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Leadtek or BFG for 6800GT
would this cool better then stock?
Point of view - 6800 Ultra
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Coolbits OC question
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125/250 Gf4.... Help
New video card
Help...How do I view a DVD on the secondary monitor while surfing on the primary?
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cant find a 6800!! Help!!
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old time overclocker needs some help ;)
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albatron 6800gt score's
Sweet Deal!!!
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Forceware 62.20 beta
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FLASH 6800GT is not start
3dmark03 decreased?
ti4200 problems with tv out :(( help
Geforce 3 ti200 vs. Geforce 4 MX vs. Geforce fx 5200
Driver oddness 61.76
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Which card is the better deal?
Gainward PowerPack! Ultra/2400 GeForce 6800GT in Stock for 399
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Gx 6800nu 12 ----> 16.
What Core does the 6800's have? NV40 or NV45 12pipes or 16?
Nvidia to have new midrange cards?
gf fx 5950u + New Drivers=?
AquaMark3 & 3DMark2001 scores on GT
cheapest 5900xt for the 5950 flash
how to tell if vid mem is bad?
Geforce 6800 Ultra due date?
Need Bios For GF 6800GT
6800gt dissapointments
How to and where to?
How good are PNY cards?
Are these benchmarks a big improvment?
Green Blinking
Where is the Nalu and Timburry Demos?
Wow just upgraded from a Ti4200...
New 61.76 Drivers out
My eVga 6800GT Benchies
gforce issue not up to par
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6800NU owners post here!
Best maker of the 6800s?
Guide to 6800 "GT" -> "Ultra" Bios Flash
Zalman? Thermaltake? GPU cooling Suggestions Needed please
6800GT Massive Artifacts everywhere
best nvidia card under $250
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Random crashing in 3dmark 03?!?? Is it because my oc?
XFXforce 6800 GT WTF?
GOOD BIOS editing tool?
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Flashing 5800 problems
Bfg 5900nu
5900 flashed to 5950=sweet
Xt Or non ultra?
Any Gainward 6800GT Owners Out There ?
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Driver problems with Nvidia
Starting Over: How To?
9700Pro is gonna fry soon, what should I get? FX5900XT???
Coolbits 2
Bought a BFG GF6800GT-OC
gf4 ti4400 oc w/benches and questions
help on buying Nvidia
Diffrence in Nvidia cards? HELP!!!
6800 GT overclocking with coolbits...
No signal. Need help
New guy. Need some help!
nvidia demo
440MX 64mb jetway to squeeze everything out of it
GF4 Ti400SE bench marks correct ?
will Ti4200 play far cry?
Geforce 6800 waterblock woes
Nvidia/VisionTek Ti4600 Best Driver?????
6800 GT fan control? HELP!
is there a Vmod for the 6800GT?
new vga silencers!!!
6800GT OC shines...
Who can identify this nVidia card?
Why my Ti4200 OC sucks
What program monitors temps for a ti4600?
61.72 drivers
GF4 MX440 overclock 366/584 anygood?
Forceware 62.01 beta out!!
good overclocking utility?
far Cry and the 5900 series cards
OC Asus Geforce FX 5700 256 mb
Need Utility to OC a 6800nu
Leadtek A380Ultra Performance
6800 GT and a Danger den water block
geforce4 ti - FSB sensitive extreem? ie. Nill overclock
What quiet cooling options will fit the oversized pcb of a ti4400?
Cooling for my e-geforce 5700LE
Is there any difference in the hardware architecture between 5900XT and 5950ultra?
vid prob with windows i believe
What is the best brand of Nvidia cards to get?
eVGA GeForce 6800 GT System Performance
safe temp for 5900 ultra @ 5950?
GeForce 6800 Non-Ultra
nVidia Geforce2 mx400 or Intel "extreme" graphics
Which Nvidia to choose??? GeForce4 Ti Series
E-Geforce FX 5700LE Overclocking!!
6800 drivers, what flavor r u using?
What are your 59XX/XT/NU/U temps?
A little humor..
Ti4600 fan died - need replacement
Will VGA Silencer fit GF4 MX440? plz HELP!!!
Need tips for POS card!!
AGP Bus frequency?
Hey, is the Albatron FX5900 Turbo 256mb any good? (Considering buying it..)
6800 ultra issues, need advice
What to do?? GF4 MSI Ti4800
is my score okay?
