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I just have a question
Which to upgrade?
Ok, This is really strange???
vantage and 06 not identifying SLI config
8800GS, 680i and Windows 7
nvidia 3d vision, how many gpus?
Do i need more power?
Autodownclocking ftl?
Nother V-mem SLI question
Is my 9800GT Nvidia card running too hot?
XFX 9800GT vs EVGA 9800GTX
Dual 24" 1920x1080
SLI Help
Have a problem here...
Should I upgrade my GPU?
Is it worth it?
Overclocking BFG nVidia 8800GT OC
Underclocking Mem/overclocking Core+Shaders
overclocking the gtx285 1gb
XFX 9800gt Power Issues??
Low 3dmark06 score with 280GTX
buying 9600 gt card? add thermalright v2 cooler, cause I want to upgrade soon.
Wierd thermal cycling while running Furmark stability test and linX
Is this a true single slot gtx 275 or does it still take up two slots?
9800GX2 wtf?
nv4_disp crash/BSOD/freeze
Plz A help a SUPer newb (but im still a llama)
Bsod on Boot with new gfx card :S
Wanting a new Vid card
How about a new card?
Help a noob buy a new card!
Undervolt GTX 285?
Buying a new graphic card...help!
Too much weight for PCIe slot?
lower fps in sil.
nvidia 9800GT mod question
GeForce 9500M (9200MGS + 9400MG)
GTX 285 - Asus vs Gigabyte
EVGA 260 GTX core 216 SC Fan Control?
bfg geforce gtx 260 artifacting
anyone OC'd gtx275's core over 740mhz??
Dual SLi possible?
Question about GTX 260 in SLI
driver questions - switching cards
8800gts temperature?
9800gt, or 8800gtx?
GTX 285 only getting max 60 fps?
GTX 295 vs 2x 9800s in SLI mode
NEW NVIDIA 190.38 WHQL Drivers
GTX 285 + 8800GT???
What is Nvidia "Quadro"???
RivaTuner won't overclock one of my SLi'd cards
At a loss... 260 core 215
noob sil question
Is this normal dual gpu behaviour?
Importance of VREG sinks?
Is a 9500 GT much of an upgrade from a 7950 GT?
GTX280 ULTRA (BIOS modding to the extreme!)
190.38 beta drivers up
How to flash a 260gtx without floppy?
GTX260: Will a 192sp stock cooler fit on 216sp??
which GTS250
9800gx2 quad sli vs gtx 280 sli??
evga vga card warranty's
very handy chart for gtx 280 owners
PNY 9600GT Does It Need 2 Molex' Connected
GTX 275 vs ATI 4890, which is faster?
bad 3dMarkVantage score? GTX 260 192
GTX285 FTW fan goes crazy then 2 power status lights turn red?!?!?!
powering a GTX 260?
2x 9800GX2 in SLI??
2xGTX 295 with the Koolance water block
PC wont boot after i install new driver
I have to make a decision. Need OCF help.
8600 GTS OC
I don't have the "customize" button under Driver Settings in RivaTuner
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 and Nvidia 7950 GX2; Possible for Quad SLI?
GTX 260 , HR-03...Refence/non-reference design
Reccomend Aftermarket VGA Cooling
Help OC'ing a GTX 260 core 216
GTX 260 won't POST
Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078)
eVGA 7800GT 256Mb or eVGA 7900GS 256Mb
Why does my desktop resolution reset?
8800GTS overclocking! weird issue
stock GTX 260 / 216 @ 719 core Stable - mem only 1098
Do these temperatures sound right for a GTX 260 216?
3D work
Biostar 8800 GT 512Mb - V8803GT52
Looking for the best deal
GTX 260 Core 216 SC problem
Visual Display Errors
Comp won't start with 8800gtx connected
CPU / VGA Bottleneck question
Cooling 9800GTX+
need advice regarding Sparkle GTX 260 896MB
Help! Gpu problem? Driver stops responding....
Questions on EVGA step up
Will this void my warrenty?
what nvidia GPU to get
PNY 8500GT Vmod.
8800GTS to GTX 275 = no dif??
9800GTX not working through DVI
Bought new video card to fill screen, still doesnt, plz help
SLI Possible? 2-8800GTS Cards (They Are Slightly Different, Though)
whats the diff between these 275 GTXs?
Video Card Upgrades
Xenon GTS250 Maxx, 1GB GDDR3, 745MHz/2200MHZ Help please.
Opinions on O/C'ing my GTX 260
Video card fried?
game tabbing issue
GPU size
SLI Compatability
graphics card question
EVGA, BFG, GTS, GTX, 2xx.... Confused
Nvidia 8200m g 256mb HELP
Flash a 9600GT
GTX 260 216sp sli on Corsair TX650??
