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Good used price for this gpu please?
Handy Spreadsheet & quick pic
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Cooling Your GPU
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MSI Lightning Xtreme Edition???
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SLI Option or Not?
560 Ti SC -- Testing
Switching from two ATi 5870s in CrossFire to one nVidia card, Looking for option
Zotac GTX 560 Ti 448 Core Review
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1FPS increase when overclocking
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New to board! Quick question about two 'Reference' and OC'd cards
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460s wont sli
GTX560 TI OC, is this a safe/good result?
help me! which gpu should i get? 480 560 570??
a little help appreciated.
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Xfx 8500GT 512mb OC
Sli or not
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PCI-Express x1 + Video Card = Overheat?
EVGA Classified 560TI 448 Core Overclock help.
Replacing thermal pads with TIM?
GTX 460 Help Please
2x sli Inno3D GeForce GTX 470 iChill Hawk 1280MB or single Gtx 480
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MSI 570GTX TFIII Power Edition vs Power Edition/OC
3-way SLI
GeForce GT 430 vs GeForce 9600 GSO
Which brand has good customer service?
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Flashing firmware: allow voltage control?
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Ordering next day just want 100% guarantee
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EVGA 560TI - Can't get voltage to "stick"
GTX285 OC upgrade question
stee range.
GTX 560Ti, Asus or Msi, Decision Time!
GIGABYTE GeForce gtx 570 OC TDR failures
MSI 560ti PhysX (GPU-Z not showing)
Asus GTX560 Ti TOP Only Boots Some Times
GTX460 Weird Load Temp problem
Video being decoded by second GPU?
EVGA GTX 580 Classified Review
(AIO Desktop) Can i replace a "GT mobile" with a GTX series? (slot dilemma)
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560 Ti fan rattling
GTX470 for monitor and TV setup question..
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560 Ti SLI - Other card has low clock frequencies
New upgrade parts just confirming before order
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SLi problems.
XFX 8800gt fried (pics)
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GT 220 Turbo cahce to 1 GB?
overclocking nvidia 550 ti
GTX560ti and GTX560ti 448 sli
dedicated physics card
??? It is ???
Did someone get a GTX570 for $200?
NEW beta drivers for Skyrim - 290.53
wierd noise
GTX 295 1/2 working
MSI Afterburner issue
New PNY 460GTX 1G Heat Questions
GTX280 Turning itself off
What to do next with a GTX 460...
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Where Connect Monitors For Virtu?
How Much Power Does a Video Card Use?
8800gts=tesla c870?
GTX 580 running hot
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GTX 460 756 SC mb SLI and 1gb
GT 550m Extreme Overclocking vs 555m 3dmark score
effects of GPU overclocking? and updated guide suggestions?
Evga gtx570 low power causing bf3 crash
3D Vision info thread, resolution limitaions, display sizes, etc...
-239MB of video RAM?
GT555M in an Alienware m14x issues
560ti / PC Crash ( not overheating )
Running 2 Monitors
Is this normal for a GTX 570?
2x gtx 580 1.5g with gs800
pny gtx 560 overclock
I've HAD it with this GPU (GPU-Z question)
Changing voltage on 560 448 Core
2nd opinion?
Trouble with 2d?
8400gs and 560 ti
Best combination for connectin 3 monitors on GeForce GTX 570 ?
Very little knowledge of graphics cards.
Best 560 Ti Profile setup
nVidia's latest Tegra offering.
Low FPS GTX 570
GTX560 Ti & PhysX
GTX460 Overclocking & Voltage
ROG MARS II GTX 580 actual PSU requirement?
nVidia announces 600 series GPUs!
Even higher voltage on my gpu (asus engts450)
GTX 570 non-reference BIOS flash question
Max voltage for 560Ti
Gigabyte GTX 580 SLI
GTX 560 Ti making my system crash?
Asus Nvidia GTX 560ti SLI. Help/Advice Needed Please
GTX 560 Ti 448 Options
1gb and 2gb card SLI????
MSI Geforce GTX 460 & MSI Afterburner
Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?
Question about connecting monitor
Performance States Drop During Gaming
Upgrading to play Battlefield 3 maxed out 1920 x 1080?
Looking into ASUS 570, but what's the difference?
Overclock Asus GTX560 Ti TOP Direct CU II
Quick question about SLI
Help, is my PNY XLR8 GTX470 dead
Thermal compound question
Help me decide!
Picking 580 for New Build
MSI N460GTX in SLI heat problem
[Q] SLI GTX 460 Holiday Upgrade!
Gtx 580 lightning extreme sli problem
Zotac GTX 460 Overclocking Advice needed
GTX570 BlackSODs suddenly...
Battlefield 3 GPU Performance and Eyefinity Experience
VRAM Amount vs VRAM Bandwidth
New GTX560Ti 448 cores!
Overclocking Help
460 Came in...Not without disappointment...
new beta drivers 290.36 are OUT!
GTX 570 Overclocking Help!
No display on boot with SLI on
GTX-560 on i5 750?
