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(Dead Deal) ATI AGP Preorder...$206 RADEON® X800 XT PE Refurb
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tiger direct today for some cooling
Sound Problem [Original Title... HeHeHe!!!]
Remove Conductive Pen
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Video Card Horror Storys
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SB Live 5.1... Not 5.1?
Quick Question
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Help needed with static noise through microphone. Grounding issue
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The Video and Sound Section Subforums: A Guide to Usage
Question about AGP aperature size?
Rip sound from video
A400 LE TDH good for oc?
What is the most important thing to look for in a GPU?
regular X800 or 6600GT?
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suggestions for new card
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Unmuting the mic on a inspiron 6000
Video Card Suggestions
Help me restore my screen resolution on win 98!
Laptop + horizonatal split screen
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This baby's come down in price since it first came out:
Screen Size Keeps Changing
Why does this happen?
Remove Thermal Crap
Black Screen - Help
Sound Disable with SoundMAX - advice?
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Fan Speed Control Rivatuner?
Which is better, an XFX 128 bit 128MB GeForce 5200 or a 128 bit 64mb Radeon 9500?
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need a bit of help on asus and ati
No ambient Temperature via Rivatuner help
rivatuner doesn't work
Would PCI-E video cards suffer from a weak PSU?
Crosstalk Shielding Mod Works GREAT!
Long Term Effects of VMod
flashing a 6600 to a 6800 ?
Problems with sound card, tv tuner, maybe motherboard?
Need a new video card...unsure what to buy and I'd like some help please :)
Ati has sli coming soon.
I might be inheriting a set of "quads" esl57's anyone know more about them
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NEW PCI-E 1X Matrox G-Card - 1st ever.
PNY 6800gt help needed
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Cant run my mic with onboard ?!!?
am I going to have a problem with this?
Need advice on new video card...
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My Video Card Died...
How many video cards do you have lying around?
PCIe and AGP w/ NO Compromise
New card made my pc slower
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z-5500 and low-level static
Matrox Parhelia running doom 3??!!!
3D drops to desktop
help select vid card please
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Geforce 4 Ti series vs 9500-9700pro
Is 1.2 teraops alot?
What kind of problems mean damaged pipeline?
best bang for $$ pci-e card?
This is just funny (review)
Front panel audio and regular speakers
Upgrade to 6800 softmod from 9600xt worth it?
surround sound audio
New card picking help
Good card?
How BIG is your Graphics Card??
program for cutting music
Movie Problems
big problem, need a little help
Creative X-FI Xtreme Fidelity Accelerates PC Games by 17%
Video Editing Laptop?
AGP -- Fast & Good Bang for the Buck
Low-end 256mb cards: Useful for SLI/Xfire?
Bugdet 130$ PCI-E card?
What to look for in a REAL GOOD headset?
$299 Which one !!
Finally upgraded my video card!
Sound keeps popping and snapping...
quick question
Having some video card problems
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 vs. ALC850
Dell Laptop Video Problem
refurb 9800pro $85: can i get anything better than that for that money?
Can anyone help with a video problem?
Not Enough Holes in my DVI port
Advice for a new graphics card
VPU error in games
Huge Audio problem! Music plays slower and waaay deeper.
PC Cant Handle The Game(s)
SLi and Crossfire
anyone tried disabling agp aperture?
what to look for
a great card to buy online
blah, hate my self
Headphone problems
9600xt dieing?
SLI enabled
connecting DVD player to PC monitor
Been away from the table..
Video card needed
Theatrix Theatre 550Pro
bad 6600gt?
X800 XL vs 6800
CPU bottleneck
smallest video format
WMP 10 Problem
Next gen video cards
Onboard AC97 vs Sound Blaster Live
Audigy ZS Platinum --> Sound Blaster Live Platinum !? Read Me.
WOOT my new BFG 6800gt and fortron ax500
Best video card for my price range
is this card a rip off ??????? why is it soo muhc money?
new system, need a new vid card
Vote, 6800GT single now then drop another one in later or X800 Pro flashed to X800XT
Can a video card cause a parity error?
This whole AGP lark....
Mp3 player no showing id3 names
radeon 9100 igp
Choice: ATI 850XT or 6800 Ultra
RAM or Video Card lacking?
AA vs. Higher Resolution
new vc
Core Threshold
X800XT Temp and OC
Speaker should be upgraded with sound card ? Help Me !!
6600 gt vs x800
What video card is right for me?
lost sound
9500@128 or 9600@256?
Buying new PCI-E kit
Min FPS keeps dropping :/
What the heck is this side band thing for agp?
gamecube with a hauppauge 1045
Is CPU bottlenecking overrated?
9600XT vs 9800PRO
WHATS wrong! VpU recover..why...
Testing Artifacts
Why we need an audio card ? Read Me!
