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5700 ultra way cheap???
GeForce2 MX400 64 MB DDR/AGP
6800nu 2000 point drop
Wierd memory OC occurence on 5900se flashed to 5950ultra
Whats your Coolbits Value set at ?
Has anyone thought about Lapping the HS on thier 6800 ?
Is PNY nVIDIA GeForce FX5700LE a good budget card?
temp and sideband bus question
Whats good for BFG 6800 gt oc.
BFG 6800gt help?
coolbits and oc, how to?
Fx 5700
Overclocking ti4200...I don't anything about this...
Flickering display problems
Bios Flashing Guide for the 6800 Video cards.
BFG Tech 6800 OC problems
does anyone here have an orignal 6800LE bios
Strange problem in Far Cry using 5700LE
best drivers for BFG FX5900XT OC
How do I overclock my gpu?
6800nu freezing
newbie in video oc... some silly questions?
6800 Softmod w/ Rivatuner
New BFG 6800 NU OC Far Cry Problem
6800gt temp
6800 gt 128 or 256
GeForce 6800 GT
Doom3 very solw w/6800GT
Whens the 6800GT PCI-E coming?
D3D problem that I doubt anyone can figure out.
A friend chipped his 6800Ultra, how much can chipped without hurting it ?
5700 Ultra... a few questions...
Ti4400 problem
Rate this Video Card (or evaluate)
Bizzare freeze problem!
Pci-e 6800gt?
Overclock a 6800 oc???
flashing a 5900ultra to 5950ultra
Anyone have Morrowind going on nforce2 gf4 onboard graphics? Performance? Need advice
Nvidia 6800 softmodable?
66.93 drivers increased Source stresstest by 40FPS?!?!
FX5700 Ultra TDH Overclocking
Is there a program were u can check your video card temps???
I can't uninstall my display drivers!
Shopping for a nvidia card...
What do you guys think of this for its price?
Need help on deciding what to get.
Dual Monitors with 6800 OC
GF5900 - part of GPU-corner broke off
help 5900ultra dissapointing
enabling pipelines with rivatuner
overclock Geforce MX440
Quadro Mods
help changing PCI to AGP
Interesting info for 6800 owners and 3dmark05
New 66.93 Drivers (WHQL) are killing me!
Dual monitor Question
Chaintech AA5700UA with 128 DDR3 question
6800GT linux headache
Official Forceware 66.93 WHQL
Gainward 5900 golden sample or 5700Ultra?
clocking question
TNT2 3DMark01 Score
BFG now or Gainward later??
XFX=Good company?
Overclocking fx5900xt
Picture problem FX5600
6800 in a notebook
BFG 6800gt in a shuttle... will it work?
Omega 1.6177[p] drivers ok?
70.41, What Do You Think of Em?
Overclocking GeForce2 MX
Guide to bios voltmodding(6800nu)?
nVidia drivers update when ? 61.77's are old
help softmodding 6800
NVIDIA® GeForceTM 4 4200 Go Opinion?
Flashing Bios ?
Best drivers for a 5700u (fps issues)
6600 GT vs. 6800 GT
Tweaking around a CPU bottleneck
Ugh....bottleneck by CPU and/or FSB?
6800 Ultra/GT difference worth the $?
Arctic Cooling NV
6800 BIOS flash successes and disasters!
so how many U flashes
BFG 6800 oc DRIVERS?
Can anyone find a 6800 Gt PCI-Express?
3dmark03 11180
Overclocking a eVGA 6800GT
Asus A7N8X DX MB Problems!!
Opinions of FX5700?
best maker of video cards?
2x660GT vs. 1x6800Ultra
new version of Gainward 6800GT
nVidia graphics quality
Nvidia Geforce 6800 O/C causing problems with O/C
Help optmizing BFG 6800GT 256
BFG 6800 GT 256....what driver?
Can Anyone help as im quite dumb wit techie stuff
6800 HSF best air cooling solution?
Best 6800 GT
66.81 installation failure "The data is invalid"
Far Cry patch 1.3: S.M. 3.0
OC's on a NV Silencer 5
nVidia 5900xt by Leadtek
Best drivers for a Ti500
Wanted Old Nvidia Drivers (Ti4400) read inside to see why.
6800 error in tribes3, nfsu2, farcry
anyone here apply as5 on a 6800?
question on bio mod
best drivers for ti4200
Question about BFG 6800 GT OC
BFG 6800GT skip at doom3, need help
geforce 6800 only agp 4x?
Monitoring my cards temp...
PNY GEforce 4 4400ti dual monitors
I'm confused about the 6800's
What is 4x and 8x
BFG 6800 oc
bfg 6800 or leadtek 6800. reseller rating issues
Just got my BFG GeForce 6800OC
Best All around Driver
Forceware 66.81
Newest card that will be out by feb?
