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Tweaking Video Card
GeForce4 MX440 TV out
Tuner Card
2 sound cards? (on board and audigy)
Omega Drivers no longer making nVidia drivers!
3dmark 2001 won't run.
Ridiculous overheating problem
Is it worth it?
Going to buy FX 5900, but...
Whats the difference between the 9700 and the 9700 PRO??
Radeon 9600 PRO (256MB version) or Nvidia 5600FX (256MB)
Something I have been wondering for a long time!
4x / 8x agp?
geforce 3 ti200
thermaltake memory heatsink
looking to spend 150 bucks on vid card
difference b/t 64mb and 128mb?
9100 PCI vs 8500le AGP what a shock!
AGP Voltage
Which to purchase: 9800np or 9700pro
the gallery
nvidia geforce mx440 128mb ddr?
best "bang for buck"
Leadtek 350 Ultra specs??
Card has no holes
video in video out?
Directx 9 download?
Use floppy's to cool your ram
Noob trying to overclock ti4200..help
Busted my Geforce 2mx?
GF4 + Widesceen Telly + DVD Playback Aspect Ratio Problems :(
OK to disconnect fan from Radeon AIW if I donít play games?
Alas, tried, tested and sadly true.
help needed ti4200, broke???
Extremly Poor performance???
GF5800 or R9700Pro
Sapphire 9500
Audigy Platinum problems
Question for guys who still got a Geforce 3
Where do you find good drivers for Sapphire built Radeons?
What do yall think of my Ti4200?
Just finished "Cleaning" my Videocad
Green dots
best video card for under $150?
GeForceFX 5900 128MB or Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB?
is the Ti4200 a LOT better than the Radeon 8500?
Overclocking software
another what card should i buy post :)
Is my system good enough for games?
best pci video card
GeForceFX 5800 Ultra
Changed heatsink, now have green lines
9800 Pro
R8500 full vs R9100
Whats the component difference between ti4200 and ti4600?
Which brand 9700 NP should I buy for a good OC?
256mb R9200???
VGA PALIT Geforce FX5600
A good card for Counter-Strike?
leadtek is the bomb!
Trouble OC'ing my Radeon 8500
Total MB vs GPU Speed...
my new computer vs old computer 3dmark results... wierd!
resolution question
Video cards
Who the heck is Holicho???
How much does a 9800 non pro retail in Canada?
Would it be worth...
help picking a card -- 150 to spend
ANOTHER perfectly safe way to remove the HSF from the GPU! (not the oldfreezer trick)
How often does pricing change?
9800 visual quality
Is this score low?
Are there any GeForce FX 5900 128MB?
Is this a good buying time for Video Cards?
Dual displan *&%$ up
Having Problems with my Graphics Card
Honoring 3DFX
How can I get the thermal pad crap off of my GPU?
i guess i dont' understand
WTB DVI->HDTV dongle
GeForce2 MX400 - Chaintech
Running DooM III
FX 5200 or ATI 9200?
Sound card relate to the 3DMark03ís mark??????
volt line for agp?
9700 pro all in wonder remote help
Newbie with 9700 pro
new a particular video card and sound card
AGP Issue with 3dMark03. Very odd, look inside.
What are some people's 3DMark2001 SE scores?
New budjet card...
Well I guess that my Video Card is now the weak link in my rig.
Help me OC Mwave 9700np please!!!
What's the realworld performance gain from AGP8x vs AGP4x??
Curse my luck!
9800 non pro
are these specs right?
What is the best sound card w/ Optical Out? I need it for Gaming
Video card question
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB -Vs- ATI 9800 Pro 256MB
Audigy 2 vs. Built in Sound
voltage to low ?
sound problems (no sound)
Cant get my Audigy to update the driver??
9500 non-pro or 9600 pro-ultra, which one do i get? Same price!
New video card rummors
oh geez
changing frequency
$299.99CDN for Saphire 9700 non-pro!
cannot view maximized movies on secondary monitor with 9500pro
Any potential bugs in my new system?
What are good video card temps/video fan rpms and how to monitor them?
moddable 9500np's still out there! cuz I just got one!!!!
First attempt at a mod please advise.
best graphics for the money.
9800 pro or Geforce FX 5900?
Decent Vidio Card for $100 ?
9600pro vs. 4600ti
in the market for new speakers... what to get?
