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What's the deal with DDR2?
For those who hate the 5200
Help...Need to find..
Another question about benchmarking...
TV Out Quality is there any difference?
Got a new card....better or not???
I need help choosing a new card
Modding Fan Question
Help with Tv-out?
Riva Tuner questions
Pc Monitor and Game Console
Whats wrong with my 9800pro (screens included)
Weird Artifacts
Just broken 10,000 Marks
The Radeon 9800 pro's
hot ASUS 9800XT
Movies computer>TV
Problem with SB Live! 5.1 Platinum Live Drive
128mb or 256mb?
what is the name of this Video Card?
Geforce2 MX vs 9200
removed my shim off 9500(pics 56k gets owned)
PCI Express
FSB and AGP 8X question.
Gf3Ti200 or ATI 9000
Laying the old GF4 to rest
How much does the VGA Silencer cool down your CASE?
WHY do omega drivers suck for me? Please help.
duel monitors
There may be a revision2 fx5700 ultra. Also r500, nv50 news
Safe Over Clock Temperatures?
which 9800 pro would you go with?
video capture
Quick question please!
Does anyone sell the Volari Duo V8s yet?
VR headgear
Look out R420, NV40 has 16 pipelines & 210 transistors!!!
Everyone needs to buy this!!!
NV 5950? Almost what to expect from PCI-Express? Thats what this tells me..
Forcing TRUFORM?
Tired of these r420 and NV40 B.S
this is going to be good for nvidia
Decision on new PCI videocard
9500pro ocing question
Headphone jack question
Best sound recording/editing utility?
nVidia talks of moving to .11 micron core already
I give up
new gfx card, ti4800?
How can I overclock nVidia GeForce FX cards?
get a 9800Pro now @ $220 or wait for new cores and PCI Express?
ATi & PCI Express
pci express nforce3 250?
VGA Silencer question
Where can I buy small 3' or less 15pin VGA cables?
good idea???
Redudant 2mb Laptop video question
5985 good for this system?!?
Best cooling solution for 9800XT
Monitor doesnt come back on
TV tuner , question
can I run an game emulator and cs at same time on 2 monitors?
Need help spending money :)
dual monitor w/ differant backgrounds
How to mount a HUGE heatsink on 9800 safely?
Help with cheap card for Tv out
Have doubts about what the "guy in the computer parts store" told me...
Best bang for the buck?
what to use to lap the core on my ti4200?
Burning in ye'ol Ti4200....
9800XT Operating Temperatures
stuttering video!
10000 broken in 3dmark03
R420 A-12 stepping (final revision) tapped out according to Inq...
i just got my new ti4800, opened it up, THE CARD IS BENT AND DONT WORK HELP
Refresh Rate Locking
5900@5950 vs 9800p@9800xt
Alternative 9800XT Cooling
can this card run DD to my home theater?
Best PCI videocard?
Since im gonna RMA my fx 5900xt...
How to connect a a sound cable for a cdrom and a tv tuner into one sound connector?
Video Card Question
Some Advice Please...
Ati 9600se
wll this be good
video card choice
People Choice VideoCard
temp monitor
best tv tuner
9600XT temp
Vid card problems, tried everything
does video in work on a television tape recorder?
OC a 9800pro
AGP bus uverclocking?
Low Profile PCI for slim gateway desktop
Video Card Isssue?????
Will switching brands cure infinite loop?
Aaaarrrghhh Shoot Me Please!!!
good 3dmark scores?
Which memory do I have?
Soundstorm DIES!?
get this guys.....I bought another ti4200!!!!!!
Is my video card F***ed
What does raising the voltages to the AGP slot do?
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro memory
"artifact" in 3dmark03 troll's lair
9800pro or no?
weird 9800p clock speeds
2 blurred!!
mx440/fx5200 shims
I almost **** my pants! :(
9800xt DX Diag says No AGP accel
M24 - what do you think ?
ati drivers
some advice from the wise... can i get some?
new GPU coming out
9800 XT or not?
Mic Wont Work DpvSetup.exe
Does any one have a pic of the 9800XT with out the heatsink?
question about vsync
Help fast, please! Video capture problem
Drivers for 9800pro
Ti4200 vs ATI8500
5900 softmod help plz
I got 200 -250 $ wich Gfx Card?
