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Results from an PCI-E Vs. AGP comparison
HDTV Tuner Cards
Old Graphics Card?
Recommended video card
X800 v's 2 x 6600GT's
SLI general help...
Clicking Noise Undervolting Video Card
Fastest Video Card? Companies releasing new ones?
6600 GT or X800 Pro
nVida or ati? which offers better fsb overclocking.
Anyone have an older copy of rivatuner?
VIA Audio Deck Tray Icon
Any reason to reccomend ATi over nVidia or vice versa?
Video Card Decision. Recommendations?
Sound SOS
ATI Theatrix 550 Pro or Hauppauge PVR-350
6600gt or x750pro?
onboard video
vid card fan noise
whats so good about a fireGL card?
I was hit by a car, should I upgrade?
This Device Can Not Start [Code 10] WTF?
Hauppauge WINTV-PVR-USB2
Zalman 7700ALU
AGP + PCI = No PCI Working... why?
need help deciding video card for 2 systems
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4 cards in mind:
Linux monitor scan rates into Windows?
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Best PCI Video card?
My Homemade LCD Projector
when does my cpu become the bottle neck
TV Tuner
SLI or no?
card(s) for video editing
New Type Video Card
need advice - X800* upgrade or somthing else..
Please rate this card
Best agp card for old system?
How does AGP + PCI work?
Video card problem
6800GT or X850 Pro.
$75 fanless vid card
Help pick a card please
Which video card for ugrade
Best card for under $380
Help with video card selection
AGP Card...
To SLI or Not SLI - That is the Question
what card should i get
Affect of bit rate of mp3s on human ears (mine)
El Cheapo Dual monitor card?
What do u think of this?
PCI express or SLI?
Kyro2 interface voltage
my "mini" review of the Zalman VF-700cu VGA cooler... (pics)
Logitec 350 usb headset
Most reliable card makes?
Can you mix and match any Videocard for Multi Display?
Older Card with good DVI quality (high res)?
is there a conflict betwene this tunner and my mobo
S3 Virge
Hi and Help :)
Arg this is driving me insane
New Video Card? $250-$350 price range what to get?
128 or 256?
Cheap vid card w/ remote control
I need a cheap gfx card. What do you think?
directx won't install
I'm looking for suggestions
Price range + overclocking capability.
GFX card installation?
What Video Card Is This?
Why We Overclock
Video corruptiong .... help
AGP bus speeds and Video Cards
How to get more out of my vcard/computer?
nvidia vs ati .... again???
Too much money
Firewire video inputs?
Dumb questions i'm sure..
Quick Video Card Question
I can only see the mouse...!?
PCI-E or AGP???
Subpar FPS in Wolfenstein: ET... why?
What Should I Do?
Old new - Nvidia,ATI Cheating on 3dMarks?
Dual Display video card needed
S-video adapter
Possible video problem? (long post, need help!)
ATI finally drove me to nvidia
Help me decide
Question about using a gaming resolution that differs from desktop resolution.
so why isnt there upgradable/removable memory in vid cards?
Whats the deal with refurbished cards? (warranty)
High end, or memory
any good asus 6 series u guyz recommend?
Is it possible to make laptops use desktop video cards?
best song to listen to while playing games?
An Expensive Video Card
Best $100 vid card on the market?
video res problem
Is 6600gt worth price over x700?
TV tuner card
Help, my 9800Pro finally bit the dust..
Help me decide guys:
MSI RX800XL or XFX 6800GT?
Driver Issue i cant figure out
What's the top 4X/2X AGP video card?
Platinum remote control
Looking for a good videocard that is good for autocad
Which ATI/Nvidia cards can be successfully modded to FireGL/Quadro?
3DFX drivers
Help me decide on gaming headphones.
Is this card the X850 XT or the X850 XT PE???
Video tape to computer?
Video Card Analysis Software?
Do Screensavers eat up RAM?
Looking for opinions on what the best PCI (not PCI-E) Video card is
What card to get for $200 or under
Video cards -general-
Need A New Card Budget
Geforce fx5500 vs. Radeon 9700
VideoMate DVB-T300 vs FlyDVB-T Duo ?
OnBoard VGA and Sound
sub 150 dollar agp cards.
What card is equivalent to 6800go?
AGP versions
Which PCI Express = 9800 Pro?
