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Anyone know the answer to this?
LOL - look at this 3dmark score :)
AGP 4x 1.8v AGP 8x 0.8v?
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The first DOOM3 review by PC Gamer.
went shopping... cant wait for the arrival
Coolbits 2
I think my card is burnt out . help
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9600SE > ti4200 64mb??
professional vs. consumer
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Forceware 61.72 WHQL is out
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3DMark03: 17717
some question
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Tv-Tuner Card
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Isnt there a database for moddable x800s?
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Help me!! component come off from my 9800 pro
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Pny 6800nu Std?
humming noise?
6800GT vs X800pro
O'Cing 6800nu
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Recommend a quiet cooling solution for Ti4400
Trading 9800Pro with 5900XT. Fast Advise.
Pricewatch...where is the 6800GT and ULTRA?
Od video cards just usually die out of the blue?
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Please Help me decide
"ATI Technologies Readies New R430, RV410 Graphics Chips"
Front audio
Need reply fast - A good x800pro?
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Temporal AA? Please explain
Jaton graphics cards
wont play .mid
An interim vid card: 9600XT or 5900XT?
What do you do...And why ???
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Space Saving for a College Student
DangerDen 6800 waterblock
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Time to upgrade my video
BFG 6800GT - Visiontek x800pro
Monitor aliment????
removing 2 cpu wasting processes
9800PRO Volt Mod guide <with a pencil, *NOT* a resister>
Jerky visual & audio playback
ATI CATALYST™ Version 4.7 are out.
Audigy 1 vs Audigy 2
all audio pro logic
Ati Driver Update Major Question
Help new video card problem!!
What is the best 4X only video card made for games?
3D accelerator and playback problem
BFG 6800GT OC- got it but having probelms
DirectX version
Vid Card Suggestions??
What can i do to boost my 3dmark score?
Need Help Choosing! - Not a regular gt vs pro thread
X800 Pro, 6800 ultra, X800 XT platinum
X800pro or 6800GT?
Which Videocard to get ?
Just got my 6800GT installed.
Audio Problem
Chaintech AV710+Winfast TV 2000Deluxe=No audio
Overclocked! Now no sound???
color shading
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HDTV capture card
CNET crowns X800XT king
new video card or better processor???
Desperate Help Needed
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Strange CoolBits...
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Yet another review of the x800pro/xt-pe 6800gt/ultra/extreme
Windows XP + iTunes
Ever hear of a monitor taking out a vid card?
Look at this 6800 Ultra!
Audigy Softmod?
Help repairing RCA AUDIO cable?
how do i get 2 monitors going on my 9700pro?
Soldering tv-out and S-video
overclocking tool for radeon
Tv Capture Card
Overclock memory timings?
Why would my 9800Pro...come from the factory with 9800 XT BIOS?!
6800 vs X800 in FarCry with new version 1.2 and PS 3.0
10089 3dmark03 is this any good ?
Interesting info on 6800NU
Southbridge: Where.
Playing ps2 on computer crt monitor?
Yet another X800 XT or 6800U post.
Quattro cards for gaming????
Can 1G ram increase FPS?
Dual Sound cards can it be done (Onboard Asus P4P800 and SoundBlaster CT4830 Live)
overclocking software
PowerColor x800pro Assassin Edition instock
argh! my ears!
Please help with video card upgrade!
How much AS3 do you put on your radeon core?
Audigy X-Gamer vs. Nvidia Soundstorm
is the 6800 gt a good choice?`
monitor keeps restarting
fx5600 vs geforce 3?
"Enter-The-Matrix" Using Directx9: How????
Hype to new features, D3 and HL2 not as demanded?
Farcry PS3.0 test from nVidia in London
okay, a little behind...
SLI to support 8GPU's
Who makes the best graphics card?
Best way to erase drivers?
9800 pro Desktop gamma setting
Does anyone know...
Portable Cd Mp3 Player
Broke 11000 on 3Dmark03
ATi X800 Pro vs. nVidia geForce FX 6800GT
Is there an Audigy 3 in the works or a PCI Express sound card in the future?
eVGA 6800 GT available
More performance still??
Blue PCB on a Sapphire card?
Intel 64mb integrated graphics or Geforce 2MX 32mb
Best way to uninstall current drivers then get new ones??? quick plz
Effects of heat on overclocked card?
saphire vs ati
Well here goes...
Whats up with my monitor?
Yet another 6800u, x800pro, and x800xt-pe review
Please, please, please help!
Need a card to hook up to the TV
Geforce 6800 vs 9800 Pro
nVidia rereleases SLI video ? Voodoo again?
Check This Out!
DVR capture card for cameras???
