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quick! i need a fast reply!
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is it possible to replace a broken capacitor
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HIS ICE-Q heatsink?
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something crippling my score?
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sub question
Hauppage hangs XP
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Using a TV Card across a network.
integrated s3 prosavage8
hooking up TV through S-video.
Cordless headphones
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Can I watch TV on MSI FX5200 VTD128?
AIW 9600 woes
Confused With Sound Outputs On Nf7-s
FireGL mod for a 9800?
Subwoofer Power?
Problem with software for soundblaster audigy 2 sound card
i am looking for a software...
How much better is the 9800 pro?
Sb Live + Interfence
does this seem right?
Problem with Dxr2 and Xp.....
What is a good overclock for a 9700 Pro?
hmmm...CHECK THIS OUT!!!
How to run my X-Box on my monitor?
Cheapest place to get a 9700Pro/9800Pro or whatever the new two-letter model is?
Dual Monitor
why different manufactures???
Why are GF4 more expensive than FX?
Video Card Temp Monitor
fx f200 bios flash
2x agp???
Clock setting and
What happen to the Logitech Z-560 speakers?
If I am going to spend the money ....
BGA ram: worth it?
best sub $30 headphones
best card for ~200$
Got a question
just updated now for card
oh yah!!! Cant believe I got a 9800Pro
Audigy Plat and snap, crackle, pop
TV-out overscan problems with ATI cards.
Audigy Driving Me up the Wall!!!
Nforce2 audio problems
Can the MAC Voodoo 5500 PCI be flashed to a Windows version?
ATI and 3-d modeling
opinions on fx 5200
er help
radion 9600xt any good
Overclocking and Warranty
9600PRO or 9600XT?
The "Phantom" console is actually....real! (knarly specs too!)
OCing, stability
ATI or Asus
ATI trade-up program
HTPC Video output help
Best budget card for an upgrade?
How much is too much?
Fortissimo III big problem.
video card memory overclock
Problem with my Saph 9500 np...
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Gigabyte 9800 PRO 128mb 440/366.
Cant install new FX5900se
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New ATI 9600XT commonly crashes
Making Ramsinks...
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need a cool running video card
Analog to digital change
quick question (non OC related)
Powercolor 9600XT an overclocking beast
Suspected R420 and NV40 Pics
sound Blaster Audigy ES 5.1
9600xt or 9800pro?
9800PRO AIW just as good as 9800PRO?
Sound Card Help
Best buy around a $100 gf4 ti series? radeon?
Please help me to choose one of these two fx5200s and a mx440
Weird needs for vid card
Which one to buy?
Need Overclocking Tool
1600x1200 question
Nice overclocking vid card
z-5300 vs z-680
witch flavor of radeon 9600 should i get
DVI vs Analog - Any consequential gain using DVI?
3d mark 2001 se score
Bios Beep
How Long Untill...
Fried AIW 9800 Pro via Northbridge
GeForce 3 Got Fried
Old 7500 card, will it slow over alll profermance?
now takeing recomendations for a 8x agp vid card for around 100 -120 bucks
rear speakers not working
Whats the max rez on a nVidia Vanta LT???
I am so confused
help ? attaching fan with the heatsink of Gfx Card
Strange old school VID card... (PIC)
what should the video card temp be?
might be useful, got a dead card?
Creative T5400!!!!!!!!
asus GF4 Ti 4600 128MB
Matrox Cards
z560 rear satalite defect
Any know how?
Budget card ?
everythnigs really BRIGHT...WHY?![pics]
Whats a "Safe" temp for a oc'ed card??
Next-Generation of Video Cards...
running agp 66+ MHz
Please no laughing
Monitoring Utility
Winfast tv2000xp deluxe and digital cable
A Graphics Guide
Easiest way to do a tri monitor setup.
Best Card For Less Than $100
Integrated Intel 3D Extreme Graphics On A Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop
Idea's on My 3Dmark score?
Anything new from ATi in the near future?
How to upgrade cooling on a 5700 ultra.
has anyone tried this?
Radeon 9700 pro fan failed
$240 for a 9800PRO, used, bad idea?
Screen refreshes every so often??Help?
Check this out...
Can it run NFS Underground
I see PC World are at it again
noobie overclocker fx 5200
Which video card for graphic design?
3dmark 2001 score dropping?? HELP!
Video Card
Removing epoxied HS?
ATi TV tuner...XP2000
Release Dates
Get your 9800pro from Best Buy for $233 like I just did!
did i do the right thing?
I have a problem with my video card
dvd software question
what video and sound card do you all use?
sound card...which to get?
Building a new rig what do I need for best game performance....
Best drivers for g4ti4600 ??
HDD MP3 players. (ipod, zen, ...)
tv out
ATI VIVO cables work with NVIDIA cards
9600xt or 5600fx
Stuck inbetween ATi and Nvidia
Was 2003 the most boring year on record for GPU's??
onboard or soundblaster?
Logitech z560 4.1 or z5300 5.1 speakers?
getting new high end video card
Looking for some headphones
exprience with leadtek
are these good benchmark scores?
