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oc clock timings for 5900XT
colored checkerboard like screen on monitor.
PCIE or not?
Very low benchmark results (6800nu)
Farcry... 6800GT..... Lag!?!??!?!
BFG 6800GT OC Issue
geforce 6800 gt
Does anyone has MSI FX5700-VT2DR256 ??
Does anyone has MSI FX5700-VT2DR256 ??
Does anyone has MSI FX5700-VT2DR256 ??
fx5900 heat spreader question
GeForce FX Go5200 64MB
problems with BFG6800GT and farcry
6800 GT and power Questions..
Which brand would you buy?
How much U think?
Asus v9999 ultra delux bios update
6800 Ultra cards
420 watt power suplly enough for 6800 Ultra?
Undervolting mod on 6800...
Mouse Lag with 6800GT?!??!!
Gainward 6800 Problem
[WTS] flashing prb
Ok ....do I need 256mb over 128mb?
Best gf4 Ti4600 driver?
6800NU Voltage Flashing...
Gainward Powerpack 2400 Gs/non Gs Thread
Photo's of the Silencer 5 change over ?
AGP Driver Problems
Nalu video...
Info on Bios Flashing?
Please help before I take this video card back to the store
new pny 6800gt but have no video
Geforce Ti 4200 - Fan going out
$200, and nVidia (for Linux)...what are my options?
6800GT Temperatures
geforce mx 440 tv out help
Best drivers for 5900XT?
Overclocking XFX Geforce FX5900 (reg)
Where to get new 5700nu 256meg bios?
software for oc'in ti4200
Just got a gf ultra and having some probs
3dmark scores and overclocking
how bad are these temps?
6800 (non Ultra non GT)
Forceware 66.31
Mouse Lag?!?!??!
need help to flash my 5900xt
whats the best driver for a BFG 6800GT?
5900U can flash to??!??!?!
Just got my 6800GT!
Doom3 + 61.77 = Runs Like Crap
Once screwed up problem with my GeforceFx 5200
PNY 6800GTs - OC not going so well
Flashing V9950
Need a BIOS for Gainward fx5900xt
Disaster! I broke a Capacitor on my 6800nu
Will I get a bottleneck with my setup?
Gainward 6800GT Arctic Silver Results
Overclocking an MSI Card
What tool to overclock 6800's?
nVidia 6600GT Reviews!
Ramsinks worth it?
GeForce 6800 OC
Flash 6800 GT to Ultra?
Is' it XFX a good vcard brand?
Forceware 65.76 WHQL- Old school AA and AF tabs
ti4200 oc problem HELP!
geforce ti 4200 OC problem
In need of new graphics card, preferably quiet
Gainward 6800 gt and ultra gs
ram sinks, warranty
noob question AA/AF?
Utility for tweaking 6800 fanspeed/clockspeed
FX5600XT What the??
Sapphire Radeon 9600 XT or XFX Geforce 5900 (non XT)???
Fx 6600!?
wich 6800GT
What to expect?
Help Looking for a 5200
Old XFX GF2 MX400 64mb OC 200@275 143@200
FX coolers compatability
6800GT Bottleneck.... my CPU?
Copper HS on 6800NU
good cooler for 6800nu
Upgrading video card issues!
6800nu - 12 pipe ----> 16 pipe?
uninstall drivers???
6800 GT AGP mhz
6800 ultra's in the UK
6800 NU causes CPU overclocking failure.
How far can I push the 6900GT
Just Ordered My 6800GT
New one on me - need help
will it get enough power to run right?
5700LE overclocking
Agp Speed
How good is this v. card?
Nvidia Cards Processing Sound
The Ultimate 6800 GT ?
GeForce 6800 and random freezes
6800nu...pny, Bfg?
ordered Nvidia 6800nu
okay. which card to get
best inexpensive cooler for 6800?
6800nu scores
OCing with new computer problems on my 6800GT
Warning to those thinking of changing thermal paste on Leadtek 6800s.
Is my 3DMark03 score low?
