gt artifacting...again
Who wants to help me ?
Geforce4 Ti4200 with 6600GT Fan?
How do you enable fast writes in driver?
nVidiaFX 5600 vs Geforce4 Ti4200
GeForce 6600GT PCIe Who has'm
Quick Help. 6800NU vs 6600GT Whats better?
BFG 6800 Ultra Question
FX 5200+ problem. Help quik plz...
LOW 3dmark01 score with my 6600gt? what the hell?
coolbits and 6600gt
Zalman Vf700-Cu Does not Fit with Ram Sinks
Where do you put ramsinks?
Where to buy ramsinks and vga cooler for 6800
My buddy needs Leadtek 6800GT help
can 6800 le be flashed to gt?
AGP speed selection problem...
Im scared
Changing AGP 8x to 4x?
Find Core Limit...how High?
Which 6800 GT to buy?
XFX 6600GT driver issues
Good Deal?
6800 on PCI??
6600GT dual cores?
HELP!!!! :P Love my new AMD system need help picking out the new SLI setup
Source of 6800s gfx "hiccups" found?
Good or bad ?
i saw alot of TI4200 on ebay, how to look for a good one?
xfx 6800 stock
EVGA 6800GT overclocking
which is better? 6600gt or 6800
Best drivers for 6800 GT OC?
Zalman VF700-Cu/AlCu on --> 6600GT or 6800GT/Ultra
NV Silencer 5, Not Impressed.
Can not decide between Leadtek or XFX 6600GT
Gainward GS
BFG Warranty Info?
3000+ winnie and a 6800 ULTRA? - a good combination?
6800gt aftermarket cooling?
There was def. something wrong (anyone with 6600gt's)
Save old card: bios flash?
6800ultra Still VERY HOT on NV68 Block
6600GT's memory bandwidth?
Omega Drivers
how high have you OCed your ultra
flashing a mx 440 to a ti 4400
Need BIOS for MSI Ti-4200... Urgent help request !
stupid question
Quality aftermarket HSF for 5600?
fx5900 vs fx 5900xt for overclocking to 5950
Anyone try NVTweak v1.7.1 ?
have you guys noticed.....
ok dumb question...
Dual Moniter Setup, How to Conifg?
Insanely High prices
What is better pci-express or AGP?
6600GT Video Out ?
Stupidity at its finest
Were to put RAMSinks?
Diablo II problems, drops to 3-7 fps :|
about to buy a 6600gt
success!!! need more advice
damn, someone paid $1,700 for two 6800Ultra's
6600GT's with 1.6ns RAM?
6800 OC BFG VS 9800 Pro
Agp card says its in pci slot 3??
eVGA or BFG 6800 Ultra ?
how do you view temps?
UT2K4 exit chrash
looking for the bios to a chaintech 5950
Flasing GeForceFX 5200
6800 128mb 3dmark01 score
Cooling products for 5700LE what will fit?
6600 gt help, NEW
Enable Temp Monitoring on nVidia Drivers
graphical question
High Performance Vid Bios for 6800GT & Ultra AGP
Best OC'er - Albatron or Leadtek 6600GT
Artifacts - Leadtek 6800 GT
6600GT vs 6800GT & performance vs power consumption/heat
What's up with Gainward??
Is my 6800U dead?
BFG 6800GT...How to overclock?
Forceware Driver Sticky
Is it me, or do Nvidia Drivers suck?
Geforce 6200 or 9800pro??
Its Here!!!!
6600gt vs.9800pro
Geforce 6200 128MB/128BIT Review
VGA silencer for 5900xt
FX 5900 XT Connection Problems :: URGENT
Question for XFX 6800GT owners
Overclocked 6800 GT problems
BFG 6800 Ultra problems help!
FX5700LE memory crazyness!!!
GeForce FX 5200....
Which 6600GT AGP? XFX? MSI? Gigabyte? Chaintech? ???
6600 GT vs 6800 GT in new comp
Temperature Monitoring
Auto overclocking?