What is the best air cooler for 9800 pro
Severe Problem With Onboard Sound. Please Help!
Moniter Resizing randomly
Directx 9 For C&C Generals?
any body out there capturing analog video with Geforce FX 5200 / vivo/VTD any brand ?
MBM5 and Video card temps.
x800 xt or 6800 ultra?
does this sound right to you?
Ti 4600 + Warcraft 3 : Ft
Which prog????(nvidia people)
Switching comps
PNY 6800 Ultra for 350$ + tax @ Compusa
AGP pro vs. AGP
Some cool SM 3 screen shots
Shaky video on playback??
Laptop Gaming Question
So my 9500 is goin out...
Ram Sinks for 9800?
Mounting a stock AMD HSF onto Ti4200
9600XT can't be found by system?
For how long?
Overclocking Ti4200 Affects WLAN
Another game to use SM 3
Does anyone here have a Sapphire X800 Pro? Anyone?
check out this high 3dmark01SE Score 30k+
Are the new cards really worth it?
Logitech z 680s
Please advise re: X800; Will I miss 3.0 shaders? (i.e. image features for '04-'05)
OCing my lappy
6800 GT or X800 Pro?
leadtek tv tuner, tv video a little choppy
Video card
Which way do i set these for best results. (pictures)
ManHunt Freeze... any help would be appericiated
6800gt gddr3 x800 gddr3
My 5600 and OC problems... please help!
Received my 6800UltraOC and X800XTplat yesterday
x800s And 6800s: Why????
Anyone ever RMA'd something to ATI direct?
Z640 Rear speaker
i think i damaged my vcard :(
VHS to DVD Conversion??????
Dead video card?
ATi drivers to nVidia drvers...
HELP!!!!!! Sound card not working.
It has been confirmed, Radeon 9700 IS FASTER THEN FX5200!!!
6800 non-ultra available
best air cooling for a 9700pro?
Worth it to get 9800SE and soft mod it?
Wireless Gaming Headphones?
using laptop monitor with desktop pc?
Battlefield Vietnam Problems! :(
Just got my 6800nu!!
People who have or know info on X800Pro or X800XT needed!
How do I oc a 5700LE
Got a 20" LCD, now my 9800 Pro doesn't cut it?
I think I messed up bad!
Anyone know...
How to tell how fast GPU is...
6800 for $309.59
x800 pro with 4.7 beta lookin good
Need A Recommendation
Just what does the performance slider change on ATI card?
5600 ultra bios
Which graphics card would perform better on present and future games
video card STARTUP!!!!!
Gainward or Visiontek?
z-640 sub rattling
Help on speakers
ti4200 Still Perform?
ti 4200 for 50 bux good price? ( used)
Can I use both onboard video and agp?
Which 9800pro is the best?
good or not?
Best cooling for 9800 pro?
Artifacts on 5700 default core/mem!
Why not make a videoboard?
New NVidia drivers?
PNY 6800U = Massive Heat
agp pro slot question !
3dmark03 record?
680 mem speed?
Worth it in the long run?
how long do i gots.
Which one
Budget Graphics Card!
Tom's Hardware 'Alienware video array benchmarks leaked to the web' <
nVidia default clock in drivers?
SMart gart turning on agp
non overclocked owns overclock?
Just checking scores...
flashing my 9800 pro to xt
Decision Time ~ Need Help Fast
dvd players dont play after windows install... ever
great idea may save many cards
Need help with component hookup...
what other programs besides ati tool
benchmark results
Video card for using MAYA
9800PRO 256 DDRII or 6800NU 128 DDR?
switching between overclock and normal?
Poor image quality with 9000 Pro
really good card of just lucky?
overclocking max with ati tool
bilinear filtering and trilinear filtering?
ONBOARD vs agp and onboard vs pci
Best HEADPHONES from 80 to 100 dollars?
viedo card recomendation
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro for $209....a good deal?
no dvi output
Need help picking a card
triple monitor
Error generated by Game caused by OC?
HURRY!!! x800pro for 329.99!!!
Want to run far cry
Delay in Gaming on TV-Tuner
Utility for GPU temperature && SpeedFan inquiries.
Omega drivers and others
Can't believe onboard is faster than audigy 2
running dual monitors?
nVidia Soundstorm or SB Audigy X-Gamer
Wheres The Beef?
Removing a HS epoxied to GPU
6800NU/GT and x800pro review
Getting sound to work opn 98se without the OS Disc ?
5900 2D/3D clock. Which is more important??
Catalyst 4.7 Omega's out!
RADEON X800 Pro 256mb OR GeForce 6800 GT OC 256MB
Need help picking out graphics card for under 60$
geforce 6800nu review
Deal i found for X800XT
Check Out These Benchmark Programs!!!
