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How are people scoreing 6k + in 3dmark 2005 with a p4 running at 3700mhz-4100mhz?
3D modeling- need a new card.
UT2k4, A64 939, Xt-Pe, Ingame benches?
9800 Pro is equal to what Nvidia Card
Dell Inspiron 1150 video card
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10000 aquamark points good?
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Just to make sure. PCI video card
USA to UK, will it work?
simple question(s)
Damn Creative Labs and all thier bloteware.
2d vs. 3d quality
Q about Internal Sound Card
128mb vs. 256mb video RAM
Tom's VGA Charts V ........... PCI-E
Something cheap to run CS:Source
HTPC users rejoice! Radeon 9700 Mini-AGP (oops it's a 9600)
HEatpipe coller for video card
9800pro V.S 6600GT agp
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Mystery Card Time!
best for 130$
Jetart JACSH1 card cooler
VGA Competition pls post your 3DMark scores
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Signal out of Range While Booting up PC.
most outragous thing i have seen with vid cards
What is a good budget AGP card that doesnt suck?
How do you not turn off monitor when alt-tab from game?
My powercolour X800Pro Vivo flashed
Why Gainward, Leadtek, MSI, BFG, and PNY?
Artifacts with Direct3D 7 when OCing
AGP on HP Pavilion 752n
dvd players analog 5.1 sound
Do You Consider "Minor" Artifacting Safe?
3dmark: 12.4k 05 & 28k 03
6800 GT or X800 XT?
Bloom and AA. How to enable both?
What do you think...
dual display on a old board?
Need video card, which is better out of..
Is there a PCMCIA card for Video graphics for a laptop?
Need a bit of help (stability)
Will ATI respond to the AGP mid market?
Whats the best TV Tuner Card out today?
Gigaworks S750 Problem AGAIN!
$400+ on new videocard or 9800 Pro for free?
Can the current cards do what I want?
frames per second vs. refresh rate
good capture card
dish netwrok and hdtv using computer as hdtv ?
Video card benchmark for HL2 - please run!
Which card should I get? Help!
Audio/Video Stuttering with ATI 9600 + SB Live! -- ideas? :/
Possible Reason for Videocard Death?
How do you get a full load temp?
vCard dilema: ArrggGG! When will the PAUSE for a moment?!!
Double Post. please delete this modz.. sorry
Pipes question
tv tuner question
First Dual GPU says Toms
Single Video Card SLI
What video card interface do you use? [PCIe/AGP/etc]
PCI-e or AGP
Is this video card dying?
Im trying to decide which card I should get, someone help plz ^_^
help plz ergent
Why Not?
anyone have a xgi/sis card?
Can't finish 3DMark03
AGP related question
Urgent upgrade advice needed
All audio guys...Ebay speakers not what expected, Does this matter(Dented Center)????
Radeon AIW (PCI) vs. Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (Integrated)
Most important
Video Capture? Need quick replys.
new laptop lcd
Will my videocard fry if I put in this slot?
I have 2 cards wich to use?
Audio/Video stuttering
Simple SLI Question
I need a good video card!!!
Whats a good pci-16 card to go with ?
pci video cards
low profile pci express video card?
Stock for stock, which card is faster?
memory modding cards
nvidia and ati clock speed comparison question
Video card ramsinks really needed?
What are the health effects of CRT Vs. LCD
upgrade video on laptop..
Video card problems
BGA Mosfet Video Card Ram Sinks
vga pci cards + agp card
Mem Vs Bit !?!
some choices...need help...
A little input could be used
Joytech Apollo
+'s to X800 XT and the 6800 Ultra
How can you tell if it's a 64-bit or 128-bit video card?
am i right on this forumula?
Why when I try to install new drivers I am told "unable to find components"?
Which 3Dmark?
A $200 Video Card
my choices
Tweaks?? Virtual Memory
Help me buy a GPU
Yet another one of those "which card" threads with a twist
Changing AA settings for specific games...
