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need help realy quick
quick dual monitor setup ?
.avi playing on dvd?
4 monitor question!!!
Most pathetic new video card I have ever seen!
does increasing agp voltage in bios help with oc
Voltage adjustment on GPU and Mem?
diffrent res on tv to monitor
Before you buy your next Video card......
Need a good budget card...help me out.
Would i be able to run these new gen card? (i.e. x800pro & 6800 gt)
Please help us chose a graphics card
9800 pro OR 6800le
are laptop graphics cards upgradable
What the... where's AudioHQ?
What system to match the games we play
[H] vs. Futuremark
Results from 3dMark03 :(
Digital Camera as a Web Cam
GFX Card Mod
DVI troubleshoot
Budget Geforce 6800
Time for 256mb's yet?
Anyone OC a 5900XT?
heh heh i fluked out with omegas, and now my card is ACUTALLY oc'ing
how do i uninstall omegas?
Should I upgrade?
Needing a new video card
is GeForce3 worse than today's budget cards?
is windows run at a certain number of frames per second?
Sapphire x800 xtpe & Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Nvidia vs. ATI in Linux
Is my Video Card Fried?
running games in a windowed format
Cheap dual monitor card?
Decisions on Video cards
6800 GT or X800 Pro?
Video card for Home Theater PC (HTPC)?
satelite card
GeForce 2 of Radeon 9200se??
Best card for $200?
gfx card ocin
Card OC'd when new?
OMG!!!!!!!!! 40k has been broken and hes gonna break 41k
ok so i installed omegas, now what
k why does my memory oc but core doesn't?
holy f that was dangerous
good gpu stress test programs
virtual memory
is turning off fast write bad?
vid card temps?
arr..fx5900xt vs. 9600xt
vid card overclocking guide?
Quick Question: Videocard for friends new comp
3dmark05 Patch1.1
is it true the 9800pro is not powerful enough to....
Looking for a good LCD 17" monitor
3D Mark 05 wont run
Looking for RCA out soundcard.... any?
and the IQ is differant again on 3dmark05
Need help with Silencer 3
3dmark 05 vs Registered 05
Video Card Feature for Video in from Camcorder
cant decide on gfx... need help!!
Abit GeForce MX440 and Dual Monitors
3DMARK05/9800pro Top scorer
Table of 3Dmark05 Scores
S3 drivers messing up XP
Post Your 3DMark03 Scores
3dmark05 is out
RivaTuner question.
Help: Hauppauge WinTV-GO Cards
New 3DMark 2005 Scores
NEW x800pro/xt/xtpe 600gt/Ultra review
Nvidia fails WHQL tests but Catalyst certified
Pick One
A few Dual Monitor questions.
X800 Pro vs. 6800GT
Game or graphic card problem?
does anybody have a dell
Would this be killing my FPS?
Video input on a Laptop
6600GT or X700 in canada ?
help please (no signal to monitor)
Audio connector????
new graka needed?
Where can I get an ATI AIW 8500 128MB?
Budget gaming card
9800pro Dead new Vid card ?? Need help
It's that time again...
can't get 3Dmark2003 to work
Windows movie maker 2 anyone?
Tv with S vid out?
Best Video Editing Card?
ATI and NVIDIA question, 5700 ULTRA vs 9800 PRO
Frame rate locker
Benchmark for me please
How do u get a CPU HS on a video card?
Tv- card
Nvidia is bull****ing ATI
refurbished or not?!?!?!
Upgrade an Oldie?
NV Slideshow Leaked
ETA on better than the best cards?
nvidia or ati
What do I need to do to hook up consoles to my monitor/PC?
Checking my video memory usage.
dual display with non-radeon cards ...
AGP Power option in BIOS
videocard cheep but above..
Best HIGH end vid card value-wise.
AGP locking
Upgrade from 9600 Pro other than 9800 Pro
how to find what video card im using
safe temperature range on card?
What does voltage do for OCing cards?
Hook my ps2 up to my pc
Simple Question About Volt Modding
Newbie needs help tweaking Barton 3000Xp, X800 XT PE
X700XT vs. 6600GT - The reviews
ASAP which card want one today
which card
scroll framerate
Why you should use anisotropic filtering.
Best Video Card for the money?
Want to waste 400 dollars. Buy a Arctic cooling NV5 silencer
Physical hole dimensions for R9800 & GF4?