ATTENTION: 6800GT PCI-E Available
5700 ultra
Calling BFGTech 6800 GT OC Owners
Mid-range card
First pictures of 6600gt AGP!!!!
Anandtech releases SLI benches (!!must read!!)
4200 or 4600?
Crappy aquamaek3 perfomance on GeForce Ultra
My new Asus V9999GE
Chaintech 64MB BGA GF4-MX4000 ~ It could be a LOT worse for 44 bucks
Sparkle 5900XT
shimmering on 6800gt fixed??
friend needs new cheap vid card
TV out on a BFG 6800 ultra
got cards you want to get rid of?
The MX Test
Hard time rendering Direct 3D in DXDIAG
6800 Gt Oc
AGP 8x or 4x for the 4200
5700LE oc
GeForce 4600Ti, Windows XP "issues"
Good OCing Tool for nVidia?
AGP/Graphics Aperture Size ?? What is that ?
Artifacts on test 2 of 3dmark 2005?
BIOS screen garbled w/ artifacts?
OCing issues with eVGA 6800GT
What Drivers
temp programs????
BFG Geforce 6800GT OC
6800gt pci-e
Just Bought G4 Ti 4600!!!
mx440 artifactin' w/out OC'N!!!!?
gamer drivers
guide plus+ personal cinema problems
Pci-e 6800gt ??!
What can u mod a 5900xt to?
Can Anyone with a Asus 6800 V9999GE, 6800 Ultra, or Possibly a EVGA 6800 LE Help Me??
bfg, leadtek, or chaintech 6800s
GForce 6800 Ultra running at 59C idle
Which Brand of 6800 to get?
6800GT: Thermal Throttling Holing you back? Solution!! (for me anyway)
Strange 3dmark2005 effects
Forceware 70.41
6800nus: leadtek vs. chaintech apogee
Changing VGA BIOS screen
eVGA GeForce FX 5900 128mb
Bumping up AGP speeds
Video Card Squels?
oops! (broken capacitor)
driver and 3dmark05 score??
Problems with VGA cooler
FX5900XT Won't OC...
6800GT Watercooled Results
maxvla needs help with bad IQ on 6800gt
Nvidia Overclcoking Tool
Weird Problem
Gainward Ultra 2400 GS?
very mad I cant game GeForce mx440
6800GT - I up my core and my 3dmark goes down!?!?
low 3dmark05v1.10
eVGA's 6800 LE (ultra cheap ULTRA or bust?)
Sell me you stock 6800 GT cooler HSF
Xfx 6800gt
Which rail do video cards draw from?
SLI dual monitor?
Help!!! Rivatuner And 6800
do these work?
6800nu Volt Mod
leadtek 6800nu or chaintech aa6800nu? HELP
ge 6800 need help!
6800nu temps? need some feedback
low power 3d? and ? about V modding
video in software
WHOOPS! My 5900se is terrible at ocin, and Flash gone bad
How much does enabling the pipes help a 6800nu?
99% that I'm getting BFG 6800 GT
OC'ing BFG nvidia Geforce 6800 GT
BFG 5900 ultra or XFX 6600?
squeezing blood from a stone
eVGA Geforce 6800 Ultra poor performance problem
6800 problem
Driver Cleaner
Replacement GF3Ti500 HS/fan
Best Drivers for 5900?
Overclocked BFG FX5900, need original BIOS
eVGA 6800GT With Stock Cooling
Look! I got 450/1230 on my eVGA GT!
any way to test to see if 128 or 256 bit card ??
How does one softmod a 6800 GT?
video card?
best 6800nu for softmodding
nvidia and TV-out
Geforce 2 MAX 400 problem
When do we get AGP 6600?
1.5v safe?
FX5700U BIOS modding
FX5700 Probs
What's the difference?
When will the 6600gt agp version be released?
6800NU + Arctic Cooling = what temps?
Leadteck A400THD 6800 owner feedback
Best Nvidia "low profile" AGP card?
HELP!!! GeForce 4 Best Drivers Need performance!
PNY 6800GT Problems
Is it possible....?
Need a new nvidia fan
good removal software
BFG 6800 Ultra OC from computerbrain
Pny 6800gt
Help "VideoExcel" Geforce2 MX 400 Video Card
Will a AGP 8x GeForce Card work ok on a 4x motherboard?
GeForce Question
2 quick questions
what card is this?
temp on 6800gt
Omega drivers for Nvidia
6800nu to 6800gt softmod?
can this be true
Best aviable drivers for gaming?
