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Which of the two is dying? The monitor or the videocard?
Buy videocard now?
Whats the best way to remove Ramsinks
TV-OUT Quality: Radeon 7500 vs. Geforce Ti4200
Video input
consumer-level soundcards with S/PDIF in
How would i go about doing this?
Need some help !!! (fast)
GeForce4 Ti4200 -> Radeon 9700 Pro?
What's wrong with this setup?
ATi wins xbox contract
Need help choosing video card...
Applying heatsink to back of card howto
Which 21 inch Monitor is the better buy!? 1 or 2
Found new hardware...
crappy powercolor 9200 SE
artifact tester
! need info
Radeon 9500 power adapter
R7500, how hot
Its official...nVidia releaized they CANT push the market around
S3 ProSavageDDR
FRIED PUTER< New stuff, still THIS???
Some questions for 9800 pro and non pro owners.
GF3 borked, or is it just me?
[K]yle Speaks out.
Radeon 9700 Pro vs FX 9600
Suggestions for quad+ multi-monitor vid card?
screw it! I'm getting the 9600pro, but...
Is there anything as good as Z560 Speaker???
ATI All-In-Wonder 9700pro question
CPU bottlenecking video card
vcore and vdimm mod on 9500 np
Audigy2 on a NF7 -- sounds like a machine gun
$299 9800pro
what card should I get??
Video Card for a Non-Gamer... AIW?
Santa Cruz Card Vs Soundstorm (a7n8x Del)
New Demo By Humus
need opinions
MSI Gf3 Ti500 overclocking on stock cooling
Minimizing problem with 9800 Pro 256MB!
TV Tuner picture fuzzy.
Upgrade worth it? (8500le-->9600np)
Incompability between monitor and ASUS Gf4200ti...
Problems with Ti4200
Man, I need a new video card!
GF FX 5600 Ultra (400MHz) not worth it?
Cheap (>$100) Video Card
I need technical help!
4xAA causing artifacts on my modded 9500np?
Got a 9800np
Just tried my fx5200, clock locked, help
GF4 Ti 4800SE or ATI 9500 or ATI 9600
what's the easiest overclock tool for my 9500np?
I guess this means it didn't work? (9500np)
Need a capture Card
Xabre 600
What cards do you own?
9800 at last!
Min Video for doom 3
1.5v or not
Radeon 9500Pro
Will GEForce440 play DirectX 9 Games?
increasing agp voltage of video card
Computer speakers in car? Ghetto style car audio!
Does Leadtek Deluxe Capture Card have VIVO?
got my 9500np today. 3.3 infineon, l shaped and gold fan....wish me luck
FPS increased after driver update: optimization or cheat?
R9800 running hot.. question
nForce2 sound issues. Probably driver related. Please help!
Church multimedia system
hate to bear the dead horse, but which card for $150
Feedback please on this video card, old skool
poll: have you seen
5900 Ultra Status: 473 dollar letdown
8400 3dmark01 with ti 4200?!?!?!?!
Do dual monitors tax the video cards performance?
Damn thermal tape!
just flashed my radeon 9800.. problems!
Which Video Card Should I Get
Geforce FX 5600 ultra best value
Geforce FX 5600 ultra best value
Geforce FX 5600 ultra best value
AGP OC options on mobo
Just got my ATI Radeon 9800! Need some help!
TV Out?
9800 pro, and OC mb
question about GF FX 5600 Ultra
ATI98800 running hot?
I have absolutely no idea what to do...
Testing to see if I can post pictures of my video card.
Is it worth upgrading?
Failed 9500 softmod but not a complete disaster..
4800 Ti SE worthy?
Is ATI going to continue r9800np?
Speed difference between 2 ATI cards
Which video card for video out and tivo functions?
Lets Talk 9800 All In Wonder Pro
ATI announces All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro
GF Cards/BF1942
tell me why.....
o/c a ti 4200
need ur opinions guys!
whats with the boards?
How do i use the tv out on my Gforce 4600?
Driver help!
in case you haven't seen, pics are up
This can't be good...
r9800np or r9700np?
the last 9800 vs 5900 thread.
Best Graphics card???
Revised Direct X 9 Demo
Sound card problem :-\
Please Help!! Advise On Buying...
looking for a card in the ~$250 range
What Video Card Should I Get
Leadtek TV Tuner
Overclocking = Lower 3DMark scores in 01?
need help downloading DirectX 9...
