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Need Help.. 8500GT BSOD
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Please help me sort it out..
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Force full speed?
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Can the memory clock dammaged the computer
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3D not full screen in COD Black Ops
EVGA gtx570 superclocked reference?
What is the minimum for the Core Clock/shader clock/stream processors/
What is the best between AMD/NVidia/ATI
Nvidia "Kepler" series launching in Q1 2012!
Question about upgrade.
Fastest Single Slot card?
Performance difference between single-slot and dual-slot 8800/9800GT?
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GTX 570 question with dual monitors
Does anyone here run 3-way SLI with 3GB 580s?
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Asus GTX460 "V2"?
brand new 6970 beast my gtx 570 3dmark
Vram and triple monitor
windows 7 performance score low?!
GTX 460s SLI: Newegg choices = very confused
no video feed
IRQ problem with video card
First Nvidia purchas.
GTX 570, 800core / 2100mem is max...
seems like i can go way to high on memory?!?
How long to Run OCCT before upping mhz
gtx 570, upping memory instead of core?!?!?
GTX 560 Ti and GTX 260 core 216 for Physx questions.
Second GPU running hotter
Gtx 465 overclock!
*Supposed* specifications for Nvidia 600-series (Kepler) GPUs
3 way flexible SLI bridge? Or do you daisy chain?
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MSi GTS 450 Cyclones in SLi
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GTX 580 choice. Good deal this week.
Gainward GTX 570 GS Goes Like Hell MOD BIOS
How long to Run OCCT before stable?!
EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 768MB
help needed with gtx 570 OC please
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Damaged 580GTX.....will it work?
Are 2 aircooled GTX 580s in an 800D doable?
EVGA GTX280 vs. MSi GTS 450 Cyclone Sli
How do people disable OCP(overcurrent protection) on their GTX 570's?
Geforce 9600GT how far can i push it?
gtx 570 being wierd...
The GTX 580, a good choice?
Should I overclock my GTX 460?
real world bench marks
Additional card- should i get the same or a better one?
GTX 560 ti 2x sli vs GTX 580!
What is Core Clock/Shader Clock/Memory Clock
PNY Verto Geforce GT 430 1gb vs XFX Gefroce 9600 GSO which one is better?
GTX460 voltage/overclock
Providing power to three 23-24" 1920X1080 monitors
GTX 580 - 3D Vision?
What would the performance comparison be?
Am I being bottlenecked BADLY?
Huge problems in games
7950 gx2 showing only 512mb? normal temp?
Need help to choose between 2 cards.
Need a new GPU, deciding between the GTX 570 and GTX 580.
GPU Indecision Prompted by Watercooling
BETA drivers 275.50 are out!
EVGA GTX 590 Classified
Thermal pads for stock XFX 8800GTS heatsink
Does GTS 250 need fan to cool RAM
Best GTX 460 Card..
Quick question about GeForce GT 320 (OEM)
Worrying Temps from a MSI Twin FrozrII 560ti OC
GeForce 6 vs GeForce 7 and GeForce 8 vs GeForce 9
Can I get 3D Vision
Need some advice
Getting very low scores in Furmark 1.9 with GTX 570
Sadness, despair and rage over display problems
Best Price/Performance Gaming Video Card?
overclocking a msi gtx560ti hawk
Is there a trick to enabling SLI?
Nvidia Driver 275.33 keeps failing to install. (Please Help!!)
GTX 470 powerful enough?
EVGA GTX 570 Superclocked or MSI Twin Frozr III PE/OC
Question about crossfire & sli
What do I need?
Is the heatsink/fan the same on the GTX 570 SC as it is on the GTX 570?
Please help! Brand new MSI 580 GTX Lightning reporting errors in OCCT GPU Test
Getting low 3dMark11 scores with new GTX 570 SC
470 thermal compound refresh
Where can I buy a second Galaxy GTX 480 SOC??
over/overscan wtf with new drivers
Graphic Card Problem
MSI 560 Hawk vs GB 560 SOC vs MSI 6950 TFIII
Help with a graphics card
Anyone with a GTX360M and World Of Warcraft i got a question
Dungeon Siege III not SLi friendly?
EVGA 280 GTX Temps
fx5200, kill or keep?
GTX 470 SLI Heatsink/Fans
Twin 480's vs twin 570's...The 480 comes out on top for less!
GTX 470 SLI Question
Can't decide on a card
8800gtx help?
8800gts not POSTing
GTX 460 output issue
Do I need a fan?