EVga 6800gt Agp pins burnt
Nv Silencer 3 temp and oc results?
bios flashing help?
How many FPS?
All Gainwards HSFs for Sale
Upgrade Suggestions
OMG...this in insane!...oh no...wait...I mean stupid
FX5700 Ultra overclocking utility
5950 and tv out
6800GT Voltage Flash Questions
ASUS V9570TD (fx5700) non overclocking ? plz help
Question about 6800GT
Overclocking 6800gt at 650/1400
Overclocking a 6800GT at 650/1.4
6800nu + p4 1.6a or new mobo/cpu ?
Best drivers for the FX cards?
fx5700 overclocking help
Calling 6800 GT Owners Need your help!
Whats your 3dmark 03 scores ??
6x00 Users And Source!
Best Bios for a 6800GT to Ultra?
Step by Step: How I flashed my bios. Win2kpro Users
Please need help...just flashed my bios
My Video Card Driver Keeps Auto-Uninstalling???
6800nu:UT2k4 fine @ 16x1, but CS:Source = slight artifacts
Forceware 61.82 WHQL
How hot is too hot?
Just got my 6600GT
Help fx5200
Overclocking tool with artifact scan
Does anyone play BF1942 with the 6800gt and have crashing probs ?
Where are the articles?????!!!!!!!
Opinions Wanted - Who puts out the *best* GeForce 6800GT Card?
Gainward 6800gt Oc
Screen going blank - 6800 GT
Im about to overclock my gf4 ti 4200 64mb card
eVga 6800ultra Extreme??
5950 to 6800
Opening pipelines in 6800?
Gainward PowerPack!™ Ultra/1960PCX reaches 600Core 1300Memory appearently
WTB? Geforce?
When is the 6800 Ultra PCI Express going to be available?
3DMark05 Update Ate Itself
6800 GT TV is B/W
6"6"00 GT Question
newb question?
any good deal on 6800gt in the bay area?
6800 Help
Lower 3Dmark05 score after flashing?
Reattaching capacitor on ti4600
GAINWARD Geforce 6800 GT Golden Sample release date?
bfg 6800nu for $250 @ outpost
2.0 agp at 4X
Nvidia Graphics Drivers....
Gainward Powerpack 2400 Gs
How much diffrent is the 128/256 BFG 6800 ?
6600 pci express vs 6800GT's
Albatron FX5700
How to OC a 6800 OC
GeForce 6600GTs
Do the 6800's change fan speed during 2d and 3d ?
Best driver for FX5700U
The 6800Gt is an Ultraj ust lower clock speeds right ?
Is my PNY 6800Gt able to be modded to a Ultra ?
question on VP
GeForce 6800 (any) with VIVO?
Chaintech aa6800nu 16x1, 6vp?
Called PNY asking about the poor AA,IQ, and the Video processors not working. ROFL
Power supply?
What on earth is wrong with my 6800gt???
Which 6800GT to get?
6800 nu BIOS
Question about multiple GPUs
MX440SE drivers
FX5700 oc?
How good is the 6800GT from MSI?
Rivatuner 15.2 Results
So since my video processesor doesnt work on my 6800gt, i can rma the card right ?
4200 Ti
overclocking and benching my 5800
NVIDIA Video Cards
PNY 6800GT O/C : same place to stop?
Dimensions for any/all 6800 mounting holes?
*attn* All 6800gt Users
Msi 6800gt cant not reach ultra clocks :(
Nvidia 6600GT - Good, bad, and ugly?
Is this BETTER than an fx5900xt?
3dmarks reports agp rate at 0x
Setting AGP aperture size
6800 Video Processor
hard decision
Should I buy this?
Which Drivers For Nvidia??
4200TI memory?
Fastwrites with nvidia on or off
3dmark05 lies about my 6800GT core speed!
Is this normal for a 6800gt?
vid card overclocking guide?
Official Forceware 66.81 nonWHQL
Nvidia Soundstorm Center Channel Problem
a question
6800nu Ocing
Is this low for BFG 6800 GT??
FX 5700 Direct 3D problems
Rebooting issues
good 3dmark03 terrible gaming performance??
Sucess!! I turned my Leadtek 6800GT in a Leadtek 6800U
3931 3DMark03 scores
My gf4 ti4800se arrived
mounting vga silencer - advice needed
Confusion about the Asus V9999GT/TD
DangerDen 6800 Cooling
Gainward's Super 6600GT
3dmark05 keeps crashing
Problem with Coolbits
Anyone having any problem with the 66.XX series of drivers and Ut2k4 ?
Far Cry problem
How to solder a broken peice off a ti4200?
error running 3D05
Best Drivers for mx440?
