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GPU Info needed
Intel Onboard graphics - Asus p8Z68 v pro
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Higher VGA for q6600 G0 no bottleneck
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Minimum GFx Card to play BF3 @ 1280x1024
MSI AB 2.2.0 B8 w/ fix for PunkBuster!
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Advice needed
Gtx 590 vs HD 6990 - Opinions, Physx, Performance
(2x4 pin in, 6 pins out) PCI-E adapter
Ok... tired of crappy scores. :(
Buying more cards for crossfire
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Video Card Help
Twin Frozr Fan Replacement
Why is my driver date never the same as the driver I downloaded?
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Single good CPU or 2 lower ones?
Asus GTX 560 / GTX560 Ti DirectCU II VS Sapphire 6950 2gb
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Great article I found on Micro-Stuttering
GTX 260 dedicated physx
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Need Help in Buying A VGA
Single or Duel GPU?
I3 540...which gpu?
Video card for HTPC options
Video Card Suggestions
Which Nvidia would be a better choice for an older system?
Sapphire 6850 Toxic VS Sapphire 6950 1gb
Brand Optimized games
Please help me choose a video card
Another damn this vs. that thread =(
Having green flash video? Possible reason and solution!
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GFX card took a poop. time for new one
Need a new video card for a rig, hoping to play Skyrim/BF3 on ultra - advice?
I am confused GTX 570 or 2 ATI 6850's
(URGENT) Ulocked 6950 vs Overclocked GTX 570
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Which Videocard for 520watt PSU?
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Benefit in OCing memory clock?
To SLI or not to SLI
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Going back to Nvidia
eVGA 580 or x2 ATi 6970
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Suggest Video Card $2-350
Image adjustment
New card upgrade help
Trying to decide between these two cards.
2 AMD 6970s and wait for gtx 600 series vs 2 msi gtx 580 lightenings
Question about overclocking and warranty.
3d Graphics card
question on graphics card
GPU for Chieftec 350w psu
Dual and tri-core GPU's
GPU for my rig
Possible sticky
Got 170 to spend on a card
$100 Card for New Build
Using GTX 460 Se & HD Radeon 5670
Hardware Decision Help!!
4870 1gb to 560ti 1gb
GTX 590 or HD6990
Time for a new GPU
SLi, or upgrade or both?
Undecided Video Card
how to increase you resolution
upgrading graphics card
BEST S-Video Quality Video Card? [PCI]
PCIe expansion chasis for massive GPU computing
Best Crossfire/SLI GPU for Asus P8Z68 Deluxe?
Getting the most out of my GTX 295
Rebuilding - upgrading from 5850
Pciking a new Video card for my computer illiterate brother
need advice, GPU for a small itx build
How can i get 2 audio outputs at the same time?
Which setup would you run?
Should I upgrade my hd 4650?
Is it time to upgrade my 4870 1gb?
Required Airspace?
Hello all, wanting opinions on choosing a new gfx card.
Need help choosing a video card for displaying charts/stock market only
Looking for upgrade
Will a PCIe 2.1 work in a 2.0 slot?
Odd question about crossfire or SLI...
Waiting on GTX 560 Ti
RIP♥ my 3850 is dead. I need a new card☺
card advice...$150 budget....high res gaming....
Help - Will a GTX 295 Fit in with my PC?
GTX 550 or 6850/70?
GPC and "capture card" same thing? advice pls!
Looking for a GPU < $90
Which Graphics Card to get..
Few questions about current GPU's
Best AGP 2x card or new PCI DX 11?
New Card... What to get??
Why do you prefer ATI or nVidia?
Need opinions with buying new video card.
How can you tell?
Did my first GPU review (gbt GTX560), would like input
Fitted a new PSU & my monitor stays on Stand by
Looking for advice to match my new rig.
nVidia or ATI. Single or Multi
2 graphics cards 1 monitor
Graphics Card Advice please
got my rig built, need a newer card for graphics, help please!
looking for a good sub $100 card.
new grafics card needed
Sapphire 5830 or Evga gtx 460 SE
cuda vs streaminng
What's the best way to change drivers?
Need help finding card for prebuilt D: - A2620
AMD or nVidia
Looking for a new graphics card or two
Does Furmark really kill video cards?