Ripped a ram chip clean out
video card selection, need help
ati and nvidia @ the same time?
New SLI Rig Questions
Zalman Vf700-cu Best Vga Cooler Ever!!!
Anyone ever have luck with a refurb?
Interlace questions on DVD Video made on PC
Lazy man's video capture
Best card for about $100.00...
Which vid card for a budget PC?
Dead 9800XT, how about this 6600GT?
Knowing OC Limit with no temp sensor
If you had $180 bucks...
old school P2 needs video card
Is this a good bargain?
Did I make a good choice for a Media Center PC Conversion Gfx Card?
SLI Questioning..
AGP -> PCI-X Adapter?
6600gt or x700 something
Ex- Dual Display Causing Problems
Good Card?
Is the 6800gt worth the extra $ against x800xl
DVDs won't play!
VGA card advice for a new system
My video card meets my PSU
3 pci-X slots
Which of these two video cards??
Oh My! What shall we buy to compete with the new consoles?
best card for $160?
What card?
How do you think this would make out in Gaming? 512bit GPU
new computer video suggestions
Power question
Why did nvidia use 110nm and not 90nm?
What card is this?
6600GT vs x800Pro
Cheapest card for old games & DVD/TV?
which of these cards would you use?
Video Card Comparison
Looking for help picking out a Video Card
Will downgrading to DirectX 8.1b increase performance?
16x PCI-E or AGP 8X
Crashing in 3D applications
PI-E X800 PRO VIVO or 6600GT
can a video card partially die
Worth $160?
Lowest 3Dmark03 ever
Sound Problem with XP Maybe
Insanely Noob Question
3DMark Question
6600GT SLI or X800XL
Setting up a TIVO Rig
Gpu Hating!!!
3dmark03 score question. HELP@!
vid card locing up
looking for a high res dual dvi card
What vid card should i get?
Upgrading Vid card
I need an el-cheapo video card with TV out
how can you see the fps in a game
do u get fps boost from o/c vid card?
how can u tell how hot ur vid card is
Looking for a sound card with front panal audio headers.
which is better card
recommendation on a decent pci vid card
installing/updating cats problem
Sub $400 card to replace / beat an x800 Xt?
Recomend me a good gaming card
Best value for the money: X800 pro or 6800gt?
AGP overrides Onboard?
Resolv 65a deals?
Does 3dmark03 report wrong GPU clock frequency
Looking for a new video card
wtf?? agp 16x?
Number Nine Revolution IV
Which one?
Need recomendation for a PCI-E card
Which card should I buy?
What on earth is going on?!
Cheap 5.1 Sound Card
What causes this graphical distortion?
Wanna start gaming. Which Graphics card?
video temp?
Dual display + Full screen games
Blame ATI or Asus?
got some stories to share? (graphics card) :)
voodoo's rule!
alternative to x300? nV or ATI.
x800 or 6600
Can anyone recommend any third party TV tuner programs
Connecting to a receiver help please
$200 Dollar Budget Card!
Creative 5200 Speaker Volume Issue
Do PCI-E to 4pin Molex adapters exist?
Home made VGA cable problems
things needed for tv>computer and vice versa
Whats My Graphic Card
9800XT or 6600 GT?
X850xt-PE or 6800U?
Removing the RAM pads on ATi Silencer 4
Recommend a Dual Head Card
So, How good is SLI really?
Blackmage Theory of Console VS Graphic cards Evolution
Best Cheap sound card for Stereo hookup
Looking for a new card.
Mic Prob-Some times U hear it some times U dont!
HP Video probs
2 x 6600 or 1 x 60800 ?
1080p and hdmi/dvi
what is better
Need Help quick chosing!
First benches scores SLI vs Crossfire
Link for AAC codec
Advantage of having more than one monitor?
ATI HDTV Wonder TV Card help please
This has probably been asked before but...
9800XT or 6800OC for budget gaming rig
Weird Dual Monitor Problem, Please Help!
Home theater PC Contemplations
does agp8x matter on nvidia 6 series and ati x800 series
AGP to PCI-E adapter - does it/will it exist?
AIW X800XT TV sound problem
DVI and TV-Out
Best PCI-E G-card for Under $100
CD-Rom/DVD-Rom Changer?!?!
PCI-E = big performance jump?
Very strange problem.
Strangest Thing
PCTV Pro on Fedora 3 AMD64?
Need help choosing appropriate video card.
I have £120 ($218) to spend on a graphics card (AGP) which one?
Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra
newbie question
Help in buying card i have a x300 !!!!
Sound cleaning
monitor cable.
How do I play video files on my DVD player?
Is it worth it to get a new video card for me?
AGP acceleration and Other....
Which of these (old) cards is the best?