Somebody Stop ME! (Upgrade? Or no?)
Possible reasons for GTX 560ti slowdown
Coming back to Nvidia
Problem: Gtx570 throttling ( reasons unknown )
Any point in keeping old card for PhysX?
GTX 590 Temp Question?
SLI for GTX 260
MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC VRAM Leak (Battlefield3)
galaxy gtx560ti restarts
Switching to NVIDIA
My next GPU?
Help GTX 3GB 580 Problem DX11 Crysis 2?
Can you SLI Different cards?
GTX 560 SLI question !
Upgrading AMD HD 6990
why am i getting low score in passmark?
Trouble enabling SLI
GTX 580 SLI?
Asus gtx 550 ti (top or dc)
2 new gtx 570's sudden kernal crashes
MSI GTX 560 Ti
DVD's going to SloMo w/560ti S/C
best mid-range upgrade for Radeon 4870?
Help installing GTX560 in inspiron 530
What other GPU to get?
To Lightning or Lightning Extreme in SLI... That is the question..
I normally wouldn't ask, but...
GPU core voltage max
Gigabyte 570 gtx coil whine?
Oveclocked GPU OK for 24/7 use?
nVidia 460 Device -> Performance settings
Nvidia planning christmas sale
Should I RMA my Video Card?
Are all GTX580 the same in terms of brand? HELP!!
Thinking about getting a GTX590, should I wait for the 6 series cards?
BF3 Performance on SLI or Single Card Setups
Which card is best for the ASUS P8Z68 series?
2 screens with one gtx 580
2x gtx560 ti or 1x gtx580 price/performance and noise level
560 ti oc question
Odd Nvidia Issue
should I buy this gtx 590
A question about SLI
580 vs Another 275
MSI GTX 560 ti
GTX 570 SC monitor change
Need advice on my GPU upgrade!
After 5 years of waiting
Back to the green camp, what do I need to note?
Video card choice - help -
Does nVidia do VRM Upgraded cards for every series?
ODes nCidia do VRM Upgraded cards for every series?
GTX 580 SLI PSU Requirement
Overcloking MSI 560 GTX
BETA drivers out - 285.79
Difference 560 and 560 ti
Overclocking a GT 330m?
3 Monitors...2 GPU's
upgrade to 470 vs wait, need input
GTX 470 display crash?
Forcing Vsync off
evga gtx550 Ti 2 gig
PNY GeForce 3 Ti500 64mb
x16 2.0 card in a x16 slot?
dead 295
EVGA GTX 560 Ti makes a strange noise
GTX 570 overclock hysteresis?
New Rig. About to order parts. Suggestions?
question on compairing cards
GTX 570 BF3 FPS?
Powers On; No Display
Need help with my GTX 580
Nvidia design garage - hidden stuff =)
Help with Workstation/gaming Rig
just ordered my evga gtx 580
GTX 470 Fermi SLI Config
evga gt 430 1gb
Single GTX 580 poor performance
Overclock help.
Lucid Virtu
GTX 590, Which Brand To Buy
It's back to nVidia! I'm happy too!
GTX 600 Series rumors
CUDA based Divx Encoder
3 x 480 GTX vs 3 x 580 GTX vs 2 x 590 GTX vs 6 series
Random flickering on display..
Zotac 260GTX worthy upgrade from a XFX 8800 GTS?0 GTS
Dead ENGTX 260?
My new Asus GTX 570 DCU II Issues
New Card for Skyrim!
GTX 560 Ti BF3?
Post Your Unigine Scores.......others to come
Asus GTX580 DCII
Gtx 460 Fan problem, or Card prob?
EVGA GTX 480 Fan Problem
Clone mode - added resources?
Battlefield 3 artifacting on brand new GTX 560 Ti
Nvidia 560 Ti - Over Clocking - see a difference?
Finally back on Team Green
Need advice quickly!
Cant get the performance out of SLI 470GTX HELP!
580 SLI overclock Asrock z68 extreme4 gen 3 HELP!!!
Suitable Nvidia 8800 GTS with 640MB DDR3 Replacement?
Arkham City with GTX 5XX Purchase
8800gtx overheating
gtx 470 vs 580
NVIDIA GTX 285 Failure.
EVGA 480 GTX vs EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Asus gtx 580 DCII
GTX 480 SLI + Antec 620 mod
Any reccomendations on a new GTX 500 series card?
GTX 570 BF3
GTX 480 excesive noise issues
GTX 580 problem
560ti SLI
560ti overclocking issues
285.62 drivers released (for BF3 also).
Video Card Prob..Help Pls! =]
IS my GTX 460 getting the power it needs?
GTX 580 Lightning in Sli
Overclocking Palit GTX 460v2 (768mb)
GTX 6XX Series?
PCI cooling for gtx 480
Overclocking my BFG 7300GS
OK i give gtx 570 cod blackops random freezing
Galaxy GT240 Overclocking issue
gtx 590 problems
Some advice on upgrade path?