A little off-topic...
Where can I find the .inf file to overclock?
6800GT vs. 6800 Ultra
6800GT : waterblock Maze4 possible?
Question about omega drivers
My 5900XT shows little improvement
My 6800GT Kicks A$$
6800Ultras in stock!! Only $1,100 (600)!!
fx5700 & cpu temperature
Constantly Running TV Out
A good card ?
Nvidia Error - Help
128m 6800 cheap? Perf?
[INFO] NVIDIA SLI technology question.....
Anyone ordered a eVGA 6800u?
You smell something?
what drivers
Nvidia fx5200 128-bit ram and the oc ?
Better ram or faster Vid card.
Wife ain't gonna like this.
anyone flashed a 5900se to 5950 ultra yet?
GeForce 4 MX440 - What can I do?
how do u know whick fx model like ultra and stuff
I love you compusa!
For the XFX 5900XT users...
agp voltage!
Is it okay to run an 8x card in a 4x M'bd?
20,000 points on 3dmark2k3?
BRAND NEW 6800GT freezes up on 2003!!!
better fan for my fx5200 256 mb
Random Failure
Msi Fx5900xt-vtd128
Emergency! failed flashing
Nonsense P.O.S. -- FX 5700
BFG Tech brand video cards
Best driver for a GF2 MX
How To: Albatron Geforce4 Ti 4280
nvidia 6800gt vs 6800ultra question
5700LE o/c questions
5800NU is as good as?
what are the formulas for fill rate and mem bandwidth?
How does this look? (PCI Express)
6800 Nu
Mx-4000. Wtf?!
Alright, I'm getting a PCI-express motherboard..
Need Help OCing 128mb fx5200
os agp x2??
best performing 5900xt for the money..
BFG nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XTOC with 5950 bios flash
Core threshold!
Would you trade?
SLI for all?
any body out there capturing analog video with Geforce FX 5200 / vivo/VTD any brand ?
512M on 6800 PCI-e
Using CPU HS as Memory HS for FX 5700
overclocked fx5700 + winXP = problem after reboot
Active RAM cooler.
Screen reset on avi/mpg context menu
5900XT Settings Questions
Who got in on the $299 Pre-Order for the BFG 6800 GT from Best Buy?
which drivers ?
Jagged Lines in games.
My 5600 and OC problems... please help
So when is the NVidia 6800U with the 512mgDDR3 and PCI Express due out?
FX 5800 bios flash?
How does the regular 6800 look?
Overclocking Nvidia Geforce 5200fx 128ddr
VC maker on Sandrasoft
Gainward 5900xt to 5950
6800 ultras in stock
Best Driver for ti4200
Any difference in 2D quality between FX5200 & it's big brothers?
GPU Coolers for GF4
Using Plasma for Monitor
6800GT Looking IMPRESSIVE!
Best cooling for a Ti4200
Asus V9999
Optimizing a GeForce FX Go 5200 64MB
6800 in the UK
RivaTuner ! support 56.72!
Help with Leadtek Win Fiasco
ti4200 to 5700u worth it?
please help
Pny 5600 Fx
evga 6800nu or leadtek 6800nu
FX5900 Ultra worth bios flashing?
CLOCKING the FX 5700!
5900se over 6k 3dm03 finally
Omega Drivers
FX5900 new bios help
Are 6800's out in Europe?
g4 4600 HS mod help
New vid card, $200 is the very max.
Where can I find a 6800nu?
Visiontek GF4 Ti4600
Help .... I need a 5950U schematic
More memory in Video card ??? why ??
MSI G4 MX460 driver question, best one for card
FX5900XT to FX5950-Ultra Conversions...
Nvidia NPAP2 Lite motherboard/AGP settings HELP!!
Geforce 5200 questions/upgrade *plz help*
GeForce 4 ti4600 Problem
x-bios editor not working?
3DMARK2001 Help PLEASE!!
Best graphics Nvidia 6800 video card.
Please post 6800 ultra satisfaction & OC speeds
OCing Ti4200, best program?
best drivers for 5900nu
So, where do I find ForceWare for MX 440
Geforce 4 4600 which drivers?
gainward 5900ultra bios
Cooling FX5600
FX5700 question...
5900XT to 5950U flash horror!
What is the best Nvidia 8x card to get?
Great card at a good price? What do you think?