My 9800 pro. EXTREMLY HOT
PCI Express Is here - AGP gone by year ends
Few question from a noob :)
How do i make a GIF from an avi?
Next gen ATI confirmed 2-3 times faster
max vid card for P2
ATI, cheap with thermal paste?
Chat on one screen while playing a game on the other?
Best video in/out
Anti-aliasing and Z-buffer Questions
MSI 5900XT vs ATI 9600XT
220 to spend what to buy
This seem about right?
9800 Pro questions
Radeon 9800 Pro Big A** Problem
ge force 4 may be overheating how can i check?
Fried first video card!!!
Morrowind and ti4200?
What is a sure way to tell current AGP settings
3Dmark03 = 4500 ON A 9800pro!!!???
Need an outdoor WEBCAM??
nforce 2 vs. Game Theater XP
Best Way to Upgrade for better game performance
Best Reasonably Priced Card for These Games:
OCing AGP bus
is this a good card/price?
o/c a 9800 pro
If nothings burning, everythings ok?
THG's article on surround gaming
98 MHZ GFX 5900 vs 5200 @ full speed. 5900 wins
Dual Video Cards Questions
Did I kill it?
Thermal tape vs thermal adhesive
Who Currently Produces The Highest Performance Version Of The ATI 9800 And nVi. 5950?
software for checking fps in games??
Attaching heatsinks to the back of a card.
random sapphira thing
Need help making a choise... !!!!
New video card...?
I Cannot figure this out
Stable & SAFE - ATI 9800pro Speeds?
video card suggestion
Radlinker loses settings (yes I've searched)
Does OCin'g vidcard harm motherboard at all?
Using the stock Athlon XP fan on a 9500 Pro
Do CRT monitors = higher FPS?
64-bit FX5200 ownage!
RADEON 9800XT/PRO +Nvidia overclocking
fx5200 vs Ti4200
Installing/uninstalling drivers and software constantly
Cooling Video Card
HELP! i just bought a used 9800pro from compusa
Agp 90 degree adapter?
Is this my monitors fault?
AGP Apeture size=?
Looking for eVGA 5900u stock bios
brightness correction on Dell D1028L monitor
Card loses 1500 3dmark points for no reason
help with tv tuner card
tv tuner
Ati 9800 Pro - Temp Monitor?
Video Blacks out in 3D Games
Weird sound problem (help?) lol
What do I need to play AVI files?
Video Capture Card help!
sa abla s-video??
When will integrated GFX finally perform on a usable level.
How do u?? with out overclocking
is 3dmark 2001se not supposed to have sound?
Why two video cards in Device Manager
Time for new card.
My 9800XT just went to S$#%
How do I install a cpu heatsink onto my video card?
5.1 Speaker setup w/ Audigy 2, issues abound!
2 computers, 1 set of speakers???
R420/423 specs "released"
Piece broke off and it still works!!
softmodding a 9600xt
BIOS setting
ATI Radeon 9800 pro from newegg
Flamin hot 9800XT
dolby digital on Abit IC&-Max3???
What's the smallest USB key MP3 player?
old pci video card
Canopus Pure 3D, the original voodoo graphics one
9600 or 5900???
which gfx card to use in my pc
3dMark03 Score
9800Pro 256 or 9800xt or All in wonder
Ti4200 Broken?
How do i know when a video card can support 2 monitors?
What grit sandpaper to use to lap a copper memory sink?
Should I grab the 4600 ti?
first OC
Xbox 2 GPU Fast14 dynamic logic construction to make it much faster then R400?
Why me?
Help me select a video card
Difference in cards?
sapphire 9800se
loss of quality vhs to dvd
Lookin for a new vid card...
9800NP and 5900XT
ATI's IMAGEON™ Chosen as the Multimedia Co-Processor in New Motorola Mobile Phones
Problems after installing new board, need help!
Question about the Logitech z-680's
Vid card capatability question..
Trying to fix a 9500 Pro
Geforce 4 ti4600
MSI's 5900 XT-VTD128 <- is this a real 5900XT?
Need A Good Voice MIC
fs2004 crash, video?
Sound Card Problems HELP!!!
my fx 5700 ultra is running at 1.79volts? why?