How do I know?
Any way to streatch a game across 2 monitors?
Which Vid Card??
Two PCI vid cards = "CODE 10"... plz help
9800 Pro quickly losing its value
Voodoo 4 4500 vs. nvidia tnt2
DVDs with no sound?
New System
Do you remove the PCI back cover below your graphics card?
Help Diagnose My Overclock Problem
Cheap Gaming Video Card
9700 pro or ti4600, which is better?
is it safe to leave overdrive on for extended periods of time?
Need a good, Cheap video capture card
9800 Refuses to play an ID games...
I need a TV out (composite or s-vid) and sound in one card
video card recommendations
VGA Silencer Rev.3 and Ramsinks
video card compatibility
FPS stuck at 60
how to set up dual monitor with one vid card?
VGA Silencer vs Zalman ZM-80D vs Tt Fanless VGA Cooler
what do you think about Refurbished cards?
lapping the cooler
Realy cheep vidcard
Clarification of term/usage & advice
Those with the new BGA silencers...
What cards fit in a shuttle??
Whats with my skippy gameplay?
stand-in card while waiting for 6800?
Need a decent performing, yet pretty cheap video card...
Ghetto VGA Silencer
2x DVI vs 1xDVI and 1xVGA explained?
Vid card under $150?
What video card cables needed for xbox on a CRT?
Screen !?!?
Display Corruption!
Compound on GPU
Unknown video card
Is this about right? Plus I got some questions.
Looking for PCI Low Profile dual monitor card
How many frames in UT2004?
Quick Question
Monitor goes black and says Frequency Out of Range...
New VGA Silencer Up and Running But..
X-box next
2/3 pin fan connector
What is the max FPS the human eye can see?
What is the best PCI express video card in the 170-220$ range?
Help i cant see anything
Whats better ot overclock more, GPU or RAM?
video card
Follow my pitifull progress!
[NEWS] The End Of DirectX As We Know It
Help me decide
what is agp pro?
Realtime GPU speeds??
can't decide on video card
Digitising Video Problem: Please Help!
video cards 101 question
[NEWS] Audio Processing on Your Graphics Card?
Dual Monitor Wallpaper
PC needs an upgrade?
Media PC
program for tv resolution
Best Video Card Around $150, Or Wait?
Software for my Capture Card
Five Thumbs Up for Zalman ZM80D-HP VGA Cooler
Best bang for <$46$
Doom 3 FPS...post your fps!
i'm a newb
Can this video card play rmvb/avi files smoothly?
Which card to get...
urgent help.... face some conflict here...
now there is a question, which is better the 9700 pro or the geforce 5700?
A Little Help?
Card decisions..
What do u think? Nvidia 6800 128MG
resolution settings for games
Which is Better? Radeon X300 Series or Nvidia FX5900 256mb
How do I record in MPEG-4 w/ the Leadtek Winfast TV2000 Deluxe?
x800XT vs. 6800Ultra
x800 VS 6800gt
other divices ??????
best for this system setup?
2 monitors? 2 video-cards?
Not Getting a Screen on Bootup?
3d Mark 03
128MB or 256MB
ok new idea, a vid card for under $100
What to use to attach Ram sinks on Video Card
Arctic Cooling Rev 3 MOD?
Embarrassingly low 3Dmark03 score???
So how would this rate?
AGP 8X not stable?
Use MPEG 1 or 2 when recording with TV Tuner?
Will Raising AGP Voltage Harm Video card/Computer?
frame skipping (vsync problem)
BFG 6800 OC at Best Buy Darnit!!!
which is the best less-crappy and CHEAP card??
Newegg Refurbs?
How to Overclock with Rivatuner?
Is overclocking safe on this computer?
How much of Nvidia does ATI own?
Video Card Cold Boot Problem?? Please Help!!!
Problems With Games, Could It Be The Gfx Card?
Problem after running Driver Cleaner, help!
Warning-Powercolor Pulling a Sapphire, Selling 128 Bit 9800 Pro as "PRO"
looking for another vid card, cheap..
3D Mark 2005
What is your favorite GPU overclocking tool.
Strange results...my 9800xt system~my 6800GT system
PCI express cards
What to do, what to do..... 9800pro, 6800NU or ??
vga silencer version?