Is it a Video Card Problem or Something Else
the BEST card for overclocking!
fan for 9700np
Onboard sound vs. Sound card on A7N8X DLX
It is a sad day for us all......
thermal epoxy reversable?
best card?
Audigy card PCI slot question
9800 vs. 9800 Pro
whats better 9500p or np
Good graph of different video cards.
need an opinion
mods at an expensive price
Thinking about Viewsonic LCD? READ THIS!
AGP 8X card reading as AGP 2X
What oc program to use
9500Pro scores for 3dmark03
No More Nvidia Omega Drivers
Geforce 4 mx440 or Geforce FX 5200??
ATI All-In-Wonder PRO
How to remove retail HSF from BFG Asylum GF4 Ti4200??
whats a good score for sdmark2001 with a 9500pro?
New system, can't run any games.
What card should i get?
I got a 9500p bba and am about to flash...which drivers should I get?
whats diffrence between 9000 and 9000pro
How do I record...
What programs do you use to OC?
Ti 4600 vmod
Errrm Woops
Leadtek MX-440SE...good OC?
need reccomendation 9600 pro or 5600
Is 9100 or 9200 the newer version of 8500
everyone understands it but me.
Best "Powered by ATI" 9800 pro 256MB AGP
TV on computer
Computer A/V problems
Video Cooling Performance Changes
in need of help please!!!!
what to use to test my new card
Video capture card
my tnt2 keeps crashing pc
dual vid card display and DVD
Connect3D Radeon9700pro + MSI NEO2 = no go?
Why is the fan on the bottom?
Best onboard card ever?
9800 unstable HELP!
What's up with Splinter cell and AA?
NEW, OC3dmark Radeon Naming and clock speed guide.
How do you turn on AA with a Radeon 9500?
which is better 9500 pro or 9600 pro?
I would love to find a 5200 for $60-$70 anyone....
Bad News for Hurk :(
Buying a new card, need some opinions.
Horrible dvd quality
Should I upgrade to 9700pro over ti4200
question about radeon 9000
freezing that adhesive off?!?!
Will CPU be a bottleneck ?
Sb Awe32
people are too funny!
Removing Detonators
New vid card
9700 question
Ha Ha. 9700 Pro beats 5900 Ultra. Film at 11.
Dont get the 5200 right?
Dell 1800FP LCD, who makes the panel?
I think my geforce 3 ti 200 is dying.....
new vid card
Please choose the sound card for my system
can damage happen?
hercules 9700pro
OMG!! I cannot believe I just bought an ATI!!!
Anyone gotten one of those $199 9700np from mwave yet?
ATI FIRE GL X1 256MB... gamer?
ATI 9500np --> 9700 Pro Success :)
Is It The Video Card?
Should i get a 9800 or 9700??? serious question
ok should i get a 128mb card or a 256 mb card.....
Squeky Video Crad fan on my 8500le...
Choopy game play
2 pretty easy questions
with cat 3.5 i have problems with heat on radeon
Radeon 9800pro 3d score
low futuremark01 score ????
geforce3 mounting holes?
ATI and Nvidia Driver Removal
Analog/Digital Speakers
9800 non-pro ($299) or 9700 pro? ($308)
ramsinks 9700?
Does oc system memory produce artifacts ?
newbie easy question
Time to upgrade, but to....... what ?
ATI 9800 Pro 256MB in Canada?
rediculously low 3Dmarks 2001
.....Tipped Case=Dead 9700 Pro
AGP Pro?
raddy 9500 or 9600?
how can i cool fx 5800 ultra.
Best OCing Drivers for GF4MX440?
an interesting idea...
My ATI Radeon 9800-- did I get an overclocking dud?
Ati Driver or Gigabyte
geforce fx series
9800pro or fx50900
AGP Voltage
WOW!! noboby hardly posts in here. anyways ?
Geforce3 Ti450
DVI, S-Video, TV Out ?? whats it use for???
videocard types and brands
Cheating in Shadermark and ?Q3?
Would anything be conductive?
need some expert advice
Attaching stereo speakers to pc
need some advice
Overclocking problems : /
Need Help With ATI card Problem
Overclocking the IGP on the i845G chipet?
Should i swap my Radeon for Gf?
No sound with AIW ?
Stock MSI TI cooler... improve or replace?
Best Video Card
Which Video Card should I get to use with Sony Camcorder?
GTA III on Voodoo3
Ti 4600
how to change maxes in rage3d ???
