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Any good gtx 480s that blow air out the back of the case?Silverstone FT02 case.
I'm bored so posting a pick of my new card and cramped case
2 GTX480 V.S. 3 GTX460
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Temperature monitoring
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dx9 dx10 dx11
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I just replaced my card with the same exact model of a different brand
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Nvidia Geforce 9600 gso 512
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gtx 260 plus edition sli, please help
eVGA GTX 460 FPB (Free Performance Boost)
Keep 285 or Upgrade?
GTX 460 Fan Noise
gigabyte gtx470
Yikes gtx 460 temps!!!
HELP, card is UNDERperforming!!
Tri-SLI GTX 280 on 1000 W supply
Screen goes black when playing games.
Video Card Upgrade Advice
Nvidia & ATI - Perspective
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Minimum CPU for a GTX 460/470?
Gigabyte gtx 460 1GB
Gigabyte GTX 460 SLI heat problems
Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum opinions
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How do people compare card benches these days? Heaven Benchmark seems to be
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Geforce GT 330m 256/512
BEWARE nvidia fermi cards are stuttering / hitching despite good fps!
Hi everyone
3way sli gtx 480 on Maximus III formula MB?
evga470 speed throttle
Price Check- 9800GX2
Graphics Card for HTPC
9800 GTX+/GTS 250 SLI OC
Choice of graphics card, needing your input.
Bought an open box PNY GTX 470 yesterday and noticed this on the card
Unable to connect multiple displays on gtx 470
Which card...GTS250 SLI or GTX465
Looking For Help - 8800GTS Video Issue (Corruption)
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Which manufacturer of the GTX460??
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How can i push this POS any farther????
RivaTuner won't let me even access GPU overclocking panel
GTX 260 overclock
460 GTX HDMI help please :(
Dual G92... On a Single PCB!
GTX460 - Reference/Noise or Aftermarket/Case Heat?
nvidia surround requires sli mode, but what if it's disabled for a game?
ion driver .
Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB OC results
4320x900, gtx 480 or gtx 460 1gb sli?
What is the max amount of cards you can sli together at one time?
GTX 295 to GTX 465?!
could a bad hard drive be mistaken as video?
Other then Newegg
Overclocking Palit 460
2GB 460s?
My new system with GTX480 Benches!
O/C Help Request
Question about my Video card.
New GFX card needed
Palit, Gigabyte, Galaxy ect vs. EVGA
To 460 sli or 470 sli
gtx480,System hang, and first card not working after reset
Voltage Unlock 465
8600 GTS or GT220 FTW?
upgrade to 460 GTX or just wait it out?
mobile GPU benchmarks?
Strange Issue with GTX480
Is it worth it? That's the question!
Poor GTX 480 Performance
Drivers crashing and recovering
Anyone running 120Hz with a GTX480?
Geforce 210 vs 7800gt
SLI worth it?
new build
GTX 260 game crashing
Looking to replace 8600 gt xxx
SLI configuration question
OC'd 465 Temps seem Low - Indication of other problems?
Just upgraded to GTX260. Benchmarks seem low.
1080P@60Hz HDTV 400 Series
Screen goes black and system locks up when gaming
Need a new graphics card for Alienware m9750?
Major problem in games
2 X GTX 480 with 850w powersupply ok?
GT240 and analog VGA output...
GTX 480 not performing
need your advise !
Evga Precision for 470
Can't screw in GPU
Video games cause me to lose signal?
GTS250 Help
ntune and Blue Screen!
video card upgrade?
GTX 465 OC
GPU memory thermal pads?
Just ordered my Zotac GeForce GTX 480 AMP! Edition!!!
EVGA 460GTX 1G SC ordered!
Chooseng Nvidia
EVGA GTX470 SC overclocking results inside
Dual GTX 480
Problem with my GPU
3 Simple questions about the GTX 480!
No Signal on new build
multi sli
Evga gtx 470 Bios?
NVIDIA GTX 460 Review Roundup
again new beta drivers out, performance increase =)
mini-hdmi gtx 465 dead?!
Nvidia Physx?
pcie 2.0 card in a pcie 1.0 slot?
GTX 470 red/white pixelation?
Accelero S1 R2 not making full contact with BFG GTS 250
thinking about a new 3d card
ATi Equivalent of GTX 480?
GTX480 Thoughts
[O/C]GTX 460 Press Kit Leaked
GTX 470 or HD 4870 for E8400 Processor??
Trouble shoot video problems
3d gaming checklist
some 470 fun
over clocking, new to this.
How well does the PNY GTX 260 OC?
gt240 gddr5 overclocking issue
GTX 480 vs GTX 465 SLI?
GPU Usage w/o SLI
OC Issue with GTS 250
3d test fails
Woohoo! Multi monitor and 3D new beta drivers.