Cooling advice for a 9800 pro
yay get to update sig!
i have a problem with 9600pro
My 9700 pro
This is a little odd
Mic disabled and WinFast TV2000xp Deluxe
Building 2nd computer - what vid card should I get?
which is better?
shim or no shim (9800 pro)
Still possible to unlock 8 pipelines on 9500 np??
about a GPU heatsink mod
Nforce 2 audio?
geforce ti4200 mod
Need Serious Advice Here
Soundstorm probs (nf7-s r2.0)
Need help; 9700np possibly fried.
best and safest programs to get rid of dets
S-video to composite connector/converter
Gaming cards which one ?
ATI 9700 Pro or an nVidia Card??
Using nVidia PCI with ATI AGP
i dont now what to choose fx 5700u or a fx5900
Nvidia to ATI = format?
What is really going on?
Is this AGP Setting correct?
Does the SoftQuadro4 Hack work with 53.03?
Please Help!
Logitech z560 vs. Creative Inspire t5400
Upgrading but unsure which card is right
Please help me oc my new 9800 pro!!
bga ramsinks in bulk?
Need a vid card! FASTT!!
have logitech z5300 and nf7-s soundcard...HELP!
9700pro vs 5900
Poll: How much would you pay for this card?
Nvidia 5900SE benchmarks
i got a 256 mb sapphire 9600 radeon blah blah blah
vddq mod help ( old card) and other questions (way out there ?)
Wierd thing Happened
Microphone questions
Laptop vid cards?
Annoying video problem
Upgrading from a Ti4200... your thoughts?
Sapphire 8500LE 64mb or Hercules 8500 128mb?
Which new video card to buy (PCI express and .AGP speeds worries)
Overclocking 9800XT?
pstrip dont go high enough
Hexus.net review of 9600XT
PCI Video?
Line interference
Anyone one here with a nvidia card play SOFII?
Video performance problem...
9600xt vs 9700 help
Want new Card!
Turning on AGP mode instead of PCI
PCI express?
Connecting TV to computer's surround sound
Which card should I buy out of..
Ti4200 128MB to 9600XT 128MB: good upgrade?
POLL Requested: If you ordered ONE card and received TWO...
What are the signs that a card has been OVERCLOCKED?
AGP speed question...
Video card help me
new case-mobo-video card/ PCI video card
Whats the best PCI card?
My video card is stuck in PCI mode
Deciding on a new video card
Help me out with this
ATI 9600NP Vs. Gforce4 Ti4400
50 Dollar Card
Power Indicator?!
PCI-Express Radeon 9600 Pics
is the 9600np better than the 9600se?
Need Codec Help playing Videos
Urgent radeon help needed!
Question about overheating gpu and ram
Video Card UpDate
custom screen resolutions?
is this a good deal?
What should I get?
two $350 cards, which one
Quadro4 750 XGL
Not really overclocking but....
Another which video card to buy
where to find core speed and clock speed of my card in windows??
Asus TV7133 messes up my Audigy 2 drivers evry time.
Got 500$ wut Vid Card to buy?
TV tuner Need HELP!
What is AGP pro? is it 8X? 4X? whaaat???
pci card in gateway 6400 machine
PCI Express cards will give 50% greater performance than 9800 Pro
Slower ns timing will ALWAYS equal faster memory
Video Card Compatibility
gForce2 AGP vs gForce4 PCI question
is this card any good
Locked GPUs?
Which Video Capture
Soundstorm and recording Audio
Help: Urgent
what is gpu temp max
Gpu Temp help
the usual which card should I get thread
Not all SE's are bad
hard Q's on DDR2 and low K .13 micron gfx experts pls.
What card to use?
how do i get rear sound out of logitech z640s?
Oh my god.
New system missing one thing - GPU
Video card stability test
S3 Deltachrome benchmarks
Pausing in game.
ati9600pro overclocking~~
Internet Radio
Video Card Choice (HELP!)
Monitor Question..
windows media player ripper
is there any software ...
Anisotropic Filtering
e GforceFX 5700 U
Nvidia 5900 *VS* ATI 9600XT(DX8vsDX9)
Video Overtemp
BGA RAMsinks vs. 5900U reference heatsink
can i use an 8x agp video card with a 4x slot
ti4200 or ATi what? Good card under $100
Output to TV optimization
What memory does my card have?
Please explain why the FX's are not as good as Radeons
2X DX9 video card for <=100$, which one?
9600 Pro or 5600 Ultra??
First Pics of Working S3 DeltaChrome
9500np softmod
We're all looking for bang for buck, right?
Overclocking AGP Bus
AGP Voltage
OEM Radeon XT cards have HL2 coupon?
Watching Video-In (Pinnacle card)
Tv Tuner Cards for movies
What exactly does refurbished mean?
Sonic Edege 5.1?
AGP Texture acceleration.`
Radion 9700 Pro
Congrats Walldow!
New PC, V-Card advice?
ATI Demos on nvidia?
odd 3dmarks 2003 score
futuremark missed the PS2.0 test optimization
thermal paste?
