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Crossfire R9 280x vs SLI GTX 760 4GB
Looking for low spec video card
Best GPU for A 6 monitor set up that is still good for hard gaming??
Does anyone see competition to the R9 290x or 780ti (Both after mkt versions) in
Another dead GPU
Does my video card effect high def video
Have a $400 budget and a dream.
replacing my Sapphire 7750! (what should i get)
Going to upgrade to a 1440p Monitor... Probably going to need a GPU upgrade
I think i'll need a mental home soon I CANT PICK A GPU :( PLZ HELP
Which Co. makes better drivers(more stable)?
4k on HD4600 4770k
GPU Choice
Can single 4gb gpu be better that dual-sli with 4gb each?
Did EVGA steal Rivatuner's RTSS design into the new PrecisionX?
How much Plug and Plug can I get a GPU to be?
how to prevent GPU droop?
Sweet spot(s) for GPU price/performance
Upgrading Graphics for an Asus Rampage 3 Formula
display port link failure?
Newbie Builder
770 sli vs 780ti
Gaming with 3 U3014 monitors
Suggestion for a HTPC GPU
780 vs 290x vs 290?
upgrade vga: r9 290x dcII or gtx 780 dcII
two chip cards and vram?
Rant about high end gaming today.
nVidia 750TI and Asus PB287Q 4k monitor problems
What is the highest GPU overclock on WATER
[Solved] Is there something wrong with my cooler?
Looking to add more video horsepower, best way?
[4K] Which GPU To Buy For 60Hz 4K Gaming ~ 1500$
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GPU Settings/Performance Question?
GPU OC application
A quick pick A or B
Video card problems/Advice for new card
What's the best option for me...
2x or 3x GTX 670 or ATI R9 290
AMD GPU Heatsink Mounting screws etc...
GTX 780 vs AMD R9 290 to replace GTX 570
HDCP Compliance issues???
Precision X Questions
3DFX history panel
GPU temp program that has Log file
looking for a new card
GPU for 2560/1600 Multi-Box Multi-monitors
3 Display config on Dell Optiplex 7010
r9-290x vs gtx 780
One card only
Upgrading from 8800 GTS (640MB)
Dual GPU cards vs. true crossfire/SLI
Picture not centered on screen
i5-4440 on board video Intel HD Graphics 4600
QQ: Mlutiple monitors using video card and on-board
intel graphics vs. discrete GPU
Driving Two UHD Monitors (at Reduced Freq)?
need help upgrading my gpu
7870 vs gtx 750 ti
Intel HD 4600 on i5 4570 for UHD?
Old Q6600 CPU wanting to convert to HTPC with a new GPU with HDMI
onboard gpu clocking?
GPU-Z v0.7.8
I want to be able to change fan speeds :/
core always running full speed??
VRAM overclocking: why bother?
Good Benchmarking Site
Upgrade 2 HD7770's to ??
2x Crossfire and SLI setups: never twice the performance?
GTX 780: a noticeable improvement over my 6970
Why don't some games max out my GPU usage?
PCIE ribbon extenders not working
Maxing out your PCI-E bus?
Portable GPU Load Test
The annoyance of dealing with high resolutions
evga 750 ti need I install non driver software
MSI Afterburner Expires ??
At wits end
direct x 12 to work on "existing" chips
might be a silly question?
How high of a GPU could i buy before i have a bottle neck?
Anyone Bought A VXT3D Card?
PowerVR Wizard brings ray tracing to real-time graphics
How bad is it for the heatsink to touch the case?
Monitor turns off as soon as any game loaded up
Your Opinion on upgrading from 270x's
New Gpu /s
Driver keeps crashing? softwrae or hw issue?
AMD Radeon 5670
Will i find any GPU better than what i have
Recommend a new GPU for my Wife's PC
Intel HD Graphics 3000....
What happened to low profile video cards?
Best upgrade for $200 or less?
Can I see an improvement for $200 over my 4580 X2
Comparing GPU performance from stats
Can $200 get me an upgrade over my GTX 470?
Decisions, Decisions
My 6970 Rocks should I upgrade?
GTX 780 for Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Which graphics card would perform better?
Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Ultimate
GPU-Z 0.7.7
GPU for Music Studio PC W/3 monitors
Which graphics card is better?
Time to replace my HD 5670
Time for a new GPU
GPU-Z v0.7.6
3DMark Question
new system build with 2 R9 270x in crossfire. what for the rest?
7870 vs gtx 660ti
Is this the right amount of thermal paste for my gpu?
Looking for new GPU
Benefits to Upgrade GPU?
gpu not working at x16
A new and Powerful GPU for Gaming?
What GPUs can i crossfire with an HIS Radeon HD 6770 that are still for sale?
