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Sorry... But whats the best driver?
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CANNOT Restore Overclocking - NVIDIA Drivers & Registry Issues
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Problem with geforce4 mx440
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4x agp on the via chip set??
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Nv 40 April 13 = Confirmed ?
Can I OC a FX 5200 w/o messing with the BIOS
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Ti4200 Drivers and DX9
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Need help OC'ing my FX5900
3dmark SUCKS.
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Should i lap my geforce 2 mx400 heatspreader?
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5900SE & 5900XT = same exact thing?
gf3 ti500 wont run at 4x AGP
NV40 to be released April 13?
ok i have a strange FX5900XT...
if you own a pny 4600 post oc here
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Graphics card not running in x8 mode
Performance gain in new 56.64 nVidia drivers
Problem with GF4 Ti 4600
halo -timedemo results poor
first post - advice to oc geforce fx5600 256mb
can i use super glue?
Help flashing my fx5900se card
Problem when overclocked
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Forceware 56.64 OUT NOW!
Gigabyte card specs
Heatspreader on gpu?
is this clock good?
whats the best nvidia 5950 out
MX440 stuff....and questions
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5700u died on me
Is low overclocking bad for the company, or line of cards?
Krusty, Marge, Homer inside NVtweak
Can Anyone Help?
should i update my cards bios
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3D Mark 03
This a decent purchase?
geforce 3 ti500 drivers
Thinking of getting a Ti4200 off ebay to replace fx5200
need a new fan!!
Can you soft mod FX5700 to Quadro.....?
Help me decide
To ANYONE with a 5700 128mb non-ultra
What is the stock voltage of GF 3Ti200??
xfx 5200 help
Screen Wobble... fixed!
FX5950 ultra LOW 2001 SCORES!
ok... time to upgrade
XFX...Good cards?
Needed Chaintech 5900nu BIOS
another "which card" thread
ok i read about oc a video card
Can't Use TV out?
5600 is oc'ing very well actually :0
Bios Settings For My FX5600?
5700 Ultra OC
Cheapest 5900 that flashes
what is the differ?
VideoCard making sound
5900 Ultra In Shuttle XPC
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GF4 4400 Artifacting on startup and in windows
is a ti4200 halo worthy??
VGA Problem
Omega drivers anyone?
Incorrect Memory Size, Help!
Which one of these Top 3 cards??
Which one is the better card...
ramsinks for fx5900u
Heatsink and Fan won't come off TI4200
A new fan for Asus GeForce FX5600 V9560TD 128 MB 4X/8X AGP video card.
Possible flashing of 5600 ??
Testing Your Video Card Temp
ASUS V7100 Pure Pro 64MB AGP (MX400) bios needed.
1st ever benc in Auamark3 - results.
FX5600 stories, more of :)
I take it i got the wrong 3dmark then :(
DVI Problem
Pny Gf Fx5200
X-Bios, Cant change clock speeds?
Could a Video Card cause a slow internet connection???
What are the Stock Speeds of an FX5600?
Hauppauge pvr 250
Help with GF4 MX440
MX 420 Volt Mod
All this flashing???
Woohoo! Successful BIOS flash!
need help about a price clash
tv card and 5900u help please
Whats your opinion of the best drivers for the TI series?
best driver for use with server2003Enterprise
Higher Clock lower 3dmark FX5200 Pro
Tweak Program
Sorry but i need a expert to tell me what this means.
Geforce FX models
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Subpar fx5200 286Mhz Memory?
Anyway to get directx 9a for my FX card?
Bios flash
AGP 4x on FX5950?!?
can nView display 2 desktops?
this card is terrible
5800 vs 9700 pro
Will 300fsb kill my video card?
AGP 8x Question.
need help here with geoforce ti 4200
flashing an mx440 to a 460
too hot? is it normal?
Mounting Mod Fans
oc'd MSI Ti-4200 8X AGP for sale
Why molex connector on 5900?
What the hell is this peice of crap?
Football...I have the score that you wanted to see
Mipmap choices missing from th 56.55 drivers
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9800PRO Beater !!!
Can't DL the Geforce 2 GTS Drivers....
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looking for 5900se bios flash to 59xx
XFX 5900 Ultra Bios
Default settings for FX5600Ultra?
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TI4xxx series question...
GeForce 4, 440MX help
help for a newb to nvidia
4200 without fan?
geforceFX 5900 ultra
[5900 Ultra] cooling fan control logic
o/c and games
Stupid I know
Just ordered ti4200 newegg refurb
radeon9200 vs fx5200
tv out black and white
GF4 Cooler, Vantec IceberQ4Pro or Thermaltake Copper?
GeForce 4 Ti 4400 Question?
whats your 3dmark01 scores with ur 5600 non-ultra???
Sound Issue! PLS LOOK
Geforce 4 ti 4600 question
nvidia and who??
Good card for $50-$100?
ut2003/4 gcard
I'm scared to flash.....