Radeon 9500np 128MB - is this it?
monitor screen shifting constantly ?
monitor screen shifting constantly ?
Everything needed to update radeon bios
alternate benchmarking software
omega drivers?
Heatsink removal
9500 pro or ti 4200????
calling all sound pro's: voice recording software?
Geforce FX 5200 vs radeon 9200
9800 256MB Or 5900 Ultra ect
Any suggestions?
8x AGP video cards....
9500 pro overclocked
nVidia vs. ATi
Video/TV in
9500 Pro vs. 9600 Pro
Powercolor R9200 256mb
So....whats the overclocker's card?...
9800np or 9500pro
s-video help anyone?
GF4 Ti 4200 64MB or GF4 Ti 4800SE 128MB
mx440 owners please look.....
any one knows about phillips graphic card,
Need immediate help
ATI Radeon 9100 128MB?
Best low profile video card?
Good job lowering video card prices
What tool to use to make ramsinks?
Oc resulting in... performance loss?
Good TV card under $100
Cheap PS causing crippling Frame rate
Midrange Roundup
Potentiometer emergency, help Please!
What detail settings do you use?
Is it possible to Softmod a 9700 pro to a 9800?
Voodoo 5 6000 Review
3dfx Rampage Review
DX 9.0b is out..
Someone to do me a favor...
Should I get the Radeon 9500 or 9600?
Voodoo 5500 motherboard -- odd question
Video Settings
newegg 9700 refurb help?
Which Video Card?
is soundstorm better than LIVE! value?
Stuck! Monitor can't display resolution!
Geforce4 problem
3dmark vs the real world
Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB any good?
NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro 32Mb
literaly INSANE pricies
9500 np black?
256mb video cards a waste if monitor unable to get 1600x1200+?
sound card help
9700pro really hot
what the hell is 4xAA and 16xAF?
how much did you overclock your 9800np?
9600 PRO is agp 2X????
radeon 9200 256mb and direct x
Help! Please Read
Graphics Card Upgrade Needed?
Is 855GM integrated video ok performance wise???
How to overclock your videocard?
Radeon 9100 or g-forve 4 440mx?
Creative Audigy DE SE or Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?
Best video card for $250
I Was Wondring.....
9500 stock cooling, which is better?
card under 60$
Problems with geforce 2 mx agp
what are artifacts
My radeon and fsb. Please help out!
Stock cooling? (9500np) Your thoughts...
strange problem in Rise of Nations game
no more sound on p4c800
Good inexpensive card
ti4600 or radeon 9500np
Is this the game or the video card?
DVI connector isnt a DVI connector
Can I use this???
Logitech Z-640 problem w/A7N8X Deluxe
crash to desktop an OC problem?
AGP frequency?
are USB headphones better?
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra OR Radeon 9800pro
can a video card limit your overclock?
trouble looping DVD player to computer
Buying assistance needed; $150 price range
Are prices for DX9 cards going to slide in the next 3 months?
Heads up for Leadtek TV2000xp users
New Detonator FX 45.20 Drivers
radeon 9800 pro ultimate edition give away
To upgrade or not to upgrade HMM
help me get 8rda+ to work w/audigy in too
What's up with futuremark's database?
Best GFX card for $150-200
45,000 point futuremark score
Hercules 9700 pro
This is so freaking funny
directx 9.0b is on microsofts web just in case anyone wants to know
voltmods for 9500pro
3dmark 2001se low score?
Audigy2 -> Amp
Wont play 3d games in fullscreen
I need help.
About to overclock my Radeon8500LE for the first time...
Memory and Core In Sync.
Pins On Video Card
ATI 9800 Pro 256mb
half-life 2
Friend picked up 9800np, wants to know if it'll OC well...?
Antialiasing and other features...
9800P for under $300
Vancouver has no Hercules/Turtle Beach sound cards!
the first fx 5600 ultra rev2.0 is on newegg.
Whats best graphic card for under $199?
Voltage Mod Noob needs some help with a meter reading!!
Nvidia Removes Driver Cheats
RAM & Core Limits?
Ohhhh BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thermal Tape?
Upgrade Time
Dual monitors on 9800
Core or Ram - what makes more impact
GeForce FX 5200 256MB @ 100 bucks??