Fooling a video cards temp and current sensors?
How long do Companies continue to produce GPUs
CES 2014: MSI Reveals R9 290X Lightning and GTX 760 Gaming ITX Video Cards
Looking for a video card that has Video In capabilities...
Video Card(s?) for 1080p 120/144Hz
Made the switch.
new video card only or complete rebuild?
Dual BIOS cards: any real need?
GPU prices are just all over the place
Stiff, binding gpu fan - options?
Upgrade from a 460GTX se 2gb
Question about a graphics card to run 2560x1440 res
Crossfire or R9 270X?
Budget video card for older games.
best gpu under 50 bucks
Interesting benchmarks
whats faster than 2x hd7970's
INSPIRON N7110 gpu question w/ pics
Upgrade from xfx 5850 crossfire
Is there a good internal pc capture device to record from ps3
DX9 titles: more overclocking headroom?
Recommended single video card BF4 on 2560x1440
Good time to upgrade
GPU-Z 0.7.5 released
Nvidia AND Radeon in same machine?
GTX 780 OC vs R9 290 OC
afterburner fps cap
Molex to 6 pin with only 5pin?
Looking for a New GPU ($250)
CoD Ghost Mid-level Vid Card for E8500?
Looking for best $300.00 GPU
Looking for 2 new cards
Call of Pripyat GPUz memory usage stats
Pre-Christmas Deals on GPU's
Only one fan spinning on my 660 ti?
Texture Mods Performance
Trading up from a 7970?
Post Holiday upgrade suggestions.
Time to retire the 5970?
Best GPU for Optiplex 755
$100 GPU for Gaming
Workstation Cards
GPUz: video memory usage monitoring
Finally a GPU bracket...
Video Card Pricing?
Old School
Needing assistance from you in the know people
Cheapest graphics card for BF4 on Ultra @ 2560x1440 screen res
3dfx Rampage #B001
Dr Frankenstein at work
Advice for Nvidia to AMD swap
770 2gb upgrade
Confirm my choice or shoot me down.
Which gpu to get Amd fx-6300 and sabertooth 990fx
Keep, Buy, SLI, Wait For New Video Card For Build
Any services that will do volt-mods?
GT 735M vs HD 4400
PCIe 2.0 vs 3.0 for HPC CUDA app.
Price-to-performance ratio: always AMD?
help with what to choose, R9 290X or gtx 780 ti
Can't decide which GPU to get
Sapphire RMA, asking for "bare board"
SolidWorks 2013 and Gaming Graphics
Any benefit or gain in?
Choosing the Right GPU
gpu not working at x16
Nvidia vs. AMD. Their technologies... (No flame please) Please add.
$200 for new video card
Help with a new GPU
Hey guys. Whats the best GPU I can get for 30$?
need help choosing a video card
Two separate GPU fan speed profiles ?
Haven't shopped for a Vid card in awhile
gpu overlay
Heading to Microcenter (gtx 770 or 7970
Time for an upgrade or no?
For 1080p, should I get a 290x or 780, or is it a waste?
triple portrait monitor GPU seuggestions
Overclockers.com GPU Testing Procedures
Black Friday: which GPU line-ups will be on sale?
4gb vs 2gb
GTX 770 vs. AMD 6970: more similar than not?
Path of exile?
MSI GAMING(GTX 770 VS R9 280X) which 1?
Which upgrade for 1440p gaming?
Lubricating GPU Fan
GPU-Z 0.7.4 released
GFX upgrade guidence
HELP!!!! 280x Vs. 770
All new video cards still support CRT's right?
most powerfull single slot w/o external power?
Issue with liking the SLI and OC the GPU
SLI or expensive single gpu
Peak GPU power requirements: always exaggerated?
290X vs Titan: Who is the new king of the hill?
R9 290X or GTX 780 Ti or TITAN????
Video card pricing: no changes 'til after Xmas?
Ram utilization? 2gb vs 4gb.
Upgrade from GTX 480 liquid cooled.
Nvidia Announces Shadowplay!
AMD Crashes NVidia's party......
Upgrading from GT440 to Radeon HD7790
Nvidia equivalent to 7950?
AMD no video card drivers for Windows XP
Minecraft video card
Interesting claim about GPU RAM
New rig and I need help picking a gpu.... help!
New Video Card - Question
Want to use three monitors, confused about connections
what is used to clean video cards ?
NVIDIA Slashes Prices Ahead of AMD Launch
Wrong GPU Voltage in MSI AB?
Catalyst Control Center: deal breaker?
Help me with measurements of a GPU water block
HDMI card for TV
760 vs 770
how often do you upgrade GPU?
Edited: R9 280x or hd7970 or hd7950
Crossfire connection removal
Which one would be better?