HDTV RBG card?
Where do you find the best LCD deals?
Source of (pictured) crazy monitor flicker?
Do you have $xxx to spend on a video card?
I might be going pci-e sooner than I thought.....
Video Card Selector
how do I make a sticky
Bluetooth Headset
Memory Buses
Opinions please!
Sony announces that nV will power the PS3
How to deterimine oc limits?
so let me get this "replacement plan" thing correct
what video card
ATI and NV gpu together on SLI board
3D Prophet
diamond monster
How do I get component video into my computer?
AGP/PCI Latency Utility 1.1???
Best Card for HDTV?
Whats a Good PCI TV Tunner card?
Need info from the pros
So whats the best/best value card at the moment?
Christmas is around the corner... $50 card?
Orders for AGP still increasing
Any way to fix stuck frames in video
Which Card is better?
ok what exactly is flashing?
Choose between ATI and NIVIDA?
power problem
Need help with GFX Card!
Video Cards under $80
Klipsch GMX 2.1
worried about fedex
Xfx ?
9800 "Atlantis" ???
TV Tuner Card
My 9800pro doesn't cooperate with BF1942, help.
New Cards?
How would i mount this heatsink fan?
On Budget. Which card for 150-160?
Hi I was wondering what the best video card to get for 150 dollars or less would be
ibm 760el laptop color problem
looking for video card for k6
Performance program
So, what is the deal with the $700 video cards?
2 sound cards - none work
I need info
possible noob question
Comparible to AIW 9600 XT?
9600 Pro - budget replacement for the TI Series?
low 3dmark03 score
x800 v 6800 gt oc TESTED!
PCI video card dilema
what is SLi?
Sound Cards refusing to work with Windows XP, Urgent Help!!!
Do \I dare try and OC this?
6800 gt vs x800 pro?
Question About AGP Ports
how do i use rivatuner?
Do all pci cards work with pci slots?
best bang/$$$
what card??? help please! :D
Motion blur?
x700 pro vs 6600gt
what is VIVO?
what does agp and pci express support mean
Best card for $300
Overheating GPU?
Difference in frame rates when switching from 1024x768 to 1280x1024?
Does it matter what TV chip is on a Vcard?
tv tuner with cable
Looking for a New Video Card w/ DVI
Laptop LCD on a pc?
Arggghhh F U Aopen!!!!!
SLi power requirements are huge
Plz Help With Video Problem
Black Friday Sales???
Asus SLI Review
Jump Ship.. ATI - NViD??
Help me choose my
What is this?
Integrated Graphics Problem
Did i scratch the GPU Core?
video card screws mobo?
Video Freezing - Plz Help
AGP Speed automatically disabling itself
Asus 9600 XT - Alternatives?
EBAY or not to EBAY?
manufacturer question
is 117*f to hot for gpu??
Super gpu without cpu
Why Do Video Cards Face the Way They Do?
Garbled Screen... Post -> Windows
Intel Extreme 2 for mobile
Connecting computer to LCD TV
X700xt or 6600GT - Best for PCI-e?
3dfx Voodoo 5500 + HL2 = 0wnz j00 4ll!
X700XT-AGP vs. 6600GT-AGP
Before I finalize my order with newegg.com
What's a good PCI video card?
Turning crap into not-so-crappy
adding memory to your card??
old voodoo2
Whats wrong with the 6800's?
Bang for the buck ???
Looking for how to Voltmode Sapphire 9550
picking out the bottleneck
Problem with sound output
xBit HL2 Benchs
AGP vs PCI-Express
New Video Card
notebook video cards
Upgrade on VIDEO CARD
GPU Problems
OC'N video card on my laptop
New Video Card
hi got a ques
Confused about video cards
New gpu times
More sound problems
hi im new
how does this look?
no DTS on my dell 700m with powerdvd6?