Good Video Cards for under $100
MSI GTX 560 Twin FrozR II/OC 1gb vs Sapphire 6950 (PCI-Express, GDDR5, 1GB/2gb)
I know this has been asked before but.....
GFX card to finalize my new build
What GFX for 230
4870 1gb...Upgrade...
Monitor & Video Card question
2 Vid Card, 3 Monitor question
GPU or CPU bottlenecking?
3d? 6950 vs 560
2x ATi 6990 or 2x Evga GTX 590 - want with watercooling
does my gpu bottleneck my cpu
GPU or Xbox 360 or PS3
Cheapeat 512mb-1gb video card
Driver Sweeper? Can nVidia/AMD not write a proper uninstall script or what?
HD6850 VS GTX280 VS HD6950 VS GTX470 VS HD4830 CF benchmarks
3D Gaming...what is required?
HD 6990 vs GTX 590
Building new Gaming PC / Need advice on Video Card.
Video Card advice, $100 price point
Driving a small monitor vs an HDTV
Looking for a good affordable replacement
AfterBurner issues...
2001 - 2011: biggest vga failure of the decade?
Mixing GPU's?
GPU sagging down?
ati 6950 or nvidia gtx 560 ti?
Upgrade form a 5850.
GPU upgrade
Please help me choose a GPU.
RemoteFX for primary gaming?
GPU Overclocking/Afterburner
In, reality, how important are 5 grounds on an 8pin PCIe cable?
Modified drivers?
If I get an AGPx8 card but I have an AGPx4 slot will it use less power?
Should I change GFX
Crysis 2 is here time to upgrade...
Use built in and external vga?
Output Audio from HDMI Ouput?
Crysis 2 - Ps3, 360 & PC Comparison [1080p]
New GPU?
total war on gtx 570sli or hd 6970cf
Newby Video Card??
GPU for around $175?
TreeOfVideoCards - cotribute to all gamers
Best gfx card for 250/$400
Upgrade choice from 8800 GTS
Looking for reccomendations on agp4x card
"Mid-Range" - looking to upgrade my graphic card for a recent build
Is there a tool to tell if my PCIE is runing at 16x or 8x?
GPU Bios Flashing Slave/Master
PCIE x16 slots the same??
Overclocking CPU, adding SLI, any bios changes needed?
Upgrade advice needed
Low Power Budget GPU?
How much does gtx 580 beat 6970 besides by $200USD?
PhysX On ATI and Nvidia system
PC/Gaming benchmarking tool
1280x1024 GPU
Dedicated physx card.
Graphics Card melee
GPU Memory Behavior
Galaxy GTX 470 OCing problems
Looking for advice on Graphics
GPU overheat from sound card?
GPU Upgrade Advice - 8800GT
Need GPU Upgrade Advice
msi afterburner problems... massive voltage jump.
Looking for some Knowladgeable advice?
Nividia can't do DOS graphics, others?
What would you get?
FurMark 1.9.0: The Return of the Furry Donut
MSI Releases Afterburner V2.1.0 Graphic Card Overclocking Software
Should I swap my 560 for 5870xfire?
Which is the best gpu among these
new graphic card setup $350 (updated)
Bottlenecked with another Gpu??
GPU price performance chart
Upgrading Video Card for 30"
Test with no RAM sinks?
What is DirectCU II?
eVGA vanilla gtx 285 from hd 4870
Best GPu for $200
GPU issue?
Which video card?
Playing DX10 games in 1080i
Multi GPU Temp Monitor
I think i just fell in love with my 460 all over again!
would something like this work eyefinity?
Pre-overclocked cards.
Upgrading from 6870
Single gtx460 or crossfire 5770's?
AMD 6970 & GTX 470 One System
6970 vs 570 in Eyefinity/Surround
Problems to connect my laptop to tv
Need help choosing a good PCI-E 4x card.
Graphic card replacement
Minimum needed to replace 2x460 in SLI?
How will Sandybridge affect mid end graphics prices?
GTX560 vs 6950 unlocked
Advice for/if new GPU
Overclocked Intel HD Graphics. Wanna know something about artefacting.
PSP2 GPU specs
the crap 6870 they sent me...
