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Super Urgent, Intel Graphics Compare Please Read Fast!!!
Question about cards.
Vid Card causing instabality?
Easy temp monitoring of Videocard...
Why do people say ATi are cheap look inside.....
I know i cant wait...
best bet card
What to buy
AGP Aperture
Just making sure..
Albatron Ti4200 Turbo @ $95 or ATI 9600pro @ $172????
Dying PNY GF4 Ti 4200 / NEED replacment advice ASAP
TV pci cards........stupid question.
a good sub $50 vid card?
Best TV-capture software for AIW Pro?
ATI 9600 or 9800 or GeForce FX 5600
Feasible Upgrade?
Voodoo and XP
Is this guy crazy,or does he know what he is talking about?
thoughts on image quality
Ok only a suggestion!
What would happen if 3dfx came back?
AGP Aperture Size..What is it?
Return of Diamond Stealth
Video Card Suggestions(PCI!)
ATI TV Tuner? Please give input ASAP
Which cards are AGP 2x
Ati vs. Nvidia's drivers features
Upgrade advice
My card IS dying, I need a new one!
Mainstream GPUs: Radeon 9600XT vs Geforce FX 5700 Ultra
Need some advice on Video Card selection.
Creative ti4600 and 8PE800Ultra - wont boot!
Need a Video Card
Any video gurus on here?
Building my first real computer, need help
I think I want a new video card
changing video cards - is this worth it?
Am I seeing right?
What's the easiest way to record radio onto your computer
[Need Advice] What video card is the value buy now?
How much performance boost do you think this is going to give.
voodoo 5500 agp wont fit into agp slot!
i need help using dual monitor wallpaper
Purchasing decision help needed....
Asylum 256, is it any good?
Radio Tuner Card?
Is my card dying ?
Can't decide, help :)
Video upgrade for older computer - please advise
nVidia, nVidia, nVidia.....
Which of these two graphics cards?
TV Tuner
100% newb - video card question. plz?
How much juice.....FireGL X-128?
which one should i keep ? Radeon 9000 NP or GF4MX440 ?? HELP !!
GF3 TI200 campared to newest cards
AGP Speed
little surpeised
Im in quite a pickle (video card)
Is my vid card dieing?
2D Quality Review
occasional stripes
GPU cooling
9700 pro or GFX 5900
I got a 100 bucks for a new video card
Why wouldnt you use AA and AF?
Do NVidia cards put out more heat than ATI? Why the huge HS/fan
WinTV question (digital cable...)
Fastest video card in the world: simFUSION 6000q
weird scores in futuremark 3dmark03
Best Upgrade for $300 or less?
ti4400...what now?
Performance v.s. quality. What is the deal ?
Help me choose a video card
video card fans supposed to be loud?
Great article from the boys at Gamespy
Music Machine??
First Review of XGI Volari Duo V8?
arggggggggh, whats wrong with my gfx??? plz help!!
LOL! check out the top orb score
Notebook game question...
Site that lists speeds of all the cards?
Building a HTPC need input on output!
Does anyone know if this card is anygood?
Changing from nVidia to Radeon chipsets
Which Is Better For V?card Memory Overclock Ddr Or Ddrii?
Which is better ATI 9800 NP or NVidia 5900 (non-ultra)
NVidia = Acura NSX, ATi = Hemicuda
Graphics card help
Pipe Dream: SBC Video card?
Help in changing Video card: Nvidia to Ati
Funny comic about Half-Life2
PCI Card
Anyone else ever have this problem?
FPS and the Human Eye
Was this a good buy?
Vertical bars and weird lines?
Dual displays
VooDo laptop with athlon 64 3200+ and 9600
Two Monitors?
I see diamond are back to compete Against NV and ATi
Built by...
Geforce4 Ti4200 for $75 or Radeon 9500 128mb for $95
Buying a new card
Diamond Multimedia is Back
Help fast guys
Any of you has this card
advice for Ga-8knxp
? about 2 video cards in one machine
Will a new video card help?
need an opinion quick!!!!
WTB: Hercules 9600pro?
Three Monitor?
Need help with puter problem
Need to replace video card
z560 problem maybe?
Best on-board video chipset?
GeForce ti4200 to Radeon 9800...
Video blackouts?
Nvidia 5700Ultra or Radeon 9600XT
how well would this play games?
Dell p1110 and 9800np
NEW card maker on the block? Dual GPU's
artifacts? what causes them?
noob question regarding a volt mod!
whoa ati and nvida have some new competition
General question on removeing ramsinks
What is the best Video Card out there for around 160?
