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[£%&)%#¤&@ SLI
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Help. Install Error
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Help! Windows wont see second GPU
Geforce4 Ti Series
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Transparent Checkerboards!
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which video cards support my mobo?
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Nvidia delays Fermi to March 2010; AMD to launch new GPU in January-February
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SLI two different model cards?
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Replacing my card
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New card
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Well, I think my 260 is deaded ;_;
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Can someone compare these 2 cards
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How many mhz have you raised you card?
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Windows 7 driver for ti-4200?
Asus gtx260 overheating problem
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trying to improve DVD quality. Purevideo
195.62 kills SpeedFan reading?
[O/C]MSI GTX 275 Lightning Review
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My GTX285 Thermalright Trad2 GTX install
What Upgrade???
Will the new gtx3-- be compatible SLI with the gtx259?
FINALLY! Nvidia launches the 3-series!!!
I'm out of touch
GTX 260M Headaches
SLI 9800GTX or..
what is holding back my GPU oc?
Upgrade advice
galaxy gtx 260+
PCI express x16 2.0 vs PCI express x16
9800GTX or GTX 260?
Fake OEM 9800gt?
Nvidia driver install without changing desktop icons?
Overclocking/BIOS mod/benchmarking software links wanted foir nvidia
9800gt and gx2
I will benchmark gt300 when it comes
Weakest link
nVidia Drivers 195.62 WHQL
GTX 280 random colors on screen
how much voltage increase for GTX280
proper way to overclock SLI'ed video cards?
8800 Ultra Temp?
9800GT 55nm/65nm Question
Rivertuner VS Speedfan. Which one is better?
Stuttering graphics card?
GTX 260
Graphics Card Question
3d vision. - Work with one eye?
GTS-250 vs 8800GTS
GTX260 Overclock?
Best card for $100 or less?
PNY GTX 275 Question
GTX 260 still viable for decent gaming rig?
GeForce 8800 GTS - no signal to monitor
Nvidia graphic card for DG35EC
nVidia shows NV100/GF100 GPU running Unigine DX11 Benchmark
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Nvidia Confirms Consumer Geforce Based Fermi Relase in Q1 2010
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Need Help, Getting low GTX 275 benchmarking Scores
7800GT vs Everything newer
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Brst Nvidia card for E760 Classified?
SPDIF = what ?
Problems with my XFX 7800GT
9800GTX+ Not Working Properly
wow nvidia...
Single card to equal dual cards
8800gtx to gtx 260
Nvidia thinks big with Fermi
Evga 260
Quad Displays with 8800gts and 9400gt in windows 7
How to bios flash a nvidia card without floppy? (talking windows 7 + 260gtx)
something fried in friends computer...
GeForce GTX 260
GTX260 216 prices?
SLI thread from XS, a must read for AMD'ers!
Fermi officialy delayed..
Freakishly low framerates in crysis and c/warhead!!!
3d vision
Fermi? ECC on a Graphics Card
GPU Fan died
Funny Cartoons (Nvidia Bashing Intel about recent lawsuit)
3 card question
Nvidia 9800 gtx+ problems
Non overclocked system strange lock up
SLI 260GTX 216core vs. New Single Card
9800 GTX vs 9800 GTX+ temps
Is this settup Blu Ray conpatible??
[Speculation] Nvidia possibly devising x86 processor
GTX285 overclocking results please post
some fermi screen shot eye candy...
EVGA GTX285 SLI Crash in games
SLI indicator problems
8600 gt cooler?
Apparently, my 8800GTS just died...
Interesting hybrid card from EVGA
Up and coming GT300 facts!
Geforce 195.39 beta drivers DL here!
Best video card for 75-125$
occasional snow on display 2
Nvidia physx question
best video card?
We want GT300, and we want it know!!! :D
Video Card Stability Test results
geforce fx go5200....need win7 drivers, help?
Best current nvidia driver 260GTX 16
7600GT problems.
Does SLI run worse on AMD?
Still Trouble with Video Card
Looking for a new gpu!
Is this normal?
8800 GTS help?
would like to add a fan to this video card
Still looking for content contributors!
BFG most awesome company ever!!
Nvidia Tesla Questions
Best tweaked nvidia drivers for 7900 GS?
Bfg Gtx 280 OC
Screen is flickering
Did anyone try the 191.57 beta drivers ?
is this possible?
Need VGA recomendation..
Need to know if this water block will fit on this gpu?
Charlie Demerjian may have gotten something right?
E8400 Wolfdale and a new GTX295 waiting on Modern Warfare 2
[OFFICIAL] NVIDIA to cease development for next gen Intel processors
The GT220 - What are you doing Nvidia?
Unable to tighten Geforce 8400 GS plastic screws on heatsink, causing rapid heat
Stuck on what i shud buy!
EVGA GTX 285 where to found?
faulty 9800 as physx processor?
Please clarify triple screen gaming.
EVGA GTX 285 2gb VS 285 1gb
EVGA Precision stopped working?
how bad is my 285 bottlenecked?
Better than Rivatuner?
What do you do when your GF goes out of town?
Apple may drop Nvidia as GPU manufacturer
What temps? 8800gts 640
GPU Upgrade
HUGE problem with 280GTXSLI
how to roll back drivers
GTX260 interfering with tv? o_O
help with gtx 285
Nvidia Driver 191.07?
gtx 260 vs 9800gtx+?
Nvidia Driver help
Nvivia to kill off all high/mid cards...can't compete with ATI?
295 gtx issues, opinions?
Big nVidia [forums] announcement!
GTS 150 speed
Nvidia drivers comparative degree
New nVidia WHQL drivers 191.07 WHQL
GeForce GTX 275 over SLI 9600 GTs?