System Bottleneck?
nVidia & ATI
AGP trouble
512mb video cards hit market? now what..
Bypassing VGA Fan Port
where to plug game controller
Cooler GPU via Software
The x800 and 6800 silencers are in
Why does this vid card cost $11,000??
New graphic Card
Forcing DX9.0 On FX Cards
Is it recommended to have a discrete graphic card on a laptop for video editing?
$150 Budget Card
In need of help tweaking new comp
Prime stable, memest stable - still unstable
GF3 Ti200 64MB vs r8500 64MB
Interesting Article
Buy high end AGP8x now or wait for PCI-E system?
wobbly display, rare but bothersome
need some help on buying new card....
If you had $300.00
Neweg has Ultra's and XT's right now.
Can someone answer a dumb question s for me?
Picking a card with vitality
enough to show XP
Any way to run the "6800" nVidia demos on the ATi cards?
Does anybody mess w/ their AGP voltage?
overclocking gpus
Time to up the Graphics Card :)
Ati has a solution to nvidia's 6600gt
XP thinks I have two video cards.
radeon x800pro vs geforce 6800gt
TV Capture -> DVD
OC'd video keeps defaulting?
I need a PCI express power cable
xbitlabs.com CS:Source Benchmarks
Matrox 256, ATI or NVidia?
wtf.... 8x
Blur desktop (strange..)
tv tuners
PCIE video cards???
Reformat still necessary going from Nvidia to ATI card?
Best PCI Video Card?
best upgrade for 400 dollars ?
OK Should i... keep the 6800nu or get a 9800P or X800
REAL HL2 benchmark results!
Need advice on a new video card
Directx 9.0c , Anyone Try It Yet ?
ATI/NV Silencers available at Newegg
ATI or Nvidia???
When will the next set of cards come out?
256MB onboard RAM?
Need a new video card
9800 PRO or FX 5900?
Official How does CS:Source run on your ________ video card Thread.
intel Graphic cards tweaks
What is The Best Graphics card for encoding video's
9800 Pro--->XT or 6800
What Tv Tuner to buy?
Why is this more expensive than this? (Sound card question)
vga silencer fitting?
close call: is this a waste of $$$?
What *are* artifacts?
Wprkstation cards?
Need a video card suggestion for rendering
Volt Modded my video card. Pics!
Suggestion on Video card Purchase
Any info on when Nvidia has 6800 Personal cinema or ATI AIW x800??
Best Budget Card
$416 for x800XT-PE at Dell
Awesome CS Clip =)
Should I upgrade from a 9700pro?????
got myself a temporary upgrade to improve my games?
Benchmarks vs. Overclocking
gpu temp monitor
video overclocking question
When will I stop??
PCI-E and current generation mobo's...
ran drivercleaner now comp wont boot!!???
Prices going through the roof....
Adapter Refresh rate
What do you guys overclock first?
Graphics app.?
X800XT vs 6800 Ultra PCI-E
What to do with my current setup ?
coolbits flake-out
ati tweak d3
Help I can't See anything!
DVI-D out not working since upgrade?
How do multiple monitors work?
DX9C killed my O/C
can oc'ing your system affect your vid card?
a good budget card??
9200SE VS fx 5200 asap
Which one Better Geforce 5900XT or Sapphire 9800Pro
Had heat issues with ATi 9700, looking at new cards
vga silencer: mission failure
what card should i buy? (sorry... you guys are advice giver pro's)
Differences in hardware of Video Cards?
Good deal ?
s3 savage4 16mb
doom 3 refresh rate
One thing i hate about playing different video games.
ATI/NV Silencers coming!!!
A couple of problems... power supply related?
Upgrading From A ti4200+, Which Makes Most Sense
Time for an upgrade?
Upgrade Advice
Problems w/ Games
FX5200XT or X300SE
Recommend: vidcard for a non-gamer....
What if any cards are stable @ 74mhz agp
Sound Card question
512 mb?? What a scam by ID
VIdeo card preventing my ocing?
Can't get above 60 FPS
Screen flicker has me baffled :confused:
VGA Wires... how do i conenct them to the plug?
is this safe
What is this?
Audigy 2 ouput port config
6800gt vs x800pro
Decent card for under $100?
Looking for a nice midrange graphics card
Help With Upgrading Video Card.
video out
Which card?
Time Demo???
Sound crackling?
AGP slot reduced @5:4?