AGP 8x Card on 4x Board?
Cheap Replacements for a ATI 8500 LE
Weird video problem
Talk about the best review
Need suggestions for a decent video-IN gfx card
nVidia accuses ATi of not fully rendering graphics...
dual system, good video card and 3dmark it?
having a few difficulties deciding on upgrade...
Stability problem.
Crappy quality on TV
Nvidia to move to ONE driver update per year??
Hey, I NEED a conductive material or something PLEASE HELP!!!!
3D card for a Mac? 5200U, 9600 Pro, or 9800 Pro
Burning in a GPU...
Video Card
GPU coolers?
Is this any good card ?
sexiest stock video card?
findings from my ebay "wth did i buy?" post
k-world tuner
Best chipset mid-low range (70-80$)
Card Brand names (not chip)
does uping the voltage on your AGP increase OCin on vid card???
$100 in BB Gift Cards- what vidcard to buy?
Seven Years Of Graphics
Nvidia Gforce *vid card for about 80$ that can handle HL2 and max2?
Wish I could find the thread on agp in pci mode
Official Statement on the 3.8's
Cat 3.8/damage on system
How to see Hydra-vision at new ATI drivers 3.8 ?
what do you guys think about this card?
Cheep Headphones?
whats better a geforce 2, or a ati radeon 7500 or 7500
Who can explain this error
URGENT: R9600 or 9600 Pro?
compatibility... ?
Geforce 4 440 MX SDR Ram Overclock???
PCI Card driver question
Three monitors????
Problem with my gaming...
Problem: Computer crashes when playing games
ATI 9200 multi-view can't play full screen video on tv via S-vid.. why not?
Constant feedback hum in my system with new ATI 9200 card using S-video.. why?
Problem with the new drivers for the Delta 410 soundcard.. help please..
9500 softmod framerate problems?
what is considered a "legal" 3Dmark score
Update: Ti4400
How do u tell if your using you vid card to its fullest???
gfx mem util...
Another 3D Competition ($80,000 Prizes )
9600 Pro or Geforce FX 5600 256?
how good is this card for $79?
what is the deal with the radeon 9600se
Umm... what's that mean?
ATI 9800np, 9800p, or 9700p
9800np alternatives?
soft modding questions...
PCI Video Card Review
this card???
NVIDIA GFFX Cards GET Major Uplift from Microsoft!
OEM vs Retail
Dual monitor?
Is there really any desputing...
What case temperature is bad for video card?
NeoMagic NM2200 :-) Software 3d acceleration (?)
Reformat and Video card(OC'ed question)
Installing video card without the drivers?
I think I killed it!
Sold old, need new :)
Tip for getting a super cheap video card
Nvidia, beaten, fallen behind
what type of card is this?
What the Manufacturer found... ** Was; Asus V9560 GeForce FX5600 Bad 3Dmark effort**
where can I find a dual head pci video card
is it possible
goto refurb sections of allstarshop or newegg, they have em.
Never seen the Pic of the 9800xt, AWESOME!
help me decide what to get!
Geforce FX 5200 or the ATI Radeon 9200.. what is better?
can an AGP 8x card work in an AGP 4x motherboard?
what's a cheap but good quality video card that has s-video out that can be on tv?
WTH did i just buy!!!?
This card anygood??
quick question about mounting holes
What do you think of this card?
Bios Options
Video Hardware Card
Hmm..blown card?
AGP voltage with neser boards and older cards
What video card should I get?
which card should i get 350.00 budget ?
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250
Video capature card TV LEADTEK WINFAST "DELUXE" TV2000XP TV/FM
GeForce4 Ti4600 or ATI Radeon 9600?
system hangs with agp video card
What kind of cable will i need for a dell p1110 ?
TV Tuner Problems
New Benchmarking
Inexpensive audio/video with a Shuttle AN35N
9700 Pro dead, Voodoo 3 time!
What is the best Video Card under $150?
HIS Exacaliber ICE Q 9800Pro 128MB
what do you think?
can i run this card in my comp?
Top PCI vid cards ; name some plz
monitor wont turn on w/tv tuner installed
9800np is so sweeeet!!! ($239 @ bestbuy)
Help!!!! refresh problem?
Ebaying my new Geforce :(
reset video memory??
Drivers? 3dmark score? overclock?
Wich is better ??
going from geforce to raedon
Whats you 9600 pro clocked at...