Radeon 9500 help
SB Live! 5.1 Differences?
Applying AS3
Whats the difference between D-SUB and BNC?
Marks with my new system and Hercules 9800 pro!!
Chatlog with Nvidia officials
Why is my card being such a witch? -and- RMA info?
Same card..Different system
Best 6 channel audio system for the buck
Logitech z640 review
ti4200 vs ti4800SE
woah....check these out!
z640 with 5.1 live?
Are 8x agp cards backwards compatible with 4x?
Nvidia fX 5600 vs 9700 Pro 3DMark2003
best performance for the price?
Acceptable 3dmark01 Scores....
What role does Processor speed play in Gaming??
Is buying a Audigy 2 OEM risky?
DirectX 9.0B Officially released
ok who makes the best v-card (pci)
9600 Pro modding
Colored vertical lines
9500 Pro need advice.
Ramsinks and warrenties
question for any FX card users
graphics card cant overclock like it used to
9600-9900 Conversion
question on DX9
Need advice on Logitech speaker!!
I Matrox a good brand?
Haveing trouble with Gf 3 ti200
which of these 2 HSF to pick for cooling 4200
Is a new GPU HSF Needed if you not vmodded?
Problem with Radeon 9700 Pro
Dying ti4200, trying to decide on a replacement
Power Hungry
9500 and S-Video dual monitor Q
2 sets of speakers.....
The unanswerable problem..
2 options
Nvidia Fubared 5900 and Pixel 2.0?
BBY ATI 9600 PRo
New CPU same 9800pro
DVI-I to VGA Adapter
NV40 / R400 Worth Waiting For???
Will Smith From Maximum PC
nvidia alliance with EA
How long till price drops?
Any reccommendations on a AIW or VIVO card?
Asus ti4200 8x vs MSI ti4200 8x
Help me identify this video card please.
just picked up 9800np
GF4 Ti 4600 4x vs Ti 4600 8x
Good time to buy
thinking of new card
question bout 9700
radeon 9200 vs geforce 4's
9500 softmodded D3D problem
There and back Again - Or why not to buy a Geforce FX 5900
9700 pro or 9800 non-pro?
Winfast TV 2000/XP and sound problem
ZM-80A HP and Radeon 9800 Pro
better idea
Strange scrolling
whats the difference
A little experiment
Full prop's to my detractors
setting aside all.....
Video Card Question
over clocked gf fx 5200
vid card mod for geforce 4 mx440
Americas Army 1.9 and video cards...
Recording TV to PC?
new drivers
ATI 9500's from Newegg
Harman Kardon Champagne SE - Most AMAZING Speakers EVER
5900U v 9800pro comparsion from MAXIMUM PC, MUST READ!!!
3Dmark and Refresh Rate
whats the skinny on TV/RADIO TUNER cards?
fx 5600 revision 2.0 in hand!
power strip
Which card to get??
a bit help on sound connections
Will go 9800 Pro if only i could...
Lol, built for nvidia eh?
im jsut wondering
Geforce FX 5600 128MB OCing done
Just makin' sure b4 I buy.
what does this mean?
5600 ultra or 9x00 pro?
9800 pro ULTIMATE?
HDTV output?
2 screens with 9700 pro ??
Geforce Ultra, Geforce, ATi?
video encoding
cant play UT after installing a 9500??!!
good gaming headphones?
which 19" is the best for $300 or under?
OCing 128MB Geforce FX- no mod
Gainward 5900 Non-Ultra or ATI 9800Pro 128meg?
Vid card recommendation
a lil question about sound cards. . .
Asus P4C800 Deluxe/9700 pro
S3 trio ST64 TV tuner
reef demo
Wow....900+ for cards
need better cooling on softmodded 9500, please help
thinking bout getting a new card need some help
core clock/mem clock
digital or analog
softmod 9500
Nvidia, Omega, Starstorm
speaker cable > rca?
Video problem
Best Server Vidcard
quad gpu cad card
5900 against 9800- The Showdown
This deal almost seems TOO GOOD...
9500np Temps
The Do's and Dont's of Upgrading Cooling on a Video Card....
Should I replace fx 5200 with ati 9100?
Screen res @ hotkeys
plz what these terms stand for..??
