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AGP latency and bios saving
6800 OC explodes!
[NEWS] nVidia and Infinium to Partner at CES
6600 gt
How to disable fast write on nvidia cards?
POOR AGP Performance....bad frame rates
Ti4200--->fx5700le - better?
Replacement FX5950u HSF?
1600x1200 no AA or 1280x1024 4xAA
GTs Ultras what's the difference?
6800U on Chiller OC Low?
6800 GT 256 DDR3 BFG O/C card for free..
overclocking troubles 6800gt
What's wrong with my PNY 6800?
Can't decide on which card
New 6600GT problem???
Which drivers should I use? 6600GT
Yay got me a 6800GT
PNY 6800 Problems with NV Silencer 5
BFG 6800 GT Problem..
Should I upgrade???
Geforce 6800"gt or ultra" & nfsu2
AGP or PCIE upgrade
Removing Old Drivers
Is coolbits still the preferred way to oc?
GeForce 5950 has it died?
Hot Core - Heat Sink not touching?
is the 5200 a 1.5 v card?
6600 gt agp problems
5700LE 3DMark score
GeForce3 Ti200 in MSI KT6V
which 6600gt's and 6800's and 6800le's
Best of the 6600GT AGPs
coolbits manual override on startup?
Looking for a AGP card need help
Clock freqs
Very Bad 3d Mark Scores On New Build
Does anyone have a PNY or MSI 6800 GT 256MB?
Major 6600gt Problem - Need to pick your minds
Nvidia Drivers or Propriety ones?
5200 to 5700
Any 6800 GTs or Ultras with extra fast RAM ?
6800 Unlocked but no OC
Wierd Performance
Few questions, GeForce2 MX 400
6800+althlon 64?
OMG...need help please
FX5900XT D.O.T. Display Tabs Disappeared
6800GT poor fps ?? help
10k 03 score, sound about right for a 6800 12/5?
My head is going to explode
What drivers should I use?
6600GT or 6800 Regular
Unlocking... uh.. help?
eVGA 6600GT
Ordered 6600GT- OC'ing & Other utilities????
6800Gt temps?
Aftermarket 6600gt heatsink.
Question about FX 5200 speeds
G4 Ti4200 upgrade?
ATI Equivalent of Ti4600
heya i need some help
Of 6600GT's and 6800nu's, performance/price ratios, unlockability, brands, etc..
6600GT is getting BAD scores in 3dmark
6800 vs 6800gt?
Here We Go
BFG GeForce FX 5500 Overclocked
ATI Fire GL 8800 128MB
PCI FX5200 performance
Messed up colors w/ Albatron fx5700
newbfg nvidia gforce fx5500 oc
best drivers for 6800 gt?
6800GT divx playback
6800gt CANNOT @--> ultra!
XFX Extreme Edition 6600GT??
Reasonable price for a used 6800NU eVGA Limited Edition?
Nvidia's Next gen cards
intel p4 3.0 stock hsf on my 6600gt agp
Thanks for all the help!!!!
5600xt and NV4_DISP.DLL BSOD
Aquamark3 makes video go dead when trying to benchmark
which 6600gt brand
6800LE O/C experiances please
Coolbits.ini on older cards
FX series
What program to use to OC a 6800 GT?
Are the GeForce 6-Series Cards Loud?
What program to use to overclock a 6800 ultra
Mod needed to put NV5 Silencer on the LEADTEK A400TDH 6800 card
Single slot 6800 cooler?
6200 w/ TurboCache
Resale Value
Monitor problems.
Simple question, need advice.
Need your professional opinion.
This is odd....please help
Nvidia ?
AGP or PCI-e!!!!!
updated xfx 6600gt agp heatsink
Nvidia 6600 GT Overclock?
*sigh* A question of FX5200's
Applying AS5 on 6800?
Unlocking a 6800 isn't a good idea?
new nvidia graphics cards
XFX FX5200 any good ?
NV48 Is Not Dead ?
anybody know the specs on an old viper vid card?
NVIDIA's PureVideo Technology
Best brand for 6800GT
Hey need nv oc software.....
Ti200 problems w/ DVDs
clear my confusion
Driver Problems
2 6800nu's What one to get?
coolest running stock 6800gt
6600GT vs 6800GT (PCI-E) The choice is killing me !
Okay, what to buy next?
6800GT be made next year?
PCI-express vs AGP?
Dual GPU Gigabyte 6600GT
pixelview 6600 256mb PCI-X HELP O/C
SLI - Details? Cards? Motherboards?
not fast enough for forceware drivers? / whats the best detonator driver?