Best Bang for the Buck Under 400 Dollars :)
Bypassing/overriding the "Test Changes" when overclocking with CoolBits.
Geforce FX 5200 FORSA
Im ina hotel but i got a PNY 6800GT omfg this card is god like
nV Mx4000 cassification?
geforce fx5200 3dmark01 score
Well i got my eVGA 6800nu
Best Cooler for 6800GT?
Extreme cooling my ti4200
6800 Ultra & X800XT
Will Thermaltake Giant 3 fit on 6800gt?
Interesting mod on Ti4600...
Geforce 6600 series
Nvidia DNA drivers
eVGA Card owners trade-up program
Help! I think I broke it!
reliability of coolbits with 6800gt
Upcoming Nvidia 6600 Release
OC'ing makes my PC reboot?
A GREAT find of a video card, Leadtek Winfast A400 GT
6800 ultra or a GT?
Is she gone??
5900 bios update and agp mode question.
6800gt drivers settings
Tweaking your 6800GT
ASUS V8440 Extreme-Cooled for OC, but no advantage?
6800nu - overclock - score down?
Where are the 6800GT PCI-e cards?
eVGA 6800gt $399 at newegg for 1 day
New driver for the FX5xxx series??
OpenGL Softmods for GF FX Vid cards?
Sell Me Your 6800 GT/Ultra Ramsink $$$$
I got my 6800!
question about nvidia fx5900xt cards
Finally got my leadtek 6800 GT
looking for a nvidia for around $100
Looking for Gainward 6800 GT Golden Sample BIOS
My BFG 6800 gt scores
please help me with this....
What type of memory on BFG 6800oc?
Gainward 6800GT "GS" availability
Elsa FX5900XT results
Overclocking an oldie but a good PNY Ti4400
My new eVGA 6800GT!! :)
Doom3 on 1Ghz P3 ti4200 softquadro test (results ongoing)
Im getting very impatient i want my 6800nu
which brand 6800 can be OCed the most?
DX9 Successfully Forced On NV3x Cards
I heard you could...
Vidio card only shows one monitor
CoolbiTs temp monitor
When do you think prices will go down?
Help with weird prob
low socre in 3dmark01 ?
What core is 5600 non-ultra?
Albatron FX5700Q or Abit R9600XT-VIO Radeon 9600 XT - Never owned an ATI card
6800 Ultra with latest 65.73 drivers says its on PCI BUS 3?
Help with new drivers
ut2004 + 6800gt
4x apg
6800 Ultra locks up, then unfreezes, but with artifacts. he;lp
BFG 6800 Ultra OC not getting enough power...huh?
Interesting find
FX 5900nu Agp Voltage?
Doom 3 on ti4200 to softquadro 780xgl
Fx5200 128mb +tv out
6800 Ultra stable at 450/1200?
NV silencer5 on a 6800nu (56K unfriendly)
PNY delivery problems with 6800GT ?!?
What do YOU think of your 6800NU?
6800GT Enable Fat Write Or Not???
Found BFG 6800OC...
Got my BFG 6800 Ultra today, results inside
Best Card under 300 dollars?
Blur/Unfocus in Gaming Applications
Problems With Games, Could It Be The Graphix Card?
WHQL Forceware 65.73
Forceware 65.91
Great UK Deal Leadtek 6800GT
Is dual monitors possible?
Albatron 6800 Ultra
6800 GT which brand to choose?
Timbury Demo
Leadtek vs Evga 6800GT? If you could get one or the other which would you get?
Is the fx5200 faster than most of us take for granted
Low 3dmark score for 6800 GT
6800 GT with pci express out? SLI ready?
Util for Editing BIOS GeForce 5xxx & 6xxx Series
Molex Extension Affecting 6800 Gt Performance?
Best brand for 6800GT?
5700U and 5900XT????
Can't choose...PLEASE HELP!
Who has an AOpen 6800 Ultra?
When is the NV silencer 4 Arctic cooling coming out??
EVGA 6800 GT TV Out Terrible
Looking for a good HSF for 6800GT gpu
eVGA nVidia 5500FX makes screen flicker
Looking for
Game Locks Up?