Nvidia FX 5950 Ultra
Best card to get to last me the next year?
New Video Card Suggestions in the $160-$190 range?
Video card recommendation...
What to use for nvidia driver removal?
good free ID3 editor.
How to overclock a Evga GeForce 5200 Ultra Graphics Card
8x agp corupt???
WIN-TV Hauppage Card Advice on Software
Okay fellas, i need some QUALITY 2.1 speaker suggestions, PLZ!!!
Zalman 5.1 Headphones
ATI AIW 9800Pro
NV40 to be 4x faster in Doom III, 7x faster in HL2, according to nv marketing
Pro (quadro) drivers for Nvidia Ti 4600
I just fried my 9500, and it smells like my moms cooking
Quick Question
Overclocking tools help
radeon 9600 Help
Driver cleaner and some questions
When I go from NVidia to ATI, do I reinstall windows?
Is my video card dead?
HELP svcd player needed
ATi Licenses Intrinsity Tech For Faster Chips "Fast14"
Line in bites the dust.
n00by sound question
Need help
low 3dmark01 score...
Help with new video card.
do i need anything better?
9800 Pro is a joke!
Audigy 2 pops, fixed with switching keyboard to USB?
Secret question ???
fx 5700 or 9600 np?
Going back to my FX5600 from an 9800. Never again ATI
$100 vid card selection?
which one?
Ti Fx and Mx
help 3dmark freezes
MX400 PCI 64MB VC for counterstrike?
sudden stop in fps in call of duty...
XP or new Motherboard?
Is the 9700 Pro a 1.5V AGP card?
9700pro, What does this "beep code" mean?
Molibity Radeon 9700-The gap between laptop and desktop lessens
Running two monitors with an ATI Radeon 9800 pro all in wonder
Leadtek TV2000 vs All in Wonder
Xbox2: GPU, based on r500
Windowed mode affect performence?
anyone getting the fx6000 or 10000 pro?
which card would you buy???
Will my 8500 toast my motherboard?
Side cooling assist?
Better performance or no
What would cause these odd pixels (screenshot)?
Is there a good free program for overclocking my graphics card???
is this posible
8xagp really much better than 4xagp
8X/4X AGP Cards. Will they work in a 4X/2X system?
Latest xVid version
Video Problems maybe system problems
3dmark crash after 24 hrs, how long do you test your video card?
Audio Prog Help
error when i try dual monitors!
I lack any video, help me please!!!
What do you use to record video?
Compatibility Problems w/ Headphones
Upgrading my Video Card on a budget
Extra line in?
which graphics card is best
Overclocked Cpu stable in 2d but artifacts in 3d app.
When to expect the ATi "All-in-Wonder" 9600XT?
Video cards will not get faster...
ATi 9600 Pro Overclocking
coolbits is wacking out my pc
Basic OCing
s/pdif question
5900 Ultra or 9800 pro??
CUSL2 Graphics lockup above 920mhz?
help, need driver! ez-8738-4c
ti4200 questions
Easy to un-install nVidia drivers?
How do i dual monitor with my 9700 pro all in wondeR?
9700 pro shuts off?
Exception detected?
Choppy gameplay then my pc restarts
Video flashing when uping the FSB
custom refresh rates under WinXP
any idea whats happening here?
Software quest
Choices Choices!
Can I use 4.1 or 5.1?
Best choice for graphic design use
is it ddr or sdr???
leadtek ti4800 my vivo a20td
did I make a bad choice?
9800 Pro or 5900 (SoftMod --> 5950 Ultra) . . . which is better?
Please help me with my 9800np flash
ti4200 128mb to work on friends 150W...
Troubles with boot disk when trying to flash 9800np
NV40 Memory
MSI Ge4 Ti 4200
video card temp monitoring software?
Does your screen sync and resync when booting windows?
will a 5900 Non-Pro fit inside a Shuttle XPC
9800 pro - water cooling & shim removal
geforce 4 mx 440 ressurection!
Best Video Card Of All Time
new to overclocking
Vid card for a retro 300a setup
Best video card for under $100?
leadtek TV tuner problem
Xpert TV-PVR driver help
Horizontal tearing
3 questions.
VERY oldschool
budget $50-$60 vid card
Strange, non fan related noise coming from video card
best video card for under $150
2 questions..