Questions for SLI
Stuck with 480 GTX Overclocking
Running 3 displays on 560Ti?
Game Minimizes then stops responding?
GTX 580 Shader clock
Help. gtx 570 issues
550Ti Zotac Upgrade over 9800GTX+?
MSI GTX560 Ti Twin Frozr II PCB
Riva tuner settings won't apply
Evga SC GTX 560 ti crashes in 2D or while browsing
Looks like i baked my gpu for good !!!
really need help here for new New Card
GTX560ti SLI Power consumption
560ti Drivers
What is the switch for?
P5300 in 3dmark 11????
Looking for a card/setup that can do 3 disaplys
GTX 570 Superclocked or Standard?
Lines coming off guns in Crysis 2?
What software to test GTX580 OC ?
PhysX or no?
GTX 580 good Clock Speeds?
What is a solid OC for a 580 GTX 1.5?
rivatuner cant oc my gtx 560 ti
I'm about to throw my MSI GTX560ti/OC into the trash
(Nvidia) Complete list of Video card's power draw Starting from GT series
MIVE + SLI Question
[PROBLEM] Display Driver Stopped Working and has recovered successfully
GTS250 Power Consumption
Nvidia 600 Series? [Search:| Nvidia 600 Series|]
Trouble with Asus gtx 560 ti
Peer to Peer sales question...
SLI GTX 580 Classified vs SLI GTX 590 classified
GTX 580 - Which one?
Think back to the 8800GTX
Thinking of buying an EVGA 9800GTX...
gtx560 driver failure
MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II 2GB
560 bottleneck?
2x 480gtx sli power supply question
GTX 560 sli question
IM CHANGING MY GTX460, BUT WHAT FOR...............
580 sli - power supply
My SLI working properly ?
Getting 580, worth it?
Gtx 580 temps
MSI afterburner GTX 580 lightning OC
GTX 570 SLI goes hot
Max 580 Core/Memory?
Problem getting 120 hz on monitor with 560ti
GTX 580 1.5 or 3.0g??
Which is the better deal? 480 or 580?
Need opinion on which Gtx 570...
Overclocking GTX 275 896MB
GT 440?
Have an 8800 GTS how to upgrade
No Signal to the monitor on powerup
480 SLI or 580?
Pulling the trigger on a new card
Worth it to SLI a GTX 285?
Evga 430 no voltage control?
New to overclocking gpu (help)
Gtx 570 heat issue
video card causing bios boot?
Upgrade? Bang for Buck... 200$ Range
GV-N560SO-1GI-950 (Display driver stopped responding......again)
260 GTX overclock troubles
typical GT430 operating temperatures ??
EVGA GTX 570 SC Bluescreening
Performance hit for dropping to x8 mode
GTX 260 Runs hot, new cooler or replace card?
Another GTX 580 SLI Thred
Issue with videos (youtube for example).
570 SLI
Should I go SLI?
[Solved] 2 x 570 2.5GB vs 2 x 580 1.5GB
inno3d gtx560
Blue Vertical Lines Help !!!!
EVGA 01G-P3-1373-AR GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) Superclocked EE 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PC
Nvidia bios volt moding...NOT Working!
GeForce GTX 460, dual card setup help
Zotac Amped! GTX 570 OC
ASUS Matrix GTX 580 Platinum Video Card Review
GTX480 unusual load temps. is it possible for me to overclock?
Looking to SLI GTX 580
Overclocking a GTX 460
MSI nVidia GeForce GT 520 1 GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express?
How Far Can I OC my GPU?
New video card contempation
The EVGA GTX580 Classified Family
GTX 480 SLI or GTX 580, what should I purchase
Problem with GTX 570 sonic platinum
Asus DCII 560 Ti Overclocking Issues.
is this suitable-nvidia gpu for my dell
Help with Riva Tuner fan speed %
Can someone tell me the difference between these two cards?
msi 580 twin frozr II question about oc
Overclocking 8800GTS Issue
8800GTS 320mb dying, help wanted on what to replace it with
EVGA Superclocked Fermi 580 Vs Zotac
gtx 580 vs gtx 570
8400GS lags system?
need opinions on supposed PSU voltage "fluctuations"
MSI N560GTX-TI Need Help
Best place to buy MSI 580 Lightning.
Help With video Card
Way to get rid of VC boot screen?
2dvi & displayport
Upgrading...Suggestions Please
GTX 470 GPU spikes and Shutdowns
GTX 570 problem *HELP*
Memory overclocking on my Galaxy GTX 470.
GTX580 SLI - Help!
Two 260 Gtx in SLI question
BETA drivers 285.27 are OUT
Hot 560 ti.
New Beta Driver
Unable to find SLI Option for 9800Gt's.
Recommendations for tri SLI?
Running Nvidia Surround (on a budget)
Quadro 2000D versus GTX 550 Ti
Running two GTX 260's in SLI mode help
need more performance for 3dvision, which card?
GTX 295 RMA question
physx set up with 2 cards?
Help with Dual Screen setup