Is it worth switching from a 9800 Pro to a 6600GT?
HL2 nvida vs ATI
nVidia or ATI
The Eternal Question! ( upgrade? )
Dead pixels on a CRT?
Missing pixels, screwed up polygons - what's going on?
What's a good Videocard for around $400? And 21" CRT around $300?
strange video problems
should i change my ti4200 for a 9500np/pro?
how well would WoW run on this system?
Error! What does it mean?
Will I be able to play HL2?
Built in or Audigy
Nvidia wins this round.
New Computer...Help please
Updated benchmarks.
Video goes corrupt every once and a while
Triple head video cards??
I've got $150 to blow on a video card...recommendations?
What is the lowest priced AGP 256-bit card
Approx $300.00-$350.00 to spend, which should I get?
ti4200 or 9600pro ????
ATi Radeon 7000 32MB DDR AGP Vs, nVidia GeForce MX/400 DDR64MB AGP ?
Upgrade Options HELP ME
What now...
which videocard to buy?
FX5900XT vs 9800 Pro
Video card memory check software?
are these cards 3.3 or 1.5?
Wow! Look at the difference with pixel shaders enabled!
Is this a video card?
Newbie help
Video card = better than my comp
What video editor do u use and why?
Anyone switch between nV and Ati?
Is "shimmering" fixed yet?
Is my Saphire ati 9700 going???
Which card?
Music and Video Slow Down
Monitor/TV adapter?
New Project Announcement
Budgetless Computer =D
9800 and 6800.
Low Profile Video Card that you know of?
GeForce4 Ti4200 Overclocking
9800se@pro vs 6600 non GT(agp)
Program to tell you what speed your vid card is running at, like cpu-z?
POST YOUR Counter-strike: Source stress test results
Console VGA Box?
What is the best monitor for gaming?
TV Tuner Card suggestions?
Sound going in and out
Prices for 6800nu's in Canada
Can your PC catch up with this video clip?
9800pro 256/256 OR 6600gt?
Anyone know?
EQ2 Account creation tool error message.
Best PCI card to accompany this system
Conductive paint suppliers?
Fastest Low Profile Card
Which card is right for me?
best PCI card for the buck?
No sound from DVD movies
Poor x800 XTPE performance over 6800gt?
ATI 800 pro or 6800 gt
quick question
Suggestions for a good 2d card with DVI?
ns memory question.
how safe is it to flash your graphics card
Mid-range selection
has my agp died/corrupted?
6800 or 9800 xt?
Analogue TV Card
Flashing your Video card
locking the refresh of a second monitor
dual monitor configuration.....will this work?
Vpu recovery When folding@home
128mb 9800pro--> or 256mb 9800pro--xt or 660GT?
will taking off the HSF void the warrenty?
Next Gen video card problems
AGP longevity
ALERT, don't use ebay to sell a video card! Here's my story!
Can any one figure this out?
Best PCI graphics card?
New GPU Comparison Article
Antialiasing hotkey?
Help, something is wrong.....
Switching brands of cards
Video card help
Best video card for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?
Are X800s and 6800s Quiet?
What do you guys think of special VGA card leads?
Bit of a card buying dilemma...
Whats happening?
ATI Technologies Vows to Bring Shader Model 3.0, Multi-GPU Technology
artifacts ?
All X800 series and 6800 series owners... post your benchmark
Laptop Videocard Question
Television-on-pc: assistance needed
Radeon 9800 Pro Randomly Reboots
Video Recorder
ASUS SmartDoctor/SmartCooling: compatible with the "foreign" cooler fans or not?
More than 16 pipes possible for refresh end of year?
I don't trust TrustedReviews
in what is PCI-E better than AGP?
Which X800 Pro's Are Vivos
AGP 6600gt and x700 to come out late november!
Nvidia 6800 acceleration works
best program for making movies look better
need help picking video card
When do you think PCI-E will mean something?