S3 DeltaChrome
Thermal Epoxy to hold fan to card?
w00t my tweakmonster ramsinks just came!!!!!!!
nvidia/ati, overclocking a p4?
Sound Blaster ISA under XP
Installed 9700pro, now computer keeps freezing!!
Splitter necessary? Or not?
monitor refresh rates
new vidacard for under 200
Installed 9700 pro and now computer wont boot.
ATI Overtakes Nvidia
Need a new vid card...
TV Out/VIVO Vid card
Read this if you own a Forsa FX5600 128mb vC.
nv40 to be the fx6000 and could own r420
need some good vid card cooling
Screen "Jiggle" on new computer.
Possible overkill...
comparing nvidia and ati
Qucik dumb question
9600XT or 5900XT
Good Card Under $200
GeForce fan
best price on 9800xt?
exactly how old is my card?
Which one do you guys reccomend?
vivo for asus 9600xt
Highend Video in a Shuttle XPC (enough power)
How do I remove Ramsinks?
Best Ram sinks and where to get?
Connecting TV to my radeon 9600xt
PowerColor Radeon 9600PRO EZ 128MB
Flashing a 5900SE
Overclocking Radeon 9700pro (GPU cooling unit question)
2 vid cards installed?
Video card fan not spinning!
vido card doesnt like my OC
Card under 150
Best card to use on the TV??
New Video Card
killed my GeForce 5950
Buying Video card advice appreciated
CM18738 6 channel sound card
Question about AGP Apetecture size
Hi, I'm needing a bit of advice
Be careful when removing shims.
can 8x card run in 4x slot
ATI RADEON 9600 PRO AIW Heatpipe.
SoundStorm NF7-s Onboard Problem
Albatron 5700u Easy contender to 9800XT?
Sapphire 9500 128MB
stupid ? what is a NV15 GF2 GTS Ultra video card?
possible conflict
need help please!!!
Video Cards
The BEST card for UNDER $200
Voodoo 3
cheap cooling for my 9200! Suggestions?
Video Capture and Movie Maker HELP!!
Really cool ATI overclocking utility
Radeon 9500 Pro resetting my computer?
9700 pro vs aiw
O'c just Video
Radeon 9600PRO
Anyone know what card this is?
Video under $225ish US
temperature monitoring...?
Radeon display driver problem
EVGA 5900SE or Gigabyte 9600XT
AI7/Onboard Audio/Altec 251s
help with glitchy dvd playback
Series of video problems
What's your actual fps playing this MS video?
Help with 2 monitor setup - pls
overclocking 9600XT ????
ram heat sinks
adding a DVI connector
things to do before benchmarking???
how much weight can i hang off the chip itself?
my 9800pro won't overclock.. I blame the heatsink
AGP 4X Video Cards
Newbie - AGP speed drop w/ CUSL2
BEST vga waterblock?
DirectX 9.1
3DMark 2001 Game Tests breakdown
Worthing getting a 9600 XT over my ti4400?
What 9800 Pro would you buy?
9700 Pro OC'ed
video card too hot?
ATI TV Wonder VE problem
3dmark2001 SE
Future LCD's
RMA ATI AIW 9800pro
Setting up a media center...HELP!
What was your first high tech vid card?
Getting rid of an AIW 9700 Pro.... for?
Some Vcard History
Which of these 2 cards are better
Connecting PC to TV via s-video - questions?
Radeon 9700 Pro w/ aftermarket Cooler...Good Deal?
sound problems...
Best catalyst for 3dmark03?
Next releases?
Problems with Video Card.
Drilling through heatsinks
Geforece4MX or Geforce3?
are tv out vidcards overclockers unfriendly?
Looking for an Upgrade
Centre Speakers
power invert + noise
my first (semi) mod!
Overlocking Video Card
I have plenty of money to waste.. and
Cheap Graphics card in UK.
Video Card Overclocking
overclocking 9600pro
Altec Lansing 2.1 Speakers
Vid card help
Technical Probs
64MB enough/this a good deal?
Strange red pixels in pictures.
radeon 9700
does anyone know where the link
a quick question before i newegg it up
Graphics Aperture Size
S3 DeltaChrome, no performance hit when using anisotropic filtering!