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Graphics card for very light gaming but still fairly powerful?
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Possible Bottleneck?
Need help deciding on a card.
Card for Acer Aspire X3990
How To: In Game CPU, Memory, Motherboard Monitoring Overlay
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Thermal Paste in Video Card Slot-what to do?
split pwm signal from gpu to case fan ???
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Asus 6670 low end card.
MVP and video cards
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Return my XFX R7970 for a nVidia 680?
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Video Card Bios menu
Which GPU for Photoshop cs6?
NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics (1 GB DDR5)vs AMD Radeon HD 7730M 2GB
Windows 8 64 bit FireGL V5200 driver.
6670 DDR3 vs 630 DDR5
ATI Radeon 7970 X-Edition vs Asus ATI Radeon 7970
Is this correct or not????
Can I CrossFire 2x7970s on 650w?
900 watt tagen supply (old) with only one 8 pin
I'm no pro.
Live gamer HD with 120hz? 670 better choice?
graphics card question....
Which shall I choose? Help please gentleman.
Video card support for big cards?
best card under $130.00
Is my graphics card the problem?
HD 6770 Quadfire HELP!
Lot of people asking the same thing
I am buying a cheap video card need quick help
Upgrading GPU in older machine
running pci express 3.0 at 2.0 speeds??
Upgrading soon. Which one?
Overclocking EVGA GTX 690, 690 Quad sli or Sapphire Radeon 7970s quad Crossfire?
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What to look for when buying a GPU ?
Upgrading sytem - 2 GTX 570 SLI or 2 Radeon HD 7870
Pls explain in layman terms graphic card specs
graphic card performence
7970 2GB 192Bit Memory bus?
Asus Radeon HD6850 1GB GPU Overclocking Help Please!
Gigabyte GTX 460
Best dual GPU solution for a single 2560x1440 display?
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should i swap out the ol 6950?
Help Choosing a GPU (First Build)
Best Gpu
Which gfx cards have the best Linux PPC drivers?
Graphics card for single monitor gaming/ possible game modding??
Video card memeory (ram): Is it even used?
Replacing Thermal pads on GTX560 stock HSF, anyone know what thickness and area?
Next step up from Unlocked 6950? (Without price getting crazy higher)
MSI Afterburner problem/question
Which route to go
EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2GB vs MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning 3GB
Single GPU for 1440p * 3?
cheap heat sinks for voodoo5500
Running AMD and Nvidia side by side
So I Guess I'm Not Getting a New Graphics Card
Older BFG FX5900XTOC needs capacitor?
Help me choose a graphics card please <3
Good Graphics Card.
5870 or 6870
Nvidia and AMD Questions...
Lucid Hydra and 3Dfx
Screen flips while playing games.
Better Value: MSI Frozer 7950 ($310) vs Gigabyte 670 ($399)
Gigabyte 6870
Buying a GPU in UK. Advice needed!
Gtx 570 SC Sli VS Gtx 480 Sli
NVDA vs AMD, a lost battle for AMD. (stock analysis)
Deciding on new graphics/ Considering GTX560
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GPU choices for Multi Monitor
Decisions decisions. The 670 or the 7970? :)
Bandwidth Hogging
7770 vs 560 se
7970 or 560ti SLI
Intel intergrated + 570 problems
PCI-E 3.0 Card In 2.0 Slot
GPU in PCIe x4 slot
Strange GPU behavior
7770 or 5830
7970 oc or 670?
3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Silver Edition
New card for new build
SC2 FPS single digits?!?!?!
looking for a good quality 16x pcie riser card
Buy 560Ti now or wait?
Reference card?
what is the desktop equivilant to a 675m laptop gpu?
reducing GPU fan speed without software
Help Upgrading GPU from stock GeForce 8500GT
directx 11 on xp 32 bit. is it possible???
Under $300 gaming card??
7970, 680 or 6970 XFire?
How does a GPU render 2 things at once?
Dell 780 and 3 displays
Video Card Purchase Advice
Updating generic intel drivers
help! upgrading vc from integrated
GPU to render 3ds Max
Old Low end cards comparison for HTPC
Will this graphics card with my setup be a pretty good gaming computer??
670 vs 7950
please help me choose
I need help picking a card out.
Questions about Graphic Card BIOS
a pair of 570's or a pair of 7850's or what?
2GB card + 1GB card ???
Any good ways to get rid of Screen tearing?
Lucid w/ Intel HD and HD6770 for DX11
SLI/Crossfire: best article I've read!
Configuring 2 monitors with GTX560 and Ivy Bridge Embedded Video Question
GPU for Asus P5GC-MX
Suggest? Lowest Power & Coolest running Video Card to for 2560 x 1600 / 1440 LCD
Is this a good gaming graphics card?
Which GPU should I buy?
Should i get a AMD gpu because i have a AMD cpu??
No wonder why!
Need some advice on upgrade
Which DDR2 Graphics card to run 2560x1440 IPS monitor?
6850 vs 550ti
GPU for 2560x1440 * 3
Memory Interface vs Chipset (Urgent Help Needed)
Does vRAM usage scale linearly with pixel count?