Flash Palit GTX 260 core 216 to EVGA BIOS?
Galaxy GTX 275 896mb with Accelero Extreme GTX cooler...Opinions Please.
BSOD on a 9800gx2 and win7 x64
Power management mode on 190.15 drivers
GTX 275 > GTX 285 at lower resolutions
GTX260+ 216, which brand's the best?
Which would be a better investment out of these 2 260's?
GPU Upgrade which route?
GTX 285 on x8 vs x16 lanes - X58 platform
186.18 and Rivatuner
186.18 released
Can someone...
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SC Major Problem ! Plz help
Noob Help PLease!!!!!!!!!!!
Single PCB GTX 295
Applying thermal paste to GTX260
Impacts of different brands/clockspeed cars in SLI
8800GT stopped being recognized by RivaTuner?
NV drivers in Windows 7
GTX280 VRM temps how far can you go?
SLI Question
Rivatuner doesn't have an overclock tab
Which of the following is the better 260 gtx to go for?
WIC: Soviet Assualt
Trying to choose new graphics card
Hopefully just nabbed a bargain!
my best OC
Windows 7 OC tool?
Should I keep the 9800GTX+ BFG 1 gig?
Add another 9800gx2 or move on?
wondering what to do??
Inno3d 8800GT PCIe flash problems
Mixing 8800GTS types in SLI setups
9800GX2 suddenly showing blinking pixels
gtx 280 and 4780 mix ????
GTX260->GTX275 worth £35 ($57) ?
Poor performance in TF2. Can't figure out if it's my GPU.
Graphics error
question re: SLi matching
BFG 9800 GTX+ 1 gig $100 Back up Card?
Zoostorm wtf? 9600GSO not working
multiple displays on the wrong side..
8800GT 512MB runs cooler in Windows 7 x64?
Nvidia Tegra
Is my 6800GT really a 6800GT?
can it be fixed???
How to measure temperature in Geforce 285?
7300 gs vs 8600gts
SLI + Dual Monitors?
Nvidia is no more?
GTX 260...different brands? ....or HD4870
The Mars Monster...
need help on the oven trick
GTX 285 versus GTX 260 Core 216 FTW
Asus Mars
GTS 250 or 9800GTX
8800 GTS vs my 9600gt?
sudden performance decrease
Got my GTX 285 - Mini Review
Geforce 880GT question
GPU Benchmark on Vista 64
what do i need to run crysis?
GTX 285 performance on WoW
older win vista 64 driver?
9800 GT SLI
7950 GT AGP compatibility?
gforce GTX260 sli connector question
gtx 285 oc2
GTX 380 specs leaked
nVidia Control Panel and system monitor issues
GTX260 Thinks its overclocked?
PC reboot with BSOD while Farcry2
Problem with Windows Movie Maker, new geforce driver
EVGA Geforce 275 GTX Problem
A funeral for my gtx 295, is it nessisary?
Fan speed control issues
Want to order tomorrow
Quick SLI question
Asus's new GTX295 with two GTX 285 cores
GTX260's in SLI, mini review
I am new to the High End Nvidia Cards. I have Questions.
SLI connectors, help
A sad day for me :(
how far should I overclock?
9800 gx2 Heat problems
evga step up
should i do it or not?
Video Card problems, need some help.
Recommended Course of Action?
Audio Help
Rivatuner not O/C after forcing 185.85
free evga game
New chief scientist at Nvidia
the possibilities?
Driver, Game or toasted card... bet now!
dots on my screen
Trouble shoot 9800gx2
EVGA 9800GT running hot
3dmark06 not stressing my card enough?
8800GTX overclocks, please post your results...
Hello guys. Where can I find a program which allows me to configure my auto fan?
Question about Quadro cards
heat in a brick ...
Need some help choosing a Graphics card...
NVIDIA sued by own insurance company
gtx 260 x2 or a gtx 285
New here and need help please :)
Purchasing a GTX 285. Pre-OCed or no?
FIX: nvlddmkm.sys 116 (TDR error)
EVGA GTX 285 1180 vs. 1281?
geforce 7900gt cosuperclocked
Possible to get 12k GPU score with 260GTX?
SLI or just buy new card?
How to save monitoring in EVGA Precision?
8800GTS 320mb, where does it fit?
Problem with DVI and HDMI for my 9800gx2
BFG 8800 gtsoc 320mb
8800gtx- Fix artifacts??
heat!! 9800gx2 runs hot...
Gainward GTX260 GS install (nothing special to see here)
GTX280 power requirements
New Card
185.85 driver = no no for 9800 GX2: What?
Can I flash BIOS on my 8800 even if I don't have floppy?