Doom 3 not all that?
Consolidated Doom3 video card review list
Pci-e x16...whats the deal?
My Doom 3 Screens!!!
what do YOU run DOOM 3 at?
xfx Nividia Geforce FX5200 vs Power Color ATI 9200
5900xt or 9800pro
Holy crap doom3...
cheap video card to run doom3 well..suggestions please
Same onboard audio?
Is it just me or...
can't install drivers for my radeon 9700 pro
should i upgrade my 5900 Ultra 256??
6800gt vs x800pro
Omg Doom 3
Which monitor?
Video card rating
Doom3 Screens on 6800GT
how much better is the x800xt than the 6800gt?
[QUESTION] Are you #1 in 3DMark 2003 ?
*Help* Video Card: Best BANG! for the $$$$ ?
Need some help which card should i buy?
What's more stressful IQ or Performance?
best bang for buck vid card?
need a new card.. 6800??
Pci-X same as PCI-Express?
Ethics of selling clocked cards
BFG Technologies 6800GT, misleading card name?
Out of the Box thinking on Upgradeable Video Cards
Advice needed: Best quality TV out [s-video] card
I want a new video card.
doom 3 hw guide up at [H]
6800 128MB better than 9800Pro 256MB in the $250~$300 range right?
2site to look at showing Nvidia beating Ati
Videocards BIOS archive
need help overclocking my video card
Measuring FPS
How do I go about removing a GPU heatsink+backplate
Plz guys suggest me a nice vga card to by!
Future Doom 3 engine to feature Creative audio
What's the Best TV Tuner Card for $40 and Under?
Can't run OpenGL?
Video Card and PCmark2004
x800 pro vs 6800 GT
DirectX 9.0c is out
Card Mod Gone Wrong
Video Card descision, please advise.
Doom3 Can Use 512MB of Video Ram!
3D Mark03 scores fluctuating?
Well now im stuck..9800pro256mb or 6800nu
MS - Directx 9.0c Redist.
Another Far Cry Review- NV SM3.0 vs ATI SM2.0b
Gainward cheated!!!
Far Cry Review- NV SM3.0 vs ATI Sm2.0b
what's card do i need
If you had to choose a card NOW...
sound problems since going dual display
Are the any plans for new IGPs in the near future?
Why x800xt/6800u arent worth $500
Looking for a one slot agp card
What card to get?
video card roadmaps?
Ti600 to X800 Pro....what will I notice??
Getting the Best Out of My Asus X800XT PE?
Need some opinions!!!!!!!!!!!
New card.......cause this one is embarasing(plus it sucks)
Ati Remote Wonder Not Working
Should I go with?
Toggle Switch on 9800 PCB?
Cat vs. Omega question
Video Capture question
Nvidia card comparison.
Digital TV Tuner Cards?
4x AGP and 8X AGP
AGP Slot ?
Sound Card
cat4.7 recalled for 3Dmark03
AGP Fastwrites?
what is better x300 or fx5200 128mb?
Idea for Universal Remote for PC Programs
Poor 3DMark01 Scores?
6800nu benches
Screensaver rendering
old skool sound
Anyone want a free flat screen?
Far cry 1.2 recalled
gpu temp
New PCI Express
GF4 problem
Good audio conversion software?
Why doesn't nVidia make their own cards?
How do I Flash 9700pro to 9800XT???
Paitence is a virtue
x800xt vs 6800 ultra: Does it matter for the simple guy?
9200 vs GeForce3 Ti200
"Cheapest yet great 2D quality" card?
What to do?
Point in overclocking videocard?
Multi Texture Fill Rate Question
*OFFICAL* DOOM3 Benchmarks, 6800GT faster then x800XT
need extra pci card, whats better?
Quadruple displays
Cant decide: x800 pro vs 6800GT?
No X800XT's Till Mid October!!!!!
nvidia change to ATI, driver removal?
Farcry 1.2 patch released
Distorted picture in my G4Ti4600
It's from theinquirer but STILL ! 512 cards !
Video card desisions
AX800 XT PE issues...
Those next gen pci-e cards.....
Audigy 2 and overclock!!!
whats up with my 3dmark03 scores?
2 part question about vid cards...
AGP not working
BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC (non O/C'ed) Artifacts in FarCry?
FINALLY! Official 61.76WHQL Forceware