Is this a good 3DMark03 score?
I need an FX 5600 non-ultra bios...
Is this a video card problem?
3dmark03 testing 2d setting??
Bah. I made a dumb mistake.
Albatron 5700 128mb
a couple of 5900SE questions that need answering please
OCing a FX 5200
Driver question
Almost there...?
Question about my fx5900xt
Quadro Questions
just wondering...
5900 series 8x1 or 4x2?
Ti4200 Question
Need help oc my G-Force 2 MX400 64MB
BFG FX5900: no DVI output until boot into XP
PNY FX 5900SE cards are really FX5900's in case you didn't know
fx5200 core/memory speeds
]----- NVIDIA Goes PCI Express
FX5600 clock speeds porblems :(
chaintech gx20 & tv out
can someone compare an MSI FX5200TD to an ATI model
anyone have a geforce2 ti500
cooling for my fx
Dangers of flashing?
TNT64 cooling
5900 stock a few noob questions
Plugging in a 5900SE
more cooling for my 5900se?
Video Card Under $200
fx 5800ultra, core slow down
What AGP is a GeForce2?
forceware 56.55 out!
PNY Verto Geforce FX 5600 Ultra question(s)
DVD playback-TVout issue on forceware 53.03 drivers
Nvidia gfx and tv capture
Artificating Stock with my FX5900?
Upgrading from radeon 9600xt . help please
fx5200 vs Ti4200
TI4600 Questions
Gainward Ti4200 unlocking!!
Nvidia or switch?
Need Help Overclocking Geforce FX 5200
Ultra or XT whats da difference?
What is a fair price to ask for my Ti4600?
bfg and chaintech
OCing a an Asylum FX5600 256mb?
something aint right
is my fx5600 an ultra or non-ultra???
is my 5600 a ultra or non-ultra??
PSU requirments for FX5600 Ultra 128 MB AGP
Hats off to PNY!!!!!!!
What is wrong?
big price jump
Is better cooling required for the 5900 -> 5950 flash?
7500 3dmark 01 w/ FX5600???
Where to find FX5900 NU
NV40 Rumours
QDDR3 on an FX 5700 Ulra
Vedio Card Bios Nvidia
Buying Video card
AGP card "located" on PCI Bus 2
which version to buy?
] ---- I WANT your NVIDIA BIOSES - please ----[
new to nvidia
Need help O/Cing my FX5900se
GeForce3 Ti200 not showing up in Device Mgr
geforce 2 volt mod
futureproof card possible?
2D clocks of 5950?
software to oc a fx5700 128mb?
Stretching the screen using TV Out, how?
Best 40.xx drivers for Ti-4200??
is there a 5900XT -> 5950 mod/bios?
"This device cannot start. (Code 10)"
WinFast A350 TDH users(not only) - cooling
Overclock a 5900 Ultra to a 5950?
need help with twin view
Best way to remove this HSK/FAN, without damaging the card?
Albatron 5950U
LOL.... faster MHz with less 3dmark score!!
Seeing tiny green dots all over (only on pictures)
Cooling solutions for the geforce FX series
5900 SE or 5700 Ultra?
I think I wrecked my Ti4400
Why are my 3DMark 2001 SE scores so low?
Bfg Fx5900 $155!
Flash your 5900nu here!
Problems with (Abit Siluro GF4 Ti4200)
GeForce FX5600 and WInXP problem!
PNY, your simply the best.........Thnx!
My Gainward FX5600ultra just stoped working in my family use pc
Help! Need Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 MX 32MB drivers!
geforce4 Ti4600 heatsink mounting q
This just keeps getting better
Help PCI mode???
Best way to install new nvidia card
Is this better than my ti4200
so many 5600 cards, which one to get?
What are the best drivers for a GeForce 3 Ti 500??
MSI G4 Ti4200-VTP 128 DDR driver question
Creative 3D Blaster 5 FX5200
Better H/S For GF4 4600Ti
Best driver for geforce2 mx200?
5950 or 5900
Anyone having issues trying to install/uninstall drivers?
My computer randomly reboots and I think it might be related to my video card.
5600 XT bud scorin 1100, thatz WAY too low...
I need your help badly!!
MSI Ti-4200, DX 90b and 53.04
Does brand matter?
Leadtek A360 TD MyVIVO 256Mb O/C?
5600Xt scorez 4600 3dmark 2k1? why soo low
Ti4400 problems
is unplugging the fan on my gf4 ti4200 ok?
OC Ti4200 Vs. Stock and 100pts.
strange thing
BFG 5900 overclocking, cooling, and more
Chaintech GF4 Ti4200 8x & Thermaltake Cooler Help!!
is this a good card?
new high for 5800nu
FX 5600 XT how is the preformance?
ocing my ti4600, need past experiences
GF4TI4200 and 3DMARK03??????
WinXP, GF3 Ti500, and DX9 Lockups?