Bluescreen page held handyness.
Gtx 285 SLi
Displaying SDTV from GPU using Component
Easiest way to overclock 8800GT 512 MB?
Forceware , what is it ?
would a q6600 at 3.2 be enought for gtx260 sli?
Techpower Up's GPU Tool
9800gx2 help.
GTX 260s the best value out there right now?
pc reboot automatically while playing far cry-2
185.85 no riva tuner driver support?
Overclocking GTX 285
High Quality Thermal pads for 280 WB?
Someone please help
185.85 WHQL
New 275 = oh my gawddd!
Question: temps on Precision, two cards
ASUS en9800gt G/C
8800 GTS question and resolution issues
2x 280gtx or wait for 350 gtx
power question
GT300 said to have 512 SP
New gtx 275
EVGA Precision
SLI Question...
No XFX gtx2600 xxx edition
9800gtx volt mod... Again.
GTX 295 Temp
Riva Tuner and EVGA Precision
Passive video card cooling
Factory OC Cards...
A few questions about graphics cards.
Help, i need a low pro video card.
8800 GT with New system
Question about my 260GTX
EVGA 8600 gt fan mod question.
9800GT Runs Pretty Hot
Overclocking the GPU
New Gateway FHD2401
285 2gb or x2 275 FTW
GTX280, 2d settings? Core runs at 617? Ideas?
High End Cards
Video Card issue or just ironic timing?
New beta drivers released.
Rivatuner Fan Control
how to safely O.C. a gtx 260 on air
Riva Tuner question...
8800GT for dedicated PhysX???
Goodbye GTX 260 Hello...
Overclocking the Geforce 260
evga 275, 285, or 295?
Replace bad card with better card?
dvi to hdmi adaptors
running sli on my HDTV with the HDMI output.
Help Me Pick an Nvidia Card from Bestbuy!
My nvidia story
Overclocking with EVGA Precision
Nvidia: Chips to speed Apple Leopard, Windows 7
evga nvidia geforce 7900gt
Who in his right mind can post this?
Is the performance I'm seeing with my GTX 260 reasonable?
Advice on puling the Heatsink of a BFG 6800
confused about memory clock
Nvidia releases GT300 specs
Dual 9800GX2's on p45 mobo
Need help for pencil vmod on a Gigabyte 8600GT
which a 260 gtx fit in this board?
Do I really need to connect both 6-pin pcie power connectors?
Has anyone done this successfully? DVI-Audio
help i need somebody!
Audio over DVI? 9600GT...
9800 GT OCing problems?
i havent been able to find a positive answer: how many GPUs can i have, max?
ASUS 9800gt x 2 Question?
Punkbuster doesn't like Precision or Rivatuner
Which Video Card for AMD 4400+ System?
whcih card to get now?
larrabee vs nvidia
Fastest Nvidia driver?
Issue about nVidia GeForce 9300M GS not being able to be overclocked..
8800GT vs 260GTX power, temp, etc
6800 go drivers???
hardcoding data into Video card? aka BIOS
gtx 260 artifacting help
Display issues
artifacts in furmark gtx285
8800GTX Sli, PSU?
Version 1.7.0 EVGA Precision available
What's next for NVIDIA cards?
Asus? or EVGA? (9800gt)
8800 GTS SLi vs GTX 295/285
[GTX 260] Vantage Score decreasing
Will my PSU handle a GTX 260 (65nm) ?
urgent upgrade required
Four Gpus on MSI P6N
Buy or Wait 260 core 216?
Out with the 9800gx2 and in with the 295?
295 Backplate
185.66b vs 182.xx drivers
Old topic, new(ish) question
Time to Kill Cuda?
let's make it clear once and for all
GTX260 Choice.
GTX260 problems
EVGA Precision
Did nVidia fix that substrate issue since the 200 series?
e-GeForce 7300 GT
Wrong shader clock
My new Palit GTX 275 photos and overclock
How the hell do you fit 23 295s in one machine?
GTX 260 Overclocking
8800GTS high temps.
GTX 260 Problems :(
3dmark, bad gtx 260
Why does nVidia force me to futz with fan speeds?
What to get?
Would you trade a...
280 vs 285
[OCN] GPU Milking Machine
Need Audio Wire for GTX 260
display stuck at 24Hz
gtx 260 in :P
7900GS vs 8600GT
My 9600gt Calibre not going full speed?
need good overclocking software for my xfx gtx 285
GTX 275.
Best way to get audio out on the 9800GX2 HDMI?
GTX 390 - Fake, or insane?
9600gt on my psu? Will it work
DVI to HDMI Question
Resolution detection...?