I/O cables
First Custom Gaming/Multitasking/Programming RIG.
PCIE extension
Performance review
Upgrading graphics card
New Video Card (PCIe 2.0)
Power Colors "Double Blades" cooling.
USB to HDMI on laptop
3D Vision Surround & 5760x1080 benchmarked
Can Not Decide What To Get
Overclocking GTx 660m not happening
intel xtu problem
5760x1080 ultra settings gpu
Affordable Video Card for Adobe Products
GPU benchmark software?
whats the best setup for my video cards
how to figure the speed of mem chips on video card ?
Seeking GPU Stress Testing Recommendations
overclocking problem with intel gma hd
DirectX 11.2 !
Which GPU is better for this build?
Any video cards w/fully adjustable voltages and RAM?
AMD gains GPU market share from Nvidia
7970 CF OR 770 sLi
Logical upgrade from GTX260
Overclocking the PCIe bus: still pointless?
how to overclock an intel gma hd 2500?
Graphics vs processor? Effective memory clock?
7850 (2gb) or 650 ti boost (2gb)
How much does CUDA help?
Can I Run a GTX 770?
New Video Card (Basically Decided)
Weird cinebench results...
DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D compatible with PCIe2.0 and 3.0?
Nvidia GTX 670 or Radeon 8950
In a hunt for a powerful GPU
Is changing my graphics card worth it?
need a new video card
770/7970ghz or wait?
I dont know anymore
Silent GPU
Three monitors for extended desktop?
Frontplate with a universal waterblock
GPU doubt.
need help choosing a gpu
Fx 6200 (4.2ghz) And SLI (2x GTX 670)?
De single best GPU you can afford
Two monitors.
Difference between 1 GB & 2 GB video cards for 24" display?
PCIe 16x x8 Enough Bandwidth
Any Help Appreciated
Anandtech post some quick max settings 4k benches
7950 or 670 or 760?
7950 crossfire or single gtx 780
AMD and Nvidia on same motherboard
after market cooler for 7950
Help Balancing Price and Performance
Next step after 7970CF
Friend buying card in an hour at microcenter "help make good purchase"
GPU-Z 0.7.2 released
rather odd question. graphics cards and pcix slots
Intel HD4000
Multi-monitor and new GPU help
Computer will not power up with GFX card
GPU voltage not changing?
Upgrading Video Drivers
GT630 or HD6670
Just ordered a GPU
770 vs 7970 vs 7970GHz
Upgrading from GTX 660 to 700 Series
Hybrid Physx
I've got a $100 and a local store with good deals, which GPU should I choose?
New GPU Help
GPU-Z v0.7.1
Benching result and Microstuttering
Will i hate my self?
Looking to upgrade
4k GPUs
Detailed and very interesting: Anandtech, which CPU for multiple GPU's setup.
What is the best brand for Graphic cards GT430?
Testing a graphics card + a question on PSUs.
Going shopping:
Computer turns on but get no display when GPU is plugged in. Only works with DVI
Green and red dots?
Intel GT3 Graphics in Haswell - Twice as Fast as Ivy Bridge
SLI and Aquamark
GingerMass: Looking for a NEW card? Need help?
3dfx Voodoo5 6000 First Aircooler Edition
hello all i wanted to know of a better graphics proceesor tham my on-board
GTX 7xx series announced!
GPU Illiterate....
Which is better for upgrade?
660ti 670 or 7950
Weird Horizontal Lines On Screen (video)
Video Card Upgrade
Our Take On NVIDIA's FCAT GPU Testing
video card i found on ebay. gotta see this.
Card to Pair with E8500
Turn a NAS into a Media Server
CUDA vs OpenCL [Adobe Support]
Which to buy? [680 vs 670 4GB]
ATI+NVIDIA Hybrid question
Looking for a GPU
drivers for this card
Intel Releases OpenCL 1.2 Driver and Toolbox update for Ivy Bridge and Haswell.
which gpu is better
help me choose a new gpu for this system
3dx Voodoo5 6000 Second Aircooler Edition
What video card for a 1440p display? Am I CPU bound?
Nvidia Or AMD?
WHY???? Driver Kernel error 314.22
Which of these GPU's would you choose? Help please.
Best Video Card?
Screensaver heats up GPU
Best GPU? ATI or nVidia?
660ti or 7950
Revisiting 3DFX
Why are GPUs so far behind CPUs?
GPU Heat
GPU Compatibility Question
this wait is killing me
Techreport push their microstuttering analisys. ( updated whit PCPer.com data )
Help picking graphics card
Anyone fabricating custom GPU Backplates?
Question about fixes to overheating GPU's
VERY low profile GPU for Silverstone Milo
i5-3570K HD4000 upgrade to PCI graphics card?