Advice on a new card
PCI-express 3.0 and GTX 580/AMD 6990
Its a great time to buy mid end graphics
Degraded performance + low GPU utilization
How do I Render Animations with my GPU?
nv gtx470 with pci ati tv tuner?
Ares or gtx 580 hydro copper
new graphics card suggestions for my desktop rig ($200-250)
Looking for new card/s
Ageia PhysX still usable?
HDMI Cable / Socket
Question about Dual cards.
Going Bonkers! Help, around 100 budget
Single vs Dual
Upgraded my GPU now my computer won't start
Is a Evga gtx260 896mb worth $60?
PCI-E Link Width stuck at 1x instead of 16x
DO I need a graphics card?
Quiet performance graphics card.
GTX 580 3way SLI
Two Video cards in one PC?
EVGA 8800 GT Directx 10
sli/xfire or single card?
Need HELP with G Card UPGrade
budget $300 - $400
Break it down for me
Why does my onboard gpu still get hot?
What graphics card should i get with my set up?
Putting my old rig to good use, budget media center?
8800GT... your time has come. Pick me a replacement!!!
AGP..Nvidia vs ATI
gt460 vs ati ????
GPU recommendations for new computer
Vertical Sync Questions.
6970 or GTX570 ?
5670 memory size
GTX vs GTS???
2 x GTX570 vs 2 x 6950@6970
470 vs 5870
Help me pick a new GPU
Which card with this powersupply?
Looking to maybe replace my card
Both Nvidia and AMD (ATI)
Good Gpu In Price Range?
Zotac 460 gtx 1gig amp vs XFX Radeon HD 6850 1gig
New GPU(S) ?
Help Choosing New GPU
Advice Needed: GTX 460 vs. 5850
HTPC specific's?
Xfire 6970's vs. SLI 570's SUPERCLOCKED!!???
Baked 8800gts success!
need help with graphics card
Another What to do thread?
Is my Pci E fried or not
Help with suggestion for best card for % OC:ing
8800 GTS 640mb to SLI or NOT?
baking dead 8800gtx success
GT 430 vs 5570
570 vs 6970
6870 or gtx 470?
Good people of overclockers, Geforce 570GTX vs Radeon 6970. Help me decide!
gtx460 vs gtx280
Best SLI / CROSSFIRE option?
What's the best GFX card to get?
AMD card with nVida card for PhysX using Lucid
Help! Which one is better for me?
Help with gpu
Upgrading GPU need ideas
128-bit vs. 256-bit
Setting up Hydra engine multi GPU
Help Choose A Video Card
Question on newer video cards.
going 775 to x58, should i upgrade 4890 to 5850?
PCI Video card
Best GPU for this amount of money?
Open Box [Need Advise]
video card cooling
How well can handle a single GTX460/6850 two LCD 1280x1024
Video Card Recommendation
Understanding Brand Names & Model Numbers For Graphics Video Cards
How much of a bottleneck?
Upgrade or not
Before i buy make sure i made a good decision?
GPU at a $100ish budget
Looking for advice on upgrading my GPU
500$GPU upgrade
NVIDIA driver help
Lo-Pro Card for gaming
Find me a HDMI video card to use for Hi def Movies?
GTX 470 vs HD 6870 vs HD 5870
Looking to upgrade
Upgrade from 260GTX?
100 dollar vid card?
[O/C]Futuremark Announces 3DMark 11 Release Date
Best program to test stability of an overclock?
Smartdoctor and synchronize with mb
Connecting an 8pin into a 6pin slot - is this possible?
upgrading intel mobile graphics
GTX 470 or Radeon HD 6870?
Need help choosing a 2 or 3 monitor video card.
Multi GPU video cards
Low GPU use + low fps = cpu?
Translation please.
Help with a 3 monitor business setup..
Radeon 6XXX vs Nvidia Fermi 5XX
PCIE 1.0 2.0 question
ATi and nVidia on the same motherboard (for development purposes)?
Never enough ;)
GTX 460, other GTX 460 or HD 6850?
Nvidia 8800 gt or Radeon hd 4850
What is a very good pc game for physx
Looking for reasonable card for $70 or under.....
cheapish low power GPU?
Building a Gaming Rig - New GFX suggestions please!