Powercolor a good brand?
Hacking a PIV Heatsink into a vid card cooler.
Performance and Cooling question
9700pro make upside down picture
Is there 2 versions of ATI 9800 pro, 128Mb and a 256Mb?
Desperate newbee needs help
1.5V or 3.3V card ?
Help Out Our Forums!!
radeon 8500 and 9600 heat difference question.
o/c my geforce 2 mx 400
anyone know how to NOT record tv movies with narration?
HELP-Sound Problems!
Volume control settings.....?
Best Video Card??
Cooling my gpu?
How would I adda fan to blow on the back of my card?
Well, my 9500 NP artifacts with softmod :(
TV Tuner FAQ anyone?
Not impressed
What to get
how to over a M810 onboard video.
do i kill my card?
SB Audigy2 Question
Is the Hercules Game Theater XP 6.1 any good?
low 3dmark 2001 scores?
3d mark 2001 and dx9?
Help with 9700Pro Installation Problems
RAM Latency?
Sapphire vs ATI manufac. 9700 Pro
ATI 9700 pro / prob. w/ PSU
Vid Card Voltages
Need new card
My $89 Abit GF4 , mod pics
GF4 modding video?
ATI demos
Core Testing?
Need to install ramsinks on my BFG GF4 Ti4200
Sound card with 3 line outs ???
Any idea on how to remove this thing?
My First REAL mod :)
ATI 9200 settings???????
anyone use this gf4?
S-Vid busted?
Flashing 9500
TI4200 overclocking process?
Squeezing more mhz out of GF4
1419 in 3dMark?
Sapphire 9700pro worth it?
strage behaviour
8x agp vs. 4x agp
9500/9600 Pro w/ a 250 watt power supply?
Gainward Customer For Life!
Computer sound to Hi-Fi.
Radeon 8500 LE
ati AiW 9700 component cable (hdtv)????
which card to buy?
Ahhhhh, The good ole days.....
images of stripped ti-4x00?
ATi built Radeon 8500DV... or not?
Audigy and Intel 82801AA AC'97 onboard audio problems
9800 non-pro and not so good benchmarks
Upgrading GPU HS
yeah the soundstorm RULES!
I know that as for non dx9 cards the ti4200 rules but....
removing heatsink
Resistor fell off GF4 4600-Fixable?
9500np - need tips on what ramsinks to get
Quick question
Please help with the Coolbits overclocking page. Thank you.
Logitech Z560 owners Unite!
How Loud is your Radeon or GF FX or Ti?
Anyone run 2+ monitors ????
Issues with my 9700 Pro (Built by ATI)
Staticy sound
ATI 9800 non-pro Retail Info
Radeon 9500 Pro overheating BIG TIME.... Possible 875P incompatibility??
ATi 9800 3dmark03 scores...
9800 non pro or 9700 pro?
Trying to get my Creative SBlive 5.1 to run in dos...Help!
Connecting to my TV to display video... (S-Video)
Good card comparison?
First Mod!
geforece 4 mx440 or radeon 7500
What score would this get?
XP SP1 install and now corrupted pages
which gfx card (for nForce2, 1700+ system)
Lapped GPU Core Ti4200, Problems
15111 on 2001 w/ Ti4400
which ti4200 should i get?
refurbished 9500
Which drive is best for my ATi 8500 LE?
9700 for 200$ from reliable retailer
Cooler v-chip
color overlays not workin
refurbished newegg cards good?
Buying a NEW graphics card this summer
Is this good?
Saphire 9700np-9700Pro
Reinstall windows now hig res requires monitor scroll?
PowerColor.....Same quality as ATI????
My GF4 I ordered won't work!!!
Got my new HSF for my vid card.
AGP/PCI overclocking
core/mem speeds geforcefx 5200
Soundblaster 16 vs AC97
Potheads of the world start drooling..... the R420 is coming at the end of the year
need help on new GPU
Im buying a new card
s3 trio 3d/2x 64mb agp , plz help
custom powerstrip resolutions for S-video
Does upping AGP voltage in BIOS help O/C
ati 9800
I have a stock athlon cooler....
GeForce2 Ultra compatibility
9500 vs TI4200
Ti4200 Question
random off topic question...
Testing video card stability?
Yet Another Successful 9500 - 9700
3dm,ark01 and 03 results
Vmodded ati card from ocsystem.com
How Long Till Pci Express Is In Use?