Faster? Geforce 2gts, 4mx4000, fx5200
Gigabyte 3d1 Dual gpu CRAZILY expensive!!!
so i ordered a 6800 ultra.
Problem with 6800 nu and UT2004 & Halo...
pci textures
current setup w/ new card
eVGA 6800 Ultra OC'able?
Im Faced with a dilema..128mb or 256mb 6600GT AGP?
Want to bench my new 6800GT...what and how?
editing 3d vgpu for 6800nu
Flash 6600GT
Dad burned stupid "Test" 'Feature'
driver removing utility
Excited noob.Help..please!
evga 6800gt to 6800ultra ee specs
Buying 6600GT or 6800Le\NU\GT
XFX, MSI or Gainward 6800GT please help.
How do i change memory voltage on a 6800nu?
Getting 6800GT Tomorrow
Modding my 5700LE
Windows Media Player 10, 6800GT
nVidia, S.M. 3.0, DirectX 9.0c
Is my TI200 ruined?
Sentential and I can't figure this out, maybe with your help we can!
its comeing!
okay, i seriously must be missing something
good 6600gt pci-e card?
quick question on AF
Which Det. drivers to use?
XFX Any Good?
good deal?
6800 Softmod Rivatuner 15.3 problem
Chaintech 6600GT Crashing
awww....made the switch
Why is this so???
OC'ing FX5200
OC'ing Asus 6600GT?
CHAINTECH nVIDIA GeForce FX5500 Video Card, 256MB DDR, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "SA5
Best overclocking program for Nvidia cards?
6600GT or 6800NU
6600GT AGP Cooling Solution
wich 6600ultra is the best??
No 1.3v option in bios editor
What card do i have
NV Silencer on Gainward 6800GT?
bios flash
6800nu and World of Warcraft?
6800 GT Dual monitors
pink screen and 6800nu
6800NU and outpost!
Did the 5700 to QFX 1100, now what?
Will this Grafix Card run WoW decently??
overclock on xfx6800nu
unlock pny 6800, but NO overclock?
which pci-e should i get: msi 6800 pci-e or power color x800 pci-e or msi x800 pro pc
6600GT 0r 6800LE ???
3dmark 2001se problems....
AGP voltage control setting
Are there any good FX series cards?
FX 5700 AGP voltage
Anybody have the Original BFG 6800GT OC Bios?
My first true VGA overclock
eVGA 6800-U PCI-E nuddies!
XFX 6600GT Overclocks Like Mad!
Always Hangs And Freezes!!!
3rd party Nvidia SLI game profiler proggy!!
Watercooled Cards from Gainward!
nVidia Beta Driver Source?
6600GT cooling
Geforce FX 5100
6800 Thermal Throttling
Aopen 6600GT quality?
BFG6800 OC drivers
3dmark01 scores, enviro bump scores are LOW!
BFG 6600GTOC no temps?!
XFX 6600 GT CS fps problem
BFG 6600 GT OC benchmarks and question
PNY 6800GT benchmark scores
Having some issues unlocking my XFX 6800NU
To buy..or not..to buy?
5600 softmods available?
Ti 200 gf3 64mb Overclock?
bfg 6600gt oc hs removal
Pny 6600 Gt
Rivatuner doesn't work with 71.22?
XFX 6600GT cooling solution
problems after 6800nu install
Which 6600GT to get?
6800LE softmod? what will it do for it?
Might Buy Leadtek WinFast A400 LE TDH (6800LE)
Should i put my NV5 on my new 6800?
SLI 6600 gt's or single 6800 gt ?
6800nu benchmark scores???
6800 Ultra PCI Express SLI or not???
anoying as hell...
BFG 6600GT OC vs XFX 6600 GT
pci-e msi/leadtek 6800
Overclocking My Leadtek FX5700LE (A360LE TD)
evga geforce 6600gt OC questions
bios visible on boot?
6800 unlocked or 6800GT
My GLH crash in Warcraft III
Gainward 6800 Ultra - any good?
BFG 6800 GT OC - Need a little help, performance drops with OC
6600GT tips
6800 NU vs 6600 GT
What is UP with BFG 6800 Ultra Cards?