Nvidia = DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overclock a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 w/ Zalman Heatpipe + Fan?
API Problem with 9600 Pro?
strange: 9800 owns 5900 in 3D2001 but not 3D2003
fx5600vsr9800np QUICK!!!
Video Processer in laptop.
Asus Radeon lineup specs announced
Audigy 2 Noise...
High frequent sound from Vid Card??
$500 for new video card PART 2
HL2 benchmarks caused ATI and Valve to lose innocence?
HDTV tuner card
9800pro/np upgrade worth it?
how to find out what ram i have
Odd monitor noises....
WHich card
What makes video go nuts?
AGP preventing higher OC
Try bumping the memory down a notch.
Rivatuner Now Supports Ati 9800
When I Overclock....
Radeon 7500
9600pro keep or upgrade?
V5 5500 HS removal
....about the free HALF LIFE 2 included w/the 9600xt and 9800xt?
what video card should i buy?
need massice amounts of help
s3 savage pro
Upgrade question?
9600xt vs 9800pro
slow ram on the 9600xt will be a bottleneck
Got 500 bucks to spend, What video card ot get for chrsitmas??
TV tuner and DVD doesn't work!?!
Radeon 9100 !GP (RS300) vx. FX5200 performance review
Help me find an uncorrupt 3dmark03
Problem with sound and 3dmark03
Help w/3DMark03 Build 330
whats the dif???
What is the best video card I can get for around 200 or less.
>$80 video card
9800Xt reviews
performance differances between ti4400 & radeon 9600pro
voodoo3, can't seem to get the TV-OUT working??!
AGP in PCI mode?
Will rasing my AGP volatge in BIOS raise my OC?
Hurting a video card by overclocking?
tv tuner card
xgi? hmmm new and intersting
Can't find a 9800np? Here's an alternative...
Video Card Causing Crash?
Best general use graphic card?
128 or 256?
Tv tuner software. Deinterlacing. And more fun stuff
What would best benefit my gaming performance?
Video card wont install - cant view change monitor/video card
ati 9800xt to be 412/365? yield problems?
Dual monitor card, any suggestions?
Release Date?
im on the verge of buying a video card BUT...
Card Recomendations
ati 9600 128mg vs gforce fx 5600 128mg
av help
what other high-end graphics cards are out there?
Please help me get my tv-out display clearer
Game based Clck changer? Please help!
simple question on overclocking with gfx cards
Reseting refresh rate.
please need help
How long till?
My Video has Trails after everything....
NV38 and NV36 Pictures
What if Video Cards were Upgradeable?
Video Card Choice (Help)
If money is not a factor.....card recommendation>>>
video card stress for 24/7 computers?
Which video card?!
Old mobo.. New Vid card?
How come nVidia 5900 is better than ATI 9800pro?
New card, AGP2x slot
[Info] How far can i O/C my card threads...........
Ati On Gamecube
eVGA FX 5900 (non-ultra) VS Sapphire 9800 (non-pro)
Tv Tuner Cards VS External Cable TV Box
need help with video card
best tv tuner card standalone
buy now, or wait
New S3 Vcards
Which card should i go with?
Core or memory
What's a good Budget Gaming Videocard?
9600np or Ti4200?
HDTV output????
How do you turn offAntialaising and Antistropic filtering?
3 strikes nVidia is out?
Recommendations for a PCI card
What graphics card to buy
Can someone shed some light for me??
Just ordered some of those OCZ Copper BGA Ramsinks
Aquamark 3
OpenGL Question ?
driver cleaner
ATi Radeon Mobility and GeForce Go5650 DX9 shootout
New XGI Vcards
Nvidia to be first PCI express producer?
Is there a program to monitor GPU temps?
buying suggestions, just got massive credit for Ti4600!
Software for quicktime stream record?? Anyone
Can I play nes snes psx and psx2 and dreamcast etc...consols on a computer tv card?
More system ram or video ram?
Can only capture in black and white?
Strange Voodoo problem
Aquamark 3 (DX9) performance and IQ (with new Det. 50 drivers too)
Updated Bios Leadtek A350 Ultra TDH MyVIVO missed. HELP
Just bought a new ATI 9600. Anything special to remove old G4 MX440 drivers before I
ti 4800 better or 9600 pro?
Thinking about this tv card..please gimmy some input :)
Help a newbie gamer, but experience PC builder pick a video card please
video capture card
TV antenna
GeForce FX 5900 vs Radeon 9800 (Non-Pro/Ultra)
What nVidia has to say about its... bad HL2 performance:
WTF: Capture Card 480 x 480
test patterns for crt
Dual video cards
Garbled graphics in BIOS
A/V stutter, async
First Half Life 2 Bechmarks
Help with friends pc.