Nvidia to make 4gpu's on one PCB [
9800GT at 1680x1050
Sparkle GTS 250 issues
Is this how my comp should perform in vantage?
Safest voltage for 65nm gtx260?
i did it... Hardmod on my 8800gts 640!
Video Card Help
8800gtx for physx?
nTune profile problem
Bum GTX 285 SSC?
1280x1024 res with Quad SLI..lol
Upping my 8500GT, voltages & bios & other fun stuff
Version 1.6.0 EVGA Precision available
Overclocking a q8300 did i do this right?
8600m gt underscan with hdtv out
NVIDIA sues Intel right back over Nehalem chipset licensing
Is a q9400 enough for a GTX 295
182.47 Idle temp increase?
Next-gen cards?
gts 250 512mb memory issue
nVIDIA Driver 182.20
PNY 9800 GTX overheated?
3dmark06 13745 i want to overclock?whats ur score?
New Design of GTX295 with single PCB
gtx 275?
GTX 295 Temp
260GTX & Power Supply
unstable 9600gt at stock speeds
Cooling problem on my GTX295
GTX 275 Release Next Month
Which 9800series?
9800GT's in SLI
New EVGA gtx 285 SSC off ebay...should I buy?
Can you use a PCI Express 16x2 card on a 16x1 motherboard
6800GS [AGP] fan stops spinning 5 seconds into boot then constant beeping starts
8800GT in Optiplex 745
GTX 285 and HX620W
Gtx Voltages.
Still need a video card $150-$200ish
hows GeForce 9800 GTX+ 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI is ?
What is the actual importance of memory bandwidth with today’s video graphics ca
xfx geforce gtx285 anyone have this?
Gaphics card problem
Evga GTX285 high pitch squeal
8800GT getting pixelation and stuttering when watching videos
Can u beat this?
Overclocking different cards
GTX260 and Far Cry 2
8800gts temperature
GTZ 295 Temp
Question about GTX 285
issues with windows 7 driver 181.71
better then 4870 hd xxx 1gb???
GTX 295 microstutter.
The nv4_disp display driver is not working normally
Need an app to test CUDA accuracy
No video ??? Help
Price for EVGA 8800GTS (512MB)???
gtx 285 vs 295
Intel GMA950 vs Nvidia 9400m
LOL GTX295X2 ATI GTFO Edition!!!
GTS 250 vs 8800 GTS 512MB G92
How high can I do my XFX260GTX?
Cheap Video Card
Performance not showing up in nvidia control panel
What are the most stable drivers for GeForce 6800 series please?
Nvidia 3D vision worth it? And can you purchase a second pair of glasses for it?
gtx 260 55nm vs 65nm
8800gts 512mb backplate
9800gx2 Voltage adjusting tool
Lost my SLI bridge
Evga 9800gtx+
GTX 295 only showing 896mb memory
Sound Through nvidia GPU HDMI/DVI
Palit 9500gt Overclock Question
8800gtx VS 9800gx2
Would this be sufficient for PhysX?
Upgrade my 8600
Nvidia Driver Problem or Windows Problem?
Hard time picking a new GPU
GTX 260 Core 216 vs GTX 285 (both two way SLI)
Evga GTX260 c216 55nm from air to water (56k go away!)
EVGA GTX260 (SC/216core/65nm) to GTX285 (55nm) - should I step up?
Can I run a gtx 285 to the fullest potential?
nVidia-based Video Card References
EVGA GTX260 (216) throttling override?
About CUDA
295 quad sli something maybe wrong!
Can I install 2 different video cards on same rig?
VMR & Overlay
8800GTX install odd noise
GTX 295 - DOA or KOA (Killed on Arrival)?
24"-30" monitor HDMI - what gpu solution?
can these two GTX 260 cards be sli'd?
9800GX2 and 8600GT in NF4 SLI problems.
Need opinion QUICK
Anybody else get a dog EVGA GTX 285?
Nvidia website now has drivers for Windows 7
939 motherboard and 9800 GX2 fitment issues.
8800 GTX SLI -> 9800 GTX+ SLI?
GTX 260 and spdif cable
GPU1 + GPU2 - 9800M GT x2 Problem
CPUs should be faster for high-end cards
181.71 Beta drivers for Windows 7
Thermal pads, what can I replace them with?
SLI on CrossFire based m.b.?
GTX260 low 3dmark 06 score question
EVGA 260 216 55nm owners - what temps are you seeing with your stable OC?
change PCIe slot - reinstall drivers?
200 GTX series should come with a Dremel coupon...
6600GT AGP can't set 1680x1050? Vistax86 nvidia driver won't install!
new OCCT + RivaTuner = crash?
3dmark vantage
8800 0r 9800
Video cards maybe causing crash?