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My ASUS M4A77D is not working with my 560 TI graphics card. VERY weird.
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Having a tough time deciding :V
EVGA 480 or 560Ti?
2x/3x/4xSLI scaling in 2D/3D Surround?
Need help with Drivers.
RMA msi gtx560 broken fan fins?
msi gtx560/ti overclocking/ Lost connection to driver??
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Single Slot Galaxy GTX680, thoughts?
Should I keep my SLI 570s or sell them for a 680.
quad sli v. dual/tri 680?
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GTX560ti SLI issues with DX11 296.10 driver
Problems with OC'd GPUs
i have a big problem and i dont if its GPU related, need help :(
SLI 460's and BF3
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GTX 470- GTX570
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GTX 560 Ti 448 Classified Ultra temp too high?
Lets try this.... GTX 560???
Do i need to worry about my gpu?
Seriously P O'd about EVGA GTX 460s...
What to believe about temp readings on my gpu?
ASUS GTX 570 DirectCU II Youtube problem
EVGA Releases GTX680 SuperClocked
Gigabyte GTX 560ti OC poor overclock
Best Low Profile Graphics Card?
I blew a fet, suggestions requested.
Benefit of 560SC(Non TI) sli
GTX 285 SLI Upgrade Questions
What GPU to pick? Hmmm :)
More voltage on my 580.. How?
PC to HDTV on GTX560 issue
Help o.c 560 ti oc sli
need help on my 560 ti 448 cores.
How to overclock?
GTX 670 / 660?
Thinking about getting a new card
EVGA Gtx 560 ti 448 cores
GTX 680 Vs GTX480's in sli Benchmarks !!!!
Nvidia bios update for battlefield 3
NVIDIA Launches GEFORCE GTX 680, aka Kepler
Graphics card GTX 560 soc
GPU MemTests on GTX 480 showing weird results..
Overclocking Gigabyte GTX 560OC
Hai guys I need the help of ocf
finally got my second 560
Worth getting a GTX 680 for my rig?
Is a geforce 295 Co Op worth it for 120 in my case?
I'm considering EVGA GTX 480
question regarding phys-x card
do i need 2nd gtx 560 ti oc
Plastic Shrouds on Reference cards?
Worth upgrading in the end?
What Nvidia video card should I get for enabling PhysX with 7970 HD?
Difference between GTX560SC and GTX560TI?
Is there a driver for gtx 570's that is better than others?
MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III PE/OC issues with afterburner not downthrottling idle
Not sure what to do.
Can't get higher than 1.125v with EVGA Geforce GTX 480
GTX 580 3GB, VRAM in BF3 is 1.9GB
GTX 560 - Windows Experience Error
360M multiple monitors, clock speeds
evga gtx 580 1.5gb vs zotac gtx 3gb amp2 ?
robust graphic booster
Official Galaxy Rep
Nvidia 296.10 driver release...
GTX 560Ti 448 SLI or not
EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2gb
Want to get a GTX480 - Good deal?
CUDA Questions:
Want to add an SLI 480 GTX... Do Model #'s have to match?
Would a Corsiar GS700 be good enough for a GTX 480X2?
SLI problems: screen flashing blue only when SLI is on
Cant enable SLI with 650i??
quick question with PhysX
560 TI with 560 non-TI = trouble?
8800GTS 512 crapped .. need an upgrade
Help wth PNY Support
Setting up GTX560 SLI + Temp question
New to GPU's
X79 board w/ SLI GTX 580 driver issue
Flashing a 295
Overclocking my GTS 450
GTX470 is freeking out
When should I increase the voltage - 460 Ti 448
GTX 580 DCUII Question
Best Buys EVGA geforce gtx 550 ti 2gb 72mhz superclock edition HELP
Overclocking Nvidia gt430 Please help
Evga gtx 580 oc issue
Power down and loud pop during eVGA OC Scanner
Any suggestion on if I shold upgrade and if so to what
GTX 470 artifacts...
Cannot extend to second monitor - screen flashes/flickers
Your Experience with NVIDIA's 295.73 WHQL Drivers
What is a fair overclock on the these 560's?
Overclocking GTX 570
How far to OC a GTX 560TI
how common is busted caps on a GFX card?
Need Advise gtx 560ti
A few questions about OC'ing my Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448
Curious about powerdraw of these..
Upgrading from an Asus GTX260
SLI GTX 560 SC 2gb each-Need Help with FPS; kinda low I think on 1920x1080p
All aboard the nVidia train "choo choo"
Slimline computer video card help.
MSI N560GTX-TiM2D1GD5/OC Thoughts??
Anybody owns a evga 560 ti 01G-P3-1561-AR?
Question about eVga Warranty (LifeTime)
GPUZ reporting my ROPS wrongly.
Can you make shortcuts to saved nVidia display profiles?
Just found out the hard way I can only use 2/3 video outputs at the same time
MSI gtx 560 ti Hawk Crashing
first oveerclock
Overclocking Gainward GT 430 to a safe point
Cheapest Upgrade for me...?
Possible faulty card (:/) + opinion on new card
Graphics card update 450 GTS.
nVidia Utilities for Temps/OC etc
Why are Windows 7 and Windows XP multi-monitor settings different?
New (1st) SLI Build
GTX 460 Not engaging true clockspeed...did I break something?