XFX HD 6870 How to crossfire
GTX 580 and Ambient Occlusion issue
GTX 260 SP 216 with 8800GTX
Where to buy good thermal pads for graphics card component cooling
What graphics card(s) do you use?
Between these two cards
What makes a benchmark a benchmark
failing overclock after 2 months
ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card Review
Any advantages of ATI over nVidia?
Outputting 2 different Resolutions
1080p on a hp dc7600
First Secret Project on Voodoo5 6000
Whats better/stronger 9600GSO 384mb 96SP SLI vs HS 4870?
Using ATI and Nvidia GPUs together.
DX10 not working??
Whats The Best GPU
Blown mosfet on 250 GTS, need equivalant to repair
Intel HD GPU
Overclockers' Updated Video Card Testing Procedure
Question About Gtx 680 and Bottleneck
help choosing video card
Video card design flaw RANT!!
Another what card to go to now question.
TDP vs Power Consumption - Theoretical
6850 OC/Bench confusion
Help choosing a fine gpu
Typical "I'm upgrading, help me choose" Question!
Considering an upgrade, HOW much GPU do I actually need.
Virtu 1.2.114 issue work around
Virtu MVP
What Video Card?
Best for gaming?
Any experience with Zotac cards?
GTX 570 vs 7850 OC and no OC
How to get a Gainward card shipped to the USA?
erm? why nVidia PhysX?
Need new Diablo 3 High/Max settings GPU.
CPU Bottlenecking.
GTX 560 Ti suitable for my setup?
Reference card or OC edition..?
Video Memory Recomendations for 32-bit Windows
Pci-e 2.0 vs 3.0
Which graphics card??
Sell GTX 260 core 216 and get what?
GPU Upgrade
100MHz output. Available?
The wonderful world of which GPU ?!
Just had to post this...
Anyone go over 2 GB's of Vram! post here :)
gpu for maya
Gtx 560 ti sli?
installing Another card with no SLI
GTX 560 + Stock Q9550?
MSI is trying to pull one over on me?
7970M a lot faster than GTX 675M
Need help deciding
7970 or 680?....
"professional" graphics cards?!?!
Upgrade my pci-e 1.0?
Need a graphics card for new pc build
Guild Wars 2 build
GPU overclocking software not working right
3 monitor set up
Comparing Video Cards
Explain CPU and GPU usage at different resolutions
amd 6950s for a gtx 680?
Physic X nvidia card
8 pin PSU to 6 pin PCI-e card
Running 7 HDTVs from one machine
Dual GPU/Card or Single?
What Graphics card should i get for my low end system?
waterchamber in stock cooler for gpu, isn't it upside down?
directcompute help
How to clean a gfx pcb ?
Upgrading a 470?
Multiple monitor setup
Need an AGP/PCI GPU that can do 2560x1600
Performance comparison list?
MSI 7970 vs Evga 680 The real bench results T&B
The "Take a Guess" RMA Game
New 3dfx Project: Stay Tunned...
Best "no extra power" PCI-x video card?
GPU OC testing stability Q?
Need help with GPU
Opinions on cards in $150 range?
Just a Question: Nvidia Surround/ATi Eyefinity
Which GPU is better for the price?
CAREFUL on video cards!!!!!! LOOK!!!
2.0 vs 2.1
about Nvidia Inspector
AMD 7970 CrossfireX vs nVidia GTX 680 SLI Scaling (2-Way) Benchmarked
GPU-Z showing wrong mem speeds
Why do you need a graphics card?
Yesterdays review of Nvidia 680
Nvidia's GTX680 gets thrashed by AMD's mid-range Radeon HD 7870 in GPU compute
Suitable graphics card to run PSE
3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Second Watercooling Edition
HELP! Looking for a Single/Dual Slot powerful grahpic card
Thinking of selling my SLI 570s
Low profile / half height or ?
3dfx Voodoo5 6000 WaterCooling Edition
GPU for video editing. What's important?
Should I upgrade my Graphics card?
5770 OC, BF3
Virtu MVP Testing Thread (Download Link Included)
Open GL implementation
need a solution
Upgrade now or wait for NVIDIA 600 series to come out
Upgrade from x2 250?
6970 or gt580?
Need to fill a gaping hole inside my case...
6870 tri crosfire or GTX570 SLI
Is my graphics card dead?
TSMC Halts 28nm production
i5 and radeon incompatibility????
Need help choosing video card (graphic design)
Windows 7 GPU monitor
Unlimited Detail
nVidia's Response to AMD 7000 series
New GPU with 42' 3DTV?
Question about GPU benching
Still worth it?
Need help with picking Video Card
Should i buy a ati 6950 2gb or a nvidia 570gtx?
oh no im stuck some
2 x 1 GB 560ti's - upgrade now or wait?
what is a good pci video card?
MY 6950 DEAD?
How would I test USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 performance on a USB to HDMI adapter?
need a cheap <$15 gpu
What companies do cross shipment
discrete video card whaat?
Could I buy a GPU with a waterblock pre-installed?
Can two video cards be installed together and one only used for HD Audio out?