Overclocked FSB's and NVIDIA AGP Cards
Thermaltake giant II on gainward 5900xt?
Ti4200 Acting Wierd
The Right Settings
Nvidia ForceWare 61.40 Beta Drivers
PCI-Mode on my 8x AGP card
Raise VDDQ?
6x.xx series drivers
geforce fx 5200 128 heatsink...
nview features questions
bios-"flash-a-bility" of 6800GT to 6800U(E)? heard any rumors yet?
Quick bios flashing question
farcry settings on 5900
Palit 4200ti Anyone Know Anything About Them
Nvidia geforce 2 mx400 OC'ing program, if possible one that also checks for artifacts
Is this a good video card
FX5900XT and farcry
6800GT and ULTRA out
Interesting Result With 53.03 Omegas
BIOS Flash for FX 5900 Non-Ultra?
RAM sink attachment which is better...?
Colin Mcrae Rally 04 Stutters, plz help!
What should I do?
BFG is So cool
FX5200LP into a quadro?
Help graphics problems :(
ti4600 fan dieing? / what should i get to replace it
albatron ti4280p missing a capacitor??
does anyone have this card?
Gigabyte nVidia GeForce FX(MX 4000)
Please help- persistent problem...this one is tough
switching to Nvidia
6800 Extreme edition
GeForce FX 5700 ULTRA Yes or No?
Ti4200 Safe overclock?
i need a drivers suggestion
Is this card worth it?
Farcry NV3X fix?
GeforceFX 5600 - TV + VGA1 + VGA2 all at once possible?
Favourite Drivers For Your Card?
What's the best GPU temp monitor?
look what I can do :D
flashed 5900xt runnin in 4x?
HELP!Im on a roll (FX5600XT 256MB)
Benchmarks on 6800 NON ultra
Would you make this trade?
Can ya mod the FX5900XT into a QuadroFX3000?
Selling my Ti4200 Good Price?
FX 6800 availability date?
Should I trade out my 4400ti for a newer card?
i need a video card suggestion
S-video problem.
part of FX5950 Ultra
44 drivers with 5X.XX feature set
[Help] Cooling a FX5900 card
Help On Getting A New Video Card.
what drivers are you using on your 5900xt
6800's PSU Requirements a little high...
Pelted Ti4200+power loss=dead card?
are these temps ok?
FX5200 volt mod?
Ti4200 owners
Recommendations please!!
driver problem
O/C v9280 TD 4200ti questions!
weird GPU Heatsink
Ddr, Ddrii, Ddriii, Gddr?
Xt, Se, Ultra?
switched from 9500 to albatron 5900xt
win2k++geforceti4200=14k.5 at stock
asus ti4200/td tv-out question..
Post your 3dMark2003 Results... can I get some nVidia lovin.
Are there any issues with a 5200 and farcry?
Best AIR GPU cooler for a GeForce3
WIll I notice a difference
high fx 5900 temps
[INFO] Need suggestions for cooling a ti4600 ULTRA??????
Ich brauche hilfe bitte!!
Please help with upgrade
TI4200 or FX5200
Geforce 4 Ti 4400 capacitor values
For you nVidia lovers
Omg!!!! Almost Had A Fricking Heart Attack!!!
FX5800--->FX5800 Ultra Bios flash?
Forceware 61.12..... If anyone cares.
5700LE vs 5600XT
Ti4200 to 5900XT?
My BFG FX5900XT is here!
Triple View Setup
Extreme Mods
Which Video Card?
Which Will Give Better Performance
Riva Tuner Users......
How Low??!!
will the prices be going down on the 5900??
video problem
Damaged PNY 5950Ultra
LF Sony Geforce4 420 Go 32ddr mobile driver
GFX once 200 FSB......
New Video card on the way! w00tage!
Dual display with NView....which is best?
Best nvidia card for under 5600
FX 5900 cooling solutions?
Gainward FX 5900 help
Video bugs
Abit Siluro Ti4200 Voltage Question
Pny 5900 Ultra 256Mb overclock
Gainward Ti4200 how much can it do?
VGA Silencer Rev3 + Ti4600?
Something wrong
Asus 5950u bios
I cannot believe this!
5900xt or what?
wanting your opinion on a card
How is the FX5700?
hsf on gpu decsion, opinions welcomed
Help choosing PCI card video card
n00b 5700le question
help - flashing fx 5700U bios
GF4 Overclocking
Might get an asus fx5900...advice?