DVD quality on T.V while sufing the net
WOW...just plain WOW
Which is better
9800pro Problems! Need help, majorly!
9500 np or 9600 pro ??
Is there a PCI Video Card that plugs into your existing agp card?
Another Accurate Review...
PNY - What voltage?
using PCI and AGP graphics, same time = problem?
9500np 256-bit memory confirmation
DX9 support worth it?
Anyone have a SiS 6326 AGP card???
Best Overclockable vid card out right now?
z-680 sound card
the best ti4200?
AGP AIW and PCI 9100?
ATI 8500 AIW DV - damaged but fonctionning
Rant @ Nvidia
TMU explanation
HSF way too $$$$
9500np ti 9700 softmod worked!
nVidia has a new customer! (longterm)
Few Qs on the 9800np
Q on 9600pro 256, 9500 128mg, 9700 pro 128mg
Inquirer picks up on Omega Drivers
oh my....
ATI RADEON 9600 PRO to 9800 Modd?
Cat 3.6 are out.
Best card for under $70?
BIOS screen capture with DV
Preformance hit on 8500(9100)?
is this good for $153 off newegg?
I am now really REALLY dissapointed in (h)
Just ordered 9800np.. now what is it clocked at??
Looking for that link with all the info on current cards
When's the next line of cards coming out?
jb weld = thermal epoxy?
ATi cards to go into SGI's $300,000 machines
OCAddiction interview with OMEGADRIVE
nVidia Geforce FX 5900 Ultra or ATI Radeon 9800 pro ??
Is it Possible to have more than 2 monitor?
My new 5.1 Surround Sound speakers are not working...
9800 Pro's on ebay?
9800np OEM
Device Driver problem driving me CRAZY!!!
Dude! your getting a 9800 pro!
oc3dmark.octeams.com how to get in video card archive?
problem with z-640's cant hear sound
ATI 9600 Pro,I am not impressed.
Ti4200 messing up, no options for return/repair?
9500PRO for a good price?
Upgrade to g4 4600 from g4 4200?
Hel comparing
All Favoritism set aside
Best buy returns feel bad?
Which Buget Videocard do you have ?
So ive noticed im the only one in the world with pny ti4200
Is this right for a ti 4200 8x card?
12 p left to magic 18k with Ti4200 on AIR
Startinh Hardcore CAD and 3DS Max, what card?
Custom Q3 Demo
Heatsink mods and Adhesive
Herc 9600 Pro
Howd'ya Overclock GF 2 MX/MX400
Cat 3.5 Checked For Cheating !
Budget Gaming 5200 or 9100
HELP! Blue screen stop error after removing Dets!
Aureal Vortex 2 vs CL650?
ProMedia GMX D-5.1
funny story (kidna)
two video cards
3D mark
Audigy and Z-680 problem, No rear sound!!!
Radeon 9700 Pro Acting Up
need 8x reccomendation
Ever hear of Transcend?
problems with ati 9500np
what drivers should i try?
Albatron Gf4 ti4200 Turbo vs ATI Radeon 9500pro
ATI 9700, can I add the G-4-VGA COOLER?(made for GeForce
anyone got a backup link to wizzard's 9500np hacked drivers?
8500 replacement fan ??
Ati or Nvidia? Argumentation Thread!
replacing mx420
ATI 9800 or Nvidia 5800 What one????
What is the best 9800 NP
What is the best 9800 NP
Help me tv out
abit siluro t200
Audigy 1 Live drive...
I think i fried my card....
Ati 9700np?
Current Best gaming sound card?
Benchmark Your Cellphone/PDA Display
Ti4400 a good choice?
asus ti-4200 video "waves"
Can you do the 9500-->9700 w/ omega drivers?
Is this good numbers for my video card?
Best way to put a heatsink on a Geforce Ti4200 8x
NVIDIA mx or fx??
Can you recommend ?
My vid card doesnt fit right in the agp slot
ATI Window keeps popping up when starting windows...
Alright... give me a hand please...
How to find Video Card temps?
ATI 9700 PCB size
3DMark 2001 with DX9? Please help!
Omega Drivers and the mighty Nvidia
Is buying a 9500 128mb non pro a good idea?
need fast reply, asus or leadtek?
need some help on AGP voltage!
Geforce MX440 not working!!!
Need Your Help