3 Video Card Questipns please help!
help needed with graphics cards
digital cable and tv tuner card
transparent DVD overlay
big bet - help required
video card volts
Video Memory
So I toasted my graphics card.....
hl2 prolems
advice please...
Program that shows graphics settings in game?
3DMark score keeps changing.
3dmark05 help
Tv Cards
USB capture device
What is a 1.5V video card?
Media Edition PC, Need video card
Best pci-e for $110 or less...
Should I upgrade?
Multiple displays with 2+ vidcards
list of all the places to find video bioses
I can't reload my drivers...access denied
finally making dual GPU cards..
Any good solutions for pci-express TV watching?
Replacing 6600GT PC-E
agp 4x 64 ddr and watching DVDs & Divx's
question bout 3 monitors onto a video card
can you use an old PCI vid card on a board with AGP?
Thoughts on where to go from here
Advice needed: Upgrade from Sapphire 9800Pro 128MB
Winamp Visualization Problem
mobile graphics card comparison
9700 pro just fried
Weird opinion request...
Upgrade from x600 pro
How much time left for AGP would you say??
A program I am looking for
Video Capture Card
Video Card upgrade
AGP write caching needed for stability?
Wireless TV on a laptop?
recording from vcr to tv card help
Coolbits OC setting 'test' vs RivaTuner OC setting 'test'?
Considering an Upgrade
RivaTuner Question
XP just lost my video card driver??
need help, please.
Checker Board Colored? HELP?!
Vid card question once again
Question about SLI
X700 Vs. 6800
Graphics Drivers
9700p vs 6600GT
How do I get my mic to work with this nforce stuff?
GeForce GO 6800 PCI-Express 16X or X800 PCI-Express 16X
quick question
Powercolor x850xt PE Problem? or something else?
How do these cards compare?
Dual Display and SLI
Spinny ball artifact tester
Best bang for buck designer vid card?
Which is better - Radeon 9800 Pro or 6600GT?
Keep my 6800U or trade for X800-XT
FX5200 to 6600GT or BUST
Keep 9800pro or trade it for 5950u? (NOT ATI VS NVIDIA)
Need hdtv tuner card that can do air and cable
Time for a new card, again, under 200, a little OC, i don't wanna OC too much
Can Tuners cards pick up cable as well as analoge?
Just switched to digial cable. Need some help
Best Card for < $110
Can i still RMA after i change the heatsink?
Upgrading, AGP V PCI-E
100$ video card for CS:S
40,000+ in 3DM01 with an unreleased vid card at stock speeds?!
How do you loop 3dmark05?
nVidia's = to a ATI 9600Pro
Upgrade from a g4 ti 4400 or wait?
ok! got 600$! What to get?
Dual Video Cards or Dual LCDs
overclocking video card
Best video overclocking software
9800 Pro vs a 6800GT?
What can replace my 9700 AIW?
would I notice a diff going from AIW8500 128MB to
TV-Out connectors
AV Sender...
Well I screwed up /sob
Vsync = very bad?
something odd...
mx440 4x agp vs 9600xt 8x agp
3dmark 03, 05 and Aquarmark thread, where did it go.
Best PCI video card
2 6600gt's or 1 x800xl?
How to Record What comes of TV/VHS combo to computer
ATI x850 XT Platinum Edition OR NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT?
old videocard and TFT
X800 vs 6600GT; which one?
fastwrites and aperture size
Card review sites other than Tom's
What would be a good non-cpulimited card for this computer?
How To: Determine if your Video is CPU Limited!
Can MBM 5 Display GPU Temp?
Sometimes it's not as bad as it looks
upgrade from 9500 pro, but dont wanna break the bank, suggestions?
what is wrong with guru3d?
Best $220 or under pci-e card out?
video cards?
Which is better for a vid card? having the speed at constant high, or jump around?
Got a WinFAST TV200XP Expert! - how to maximize?
Need 2 vid cards to run dual monitors?
help n00b wiv tv card
Best overall Video Card(AGP) for $75
F/F DVI Connectors or Cables?
X800 vs 6600GT vs 6800
tv card help
What is the reason for card names?
VIVO or All In Wonder Cards
PCI R-9250 or Fx5500
Suggestion for TV Tuners
Unable to run 3DMark while in SLI mode
Will the Leadtek WinFast TV2000 Expert TV Tuner work with a PS2?