GT 3dmark 2003 scores stock and at ultra speeds?
XFX 6800 Ultra + Artifacts.
Weird Problem with my 6800GT
New Gainward 6800GT, new problem!
Gw Gf4Mx460 ISSUES!
6800 Meets Fiery Death
What would a 4400ti be comprable to with the recent lineup?
What is better
XFX 5200 256MB RAM I'm impressed
After extensive use of BFG 6800nu....
BFG 6800 Ultra in stock at newegg.com
My screen change the refresh rate auto?
GeForce 6800 GT PCI Express REVIEW
Freeze when oced too much?
thinking of softmoding my 5900
Just got a BFG 6800 Ultra OC at my local Fry's. It has the old style heat sink!
Post your Fx5950u Clock speeds!
6800nu 16 pipe update
Are these the same Gainwards?
calling all eVGA 6800nu owners
NV silencer worth it for a BFG 6800 Ultra?
Aa. Af?
3DMARK03 & Aquamark3d
6600 geforce?
How to OC 6800? LoL!
Dummy here but i dont think this is right
NVidia FX 6X00 BIOS FLASH GUIDE - bios recovery and updates
Rome Total War doesn't seem to use your graphics card?
Voltage increase
Forceware 66.00
the best gf6800?
Which 6800nu come with 2.2ns ram?
Detonator Destoyer not Win XP compadible?
NEED HELP FAST!!! Did a guys BIOS upgrade, now card unstable!
Warranty Information
6800 gt drivers (which ones?)
How to disable coolbits2
Will the artic cooling NV 3 fit my card??
ATI vs Nvidia
Trouble with my Geforce ti4200
BFG tech support/warranty..
Born again noob with a quick question
About nalu demo (6800nu?)
Card defaults(kinda) on reboot
Is my score ok? (6800nu)
Anyone have a pref? Leadtek or XFX 256MB Geforce 6800 card?
6800GT heatsink bolt pattern match cpu heatsinks?
BFG 6800 GT is not holding overclock settings?
BFG not performing? 3dmark and Aqua results
BFG 6800 Ultra OC: 430 Watt Powersupply???
From ti4400 to 5900xt - my midway station to heaven
Problem with 6800 gt
Worth upgrading from 6800nu to 6800gt?
BIOS for Albatron FX5700EP
New RivaTuner?
No More Dots :)
is all the GT have 16 pipes?
experiences with new 61.77's ?
BFG 6800 OC does 5700 3dMark03!!!
n00b question about artifacts
BFG GT OC copper LED HSF crappy? Maybe not.
6800gt or ultra with my rig?
Driver Problem???????
Ah what a headache!!
won't run
6600GT results
GF4 fan not working?
6800 GT -> 6800 Ultra Extreme
BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC on AGP Pro???
Black screens on my new eVGA 6800GT
Yay!! Sucessful flash :) :)
what version of 3dmark ??
Sigh, 6800 at last... (pic)
6800xt or wait till january sales for pci-express
Asus 6800Ultra Deluxe
Any europe stores got any 6800GT or Ultras??
XFX 6800 Non-Ultra
I am so confused (6800 issue)!
RTHDRIBL Errors and others
Artic Silver 5 applied to BFG 6800 GT OC GPU
BFG 6800 GT PCI-Express?
6800GT overclocked w/ coolbits, mem wont stay
6800GT max OC thread
evga 6800 ultra and far cry messed up
Riva Tuner with 5700LE
5950 ultra question
Should I replace the stock thermal grease on the memory of by BFG 6800 Ultra with AS5
Nalu Demo Problem
6800 or 6800gt? pls help...
help! uninstalled/reinstalled drivers now issues
what drivers should i try for BFV?(6800NU)
Nvidia FX5600 / Fan Stoppin
Whats a good Nividia card around 150?