8800 Ultra tech advice please.
Building my first gaming pc, help!
new nvidia beta drivers 258.69
EVGA 480 OC'd
Hardware accelerated video encoding with 480gtx?
470 or 480 for new build
GTX 480 sli watercooled, want some opinion
Dead 7950gx2
Which gtx video card for 3d gaming?
I want me some backplate love
I just bought a GTX 465... Did I shoot myself in the foot?
GTX 480 Temps
Benchmark Software Recommendations.
Update: GTX 260 SLI benchmarks
GTX 480 Overclocking problem
Tri Sli GTS250
SLI Question
OC EVGA 1GB GeForce 9500 GT?
gtx 260 cooler on a gts 250
Curious about RAM
Need a video card that can run Flight Simulator 2010 Maxed out... and then some
Strange colors
GTX280/GTX285 Display Error / Graphical Corruption
EVGA OC scanner utility
I ****** Hate Nvidia Drivers
257.21 WHQL drivers released.
Help on fixing a EVGA GTX 275
SLI 8800 GT doesn't appear to be working
GTX 470 SLI OR...?
Killed first Graphics Card
Adjusting memory when OC'g GPU
nVIDIA reference GeForce GTX 480 Mods
Should I overclock?
Need a good NVIDIA driver for my GPU
nVidia Ultimate Sticky Thread
Time to upgrade from GeForce 8800 GTS yet?
Rivatuner or EVGA Precision?
Something went wrong --big time, please help (BIOS)
xfx gtx260 black edition - overheating - Fixes i think that might help ? Or not?
SLI scaling
GTX 295 1080p Resolution Problem and Crapification Tsticle fary wil sntc bll sac
Dual GPU GTX 470 on the horizon!
BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore
Overclock Question
bsod in video game, gtx470sli
Powering a dual-SLI upgrade to 2x GTX470's.
9500gs PhysX?
GTX465 thread
MacBook Pro - Windows 7 x64
im confused people
GTX 470 SLI -> Future problem forecast?
GTX 480 Upgrade Question
Will nvidia Quadro FX 3800 be compatible with my system?
Volt Modding GTS 250
EVGA, BFG, XFX, PNY, MSI, etc. Best customer service?
Text looks like crap
257.15 beta drivers/gtx470sli problem
Latest 400 series benchmarks vs 5000's
GTX 280 SLI freezing games - pink artifacts
Buget workstation with Quadro 1700FX
GTX 470 1250 Modular PSU Combo @ Newegg
HELP please!!
GTS 250 Cooling issue
Best GTX 480 Air Cooling Solution
Crysis 2 DX11 or DX10
Overclocking Q6600 and Nvidia 9800 GTX
[O/C]Nvidia GTX465 Detailed
quadro fx 4800 vs 4600
New Drivers , 257.15 BETA are out =)
Burning smell + distored screen
Good GTX480 Bench!
470 GTX + 8800 GT as PPU, power supply req?
Physx & GTX 470 (Question)
Hybrid PhysX: HD 5970 plus GTX 480
gtx470sli questions
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra?? Any known problems?
GTX 280 SLI cooling problem?
GTX480 Questions
8800GTX died I think, what next?
What is the better card 8800 GTX or GT240?
3x GTX 480 vs 4x GTX 285
GTX400 series overclocking/modding thread
upgrade from 2x260C216?
NVidia to discontinue 470 already??
BFG exits from the graphics card market
GTX 280 SLI Rivatuner Fan Profiles
Whats better
8800GT on 890GXM-G65 - no display
Interesting GTX480 benchmarking..
Overclock my card or buy a new one?
need decent nvidia video card less than 8 inches
Nvidia Quadro FX1700 cover question...
GeForce 8400GS
New GPUs 470 then 470 SLI
How do I tell if nVidia Optimus is kicking on?
PHYSX question
swapping out video cards in oc'd system
Heatsinks for 8800GT
Sorry Charlie!!! (re: Nvidia yields)
MSI GTX470 -> Pics + stock benches (N470GTX-M2D12)
GTX 260 Not performing correctly...
PHYS-X using GTX 480 and 9800GTX+?
Go 8800gt SLI or buy a new Card?
Nvidia 8200M G Help!
any 3d benching programs for linux?
New to SLI, is it me or is it just a dud?
240GT - No audio?
Nvidia Forceware 197.75 WHQL | GTX480/470
[O/C]GTX 470 Mini Review
Ideal WC blocks for GTX 470?
GTX260 worth buying?
Nvidia GTS 250 too hot at 100 celsius
overclocking a graphics card
GeForce GTX 260 (896 MB) Fan RPM
Post your GTX480/470 Temps - Before/After TIM replacement ->
Opinions needed: three better than two?