MSI 6600GT AGP question please
N00b - Fx5200
anyone have xfx 6600gt agp
[H] Debunks SLI ???
5700 to Quatro FX 1100
old school OC gf2 mx400
Question about compatibility with PCI Express
[NEWS] Morphing nForce4 Ultra into nForce4 SLI
double power source ....help...
PCI Video Card Help....Yeah I know
Why is my card worth so much ??
Which 6800GT card to buy?
Forceware & fog table emulation...
nvidia video bios
Where are the Gainward Cards?
choppy frames? help
6600GT and alternat PS?
Was tweaking some stuff with my 6800
6800 Ultra by who?
No nV Silencer for 6600 AGP
256 MB 6800, Or 6800 GT 128? Also flashing questions.
Ti4200 Powercolor on the fritz
Geforce 6800 go drivers?
Low 3dmark Scores? 6600gt.
z5300 and surrond sound with nforce4
can someone please explain
XFX GeForce 5900XT
very very bad video card problem.
How to read temp for 6600GT in MBM5
Is 8X AA realy that great?
GF4600 Driver screwup.
Nvidia Gf2 mx 400 CCF and MCF ?
6600GT AGP brands?
6800gt pencil trick
Overclocking a 6600GT (how do i unlock..)
Guide to Blind flashing a bad flashed BIOS
6600GT PCIE Crashes in 3D-Apps/Games
6600gt PCI-E Owners..Cooling?
nVidia 6600 GT AGP Cards
New Drivers are weird(71.40)
Problem with 6800GT and Computer.
Difference between a 6800 ultra and 6800 ultra EE
Just got my Leadtek 6600GT. Question about Overclocking
Do 6800NU work in SLI?
Bigger and Better
Which power line is best for 6800gt?
PNY 6800nu freezing(Sry i know there have been like 10 threads about this)
6600 Agp
Leadteck 6600GT compatible with Arctic Cooling Rev.4?
Need hlp! <comparing 6800 temps>
Seeing the frame rate?
sound is choppy/crappy
This albatron 6800gt is flying...
another "new 6800 card" thread
counter-strike source issues with 6800GT
Wish Me Luck =)
Blue Lines with Ti4600
6600GT Issues
!!WARNING!! Dont Use 71.40
The ultimate budget question
VF700-Cu Where???
6800 ULTRA- random freezing and artefacts and possible cause...
CS 1.6: New 6600GT, but Voodoo3 fps!?
Just got my 6800.
CS:S video stress test results (OCed 600gt w/ sucky system)..post yours too.
6200 with "turbo cache"
is there something wrong with my 6800gt ?
O/C'ing increased core/mem but 3D score drops...please explain why?
NV users please help, esp 6800 all flavors
6800GT to Ultra....any noticable difference?
PCI Latencys for 6800U
leadtak 6800 problem pls help
Quad 6600GTs in SLI from ASUS?
Geforce 5600 O/C ...how high can you go...
SLI woes
Leadtek 6600 GT
Problems with FX5200 in old computer
6600 or 6600GT?
What Should i Buy?
Best drivers for Asus 6800GT
fastwrites on 5900nu
6600gt reboot
Which is better? Ti4600 or FX5200?
6800le Kicks A!!!!!
What 6600GT would i go for?
direct 3d problem
which one bfg or msi
Could my ti4600 be dead?
So I flashed my FX5900XT to a FX5950 Ultra. . .
6600GT problem
Is The GeForce6 Series Capable Of Displaying 1080p?
XFX 6600GT 150C! Is this right?
6600GT performance
xfx 6600 GT 3dmarks - Score Question
I Need Help On Deciding Which 6600GT To Get!
Crystal Orb on a Geforce 5600...anybody?
Should I get aftermarket cooling for 6800 Ultra?
Aftermarket 6600 GT Cooling?
No video on second display
Voltage in BIOS for AGP slot.
Which 6600GT Flavor? XFX vs. Leadtek
pushing my 6600gt agp to the limit
FX5900XT OC to 5950 Ultra?
unlocking bfg 6800 oc
Anyone with the nv5 silencer please help!