Help with my video card
6800 gt power supply question
BIOS Editing Tool for GeForce 5xxx & 6xxx Series
BFG 6800Ultra OC - Nvidia fanboys welcome
Too weak PSU Question
Nvidia FX5600
Just bought a PNY 6800 GT, POS
lag lag lag
61.77 newest drivers sux
6800 ultra DLL - talk about issues
nVidia GeForce 6600 Ultra?
eVGA or Gainward 6800 ultra bios?
? about AS5 and AS Adhesive..
XFX 6800 GT - anybody overclock yet ?
So hows this 3dmark score v.6800?
eVGA or BFG?
Trying to decide, PNY+amazing warrenty or BFG from BB
5900XT vs 9600XT
BFG 6800GT biod mod
Bfg 6800nu??
Ti vs FX
BFG 6800GT is not the o/cing king anymore!
BFG 6800GT vs 6800GTOC
LeadTek Nvidia 6800NU Artifacting STOCK on 3dMark03
Bfg Fx5900nu Bios
6800 GPU and stuttering
2D/3D OCing.
Throw away my 5900XT just to play DOOM 3??!!! HELP!!!
what are your 6800NU OCs?
6800GT OCing precautions
pny 6800gt $339.00
Doom3 and MX440
switched from a 9800pro to 5900nu and now have probs
MSI 5950U crashes out in DOOM 3 - HELP!!!
DOOM 3 CRASHES with 5950U - HELP!!!
Best 6800GT
MSI mobo and Gforce TI 4200 @???
Nvidia 6800 Ultra
Damage when flashing 5900 to 5950
"weird" 6800gt overclocking issues
Overclocking a Leadtek Winfast A250 Geforce4 ti4400 128mb?
Modded GF4 but still HOT!
Latest RivaTuner allows my "QuadroFX 1100" to run 61.73 drivers
capturing with FX5200 ultra vivo
i was bored last night...
Galaxy Glacier 6800 GT...is my card faulty?
BFG 6800 GT vs. XFX 6800 GT - higher OC?
6800 gt worlwide delivery?
Overclocking a Leadtek Winfast A250 Geforce4 ti4400 128mb?
What is a good overclock for a BFG5900XT?
TI4200 -> 6800NU driver question
You won't believe this... 7000+ 3d marks on a rig that costed less than $600!
FCC number for nVidia GeForce card
GeForce FX 5200 OC using Rivatuner?
6800gt owners: What drivers & oc'ing utility do you use?
Running dual graphics drivers???
My geforce4 is slow on tv
oc'ing 5900nu question
6600 series preview...
Will The 6600 GT Ever Come With 256MB Of Memory?
NV mainstream cards to come
Fx 5900xt
Is the asus 6800 'gamer edition" a GT
anything bad about the MSI 6800NU?
HSF removal from a BFG 6800 GT?
Nvidia Driver Update via Windows Update???
Halo Pink Rocks *pic*
is my card dying?
Not recieving suffecient power??
5900U to 6800GT Driver Question
BFG 6800 Ultra Question???
can a fx5200 ultra be flashed to a fx5600?
Gainward 6800 GT in stock
Nvidia 6600GT Performance vs. X600XT
Galaxy Glacier GeForce 6800 GT - Beware
Galaxy Glacier GeForce 6800 GT Beware
Forsa FX5700LE 128MB 64bit or 128bit memory ?
Best heatsink for a ti4200?
MSI GFfx 5900U questions
coolbits is flaking out!!!
BFG 6800 GT weird dots - 2D corruption?
Looking for a video card, what do you guys think about this one?
Pushing a 5700LE ("OC'd")
Nvidia card <300$ comparable to 9800P
How high can I push my TI4200?
BFG 6800 GT OC Troubles
Friends TI4200 is messing up...
need a good replacment cooler for fx5200 ultra
FX5700 Ultra Question
Nvidia overclocking happiness
Inno3D modded bios 1.4v GPU
Memories of crazy TNT2 OCs..
GeForce FX5200?
6800nu\DC :(
BFG 6800 GT OC artifacing & freezing system?
Forceware 65.62 beta
Ok really need some thoughts....
Now i'm confused about the BFG6800's...