6800 to 6800 Ultra mod! Wicked.
is it possible to mod 6800np to 6800u?
BFG 6800GT, how far can I o/c this card???
New rivatuner?
?? About 6800 GT & PCI Express....
Rome: Total War not working with 5200xt?
How do my Scores Look?
6600GT agp release date?
6800 Gt Cooler
Anyone who has Ut2k4 and a 6800Gt could u help me for a second
Doom3-laugh at me
3dMark 05...
Best 6800Ultra OC'ing Card
GeForce 6800 Ultra Extreme Edition
Forceware 66.70 Win2000/XP
T.V. out question
VGA Cooler Fan Speed
Question about OC'ing my 6800gt
calling all 6800 (gt, u, nu) card users....
2D performance on 6800GT Suxorz
6800GT in a 4X AGP slot ?
6800Gt and Ut2k4
If you were gonna buy a 6800 ?
6800GT and 3Dmark01
nVidia 6800 Ultra Aperture
forceware drivers stopped working
No TV out after flash bios
Why is my 2001fp ghosting?
Need info on the gf4 ti 4800se
eVGA 5900 resets oc to stock
6800 GT 2D Speeds?
GeForce 6800GT 256mb
pci-e ?
Best Brand for Nvidia
Thinking about a 6800 (non ultra or gt,) brand name?
Family Reunion anyone? :D
common problems with graphics cards at high fsb ?
128 vs. 256 bit
6800Gt cooling questions
Ti4600 Overclocking
is my card decent anymore or too old ??
Is my xfx 5900xt dying?
Asus Beware!
geForce 2 Ultra BIOS Anyone?
BFG 6800nu owners looking for feedback
3d2k1se score same wth NV6.8kGT as with ATI9.8kPRO
Just bought a 6800gt - What to expect??
Is the NV5 Silencer worth it?
Just installed the NV5 Silencer on my GT
How to remove Leadtek 6800GT/Ultra HSF?
Now I want a new video card!
Nvidia official release on 6600GT/6600 $169-219.00
Geforece FX 5900(non ultra/xt) Firmware
Nvidia Driver question. for ti4600 4x
Why would anyone go 6800u over 6800gt?
Any Torture testing for graphic cards ??
Geforce 6800 GT is being fruity in the pants
BFG 6800 Coupon Question?
Any Ideas here??? :bang head
which 128mb/256mb agp4x nvidia card should i get for under £100-00 (budgetin)
6800Gt Temps?
eVGA 6800nu
VGA Cooler
OCing Geforce3 64mb, read up
Best buy: 5700 ultra or 5900xt?
Need help with pricing...
Volt Modding 5700le
Did anyone figure out a way to voltage mod the 6800GT memory?
pny 5900xt upgrade to 6800gt?
new video card that is same "class" as my computer?
DVI Issues on BFG 6800GT OC
Proof this.
Anyone else have my problem?
Upgrading questions
Best drivers for 6800GT (ex. PNY)
6800GT Bios Modding revelation...
Geforce4 Ti 4600 fan won't spin... help?
Is this a normal 3dmark03 score for my system?
6800GT Underclocking help ... (perverse I know)
BFG 6800GT need help
3 cards, Ti4200, Ti4400 and FX5600 which card for which machine
6600 overclocking
FX 5800 oc's and scores?
Nvidia SLI
Buying new video card help.
Changing Voltage in BIOS
GeForce 2 mx
BIOS editing guide for 6800 available?
video cards in 6-8 weeks...
Does My Benchmark/Scores Seem A Little Low?
MX440 or MX4000? TIA
Doom 3 was a little choppy
guidance please
What Heatsink for a Caintech FX5200?
VGA Silencer for GT?
nVidia BIOS Editor - New Version
typically a regular 6800 can be soft modded to a GT or an ultra or both?
nvidia drivers still suck.
Remove Coolbits 2
RMA Asus TI4200?
eVGA 6800 GT and regular 128mb H/S
Best drivers for the 6800GT
ti4200 bios download
eVGA 6800 GT and NV5 Silencer
EVGA 6800 GT & Ultra copper HS
vid card
BFG 6800U OC stock heat sink question?
Should I flash??? :-/
5900se card not wanting to overclock
XFX 6800GT for $333.99
What can i do with a FX5500 OC?
6800nu idle is above core slowdown threshold
Looks like Dell is doing NV
XFX FX5900 different from the web site???
PNY 6800GT : is it good?
6800nu came today
What the hell!!!
oc clock timings for 5900XT
colored checkerboard like screen on monitor.
PCIE or not?
Very low benchmark results (6800nu)
Farcry... 6800GT..... Lag!?!??!?!
BFG 6800GT OC Issue
geforce 6800 gt