I just joined the RADEON club
ati or nvidea
Fire Brian Burke and Dan Vivoli of NVIDIA
Volt mod
Changing driver settings isnt a cheat
Sound pitch high
3dfx and damnation
New gaming card
Whoa, a glitch in 3dmarks03??
Old MOBO/ Vid card compatability
hmmm so these NVIDIA scores dont mean anything?
Video card killed monitor?
Does anyone turn their speaker off?
how fast is your samsung 2.8ns RAM on Ti4600...or other cards
half life 2 coupon
Video Capture
Temp & Tolerance to high AGP frequencies
MASSIVE X-Bit **The Fastest Graphics Cards of 2003**
TV tuner and video capture cards- Your opinions please
Card choice
Look who may be cheating now
Need Help Finding a Half Height AGP card!
PCI Card
Swap video cards?
name that card!
Will this video card work w/ this mobo?
Help me pick out my new video card
SB live value question
Any information on the new cards for next year
Who makes the better nVidia card?
resolution problemsin games
new card options
Cursor problems with FX5900
Is there a GPU Throttling program out?
Mobile 9600 with Centrino?
need help overclocking my pos intel
Intel Graphics?
TV2000 XP Deluxe not playing TV
TV2000 XP Deluxe not playing TV
Win Media Center and TV tuner card which one
5900 ultra gpu cooling,which hs?
is agp8x nessasary?
cheap video
ATI 9800pro $305, is this cheap?
Damaged video card
older catalyst drivers and newer radeon cards
omega or catalyst
geforce2ti 64 mb
What to upgrade first?
My 3dMark03 score! LOOK!
Need new card, confused before Christmas
Upgrading to new card, Which one ??
Around 200 for new card.
Need a specific card overclocker.
Anyone gone from TI4200 to FX 5900?
Something needing attention...
2 programs, 2 sound outputs?
Socom Headset
GF4Ti4400 and Asus P4P800 Crash Issue
fx 5200 w/tv-out for 50$(AR), Worth it??
Question about AGP/PCI?
Radeon 9800 xt or FX 5950
AGP Voltage
my creation =)
How much of a difference do ramsinks make?
Funny looking card
TV satalite tuner card
Fair Price for a used video card?
Old monitor connection question, what kind of adapter do i need???
the super expensive cards...
0988 XT? brand
agp 8x boost. huh?
Any cards besides the GF4MX and the Radeon 9200SE that have a half-sized bracket?
different memory
Nvidia getting desperate?
Budget gaming card?
9600xt or 9800pro...
AGP Bus's purpose
agp extension cable...?
Voodoo 3 2000 PCI
heat sink question
Ok I've got a problem!
Looking for a serious Budget Vid Card
Software for video in
ATi + VIA = Lockups
your current bandwidth
XGI dual Volari release date
Need new Video Card - cheap
looking to get a new card.
Nasty File Remover help
dual monitors killing my overclock?
Radeon 9200 or nForce2 IGP?
Is Asus done with Nvidia?
Cards to record video?
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro *VS* 9600 XT
Radeon 9600 or Chaintech Gforce 5200FX
Ram size vs core speed
Could anyone explain?
Idea's on cheap Video Card???
9600pro or 9600xt
2 cards
Any good cheap off-brand cards?
OEM cards and software bundles
advice on some cards...
help me choose a vidcard
Whats with all this almost hate of the FX5200?
HELP! Bunch of problems...
Graphics Problems - HELP
anyone know what the best tv card is?
ATi versus nVidia
PCI to AGP adapter
Comparing 2 cards and confused? help?
best vid card for under 150$
ati9200 vs ti4600
Another which video question
Asylum 5600 ultra or MSI TI4200?
New card needed-but so many choices.
controlled benchmark?
Really old video cards...
i just got an Evil Kyro vid card. umm...what is it?
Radeon 9200 128mb - What is it good for?
Which of these 2 BF cards?
could use some help
r420, r423, r380, r370 by feb 2004? wow!
Audigy 2 , cmss3d with eax problem
Gainward nVidia FX 5700 Ultra "Golden Sample" or BBA Radeon 9600 XT?
Span Windows On Two Screens
My Ti4400 vs ATI 9500 Pro
Where is the wrong idea from?
To wait or not to wait...that is the question!
9600 np or ti4200
AA levels
Audio Cleaning program
ATI 9600xt or nvidia 5900
Time for new video card
Video Transfer through my house. Help plz
Are u a l33t ph4n5?
Suppose that current CPUs are implemented on video cards
could anything else be causing artifacts?
which is better? thread number 1 gazillion.
Any new cards worth waiting for coming out soon?
I want a PCI TV tuner card that will display at least 1027x786.
Best 8x AGP card out there?
Performance Question
for my next purchase, should i upgrade sound or video???
I want the best dvi out, games not that important, which card...
ATI 9600 xt or Gf 4 ti4800
Another which card chould I get.
Is PCI Express really going to make that big of a difference?
ATI's Radeon 9100 IGP - give nvidia a run?
FPS & Eye
Im getting tired of the arrogance