Plz help me determine what happened to my video card!
Nvidia Vs. ATI
6800GT Volt Mod?
what is the avergae video card temps
missing bits
What kind of video card is this: Quadro FX 4400 ?
which brand for 6800?
downloading driver problems
Safe temps for a 6800 GT OC?
GainWard FX 5900 prob
sorry to be a n00b
AGP Aperture size
sli dongle
Help me decide plz
6800 Question(s)
how to get video out?
best drivers for my bfg 6800 ultra oc ??
67.22 for CS-source
BFG 6800OC Help
Best 6600 gt
gefore 6800 cooler
is the gigabyte 6800GT SLI compatibile?, i cant seem to find any info on web
dual GPU 6600gt card ships soon...
whats best 6800gt
ASUS v9950 Ultra Trouble OC'ing Memory
Please comment if you have a 6800
6600 GT Problems.... Solutions?
6600gt sli or 1 6800gt pcie?
Upgrading video card @ christmas
6600GT CS:S stuttering.....
Can I buy JUST the Cables???
HElp i need to know if gto is at potental
AGAIN fx5200 problems
Riva Tuner problems
6800's freezing: Which brands?
How good score with this rig?
Old cpu new videocard?
OC'ing BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra >
71.20 Drivers
Need help...Counter Strike Source keeps freezing..
My friend's 5700NU from chaintech is acting stupid
GeForce 6800 GT, Sideband Addressing
Just bought the 6800 GT and Im bringing it back tommorow!
6600GT OC post
Q about 3d03 and riva together.
Just bought the 6800GT pictures inside! Plus I need help!
PCI Express??
Question to Ti4200 @300/600 XP2600+@2.3GHz
Is this 3dmark score right??
Nvidia AMD and MTV have some Music Video's made with the Quadro FX 4000, with Dawn
which 6800 is the best??
Trouble with BFG 6800GT PCI-e
access ram timings for ti4600 ? possible ?
Take the heatspreaders off your cores!
NewBFG 6800oc = 30 Fps?? Need Help
Elsa Erazor X (GeForce256) with DVI?!
voltage points on ti4600 ??
Best gaming value card ??
Nvidia calls this 4xaa??? what a joke!
I got the 6800gt today!!
Pipeline Unlocking on 6800LE
my asus geforce v9999 6800 GT
Msi 6800gt Agp
NVIDIA coolbits 2.0 optimal settings ok?
Mounting HS on back of card?
refresh rate @ 1hz
Best VGA Cooler for BFG 6800GT?
Difference between 6800GT and 6800ULTRA
Is thier anyway to fix the slowdown's whe nusing NV's refresh rate tool
Help PLEASE Geforce 2 gone kaput
problems with 6800nu
3 diff kinds of 6600gt agp's +1 refurb @ newegg!
MSI 6800 PCI-Express
6600gt crashes
TV out problems
this even possible
video problem with fx5700
Should i get a 6800GT now or wait a while?!?
Chaintech's AGP 6600gt now at newegg ^^
anything unlockable in 6600GT?
6600 GT AGP brands
6600GT problem
BFG GeForce FX 5500 OC 128MB
Problems with Doom3 and my 6800GT
So, they're gonna stop making 6800 vanilla's?
GigaByte GV-N68128DH
Should I RMA my Graphic Card or Wait
Is 128mb gonna cut it ?? (6600GT)
leadtek A300 to A300 ultra
5700le PCI question
nvidia's nview
so did i damage the extra pipes/shaders after the first 3dmark run?
Low 3d mark scores on eVGA 6800u
Extreme G Drivers
My v-sync not turning off???
Albatron ti4280p on the way
im really worried
What's a good 6800 brand?
NVIDIA overclocking help with Artifacts
eVGA 6800 Ultra (cooling???)
which forceware driver?
6800 NU, can't find any what is it ?
Help me tweak a new PCI-E 6800nu
any omega drivers for 6600GT AGP
6600GT AGP cooling idea
6800GT vs 6800 Ultra
Artifacts after lapping HSF FX5950u?
Should i try MSI GF NX6800LE-TD128?
3dmark03 audio test?
Forceware 70.90 Drivers
2 questions o/c & terminology
6600gt or 6800nu
Which Nvidia GeForceFx 5700Ultra To Buy?
Onboard:GeForce4 MX GPU Results & Questions.
6800GT dvd problems
application for monitoring temps??
Msi Fx5600
Extreme overclock 5700LE
Help me register this card
Fx 5200 clock testing
Is this a good card eVGA 6600
BFG 6800 OC problems with overclocking, gameplay
soldering memory?
should i SLI
BFG 6800 nu Selection Q?