Do i really nead a x800pro/6800gt or will a 9800pro -->XT be sufficient?
so x800pro Antialiasing is better than 6800gt?
6800 temps
friend needs new cheap vid card
The Changing Of The Guard
Dual GPU's... when?
Matrox parhelia
Older HP onboard video problem
vc lock ups
Saving Streaming Video?
HD tuner
Dual Monitor Problems
MTV Video Mods
the x800xt and the pe version
Difference between Opengl 1.5 and 2.0?
What happened to Alienware's Video Array
Another with Vguru!
Video editing
What can explain this performance discrepancy?
increasing throttle voltage
FIC not responding to RMA request!
For $65, what is better?
R480 and NV48
Dual Display won't work!!
Anyone have instructions for ATI TOOL?
Graphics Card Info Help
Actually using your video card with a TV help please!
What are the better brands of video cards?
What are your minimum playable settings?
no video when on tv
What video card do i need to hook a computer up to a TV ?
DirectX Problems
Vipper V770 vs Nvidia vanta
HP sound problem
Discuss the NVIDIA NF4 with dual Vid card support?!
640x480 display issues
9800 Pro Budget Card Question
asus and nvidia breaks 10.000 3dmark(05)...
best card for 270+$$
Takin frag taped heatsinks off BGA chips
Permedia 2 8MB PCI questions
Beginners getting ripped off
2 Displays 1 Computer, low fps?
Best vid card for ~$150
help. temp sensor screwed up
I need serious help...1046 in 3d benchmark03
6800GT BottleNeck
S3 OmniChrome Tv Review
should i flash my 9600xt?
Watching HD-DVD Movies?
Video problems
How do I flash the bios without creating a bootable floppy or cd
Manufacturer for NVIDIA
Video/Monitor Problems Screen Flickering
Today's video cards...grrr...
PRO / PROTD difference?
Fair upgrade
Which Card?
Do PCI-X 6800 GTs exist?
halo card
Please Recommend a Vid Card
AGP x700/6600?
What would cause this?
Prospects of SLI
More Conspiracy!!! This time in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3!!
Why would newer cards............
this stupid computer has bad graphics
increasing voltage of a video card
what does softmodding do
Wierd. AGP Voltage
512mb ATI/Nvidia cards
Problem with GF2 and Detonators
Power Consumption Graph.
Video Memory Cache Mode
Omid Rahmat again remember the bloke who said A64 was nothing but hype?
what should i set my agp aperture size to?
Help with mX440
9800pro died, any suggestions?
x800 xt or 6800 gt/ultra?
Whats PCI 256 mg card?
Switching 9800pro for 6800GT
which video card for NFSU?
MAJOR vpu problems...HELP!!
What Card???
Next Gen Cards
Which sound device is better to use?
Better sound with Nforce 5.10?
New NVidia 6200 out????
Graphics Card Info
Whats the next step up from the 9800 Pro?
what to buy ? as in video card's
Best vid card for under 100 bucks?
wireless speakers with a pen laser.
9800 pro vs 5900 ultra
9800pro or 6600GT?
Graphics Card Upgrade Suggestions
Tv-out goodness... i need some!
CONSPIRACY...please discuss your agrrements or grievances
Life of current cards?
Monitor "refreshing" (turns black quickly, then clicks)
Is there anyone out there using there HDTV Out on there GF6 or X#00 cards?
Creative IR Port
How to upload video and sound from a camera..
New SLI benches arrive (copy/pst from [H])
How do i remove old ram heatsinks?
PCI Express
need some help deciding
Need advice quick! Best video card for $300???
Duke 3d makes my card hotter than Doom3!!
Ati/nv Silencer Mod
Game over ATI and NVIDIA
Need some OLD TSENGLABS cards
DVD drive no software?
Directx 9? Or no?
Need Help!
Tv Card + Video Player (VHS)
Laptops and Gfx Cards
Best video card for less than 200 dollars?