Some help here
FX 5900 & Coolbits
What is the best video card I can get for about $100?
Need some help with some voltage
XFX Geforce 2 MX400 64MB DDR
Why Quadro's Are Better
FX 5700 into Quadro FX 1100
FX 5200..system reboots after 10 min of Gaming
Using coolbits to overclock
Help me to bios-flash my ti4200....:(
PNY sucks
FX Cards
Overclocking fx5200
WHO's got the uberest geforce 4 mx 440!!!
Chaintech TI4200 128
Best nVidia card for under 150
FX5900... can I make it stable?
Hard mod for FX5900Ultra to a Quadro FX3000
Refresh problems with ti4400
Ti 4200 crashing
5900se FPS Help?
Best 5900 Ultra?
Hello, Little Help please.
no hardware support message?
PNY Nvidia TI 4400
Cant install video card
Problems installing Ti4800
as5 & ti4200
I got a new card, what is it?
Gefroce4 4200 question
picky mx440 card?
Good 3DMark03 scores, bad 2001 scores?
is there any hope for my GF4? [Movie]
What's a FX5700 Ultra & a FX5800 like?
mx440 overclock
i have to be the luckiest person alive :P
Pixelview FX5200, overclocking options disappeared
Video Card Purchase Question...
bfg fx5900- for real or crippled version?
is there a temp/fan rpm readout program for the fx 5200?
What's a *safe* limit on voltage?
anyone use/used jaton cards
How to disable MHz GPU throtling on FX5900 ultra
G4ti over 415mhz core without LN2!! And #1 overall G4ti EVER!!
Problems with Leadtek A250 Ti4600
Flash your FX5900 to FX5950 Ultra
XP Pro,need step by step procedure for updating video drivers,it's driving me nuts!
Problems with FX5200
Graphical glitch with my asylum Geforce fx 5600ultra
Forsa FX5600 128mb.
Evga driver
Strange problem
fx 5200 bios flash
MSI-FX5600-256DDR Overclock
What is the absolute best
ti4200 - Heatsink Removal ??
Can Nvidia redeem themselve with nv40
MS 2k3 server drivers for Ti4400?
Geforce to Quadra?
Trying to get the most out of my MX 420
Anyone beat my 3dmark01 score?
Is BIOS flash OK/SAFE here? Ti4200
fx5700ultra #1 in 2k1 and 2k3 now goes to me !!
Overclocking a GeForce2 MX400;General Questions
NVFLASH problem.
Best Utility For Overclocking GeForce 4 Ti4600(4x)
Overclocking FX5900 to FX5950
Whats Your Max OC' for GeForce Ti4600
DX 7,8, or 9?
Abit Geforce 2 32mb vs ...
evga 5900SE overclock?
OCing a GeForce 3 and keeping it cool
Overclocking GeF 4 Ti 4600 need some info
laptop video driver
ti4200, worth it over a ti500?
What do you think about PixelView FX5600XT ?
Low 3D Marks? WOW!! Help!!
clock this card,
These scores any good?
Power Probs with 5900U
Gainward FX5900 ultra/1200 golden sample problems
Overclocking GF mx 100/200
GF2 to GF4 no vid display? plz help
Cpu Heatsink
FX5900 Temps
Stock cooling on Leadtek Ti4400
Fx Worth It???
GeForce FX5700 OWNERS-- Please Check Out
troubles with O/C'ing 5700U Pls. hlp.
Crappy ti4200 overclock
best drivers for gf4 mx440
StarStorm drivers. To use with GF4 4200 or not ?
Which nVidia Card?
Rename Ti4400 with Quadro4 750XGL bios???
Scores seem low...
pci vs agp
how good is it
Fx 5600
BIOS Flash your 5900 into a 5950
tv and monitor at the same time?
NVidia Personal Cinema/VIVO hacking......
Is NV GeForce4 MX 440-SE AGP 4X?
fan on ti4600 died
Wierd missing textures with 53.03 Drivers
I have 4200, Go with 5900 or what?
Fx5200 *C#$P*?
Highest Speed FX 5200?
new to overclocking fx 5200
help! dunno how to install det. from guru3d!
nVidia is cranking out crappy drivers...
Does the SoftQuadro4 Hack work with 53.03?
Best drivers for g4ti4600
Direct 3d not working after installing DX 9
Overclocking GeForce FX help
nVidia nForce 2
UT2k3 problems....
Need Vmod for MSI Ti4200 (MS-8886)
TI4200 4x?
Good OC for Air Coolin??
Best Fx5950
Whats the best speed for GF4 4400 Ti?
53.28 drivers (Linux) o/c unfriendly?
Is this GPU any good?
asus v7100 mod help
strange blocky artifacts
choices not that complicated!
OCing MSI Geforce 2 ti - Freqs...
mad dogmx440
bfg vs pny
identifying too high of an OC
Are my eyes playing tricks on me??????
How do I enable AGP?
Nvidia Omega Drivers are out