Wheres the 512 mb cards as promised?
AGP Aperture
Is thier anyway to increase performance on Ut2k4 ?
so, you want a little 3Dc with your NV40?
which card
Evga 6800 ultra problems
FX5200 Bios Update
6600 gt- What drivers?
6800 Ultra PCI-E
256mb 6600 gts ?
Which 6800nu flashes best to GT?
2d=3d speeds?
nVidia Intergrated Graphics On AOPEN Board
6600gt Pricing
so my 6800nu's stock voltage is 1.4v!
BFG 5500OC 128MB=rip off
Can a 6800 Ultra handle 1.5v on water?
Buzzing/humming coming from mobo or graphics??
GeForce 6600GT or 6800 (non GT,Ultra,etc.)
can all 6x cards handle teh 1.4V mod
Is Dell 6800GTO PCI-E worth $390 ?
need help 6800 oc
plz help!!
so what core/mem speeds should i set on my bios for 2d?
NV48, NV50 Cancelled??
PCI_X to AGP adapter temps
is it still wise to buy AGP based video card?
eVGA Contest Pair of 6800 Ultras Giveaway!
BFG 6800 OC Thoughts and Mods
videocard OC yields no improvements
winfast a300 td (5800nu)
6600 GT with Artifacts stock
Nvidia Geforce 6800GT O/C
Need help fixing GF3
6600GT AGP vs. 6800LE AGP
6800GT + Fast Writes?
What brand Has Best O/C ability for 6800 GT
Water reflections in CSS and HL2 for DX 8.1
3dmark01se scores REALLY SUCK!!!
6600GT results
BFG 6600gt
Strange eVGA GeForce 4 Ti4200 overclock results
6800gt to 6800 ultra - upgrade worth it?
Movies Off-Center
SoftQuadro FX 4000 Beta!
Nvidia, HL2, fog, and you
How do i get movies to span across both screens?
Fastwrites, aperatures and AGP, OH MY!
Geforce 6 Series: Adaptable Programmable VP
driver prob
6600gt or 6800 which to buy?
MSI FX5950u high-pitched sound?
problem when unlocked to 16/6 but read on
question about coolbits an 67.02
PCI-E to AGP adapter??
double check this
Video card Drivers for FX 5600.... Plz help
Disable VSYNC!!
3D Games off-center
6700 special offer
is there a detailed guide to unlock the pipelines?
Gf 3 Mx?
sparkle 6600GT review?
256 Vs. 128 Mbs
Problem with my new BFG 6800 ultra oc
aftermarket cooler for FX5700...
Verto 6800 GT
ok, so i finally unlocked my pny 6800nu! now i can't OC!
Hardcore Ti4600 fixing/modding/hacking help needed (BGA RAM) ...
Half-Life 2 "Fix" for NVIDIA Owners
THoughts on this Chaintech 6800 Turbo Edition?
67.02 drivers hmmm question
Highest Score?
unlocking pixel pipelines and vertex shaders?
question concerning FPS...
Gainward 6800GT GLH BIOS
6600gt not working
NV Silencer 5
Help me break the 11k 3dmark barrier w/my unmodded 6800nu!
Monitor loss of signal during games with MSI 6800LE any ideas??
When will Nvidias next card come out?
Whats the cheapest, fastest 6800GT to get?
6800U on PCI-E
stock 6800 artifacts?
Can I get away with this?
Any 6800GT in PCIX form??
Looking to overclock my Albatron FX5200EP...
6800 bios flashing questions
questions on the future of 6600gt
questions on the future of 6600gt
6800nu --> am I just lucky?
just got a new asus v9999 6800
How to change the default 3D clock_rate ?
Sparkle 6600gt vs Albatron 6600gt
Pipelines in the 6800 GTO??
anyone know when gainward 6800gt pci coming ?
howz this vid card oc? FX5200+
Value of FX cards
Upgrade Gainward Ti4400 to XFX 6600GT?
Picked up 6800 OC a few questions
Picked up PNY 6800 from Compusa...not happy
BFG Ti4600 Cooler Questions
new 6800nu's cant be softmodded?
RivaTuner need a little help plz
asus v7100 rev 1.01 volt mod
rivatuner not workin...
just got my 6800nu, is it time to reload xp?
Which GT?
6800 GT Locked Frame Rates?
SLI not what it's cracked up to be!
5900 need a custom bios
6800nu troubles (degrading overclock?)