Amd card that is comprable to 660ti
Generic intel gma drivers vs laptop manufacturers
i3 3225 iGPU flashing off and on at some websites/desktop
GTX 580 3xSLI vs newer GPU's SLI/CrossFire
Time to upgrad my graphics card
NVIDIA Issues vs AMD Issues
GPU that can sustain 3/4 monitors
Multiple displays, Multiple cards
Dated rig GPU upgrade
cheap 2/4 montior video card?
Displayport splitting: How?
560 TI Update Advice!
New card and the pros and cons
Pros/Cons of dual video cards?
Graphics card for £50 ($75)
Best Option For Me?
7970Ghz CF vs. GTX690
what GPU does fit in this ??
Are all 4mb memory video cards dual slot?
Combining ATI & Nvidia cards
500 Euro Video Card. What is the best choice here?
Gt 430 vs Intel® HD Graphics 2500
Whats the best GPU for around £130?
Triple Screen. Info?
Best Performance for 5760 x 1080
Last piece of the puzzle
My 6870 getting old??
Is 8x holding me back
No cash for quadro/firepro: Which one GPU for ~300$?
Best Settings for Catalyst Center
GPU recommendation
Upgrade Options - Heat Issues
$300 range GPU hunt
GTX 650Ti or Radeon HD 7850?
Afterburner and Win 8
GPU Questions.. Can I use 2 monitors with 2 GPUs?
min laptop video card to run NS2
No Display, I think it might be PCI express
CUDA Cores vrs Stream Processors
GTX 660 TI Vs Radeon 7950
Best bang for the buck around 100-150?
Buy now or wait for 8XXX
"Budget" GPU Recomendations
G645 paired with HD 7850
GFX Card Backplate Question
Alright guys need Help Fast Please :S
afterburner problem
New 3DMark Software 'Fire Strike'
Best PCIE 2.0 Card
GPU recommendation...plz?
Reference & Overclocking Questions
Good card for 100 to 150 max for my system.
Crysis 3 Open BETA Benching
Biggest bang for buck from a 275
Which would perform better?
Yet another upgrade question
Multiple monitors as 1 panoramic?
Nine 6950s and Two 6990s setup
660ti x2 vs 680
How does one OC a GFX card...
Upgrade qustion...
7970 vs 680
4 Cards at x16 speeds on AsRock Extreme11
Driver sweeper question
FAHBench - Folding@home benchmark
GPU power needed for 2560x1440 120hz
Installing Dual video cards
GTX 560 (Non-Ti) Cooling Bracket?
NVIDIA vs AMD performance after NVIDIA's R310 driver updates.
SLI OC GTX 680 Build! Cooling help/Opinions Wanted :
ATi 3400 hd problem..help
Why does my screen go crazy?
Help! Room for upgrade? (Gpu)
Furmark doesnt show fps improvement when overclocking
Backplate for Asus ATI HD7950
Video card advice
Crossfire 7970's or SLI 670's
AA injecting - vendor agnostic solution
SLI 660 (non TI) or Single 670 - 1080p ?
Low Dedicated Video RAM
GeForce 2 Ultra BIOS
Overclocking MSI R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC
Shopping for a card
AMD cpu AMDgpu?
New GPU!
Help me find a Sli bridge..please!
Looking for a upgrade to my 5770 1GB card.
New Build - Video Card
Overclocking Intel HD Graphics?
Geforce GTX 660ti or AMD Radeon HD 7950?
Rec for NVIDIA cards with 2gb/256 ?
AMD 7950 or GTX 670 ?
voltage control for old cards
Quick Help, New Vid Card
Lost for AMD?
5760x1080p gaming EVGA GTX 680 Classifieds SLI or ASUS 7970 MATRIX in Crossfire
Need input on graphics card
How to use multiple GPU?
Upgrade from GTX 470's
GTX 570 vs 560TI 448 vs 7850 2gb vs 7580 1gb
What card is suitable for my system?
TV card in spare pci-e slot?
onboard graphics, how does it work?
building a new pc what gpu should i go with?
Soon-To-Be Triple Monitor setup, eyefinity and surround questions
Screw the amd vs nvidia: The best overclocked model for the price
HD6950 vs Gtx560Ti?
Resolution and GPU performance
690/7990 later vs 680/7970 now?
A history in GPUs! (and what to do with them!?)
Getting new video card, need input.
Upgrading gtx 570 sli
overclocking AGP software
GTX 260 upgrade under $150?
PhysX dedicated card
gtx 550ti vs hd 5850
Assistance in gpu selection
upgrading video card
What is " MS " for graphics in game ?
HD 7850 OC or GTX 660 OC
gtx 550 ti vs hd 4870 ?
Graphics card for future build