SLI with different brands
Best GPU stressing software?
Any good?
looking for a cheap quiet air cooler for my 8400
How do I dismantle the covers on my GTX260?
ECS a good brand?
295 & Gaming
Fermi (GT300) for HPC, Gamers Being Left Out?
Shameless solicitation for gpu guru $.02 :D
Oh. My. GOSH! GT 395!!!!
Go suck an egg, nVidia!
GT300 Specs
190 drivers screwed up my computer i think
9800GTX+ SLI Help/Question
Is my newly purchased Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ OC Graphics Card broken?
quad GTx 285s CLASSIFIEDS in 4 way SLI
gpu with adjustable volts suggestions
Guys with GTX 200 series cards
G300 LEAK!
New Video Cards for this computer
video card or motherboard problem?
Can a radeon be used for gpu & geforce for physx?
Computer ****** up
NEW beta drivers - downlock Fix!!!
Video card for novice video editing.
pair for 9400 GT?
Is this a real 9600GSO? Confusing specs
getting an E-vga GeForce GTX 280...requirements?
DirectX 11 revolution at the door!
pny 8500gt 512mb crashing in games
Nvidia looking to launch DX11 cards around November
Post your GTX 260 clock speed.
Setting up Physics card with ATI main display?
Suggestions on a new Video Card ?
MSI NX8800GTS 512 OC (G92) + BFG 9800GTX+ (G92) WORK IN SLI MODE?
How do you remove a stuck on heatsink?
Happy with results of GTX285 vs HD5870!
gtx 260 or gtx 275
My 8800gts may have just died :(... Hows my current setup for a 260?
MSI N275GTX Lightning - overclocking graphics card
OCForums needs content editors!
GTX 260 clock fluctuations?
Does the GTX 275 support DL-DVI?
BFG GTX 295 X 2 .... Help Help Help
GTX 295 Co-op
My vga cooler looks cool. (pics)
Resolution issue with HDTV + 8800GTS
285GTX on 42" 1080i TV
I fixed my GTX295!!
Ahhhh, did I mess up?
9800gt, is it worth upgrading?
Looking to upgrade video card
Changing default core clocks (9600GT)
Gtx 260 poor performance
nVidia, HDMI, and 5.1 audio
Video Card for a friend.
temps on 9800gt
Help Cool My 2nd SLI 8800GT
Major Upgrade time!
This stinks
Which Nvidia for photoshop/illustrator user?
XFX 9600GSO ''problem''lol
best gtx 260?????
EVGA E-GEFORCE GTX 285 Superclocke
295 hardware issues?
First Card since GeForce256, extreme dissapointment
EVGA GTX285 Classified X4 SLI
Squealing GPUs!!!!
My new Geforce cards (i'm a fool)
GTX260 won't downclock on 190.xx drivers?
upgrade from a 9800GTX+??
good rez for 9600gt sli
wow green lights
Evga gtx 260 core 216 Vs. PNY gtx 275
7600GT /w Accelero S1 or S2
driver issues
should i upgrade?
Help Cool My 2nd SLI 8800GT
help me upgrade??
Came real close to getting a 285GTX FTW tonight
Video card problem.
anyone use evga voltage tweek tool??
Is this an overheating issue? - Nvidia 9800GTX
4-way SLI w/ GTX285 (eVGA)
Where do you get old Nvidia drivers?
Which one is better?
My GPU died... help
ASUS 9800GSO 512mb better than ASUS x1950 pro ?
GTX260 eats physx
Memory test/stress test
win7 + nvidia + games
7900GS dead.What to replace it with?
GPU's to be 570 times faster?
I got trigger happy
New graphics card needed
how to cool/Overclock my 8800GT BFG
Help picking a GPU upgrade?
Need clarification!!
Does anyone have a 9600GSO 512MB/1GB?
driver, gpu, or other hardware problem?
HEXUS - World Exclusive! ASUS ROG MARS GeForce 4,096MB card. SLI numbers thrown
Got a BFG GTX 260 Maxcore 55 - want to do 2 way sli
ATI Tool Nvidia wierd clocks display
XFX GTX275 keeps crashing in game? Any help?
New drivers released today.
GPU coprocessor.
GTX 275 nvlddmkm.sys errors
190.62 WHQL drivers
Black screen upon driver install
XFX 9800GTX not performing well. Why???
BFG releases MONSTER w/c GTX 295
220M laptop card
2x 275 & ..... 3way
Post your GTX 260 216SP, Furmark temps.
"New" PCI cards...
slave GTX260 stays clocked down
Any new info on the 300 series?
Can't enable SLi :(
Settings Confusion
~MAX oc for 9400 GT~
it is worth to have a 275 evga instead of another?
OCing a 9400 GT!!! lol
9800gx2 problem.
GTX 280 Temps
My G92 is a sissy :(
crank up fan speed on a BFG 9800 gt?
Which card to replace 2x8800GT's
How to tell when bottleneck exist?
8800GS keep or cheap?
SLIing different cards of the same generation.
650i 8800GT SLI not working?
GTX 295 + 8800GTS512
GTX 280 Overclocking progress
cpu speed affecting sli preformance
is this a decent overclock for a gtx260?
Broken 8800 GT
Should I Upgrade an From XFX 9800GT to the GTS260 Range??
Basic overclocking question about FSB speeds and GPU's?
EVGA vs Zotac
OC Log....
Does SLI offer power saving modes at all?
Nvidia 295 Powers on but does not display sometimes.
Safe overclock for G92 GPU?
Which GTX260 for SLI?
Quick GTX 295 question
GTX260 Overclocking
I just have a question
Which to upgrade?
Ok, This is really strange???
vantage and 06 not identifying SLI config