Coolbits or Flash the bios?
i got a problem with video showing.....
Can somone answer an sli question for me?
For all those with an NV Silencer 5
gpu temps
6600gt agp benchmarks
Any geforce 5600nu mods?
GeForce 6800 and video overlay problems
6800 GT or Ultra in PCI-E...where to buy?
Does this look good?
I want 512 video memory...so which SLI setup?
What apature setting for MSI 5700le 128 bit??
I ordered a new vid card, which needs a min of 300 w in power supp
Buying a 6800NU, but which one?
Albatron 5700 (nu) oc problems
Geforce TI200 into Abit BH6?
6600 256mb s-video to rca adapter, Help!!
Galaxy 6600GT AGP Heatsink
Weird question...need help
Bfg 5700oc
eVGA GeForce 6800 Model #?
6600GT compatibility issues with nForce3 250Gb??
6600 Gt Agp
Msi 6600gt agp 's vivo??
All New to Me
Graph aperture size
Problems w/6600GT AGP and ECS L7S7A2
The Ongoing Mod of my 5700 Ultra
Leatek 6600GT installed..my performance doesnt seem that great.
Geforce FX Help
Video card rendering problem
Did my cousin kill my Video card?
6600gt Agp Info
Would it be worth it?
6800 GT to ultra, but oc still crashing????
Best AirCooling Solution for 6800?
Step Up Program
average running temp for 6600gt agp?
Best 6800GT Drivers?
Now the 6800 stutters, Why?
ti4200 or 5200fx?
5600 Experiment
new rig...
Need a good Nvidia recommendation
6600GT vs 6800LE
New to nVidia - which manufacturer?
Reviving the Ti4400
Low 3dmark scores?? You tell me
OVerCLockIng a 6800 Le
BFG 6800 GT OC and its worse then my 9800 PRO, HELP!
6600GT stuttering
Is x2 x4 x8 actual hardware or is it flashable
Good deal or cheap lemon?
XFX 6800 GT / Watercooling / Overclocking
6600gt crashing problem.
radeon 9600SE 128MB DDR vs nVidia Geforce FX5700Le
64mb Tnt2 M64?
Three Different brands of NV 6200 Test
WinFast A6600GT THD AGP OC Test
Nvidia GeForce 6200 OC Test
6600 GT - Monitor Black out? A little help :)
Geforce 6800 series 101
Which is better? Please explain why.
Removing Bfg 6800gt Gpu Fans
6800gt test drive...
6600gt's, which one!?
Removing the GPU Fan
Asus V9999GT is it worth it??
SLI question
Omega...Forceware...Help me understand
the "common" stettering on 6800gt
Updating my system..
Is my CPU a bottleneck?
Using both an AGP card and a PCI card (not PCIe)
Cold Boot Problem
6800 LE has problems with directX
5700nu, what to expect?
which 6800? what brand and U or GT?
Should I take it back?
Overclocking and flashing Leadtek A350XT THD(FX5900XT)
Unlocking or enchancing 6600 GT Agp
Problem with FastWrite (nvidia)
I wanted to build a new gaming PC with Nvidia...
softmod vs permanent mod?
6600GT Benchmarks, what d'ya think??
how do you softmod with Rivatuner
3dmarks for my new setup
Dual 6600GT's or Dual 6800's
How much Arctic Ceramque should i use with the NV5 silencer?
MX440 cooling...is passive OK?
6800, which brand?
Desperately seeking HELP with my 6600GT!!!
6600GT Bummer, need opinions
Msi Pcx5750
how can i know if its a new card
Pny 6800gt
How does this look?
Agp Sli :D?!
Gainward 6600GT 128mb vs XFX 6600GT 128mb
flash 5700LE to 5700
Need O/C Tool
AGP latency and bios saving
6800 OC explodes!
[NEWS] nVidia and Infinium to Partner at CES
6600 gt
How to disable fast write on nvidia cards?
POOR AGP Performance....bad frame rates
Ti4200--->fx5700le - better?
Replacement FX5950u HSF?