EVGA GTX 560 Ti Curiosity
Running multiple cards, 8400GS slow?
Installing GTX460 Drivers - Windows Update or NVIDIA Website? [Help]
Best card for a media centre
GTX 285...How do you overclock it?
6970 vs 570 (again!!)
evga 460gtx 768mb
30 bit color on geforce cards
MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC Overclock Results
Is Cuda Worth it? 560ti vs 6950 (unlocked + oced)
GeForce GTX 5x0M or GTX 460m?
GTX 580 3GB or crossfire 6970's
Dedicated Physx Noob, help pls.
I'm confused....560 gtx better than 560 ti?
Videocard Fan Burnt, what card to buy?
nvidia surround on one card?
EVGA gtx 580 random spikes to 98C
New graphics card or sli?
EVGA 460 se, cooling, sli?
Monitor "queries"
GTX 580 : High Frequency Problem
Gigabyte GTX 460 Major Issue (Help!!)
Cards performing a 1/5th their capacity....
MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC artifcating?
GTX 285 - what to do?
570GTX OC voltage?
GTX 570 vs. Radeon 6970
Palit GTX 580 temps
graphics card comparison
yet another graphics card comparison
May have bricked my gtx460
Performance problems with new GTX 560 Ti
I'm thinking of trying overclocking, im not very experienced tho
EVGA GTX 550 TI Overclocking?
O'C 8600M GT w/ RivaTuner - questions...
GTX 570 Superclocked
BETA drivers 275.27 are out!
different game, different resolutions on 9500 GT
GTX 470 SLI or New GPU?
GTX590 Revised - will old waterblock work
GPU backplate temperature difference
What will best support 3 monitors
6-pin PCIe adapter
Nvidia 7900 GTX
Thinking about flashing my GTX-460 BIOS
560Ti finally in, temps too low
560 SLI heat question
EVGA 8800GTS temps?
570 trade in for 580?
Window Move/Resize Problem
I replaced my video card and now
Why reinstall drivers after switching between compatible gpus?
Any decent GPU voltage tuners out there?
Where can I get help/info on the SLi hack?
560 ti SLI question
Power Supply Fail killed my GPU?
GTX260 horizontal dashed lines
GTX 590 for 3 screen + nvidia 3d vision?
Defective Card or Game Glitch?
GT 240 ddr3 Overclock??
Sound card overheat? Help GTX 275 SLI + Asus Xonar D2X
Fps distribution for monitors
MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozr II unstable if overclocked
560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC resetting in Rift.
Horrible MSI Kombustor scores!
New video card doing the same thing as the old one.
is there a fix for ocing evga 285? stuck at 400 core
forcware 270.61 and gtx 295
EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win comment
To SLi, or not to SLi?
This a good a deal as it seems?
Need a more compact GTX 460 cooler
Pci express slot issues.
Card died, need Upgrade Advice fast - info on rig listed
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 price
My gigabyte gts 450 isn't stable at overclocking
Would this be more cost effective?
EVGA GT 430 rebooting
Accelero dilemma
What makes a GPU faster/better?
1.5gb vs 3gb
EVGA 3GB 580s
Geforce gtx 570 or Ati Radeon 6950
Did the world just end? AMD and nVidia made up.
Two 460s or one 560?
Something may be wrong with my GTX 580. Is this considered artifacting?
Display Driver stopped working?
Q6600 and 460 GTX 1GB
Hybrid SLI?
Display Driver Problems
GTX 590, 580, 570 ect. or wait for GTX 600
The GTX 590
My New MSI GTX 580's Lightnings
9800GT Fan Failing
Two 460's or one 570?
285GTX to 560Ti; Worth it?
Single GTX 570 Micro Stuttering?
Weird color problem
GTX 570 SLI and nVidia Surroun
2 EVGA 460 SE cards in SLI wierd blue everywhere
GTX 570 Question
Very disappointed with gtx 460 SE
560 ti SLI and Crysis
2 x GTX 580 + 9800 GTX for physx?
EVGA 280GTX w/ EVGA 9500GT for PhysX
Just making sure...
Asus 480 upgrade over 9800GTX+ 1 gig?
GTX 560 BIOS Flash results
SLI problem with 2x 295s
Gigabyte GTX 560 TI OC Overclock and voltages
FX 5500 pci vs FX 5500 agp
gtx 480 soc heat issues
Windows update broke nVidia Inspector
Gtx 480 stutter.