BFG 6800 GT OC vs non-OC 6800 GTs
Why isn't coolbits saving my OC??
What's the best 6800 card?
Doom3 (Tweaky Tweaky)
Is this right?
Max Voltages....
problem: agp card being seen as pci. =(
Cooling the 6800GT: Thermal Compound does help!
My new BFG6800GT-OC's scores, what do you guys think?
Is this really an Ultra or a typo
So this is my story.....
Need pictures and knoledge for PNY cards
nv 43 to be called 6600
Disable the Test New Settings button with Coolbits
Help Overclocking 6800 NU
Wierd Doom 3 Problem
Tearing/Artifacts in Farcry with a 6800.. Whats up?
? about 6800GT temps
Galaxy Glacier 6800 GT - 370 MHZ stock
PNY 6800 GT/Ultra
AGP with pci express support?
6800 ultra in stock
Benchmarks for 6800 non gt/ultra?
Worth Upgrading Graphics?
Problem with my Ti4200
Am I The Only One That Cannot Get RivaTuner To Work With FX 5900 XT? ARGH!
Need help on a new VGA cooler!! FAST!
Max OC for GT vs. Ultra
Newegg has Ultra's in stock as of right now
Laggy Leadtek A310 FX5600 Ultra
World Record 3dmark2003
Gainward 6800 "Golden Samples" not really Golden Samples??? Whats a good alternative?
Opening pipes on 6800NU
6800NU, nvidia questions, oc'ing help
Ti4400 IHS Removal
Far cry headache
Best Driver for gf fx 5950 ultra
Has anyone been able to find retailers with 6800 ultras in stock?
6800 GT lifespan
I have the worst of luck...
6800 NU vs. GT
Games keeps crashing...
SLI on nVidia!?
test 2 on 3dmark01 se
6800 NU modded into GT <SOFTWARE> (12 -> 16 pipelines)
CoolBits problem with 61.77?
Which brand of 6800?
stock cooling, passive 5900Ultra
Why'd you get your 6800 series card?
FX5600 Ultra core auto-adjustment question
Used PNY nvidia 6800 being sold at CompUsa? (Is No anti-static bag normal?)
New FX5700LE
Modded Siluro Ti4200 OTES w/ 1U Heatsink
Can't OC my Geforce 6800 GT. HELP PLEASE.
BFG 5900XT Overclock?
Albatron GeForce 5700EP Problems
[HELP] PNY Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT- good price?
the only thing holding me back from buying a 6800NU..
BIOS differences: 5900 and 5950U
Geforce 4 Repairs
Your settings for DOOM3 ?
Help with nVidia drivers... old ones worked, new ones don't?! [56k]
Yipcha!!! BFG Ahoy!
5900U 256 Vs. 6800NU
5900U 256 Vs. 6800NU
6800 Gt Questions?? Ocing Etc..
eVGA 6800 problems
Safe to overclock a little w/ stock cooling?
Issue with my GF4 ti4200 and EA Games?
6800 GT Unstable O/C
Flashing FX card
XFX 6800GT in stock
Will this help get me a better OC on my 5950U?
Monitor or drivers
5900xt causes buzzing sounds when navigating menus.
Looking to buy the 6800 Ultra Chip now who do I buy from
Ultra and GT Both have 16 Pipes
Some comments for the Msi nx6800gt
thinking about upgrading my video
Stock AGP voltage for BFG 6800gt OC?
5900 overclocks
texture tears
6800 Oc
fx5950 ultra vs fx6800 ultra
newsest best drivers and 9.0c
few questions regarding temps and my 5900ultra
Wanting to try flashing my 5900 to 5950
Which card, ti4200 or fx5200
significant performance hit with 4x agp?
Need a brand selection for 6800GT
Nvidia Video Card gone bad
Should I get the Gainward, Chaintech, eVGA, or PNY 6800?
6800 NU passive cooled, GDDR3 with only 8 pipes
Screen goes blank when right clicking video files
upping the ante
6800gt 8/10/02
Cooling 6800 GT