Powercolor X800XL vs MSI NX6800-TD256E
New PC at work
A pipeline on a video card.
Beginner's guide for overclocking video cards?
9800pro Vs 6600GT
which should i choose 9500pro or ti4200?
a videocard conundrum (need some opinions)
WinFast TV2000 Expert
Odd errors with new sys when trying to play DVDs... wtf?
Shall I upgrade now or wait? Can't decide..
Card comes up as PCIx0 bus?
Onboard graphics or AGP card?
V-Gear MyTV2 FM TV Tuner Card (???)
SLI Dual Video Cards
A weird sound on a fresh install
VIVO vs. AIW vs. TV Capture Card
When is the next price drop in video cards due?
where can i get a new vid card fan
PCIe to AGP? and suggestions needed
Graphics card???
eVGA nVIDIA GeForce 5900nu or Radeon 9600XT
WinFast TV2000 XP Expert Freezing
What should my Graphics aperature size be?
Cards to run 3D CAD apps?
Re-furbished Video card ?
what pcie card should i get
Removing ramsinks
3dfx 3000 utilities
Having a hard time deciding.. 2x6600gt or X800XL?
Little Help please
Reading my AGP card as PCI?
3dmark05 partially dependent on RAM!?!?!
PCI-E Vid card for 179? 200 at max
Black Screen Crash Gaming
Would it be worth it to upgrade from my 9700pro to a GeForce 6600?
Best card under 100 bucks
Soon to get new card... is the GT really worth the $$ over the X700?
umm, how's ebay for graphic cards?
How do AGP cards stack up against PCI Express?
SLI thing ?
Should i sell My 9800Pro For a 6600gt?
fun little project...
6600GT vs X800Pro vs 6800 (reg)
Bad GPU overclocking results
Video Card Selection
Best card for around $200
Video Card Advice, New System
Problem w/ SP2 and UT2004 (not the NX-bit)
How much did you pay for your card?
I had nothing to do with this...
Problem with AI7's Microphone input?
Driver mixing matching?
Video card selection for spare computer
Video card with TV-out?
Want a passive card.
Which PCI-E Card to get?
ATI X800 xt vs Nvidia 6800 Ultra
Sound problem with Win64
Buying Advice Wanted
PVR / video recording PCI card...
Holy Fraps batman! It drops my score ~1-2K 3dMark2k5 Points!
OMG newegg took them down
PCI Video card to run seperate monitor for hw monitor
Pci-e = Sli?
4x vs 8x agp
what the CRAP?!?!
building an htpc. what kind of DVR and Sound HW?
How can they tell you overclocked?
equilalent of a 9800se
My oh so strange video problem
Someone else please check my logic...
videos, pictures, and cs-source all have strange green tint where black should be
9800 Pro Vs 6600 Gt
Resalution problims
a non ocing GPU
TV Tuner card choice
WoW Video Card on a Budget
what card to take
Radeon 9000 vs. GeForce4 FX5200
AV8 Built in Audio ?'s
Affordable Card that will run doom 3
Cheap Card Needed
Virtual Center Channel for stereo sound
Video Card w/ TV Turner
Would a new fan really make a difference?
Digital/ optical.......
Can you suggest something else (ATI or NV) before I buy this?
Need replacement video card for under $50
Gf4mx vs r7000 tv-out quality
how big of a step up is this?
how to connect xbox into winfast tv2000xp
you think this will work for videocard Antialiasing
playing video files
A foot rest
In Your Opnion: What Is The Fastest 8x AGP Card On The Market?
6800nu vs 9800se
what tv tuner card to get ?
video card or ram problem?
Dilema upgrading - agp or not
Problem playing video files
upgradable cores?
Which cards have you owned?
Nice SLI watercooling
64meg onboard vs mx440
half-life 2 stuttering...
Looking at getting a good video capture card!
Looking at High End Graphics Card
How can you tell if its a monitor or a video card problem ?
Test Bad Video Card
ATI or Nvida
X800 Pro or 6800 Gt
Uh-oh, something broke off...