Gainward + Gainward or Gainward + Palit?
9800 GTX+ vs. 8800 GTX as Physx Card
GTX280 and GTX285 different memory?
Gigabyte GTS 250 1G in SLI vs...
Questions about my GTS 250
gtx 480 sli on a ZALMAN ZM850-HP
Good idea or no?
ASUS ENGTX580 DCII/2DIS/1536MD5 How many outputs will it support?
Help with artifact problem
Question's on SLI
Gtx 580 vs 2 gtx 570s
GTX 570 and PSU question
9800gt overclock issue
New Build Help, pls.
PS to GPU question
ASUS ENGTX460 TOP vs non?
GTX 460 performance
Geforce2 GTS vs FX 5500
Zotac Gts 250
GTX 480?
Video card
[HELP] Geforce GTX 460 cyclone 768D5 192bit
Overclock My GTX470 Today
Upgrade for 9800GT?
New Build- Video Card Problem
Nastalgia...Nvidia finally taking the crown back from ATI again!
FLash player issues
Video Card Upgrade
Zotac GTS 450 overclocking results
GeForce GTX 470 SLI
GTX 580 Issues
Will my PSU be powerful enough for SLI?
nVidia's April fools joke: revival of 3dfx
Sound help!! MSI GTX560ti HDMI
Multiple Profiles
AMD 990FX and 990X to support SLI!!!!
Is this a good 3dmark06 score for stock 260's
Nvidia GeForce GT540M Not detected? HELP!
[O/C] PNY 560ti OC2 Video Card Review
GTX 275 co-op
PC wont start with 8 pin connected to gtx4890
270.51 beta's available!
Overclocking the GTS 450
Best 570s for sli?
Which card to get?
Voltmodding GTX 500 series
560 GTX OCing help
The 590 oven!
Memory Bandwidth ?
Where does my 8800GTS 320 sit on performance these days?
Voltage question for GTX 470.
New x580, can't find much info???
Sparkle Calibre X580 Graphics Card Review
vrm heatsinks for gtx 580
Problem with New EVGA GTX 570: Windows 7 won't boot / startup properly
SLI Sparkle gtx580 calbire
7600 gt fan replacement
What happened to 8400GS Physx?
470GTX Twin Frozr...nice overclock?
Crysis 2 and 9800GT fps screenies:)
Erratic Frame Rates...At Wits End
What is a safe Core clock to be running at?
Nvidia Control Panel Lockup Question
gtx 570, which brand
Time to retire the old card
Nvidia releases its latest GPU, meet the GTX 590!
The GTX 590 is OUT !
gigabyte geforce 9800 gtx+
GTS 450 + GTS 250 fan speed question
Gigabyte gtx 560 OC or MSI GTX 560?
GTX 460 downclocking it slef? problem...
What could this be? (secret NV GPU?)
nVidia control panel
GPU goes 100%, but only after alt+tab? :P
GTX 570 drivers crash win7 @ login
Which card to get?
Is the Zotac GTX 580 a 1GB model or a 1.5GB model?
Blackscreened half way thru furmark
GTX 480 vs570 vs 560ti
GTX 570 DCII on P8P67, too big?
GTX 570 SLI on Asus P8P67 Evo
Just how powerful is a GTX 570?
BFG Tech Geforce GTX 260 Core 216 Problems
Monitoring Software for GTX 570 V/Card
Anything out there in the $120 range that will outerform what I already have?
GTX 480 blue screens...
Video card dilemma
Video Card for HTPC/Light Gaming
Upgradeing PCI-E Video Card Stupid ????
Need a new video card HHEELLPP!!! I have been away to long
Installing new video card
The 550 is out!
GTX 560Ti SLI with GTX 275 physX?
GT 430 Overclock Help
[O/C]GTX 590 Design and Specs Leaked
GTX 580 vs 590/95
Yet another customer complaint.
400 series bios flash problem...
Should I overclock my MSI GTX 560 Ti ?
GTX580 OVERCLOCK! Problem with 3dm 11!?
9500 GT or Galaxy 430
Issue with GTX 260
EVGA GTX460 2 win
GTX 580 getting thrashed by Dragon Age II
PCI-E Bus Speed x8/x16
xfx gtx 260 Temps issues
Gtx 460 overclock
SLI, two times same card?
Inaccurate load on Precision
Finally bit the bullet - 570 will arrive before midday tomorrow
GTX470, aftermarket cooling?
Triple monitor single card on the way?