Best card for older system around $50
What GPU for bluray please
warranty replacement card - from only 1 place
GPU for 55 inch LED TV?
2 Firepro's VS 4-way SLI?
possibly dead gpu?
SLI/Xfire Micro stuttering; how often do you notice it?
sli/crossfire scalling?
wow 7990
Windows 7 64 card
Comparing GPUs, ATI 6770 and Nvida 550 ti
Measuring GPU performance?
PNY GTX470 random vid will shut off then reboot
problem with pixel fillrate
Best Card under $200?
New card
Help With Entry Level Workstation Card
Deleted Driver/Black Screen
Vid & Monitor HDCP capable
Which graphics card should I get?
Best GPU for my new Rig
card power consumption question
How accurate is power consumption in Furmark?
GPU for Adobe Premiere
Trying to decide on Videocard Please Help!
High Pitched Whining in Minecraft
Budget card for second machine!
How video card manufacturers quantify speed
CPU's stand still - GPU's move forward
Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB VS eVGA GTX560 ti 448 Cores
Who's onboard graphics are better, AMD or Intel?
Gigabyte RadeonHD 6750 vs Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti OverClocked
EVGA Untouchables Released
XFX are so awesome.
Dual monitor issue
6970 Lightning Vs 570 Vs Waiting... Please Help
new video card needed for old system
VIVO technology (Video-In Video-Out)
A Dream Come True : 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Gold Second Edition @200 MHz
Which 7970 brand and noise Level?
7970 vs 6970 vs 580
Decent Graphics card under 100 Dollars
Price drop of GTX 580 after 7950 is released?
GTX580 to 6970 Crossfire
ati or nvidia?
How bad are the AMD GPU drivers?
GPU problem?
Single GPU or xfire/sli with good scaling?
What am i looking for in terms performance in a video card?
video card cover/case function?
suggestions?...need inexpensive WoW card for whack work PC
Is there a bettere value card for BF3 than the 6870 right now?
Asus 6970 DCII vs MSI GTX570 TFIII vs MSI 6970 Lightning
Midrange videocard options for video playback, non-gamer
Need help with new GPU and PSU
Intel HD2000 for low level video editing?
I need some Video card direction
Geforce VS. Radeon Preformence in Adobe Creative Suite
Video card prices
Should this be a tough decision?
more vRAM in ATi cards?
HD5770 Xfire or recommendations?
5830 Vs gtx 460
GPU Manufactor
Card manufacturers with the best warrantys
Equivalent ATI Card to Nvidia GTX260 Sonic
Oc'ing ?
please help 4 monitor video card
4850 + 1080p X2
How to clean the dust off?.
what do the numbers mean? 6950 vs 560ti @ below thread
XFX Registration Code
Need help with finding a decent card for Skyrim :-)
Anyone have experience with graphics card for online poker?
PCI Express 2.0 card in a PCI Express 1.0 slot?
Video Card?
gpu options?
ATI 6850 pci-e 2.1 v 1.0 performance question.
Dual GPU question
Don't bottleneck the 2500k!
An Appropriate GPU?
Trixx, Afterburner&CCC coexistence?
My 8800GTS 640MB died, looking for something cheap
Help with video card upgrade
GTX 570 Fermi Versus 6970
PLZ need help from pro
Integrated graphics with dedicated card.
Finding the right GPU
What happens when the graphics card's memory's full?
Finding the Right Gpu
Gpu size advice
GPU Choice Help
Asus GTX560 TI Top or Radeon 6950 2GB
msi hd 5450
video card museum in Kharkov
quick question about nvidia vs AMD
Multi-card issues?
multi gpu performance x16x16 vs x16x8
someone on another forum wrote....
Buy 580 or keep the 6970?
Question about upgrade
Overclocked too far can't get into windows normal mode
New Video Card needed, strict requirements, help me choose a new one
New video card.. Pick your side.
New GPU needed
=0 Um please help 8800gts almost as fast as my Ati 6850?????
Choices, choices
ATI 6570, 6670, or Nvidia 440
Anti sag 'brace' for Direct CU II
My 260 Has puffed its last breath...
Need Updated GPU for Same Box
installing dedicated physX card
6950 v 6950
PCIE 2.1 card in PCIE 1.0 slot
[INFO] Your Solution for cooling SLI/Xfire?
Best way to test Video Card Memory Performance?
Small video cards?
Looking for advice - GPU upgrade
HD6950 vs GTX560 Ti
Just want a good video card
fanspeed reducing gpu's lifespan
Looking for an appropriate gpu upgrade
Trying to pick out a video card for a low-power HTPC/Gaming rig.
Great GPU upgrades for an AMD Phenom II 720 x3?
Radeon hd 4250 integrated
Good video card for a first build?
What Card can actually run triple LCDs?
need quick help re: 6950
is this overvoltage?
Ati vs nvidia ? (sorry)
good GPU for SLI config
3 Monitor configuration
PCI-E 3.0
3dmark vantage
Upgrading from 560 TI.
can this handle a 6870/6850/gtx560
Replacing a Diamond HD 4670 1gb
clutch system
4890 to 6950.....BIG difference??