Converting nForce 4 Ultra into SLI
question on video cards
Zalman VGA Cooler
Need a budget card that can do some gaming :(
6800 or 800 pro
Equivalent for 9800 PRO
Upgrading from 9800pro -> 6600GT AGP, worth it?
cheapest video card that can display on 2 desktops at once
green audio jack wont work
sound a lot quieter after changing cases...
DFI NF4 soon....so wich pci-e card?
Somewhat odd monitor problem... any ideas?
Need a nice cheap but good vid card
PCI-X power adapter
Want to use my laptops screen as my desktop screen sometimes
AGP - PCI slots
Taking the plunge
128 or 256mb?
onboard sound on P4C800e-dlx
What's going on with my AGP slot? Or is it the AGP slot?
Best 200$ or a bit more
Ati is now even with Nvidia in Doom3 performance!
Best and realtively cheap ear buds?
6800GT/Ultra or x800
Monitor and GPU question.
Question regarding Speakers
around $215 for a video card
GlacialTech Northpole 1000
Arctic Cooler ventilated bracket
Fan for graphics card not working
Major Freezing prob.....
What should i go for?
Will an AGP8 card work in a AGP4 board ?
Looking for something similar to TIVO
How to get free-view On Your Computer!!
can DirectX 8.1 card play DX 9 games?
Installing new graphics card
1 Computer + 2 Monitors + 1 video card with DVI + Want to use the other Monitor as TV
3Dlabs vs. Nvidia
strange lines when going to full screen video on 20" LCD
Cheap PCI card for gaming.
Geforce3 ti200 vs Radeon 9200se
How would gaming be on a 42" plasma?
Possibility of Tri Monitor Setup??
Which Tv Tuner Is The Best?
Best PCI card
Oh no not another "omg what vid card!!1"
Odd Audio/Video Problem wth Dell System
Updating My Video Card (HELP)
overclocking = unsafe?
Caint install video card in DELL
9800pro or 6600GT
Why do you hook up the DVD, VCR, etc to the Receiver?
Best card under $250 for WoW???
benchmarking sites
Ti4200 vs. 9600
help! low 3dmark03 score and a small problem
Vid card upgrade time, uggh, no fun
Which graphics card is better???
x700Pro PCIe VIVO or 6800GT ?
Gigabyte Dual GPU: nForce4, Intel, and the 3D1 Single Card SLI Tested
Mouse Noises
No Display Problems.
To those with CPU Coolers on their GPU
am i damaging my video card?
NEED BIG HELP WITH HDTV CRT connecting to PC through DVI
Does this exist: wireless 5.1 speakers
Best vid card for $200
9600xt or fx5700?
best video card for $60
GigaByte Taking on SLI from a diffrent view (a must read)
Only 2 channel sound from digital out on Z2s to Parasound Processor
Weird benchmark question: 9250 or Geforce 3 Titanium?
Best PCI Card I can get for around max $150.
broken! help what did i break
2 cards SLI vs 1 top of the line card
9600 and 6800 GT
Screen turns off when entering windows - need help
ThermalTake Extreme Giant III
Need Advice On Vga Platform
2 vid cards showing up
I'm sick of moving threads.
agp lug
evga 6800gt or visiontek x800xt?
Clash of the Titans - a dramatisation of 9800 Pro vs. 6800GT
AGP "L" Shape Adapter - explained
I need help badly!
New Vid Card
lowwww 3dmark03 bench lol
I am Major Confused about which video card to buy.
feed back loop
Onboard video problems
something to play xbox/ps2 on
New card arrived underclocked ><
Why PCI-Express?
PCI-Express video card options...?
6800 GT vs x800 Pro
9800pro or 6600GT?
multimedia video cards?????
Help me choose A Graphics Card PLZ
need help with front-panel audio
6800 OC vs. 9800 pro
Going to have a serious gaming sys upgrading.....
Need decent PCI vid card for Dell Dimension 2400 for under $50
Probs with AIW card
Need some current 3dMark01 scores!
Newegg Refurb Video Cards
How long to run artifact scanning?
Hauppauge wintv pvr 350
Video Cards and DirectX
what do you think of this card
6600 vs 9800pro
gpu option
can lockups in a game be caused by videocard ocing?
PCIe overclock frequency?
DVD Playback problem
Video memory: How does it work?
Video Card Temperature Software
What should I get for this rig?
Component video ->VGA adapter
Anybody want a Geforce (Edited by SSS)
Gone Ati, need pointers