Rage3d Futuremark Rant
9600 or ti4800 Se
directx 9b error
What's wrong with this picture?
Best Video Card Choice For Me?
Best stock vid card for $200?
How safe are ARTIFACTS?
Uncooperative TV Wonder
AGP Voltage
MPEG-2/4 Encoding from CATV
VERY strange artifacts
Does brand matter?????
I was wondering...
DVI to VGA converter/adapter
Best set-up to play game on 3 monitors?
Advice on TV tuner card
Direct X 9 Showdown
Mobile DirectX 9 Review
The Big Decision ATI or nVidia
dx9 & g4's?
ATI or Nvid?
I need some advice.
FX5600 vs 9600Pro
I'm in one dilly of a pickle guys
Which speaker should i buy? (Creative or Altec Lansing)?
Watching Video-In with a Vivo card?
having trouble flashing my video bios
OK, new card time..I have a Radeon 8500 card now but want to hear from ppl who have
Geforce 4Ti or Radeon 9600PRO?
Whatever happened to the Kyro 3?
force refresh rate?
Dual Monitor Question ..
If you were going to use a 3d Autocad would you?
DX9 & 3dmark2001
Best card for $150??????????????
Artifacts test?
O/C video Card Software?
Beware ATI and NVIDIA, there is a new chip in town!
Does the 7500AIW have good tevo like functionality?
What is agp apture?
17" LCD or new vid card?
What's the best PCI video card in the $50 price range?
Video problems...
Effects of no cooling fan?
9500 or 9600 which one is faster?
Need DScaler-like program for TV Wonder
System lagging in BF1942
Vid card connectors?
Audigy DE SE degrade the games' performance!!!
Hypothetical Question
MSI TV@nywhere
heatsinks on the back of video cards???
When you overclock your video card do you need this?
What is up with my monitor? Or is it my vid card?
Asus to make ATi based cards as well as Nvidia cards
Justifying 256MB
3dmark 2k1
I have a problem that needs Old School help.
ATI vs nVidia, but in a DX9.0 perspective
This is WEIRD!!!!
I need a new vidoe card.. i think doh
And the screen goes black!
I found my Voodoo 2 SLI setup in the closet
Which card to buy threads...
Remember all those synthetic tests that showed poor NV30 shaders? DX9.....
What new crop of video cards will be out this fall?
What Video Card to Buy ??
AGP is 0x?
Help! vid card going out?
Laptop tv-out?
R9800 or FX 5900 ultra?
hd497 vs hd212 vs sr60
Gainward GF FX5600 or Tyan 9600 pro
Vivid coloers
Microstar GFX5600-VTD 256MB DDR AGP8X Video Card w/VIVO $279 can
ATI Hydravision
Good way to see if your core is too high...
2 Questions
Best PCI vid card for 366 Celery?
Please need help badly!!
1.5K increase with slower system?
Gainward FX 5600 rev2.0 OR Sapphire 9800 non-pro?
If i have TV out, do i need to buy....
Shuttle MB video out died!!!
need a bios of v7100 pro.
3DMARK 03/01 and Codecreature Scores
Holy cow! A radeon 9500 that got returned to newegg for actually NOT WORKING!
Video card for movie & TV use?
What is a 5600pro worth now?
Gforce or Radeon
Do I really NEED to upgrade?
Cap Question!!!
O/C FX Card
OK people, U helped me OC my pc, now lets get a real video card
Where can I find 3dmark01 and 03 stats?
::: Refresh Rate Question :::
Which tv capture card should I get?
Scan Line Interleaving (aka SLI)
looking for a new card...
9500np with 3.6ns samsung good?
Help me drive my new 22" flat-panel
9500np or ti4600
DirectX utility
AGP Voltage?
I have $100 I need the best video card! asap!
pvr with direct tv
WinFast TV200XP, how to video out?
Replacing caps?
150 bucks. Best card?
Which should I use? Radeon 9000 pro or geForce MX440?
What BIOs settings should my Video card have?
quick tv out question
What does volt modding do?
Need help, need Leadtek A250 bios
TV Tuner help. Best TV Tuner?
Real Time MPEG2 hardware capture
Why does this happen??
Which of the two is dying? The monitor or the videocard?
Buy videocard now?
Whats the best way to remove Ramsinks