Best Video Card for a $400 dollar budget
x800 (nonPro) vs 6800 (nonUltra)
convert cassettes onto computer?
Stupid Question?
Voodoo5 6000 Review
OH MY HOLY GOD: SLI with 4 videocards
Best Way to hook up a console to a computer
Is this the best 6800 nu you can get for the price?
Old video cards
MSI FX5200 /256 Issues
I wanna buy a video card that will let me watch cable on my computer.
ATItool help
Fan speed
Unable To Find Wave Driver
Watching TV on PC. Video card w/ tv tuner or video card + pci tv tuner? which is bett
missing 3000-4000 3dmark2001 points...
What is this card
Need good video for BE6-II V2.0
TV out!
Abit guru 9550
6800 Ultra or X800 XL ?
Should I upgrade from 9500 Pro? If so, to what?
Audigy 2 or Intel High Definition 7.1 onboard ??
strange lines seen in call of duty
TV-out card ?
nextgen console + pc monitor?
Anything I should know about?
wich card is better?
what ATI is comparable to a 6600gt?
Can you flash a faulty BIOS card using onboard VGA instead of PCI?
HTPC help
Graphic Card question..
G found a new 05 cheat and now owns the fastest XL on the planet
Hooking Digital (fiber optic) cable to TV
BGA Ram Sinks not Sticking
AGP to PCI-X adapter!!!
More details emerge about ATI's xbox360 GPU and Nvidia's RSX
5900 XT or X700 ???????
Need PCI capture card advice
graphics intesive screensaver...?
Green Tint :(
S3 Graphics?
FM Transmitter
Questions for a server/HTPC
When will it end??
6600gt vs 9800pro
AGP to PCI-e card
NVIDIA WMD driver in x64
Is there a known problem with Arctic Silver 5 and Gfx cards?
any one have personal experience...XGI
Any x800XL/6800GT AGP reviews on Mobile Barton?
Dual monitor support.
Agp 4 / 8
AGP-8x to PCI-Express Adapter!
Tri-monitor support video cards?
How long till next gen cards come around?
X800Xl vs 6600GT
6800nu with NV5 or X800 XL
Well that was odd...
Going PCI-E, need advice
Finally 25,000+
AIWs vs Regular Vid Cards
Problems with 5.1
looking for tv tuner tips
Console on monitor: Vidcard ViVO or TV-In PCI card?
Need a gpu burn in prog
Best Card in 300-399 Range(PCIe)
HOW CAN THIS card be more and be worst
$300 for an AGP card.... but which?
PCI card
EQ settings help
What else affect image quality?
For all you Nvidia haters, that call us cheaters......
voodoo 2 memory
research project about graphic cards
We should demand more
Nvidia/ATI.... whats next?
What Causes Artifacting?
so is the dolby digital live wait over or is this legit
Best card for about $80?
Looking for TVTuner/Radio Tuner (combination) suggestions
sound blaster help
My kid needs a new card
Video Card Driver Removal
Guide Installing the HDTV Wonder! okay this is a tough sob!
OpenGL or Direct3D?
quick noobish question
A question for my friend
3DMark05 error
Dell 2005FPW on Analog
9800SE vs Ti4600?
anyone killed video card from overclocking???
Workout mp3 player
recommending a gfx card
Question for Move from ATI To Nvidia
Headset with microphone problem
How to drill a hole in your heatsink
RivaTuner v2.0 15.4 problem
Which is the best card?
need to Caputure Direct TV so I can make DVD
Soundcard help
ATI vs Nvidia GPU Comparisons
Onboard Sound and Revoution 5.1
M-Audio Control Panel not in Taskbar?
old video tape problems !...
Video Card for max upgradeability? (NVIDIA or ATI.. just experiences)
Need a cheap PCI card
Is using a KVM switch bad?
Worried About Dual GPU's
Does Video Card Manufacturer Matter?
What is the best GFX card under $50?
Graphics standstill
Best card under $300?
satelite tuner card
I keep crashing...
If you have SLI...
Ok, what do you think BFG or Visiontek?
what does the 6200 compare to?
Hey , Digital In w/ Optical Cable isnt giving good bass response..
PC will not boot into windows when vid card drivers are installed!
Real difference between 6600gt, 6800gt, and x800xl?
how do i run with a pci vid card?????
the million dollar question... which BGA ramsinks?
Dark images in pictures and games
This is gonna be sweet
A 15 minute read (to comprehend it)
No Budget Top End Laptop
What do pipes pipe?
RMAing a Blown 9600xt
DVI cable bad?
will old school PCI cards work in newer school boards?
Leadtek 6800 Gt
Mobo Beeping and System Not Loading
Realtek AC97 Owners
how much does Bandwidth really affect performace?
Which of the two cards?
What graphics card should I buy?
Sub-brand Ranking Help