GeForce 3 river tuner low level hardware oc locked.
6800 Ultra Extreme and GT Review
abit ti4200 128mb
Leadtek ti4600 forced to memory downclocking
GF3 Ti200 3D'01
Bios Flash / Temp question
xfx geforce fx 5200 or gforce3-ti-500?
Forceware 61.11 Drivers
Video Bottleneck!!!
Has anyone seen these yet?
video card help
Geforce 4 ti4600 freezing games - help?
CPU OC gives video artifacts?
Finalised 6800Ultra Specifications
catasrophic failiure
Pine Xfx 5900xt
6800 release?
Aopen FX5200 128MB vs Chaintech ct6btm Bios
gforce3 ti-500, vid settings
Just curious here. Are the new Nvidia cards competetive with the new ATI cards?
High Tech 9800 Pro 128Megs or wait?
My overclocked Geforce FX 5600 Ultra speeds
Can I put my Geforce2 mx in an AGP 8X slot?
3d marks 2001 se low score
GF4 FX5600 or Ti4200
nVidia Driver Benchmarks
nVidia's new board
Whats a suitable upgrade from a 4400Ti?
Albatron GeForce 4 Ti 4280
Blank screen - Geforce2 MX400
Leadtek Winfast A350: Request for Information
OC your 59xx to the MAX.
Purchasing 5900xt
FX5900 what card??
GeForce Ti4600 HSF Fell Off
LeadTek A380U OC help...
GeForce 3 Ti500
WTF is wrong
Leadtek ti4400 HOT.. help!
PLZ help! IS my card ruined???
5900se,xt volt mod
how do i OC a 5900xt
here is my ti 4200
GeforceFX 5200 overclocking
XP Cant install my Graphics Card!!!
AGP Voltage & OC'ing
What speed should my Creative 4400Ti do?
questions about 5900,5900se,5900xt
Error after flashing a 5900TX
recently installed a ti4200 from an fx5200 now i have probs
Refurbrished Video Cards
One Slot 6800 Ultras from Different Manufacturers
which is better 5900 se or 5900 xt?
fx 5950 ultra default core/memory artifacts
Quadro FX3000 on it's way ...
New from nVidia... QuadroFX (?) 4000
normal temp?
Request: TNT2 Riva Model 64 OC Info
sound help
geforce 4 more speed??????
Problem with FX5600
Flashing a pny fx5900u is it worth it???
linky for modding the fx 5700 ultra!
Ok i have oc'd my 5900u but scores in 3d mark 01-03 are still the same???
Texture problems with Tiger Woods 04
Overclocking nvidia integrated?
NOOB help, with PNY 5900xt/se
Why cant i find any geforce 2 modded gcards?
Looking to put a heatsink on my 5900
BFG-5950Ultra Cooling...
128 MB ti4200
So we know when Geforcefx5800 is supposedly gonna be out, what about the quadro??
Best drivers for Ti4200
help flashing 5900xt
GeForce MX440 Video Card.
Msi 5900xt
enabling 8x AGP
OT: where are those pics...
My MSI fx5950
MX440 to MX460 BIOS flash?
GeForce 6800 Ultra reviews
Looking at 4200s
Which one...i cant decide?!?!
How to Enable SBA
resolution and refresh rates=Quality?
Lucky 5900se better than 5900nu?
Flashing GF4 Ti4400 --> Quadro750 XGL?
Overclocking GF4 ti4200 and ti4400
4400Ti VS 4800Ti
Overclockin Pny 4200ti??
Visiontek GeForce4 Ti4600 oc problems
eVGA 5700U drivers
5114 points with 3dmark01 using a GF2 - anygood?
XFX GF FX 5900 ULTRA VIVO adapters?!
XFX GF FX 5900 ULTRA VIVO adapters?!
cant get any video
Geforce FX 5600XT a few questions.
eVGA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra
Any one ever volt mod a ti4200?
How come my Gainward Ti4600 sucks?
Geforce 2MX400 - Cannot Upgrade Driver cause WinXP Crash (Bluescreen)
4200ti :(
anybody flash an xfx 5900xt?
MSI GeForce 6800 Ultra
Geforce 3 VisionTek or FX5200??????
nv and ti 4200
Ti4600 Fair Price
Visiontek GTS-V