What GPU for adobe CS5
Replacing the HD3870
When are the next generation cards coming?
whats better for RMA ect diamond or HIS?
Upgrading from Nvidia 9800 GT
graphics card solution
Thoughts on HD5970 vs. 480GTX SLI
Would a new GPU be the most effective upgrade now?
Upgrading GPU
PCI-E 2.0 8x + 8x versus 16x + 4x
8800gts 512 in AGI slot
Watts Amps Question Video Card
how do you know what graphic card to choose for your app.
new graphic card advice
NEED HELP! New Hardware broken!
Upgrade now or wait?
eyefiniti vs 3d
Problems while playing
HowTo Switch monitor 1 Monitor 2 Identity
whats best NEED HELP
[O/C]A Visual History Chart Of Graphics Cards
What New Video Card to buy
Single 5770 VS GTX 460
Fitting GPU's in the case/on the mobo
Upgrade from 8600GT help
Asking 5770 Crossfire Vs gtx 460 1gb
2way or 3 way sli bridge?
CF or SLI card additions as "future proofing" (crazy or not?)
Buy GTX460 now or wait for new ATI series
PC Flooded...New GPU Help
Messed up video drivers?
ATI to rebrand too?
Nvidia or ATI for AMD CPU
Best uprade from a HD 4890
Spec me a Video Card
what is the volt mode and how do you do it ?
Video Card needed for mini-ITX, single slot, i7 rig.
Overclocking Graphics Cards
Holy Cow, Craigslist didn't suck for once!
4870 upgrade to GTX460
Budget card: ~$80
Need upgrade advise
Notebook GPU?
Need your help on upgrade!!
need video upgrade hows this look?
Shipping a graphics card.
ATI Radeon HD 4870 x2 or gtx 460?
I have 600$ to Buy a Video Card/Cards.
Decent Low Profile Card
External vent in sli/crossfire?
What is the best time of year to buy a graphics card for the money?
Best graphics card that will fit in Dell Inspiron 531?
what graphic card is right for my pc?
Need advice on rig upgrade please
ATI 5850 w/ dedicated physx card Q
ATI Radeon HD 5870 2GB CF vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB SLI
best bang for buck - running arcgis - want 2x sli
Hydra chip marries AMD and nVidia!
Paint a video card?
Where are the 720 benchmarks?
Gigabyte ATI HD4350 512MB vs Sapphire ATI HD4350 512MB
Nvidia and Intel vs ATI and AMD
Mini HDMI or DVI? converter to HDMI
Can a DuelCore Handle GTX450?
Wanting to upgrade from GTX 295
GTX 460 SLI vs HD 5870
AGP video card round 2
hp pavilion elite hpe-185a best gpu
GTX 470 vs. Radeon 5870
Asus GTS 450 ENGTS450?
Advice on upgrading please
which graphic card i buy
Looking for a good HTPC video card
Whats a good card for ~$200?
GeForce GT 240 1GB as Dedicated Physx Card
3 AGP cards. Which one ???
To ATI or not to ATI that is the question
Gaming: 1 or 2 video cards?
New video card for about $100
dazed and confused
Superior AGP card for older system
Sapphire Toxic 5850 or a GTX470?
New graphics card for gaming?
Memory Question..
Overclocking iGPU
First Gaming Rig
ATi is dead. :( 'ATi' Name officially axed by AMD
Help Me Spend Money
gtx 460 or 5830 on E7500
Problem installing 2nd video card for dedicated physx
GTX 470 v HD 5870
Restarted computer and no video
Best gpu for $200-$250
geforce card but forced to use onboard?
Movies don't look HD
AMD vs Nvidia & CUDA
XFX and Nvidia - permanent separation?
Skype video stops when playing a game.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or ATI Radeon HD5870
Nvidia compatibility
Replacing 4890's
5830 or 460 to replace rma'd 5770
Need help bad VGA. :(
Does it matter which PCIE x16 slot?
Need to upgrade 8500GT
Forcing TV output with Intel GMA945
Upgrade Graphics card Dell Dimension E520. HELP!
2 way SLI help
Asus eyefinity 6 5870
Why don't manufacturers take more care in applying TIM?
Have IZ3d monitor. Its like 2 monitors in one, will a 2gb 5870 help over mine?
when connecting to hdtv with hdmi