Radeon Card Wont Work On My Mobo?
Crucial 9800pro
My PC got 115 on 3DMark!
Anyone seen this yet or did i miss something??
Refresh Rate Issue
Micron delivers GDDR3 to ATI and nVidia
Odd question, but what is better IPod or Nomad Zen?
WOOHOO got new ATI 9800pro128
Newegg Has 9500pros!!!!!
connect3d good?
Best Performer at Stock
Someone using 2 monitors?
Still a good investment on Radeon 9700 pro?
Opted for the TI4200
4.1 to 5.1
Geforce4 MX Graphics on an EP-8RGA+ or SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9200 128MB
which is better ati 7500 or g4 mx on epox 8rga+
GEForce FX under $90
Zalman Cooler
what exactly do...
quick question
Overclocking the video card
Incredibly low 3dmark 2001 SE scores
ATI has bad grammer?
agp or pci graphics card
fire gl z1 or 8800 vs radeon 9700 pro
Good Graphics card for around $150
video card advice needed...
Graphics Card Blues
Best performer under $50?
CPU cooler for video card- aluminum vs. copper
best cooling for ti4200?
Speaker selection advice...
Why does my 3Dmark SUCK?
Fx 5800 ultra out yet?
Which Vid card (lower performance)
Whats your 9600 Pro OCed to?
Any way to run quad monitors?
Cheap card that can be easly modded 9500 ??
Moble Graphics Cards
how far is 5.5ns ram on my card supposed to go?
Video Goin Wacko!!!!
[H] revised 5600 Ultra review
my first card o/c. Radeon 7200LE
Blue Video
Help me fix my microphone
ATi 9800 Install
9700 troubles
Voodoo 5 6000 Review
Where's the list of graphics cards..
9800 working only in 2x Agp Mode ?
best priced DX9 GFX card?
Weird behavior from my 9500np (new pcb)
Would this HSF do well in my oced GF4
Viedo Card heat Sink
Resolution wont go to 1600x1200?
PCI Video card recommendation
Which sound card is better ?
Different wallpapers for each monitor?
best card for HDTV on PC monitor
Thoughts / ?s on driver 'cheating'
for those having difficulties overclocking the radeon 9000 and 9200
What video card to buy?
Vid card Picture book
9200 9000pro or ti4200?
I recieved my new soundblaster live from newegg but...........
GF4 Ti 4600 core overclock?
making ramsinks question
How can I tell if my ATI card is Pro?
IM ****ED!! How do i fix it?
nvidia or ati... roshambo?
Albatron Ti4280 Volt mod???s
Can Someone break it down to me what Certain Graphics Parts mean?
Anand Under Fire
Do any 9500/9700 heatsinks exist that fit over the shim?
More Cheating
Centrino with Mobile Radeon 9600
can't decide 9500pro or 9600pro?
Overclocking a 9500 pro (Is it worth it, is there a chance I ruin my card..and HOW?)
HSF for GPU ATI 9800
Is this a bit low?
video memory affects resolution??
9500 pro
Did ATI stop making the 9500 pro ?
Enter The Matrix DX9 Graphics are awesome
NV35, "UltraShadow," & Doom III
Must ask this question :-)
Anybody Using the Matrox PARHELIA?
ATI to Cease Selling Graphics Cards Totally, No More "Built by ATI"
Last night my screen went [COLOR=deeppink]PINK[/COLOR]
9700...pro or not?
DX9 with a DX8.1 card?
32Mb Tornado TNT2 in a 66MHz 5volt slot
Powercolor Radeon 9700 non-Pro
QUICK where can I get 3dmark 2001SE
Ebay Ripoff 9500 64mb to 9700pro... My A$$
DirectX 9 Make things faster?
Multiple Monitors and cards
why does my g4 ti4400 suck?
radeon 9500 pro (On a P4 2.4 ghz, 350 watt power supply, 1 gig ram, win xp)..help...
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Does on-board video....
Evilking Voodoo 3
Evilking Voodoo 3
GeForce FX 5900 release date.
NOW Futuremark says NVidia Did NOT Cheat ! ?
nvidia asylum GF 5600fx....whats the overclocking speeds? and overall general tweaks?
calling all Uber-geeks of a/v computing.
GeForce4 440se Slow Performance
i need help on hard mod
agp backwards compatible
PLEASE 9500pro or 9600pro or Ti4800SE????????