Super Sonic Sled (470/480 users)...
GeForce GTX 480/470 Over-Voltage
Secondary monitor, do I need another video card to fix this issue?
9500gt for HTPC
Display driver stopped working
BFG GTX 260 Maxcore 55 Overclocking help
Gtx 480 & gtx 260 SLI Combination question.
EVGA Bans Discussion of PhysX Mod
The most expensive Nvidia graphics?
New Video: EVGA GTX480SC BIOS Flash Tutorial
Planning to buy 480, but a few questions.
This seem right?
Problems with overclocking 9800GT
GTX 480 benchmarking...by Physx
Gtx 480 or ati 5970
nvidia sled contest
My 9800 GTX+ OC Specs
Fermi availability?
Where to get newer notebook video card drivers
New Video: Dragon Age: Origins Gameplay EVGA GTX480 SC SLI
SLI help
197.55 Drivers Released for GTX 480/470
GTX 260 216-core SLI?
nvidia control panel help?
GTX 470/480 owners - have you replaced the thermal paste?
Gtx 260 overclocking
EVGA GTX 480, superclocked yes or no ?
Any reason to upgrade from 285 to 480?
gtx 295 -> gtx 480 ?
GTX 275 40% constant overclock problems
Can someone to a GTX 470 benchie for me plz?
GPU Upgrade
New Video: Batman: AA EVGA GTX480 SC SLI without/w EVGA 9800GT SC PhysX Card
SLI GTX 275 + 8800GT (or 9600GT) for PhysX, possible?
How will the GTX480 work on a PCI-e 1.0 slot (650 SLI chipset).
question on gamming video card.
New Video: Round 2 EVGA GTX480 SLI vs Single 480
GPU-Z Reading cards running at 4x WTF?
ticking noisey fan bfg 8800 gt
GTX275 Aftermarket cooling solution??
7900 GTX bad flash
GTX480 install vids
8800GTS-KO SLI Bridge
New drivers = no more 1920x1200
Tesselation -> nVIdia's DX11 win?
GTX 470 SLI -> Airflow?
You REALLY worried about the power Fermi Uses?
GTX 470 SC Thermal paste
Is this quote accurate?
New Video: EVGA GTX480 SLI vs GTX480 Single GPU
Display Driver Has Stopped Responding...With a Twist
Issues with GTS 250
X58 is x16/x16/x8, does that mean if 2 cards,1 in first slot 1 in second,ones 8x
3X GTX 470 vs 2X GTX 480
Dual Display Confusion
GTX260 clocks very wrong
To PhysX or Not? Thoughts?
My GTX480/PNY/tigerdirect experience
Serious performance issues with a good rig....about to give up
Best bang for buck guys?
GTX 470 overclocking benches & impressions
SLI with 2 GTX470's or step to 480?
Video Card Mod Arctic acc twin turbo pro
Video Card Questions
GTX 460 pre-release thread!
upgrade GTX285 to SLI, 470 or 480?
Nvidia WHQL 197.45
Who has a GTX400 in their hands? On order?
TechPowerUp 480GTX SLI Bench
GTX 260 dvi ports
GTX480 Benchmarked - Retail, Single & SLI
How;s the GTX 480 vs the 5870?
8800GT problem!
[O/C] Nvidia Releases WHQL Fermi Drivers
REQUEST: bios for EVGA 9800GX2 SSC
increasing GTX260 overclock!!!
Nvidia PX 8800 GT - playing the next generation of games
What pcb version is my video card ?
It's FermiDay!
EVGA 8800 GT SSC = what current Nvidia graphics ???>>>
NVIDIA Solves Multi-Monitor Temp Issue GTX 480
DirectX 10 vs DirectX 11
gtx 260 SLI?
gtx 480/470
8800GT No Signal!!!!
Nvidia 197.41 WHQL drivers
gtx 480/470
upgrade from 6800gt?...
Discrete PhysX Card, how to enable it?
GTX 260 Lifespan?
GeForce 8800 GTS can't play 1080p ???
Decent physx card for cheap?
Water Cooling the 400's (Question)
SLI Cooling
How to overclock NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS?
3 monitor support?
What to do with a 9800 GX2 & GTX 285?
To Upgrade, or not...
Mainstream Nvidia DX11 Cards to Have 256 Shader Cores
Cant overclock my 9800gt anymore ?
GTX 280? < GTX 285?
Best 3D Vision GPUs?
8800 gt sli problem
Value of 7900GT and GTS 250
Really crappy OC with a new GTX 260. Same performance as my 8800gtx. WTH?
260 GTX+ Running in PCI-E @ 1x
Bit the dust.
Dead GPU or bad PSU?
GTX 275 SLi vs Single GTX 470
cuda and hd