How often does nVidia release non-Beta drivers, when is next release scheduled?
Where's driver version and how to set custom resolutions on multi displays
Bluescreen 2 hours after insert Software or Hardware issue?
OC'd GTX 260 by 60%! Really?
Kombustor FPS vs Heaven rank
Sabertooth 990FX SLI issue....
Multi screen settings question
Double checking my oc process
GTX 460 aftermarket cooling
GTX550 ti Ress Problem
Would anything max these cards out?
Need some more power
Need help with Riva Tuner.
no post after install of new card
I bought an EVGA GTX 570
Gigabyte 560TI
psu/processor problem?
GTX 560 SC Thermal Paste & Dis-assembly
GTX 560 [NOT - TI] - Overclock ?
ASUS GTX550 Ti DirectCU o/c strangeness.
Please recommend me a Nvidia Graphics Card with possible 3 VGA outs
GTX465 clocked to 825MHZ running BF3 on Ultra
Terrible 3DMark score
MSI GTX580 Lightning
OCing a Palit GTX465
GPU drivers crashing
Trying to determine cause of freezing
Question has graphics card gone bad?
9500GT Overclocking potential
Urgent! GPU selection.
GTX 580 Classified Ultra
Gainward GTX 580 SLI Temps
GTX 580 24/7 oc
GPU not powering up
My gpu is running at 110c
560TI SC - What Do You Think?
Good used price for this gpu please?
Handy Spreadsheet & quick pic
nvidia gefore 8800 GTX 728mb broken help!
Galaxy 560ti 448 - moddable cooler?
Cooling Your GPU
Bad videocard? Perhaps?
Asus GTX560 Ti 900MHz issue
gtx560ti past 900mhz, msi afterburner or evga OC precision
Can a 560ti run BF3 on ultra?
When to buy a GPU
Help: Overclocking Nvidia 555m on M14x
Is my 590 defective?
Good card and good deal at all? Thanks
Paranoid about my new 570 TFIII
Aftermarket cooler for gtx 260/216
2 x 550 Ti Cards = occasional stutter / picture loss
Windows 7 Nvidia Drivers issues
SLI Temp Spike GTX 285
Concerns with Overheating.
550 or 560 worth the $$$$?
Next Gen Nvidia Flagship
560ti sutter?
EVGA Precision 2.1.2 Released
580 GTX Replacement with artefacts and low benchscores...
With my specs, can I expect gains from a 560 ti 448?
Computer boots fine but no signal to monitor
GTX 460 maxed out MSI AB what next?
XFX GTX 260 Black Edition
Cannot get SLI to re-enable
MSI Lightning Xtreme Edition???
Gtx 460, DPC latency and Stuttering
How much GPU can I get?
Youtube videos long to "spool" nvidia GTX560ti Win7 64bit
SLI Option or Not?
560 Ti SC -- Testing
Switching from two ATi 5870s in CrossFire to one nVidia card, Looking for option
Zotac GTX 560 Ti 448 Core Review
GTX 550ti PSU 12 volt split ?
low fps for gtx 460m
1FPS increase when overclocking
upgrade Q from 9800GT to GTX460 in this system?
GT 430 Overheating
Overclocking my Palit GTX 460 v2 1GB
GTX570 Bottleneck? and sufficient power?
Trouble With 3DMark 11 on GTX560Ti
Performance loss over time, restart fix...?
GTX 460 No SLI ISSUE Help :S
nVidia Kepler GTX700 (600?) series info here ->
New to board! Quick question about two 'Reference' and OC'd cards
Help decoding 5pin VGA PWM header/splitter
460s wont sli
GTX560 TI OC, is this a safe/good result?
help me! which gpu should i get? 480 560 570??
a little help appreciated.
SLI 560 Ti's and Three monitors = Problems
GTX 460 fan oscillation sound
Xfx 8500GT 512mb OC
Sli or not
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT oc?
PCI-Express x1 + Video Card = Overheat?
EVGA Classified 560TI 448 Core Overclock help.
Replacing thermal pads with TIM?
GTX 460 Help Please
2x sli Inno3D GeForce GTX 470 iChill Hawk 1280MB or single Gtx 480
OCing evga gtx 580
MSI 570GTX TFIII Power Edition vs Power Edition/OC
3-way SLI
GeForce GT 430 vs GeForce 9600 GSO
Which brand has good customer service?
Different GTX 580 Model question Help!!
GTX 550 ti Blue Screen Of Death
SLI different GPU brands
How many Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 can be installed?
$250 ASUS GTX 570 Direct CU II?
change the bios on a gtx 460 to gain full fan control
Graphics Card Showing Wrong Memory Interface
Nvidia 3D on a 3DTV
Flashing firmware: allow voltage control?
Running my first SLI setup
Check My First GPU OC
Ordering next day just want 100% guarantee
Geforce 8800 gtx buzzing under load
Brief clicking noise when Asus 570 gtx cools down
EVGA 560TI - Can't get voltage to "stick"
GTX285 OC upgrade question
stee range.
GTX 560Ti, Asus or Msi, Decision Time!
GIGABYTE GeForce gtx 570 OC TDR failures
MSI 560ti PhysX (GPU-Z not showing)
Asus GTX560 Ti TOP Only Boots Some Times
GTX460 Weird Load Temp problem
Video being decoded by second GPU?
EVGA GTX 580 Classified Review