Dell Precision M40 Laptop With Quadro2 Go Video HELP!!!
Extreme G Modded nVIDIA drivers
Gainward 6800GT GLH version
q.s bout pny 6800
Tyhink I'll need a new PSU?
How powerful of a video card do I really need?
Problems with XFX 6600 GT AGP
GeForceFX 5200
Can someone tell me the best drivers to use?
Hot temps!
Just bought the Nvidia 6800
Things are going well
6800nu softmod
Just upgraded to a 6600gt agp PLEASE HELP
XFX 6600GT vs. XFX 6800?
Help Needed With Information On An MSI GF6!
Coolbits & 6800GT O/C question
help with video card
Hdtv Output On Nvidia
what is the best program to oc a evga 6800 gt?
Does anyone know what kind of memory PNY 6800NU has?
thoughts on an fx 5800 ultra
Do you guys have slowsdowns when you use nvidia refresh rate override tool ?
Half - Life 2
Worst card ever but I want to oc it :)
VisionTek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4600 128 MB
XFX 6600GT AGP Review/Results
gainwards 6800?
Where can I find a 6600GT AGP for under $200?
6800 Hardmod
XFX or Albatron for 6600GT AGP?
Will My card Do this?
keep ti4200 or buy 9800se ?
best price?
Nvidia fixes the "shimmering" bug!!
Post your 6800GT/Ultra GAMING OC
Post your 6800GT/Ultra GAMING OC
Wait A Second!
Generic best vid card question
i found
friend really needs help.
my friend needs help
stupid me - 5700 LE
The Hunt for 6800 GT pci-e begins...
What are 6800 GT mem timings?
Need GFX Upgrade Advise.
what do you guys think of this?
when are the 6800 ultra pci gonna be out?
This is Puzzleing
video card question?
Most chance of extra pipes?
Major Underperformance by 6800 OC!
Problem with my FX 5700
2 6600Gt < 1 6800GT
Anyone here with BFG 6800nu that sucessfully opened the extra pipelines and vertex s?
How do you enable 16x fsaa after using coolbits???
6600GT vs. GF4Ti4200 benchmarks
Which of these should i get?
6800GT to Quadro FX4000 Mod
Anyone Using a 6800U or GT
NV Silencer 5 installed, now problems...
Reduced 3dMark 05 score after overclocking
Should I upgrade to BFG 6800 ultra ?
Need help
Ultra only $15 more than GT on NewEgg
Coolbits 2 Or Coolbits 3D
Chaintech 5950U BIOS needed...
6800nu bad mark03 scores
Rivatuner question
need driver help bigtime!!! pleeeeease
Which 6600GT? Post your overclocks.
In teh market for a 6800 series.
6800? nu?
How or what to use to overclock geforce 6800?
softmodding damages gpu?
BFG 6800oc and Rivaturner question
RMA info for those that got bum eVGA 6800 LE cards
BFG temp problem
A Question or 2
Good Cooler For 6600 GT
Quick question about PCI Express and 6600GT
ti4200 and EQ2
6800 or 6600gt
6600 GT or 9800 Pro!?
Oh no... may have fried my card... HELP!
how loud is your 6800?
5700 w/ tv tuner
9800 Pro or 6600gt?
6800nu vs the 6600GT
new 6800 nu... wondering about Bench's
BFG 6800gt bio flash??
the 6600gt Agp thread
Low score in 3D Mark03 with FX 5900XT
new ones
OC'in a 5700LE?
6800 Regular
new video card
FX59XX's - How well is HL2 running?
Differences between 6600 and GT model?
6800 oc or 6600 gt
good cards??
Fx 5900 Xt
6600gt or 6800nu?
Edit bios on 5800
nv silencer 5
6800GT compatable witha base ASUS A7n8x???
Beware of eVGA
Modded DirectX 9---?
[H] Nvidia 6600GT Preview, Benchmarks!
What will be the Difference?
vanilla 6600?
AGP 6600gt Is Out And @ Newegg (no Eta!!)
6600gt Is Out And @ Newegg To Buy (no Eta!!)
6800 Ultra
ASUS GeForce 5600 and Ol' Celeron slot-1 HSF???
6600GT SLI question
6800 Ultra + NV Silencer 5 = Trouble
6800 max res 1024
6600GT Worth it?
For those of you with the BFG 6800 GT OC
How do you install Geforce overclocking software???
low 3dmark scores?
BFG 6800gt in canada
80c with my 5900se
video card probs
help...pos refresh rate bug?
flash bio??
6600GT AGP on the way...Radeon bites the dust.
6600GT AGP Performance