Having some trouble...
Wildcat Realizm
AGP fastwrites
tv wonder pro sound
TV tuner problem
New Catalyst 4.7beta is out ALREADY!
New Video Card
how to hook up surround from comp to amp
I broke my video card!!!!!!
Looking For A PCI Dual DVI Card
cheap dvi cable
6800nu to run farcry well?
Leadtek 6800 for 235$ instock
5700 ultra or 5900 xt/se
Which one 5700 Ultra or 5900xt/se???
buying a geforce 6800nu
Should this happen on a Mem Clock O/C?
AIW 9700 PRO problem ?
geforce 6800nu power supply demanding like the 6800 ultra?
good $200-$300 card to buy later this year?
6800 and FM approved drivers...
Just got a new card.
External TV Tuner
Omega Drivers and laptop graphics cards
Vmodded x800pro 3dmark03 score
x800xt PE for $434.95 PreOrder @ Gateway.com Again
Another low 3dmark topic...
Geforce FX 5600 eye Candy (56k Warning Don't both if you want be waiting years)
3DMARK2001 Help
Does Raising AGP voltage do anything?
Pre-Ordered a BFG 6800GT for $299.99!!!
HINTS for 5900XT flash to 5950U !!! MSI CARD
FPS Display Utility
LOL @ the guy selling the ultra extreme
How do nanoseconds ratings transfer to mhz.
TV Wonder issue
3d mark 2001 score is TERRIBLE!
The future
Couple of pictures of my 9800
Will PCI-Express Become Standard in Gaming PC's!
What is better
overclocked 5900XT to 5950U hints and advice needed!!
Far Cry HDR Path on GeForce 6 series (looks awesome)
Sapphire 9800 Pro 128mb to EVGA 6800....worth the upgrade?
New Video Cards That Come With Half-Life 2?
How to safely remove epoxied on Ram sinks?
How To Make A Video Card Heatsink!!!
first thoughts on new toys
Good video card(s) for Photoshop and Small Games
evga 6800 instock for 299$ get em while you can!
want to put vhs tapes on to cd
Where might I find a stock 9700 aiw hs and fan?
DTS Codec....
More GeForce to IC7 Problems
sound help
Help on GPU Heatsinks
GPU heatsink mod (pics)
Looking for video card
6800 GT ordered
Best computer ever! but far cry wont fun. HELP!
Which Video Card for around $100?
Opinions on Modding FX5900
9600XT & Sound????
video card question??
Little help with Old S3 Savage 4 video card
Brand New 9600xT Halo video stalls at intro screen????
ATi Radeon 9600xt Overclock?
Screen Refresh RAte Prob?
How far can I push a 9600 np???
cleaning an LCD panel
bottleneck resulted with new x800?
Cheap card question????
The new ATI 4.6 drivers are out
confused about pci-e
GeForce MX 2 Craze
What is causing tears in my FPS?
4x slots vs 8x slots: Am I wasting power?
9600xt question
Overclocking Core vs Memory Clock
1.3V AGP Cards
6800 Ultra on newegg
New vid card help
which tv tuner card?
Dual video cards heat?
realtime raytracing engine. check it out!
Thermalright NB-1 on a 9800 pro.
What is a good TV Tuner or TIVO Card
Good deal on X800 XT? :snicker:
200 bucks, what to do...(unbiased please)
Video Capture Cards (for moving VHS to DVD)
9800Pro or 9800XT heatsink temp (probe slid under the heatsink)? Advice.
Wow... (X800 screenshots up the wazoo)
Mixing Nvidia and ATi cards
Are these vcard core and mem speeds to high?
onboard vid switching to AGP?
Hauppauge cards
Need some help on a mid range video card hunt!
Video card limbo
A7N8X-VM/400 Video problem
Which card outperforms and why? 9600xt vs 9800xt
Rather basic question/first time OCer
OMG I just fried my x800 pro in the first day!!!
What does it mean when the video is jerky when gaming?
New 2.1 speaker system suggestions
Advanced Graphics Connector
Audigy 2 ZS drivers........SUCK
Videocard Voltage?
Do high-end video cards matter for non-gamers?
3dmark2001 score drops AFTER cpu+mobo upgrade
X800 to X800XT Mod And How To
ati cheated? finally someone addressed it.
What exactly is IQ
How to apply heatsinks for ram onto video cards?
Plz answers questions on 3DFX
Buying OEM and Stress Testing(unrelated) Questions
Utilizing AIW 8500 DV....
will I notice a difference?
Upgrading From A Ti4200 128MB
Cant break 491/387 on my 9800
List your Video Card track record....