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Come on Nvidia show us what you can do...
Powercoler did... Good?
Softmod on 9500
Vision techs spec page on the 9100 and others.
Nvidia and Futuremark kiss and make up
Overclocking GeForce3 Ti200.......
what to get?
[H] is only a bit late
Good, cheap VIVO card... is that possible?
what would you buy?
9700 Pro shim / mcw50
Is this a good oc for my new ti4200?
ATI FIC 9700np Freezing
9800 pro VS 9700pro AIW
Whats the Best Budget Card?
How cool would it be if we could Just change VPU;s?
a new low?
best video capture card?
Geforce 3 w/o Ramsinks?
Sis 315
got 100 bucks to spend on a video card
Geforce 4 ti 4600?
RAM cooling
Not a "bad" OC for a 50$ fx5200
Clock Speeds for A GForce Ti4600
ati mobility or geforce4go?
unlocking a 9700
NO video when sound card is pluged in????
Geforce3 TI 200 => Quadro DDC... HOW?!?
Time to upgrade
need a value card for my mother inlaw, help please.
Changing AGP BUS?
help with 440 mx\se 64m ddr
audigy problem
Anyone figured out how to make my remote for my audgiy 2 useful?
rage fury maxx and windows 2k
Display Problems
Installing 9700NP drivers with new XP.
9700np 3DMark socres reasonable?
9700np help
Vmem modding an option to consider?
GeforceFX Geforce TI4200 which better?
fx5600 256meg model
revolutions on windows 98
My 2k3dmark benchmark. I feal like I am on a voodoo 3 again lol
Sound's skipping on my MuseXL
ATI 9700 Pro -- Very Poor 3Dmark?
GeForce FX 5200 AGP 128MB
9500NP arrived and is now a 9700
Sapphire 9800 Pro TV out??!!
Need some ATI 9500 pro help
LOL!! i thought id post this becuase it is a hilariouse vid card mishap
Matrix spoof: ATi vs. nVidia
The Rage3d Matrix
All In Wonder Substitute?
9500 softmod
OEM warrenty
Upgrade or Not?
program to sort sound from programs
9700 vs 9700PRO
Whatchyou know about M-Audio Revolution?
Transcend video cards
Hey, which is better o/c? ATi 8500 or GF3 Ti500?
Radeon 9500 Pro
Video Card Recommendation
ATI 8500 LE driver problem
Is Nvidia REPLACING the Budget FX Line?????
i need some help choosing
Directx 9 not just for video...(maybe)
garble garble~!!!!
Darn good Videocard writeup
Ugh.. How do you tell what voltage an AGP Card is?
What would be your choice?
Diamond Monster Sound MX330 - Need Drivers!!!
I need help setting up audio for tv-out!
ut2003 sound problem
Video Card Purchase
Inquirer on 3dmark 2k3
Diamond PCI cards
Audigy or Sound Blaster Live 5.1?
HELP! ti4600 or 9700 NP.
Video card changing from 16MB to 32MB?!!?!?!
9700...PRO or not???
Stock Vid cards overheating on 845PE mobos
Quick!!! The 5900 Ultra is Only $980!!! US!!!
Questions about vert sync and refresh rates.
VRAM voltage MOd for ti 4800SE
need help finding pdf. file on voltage mode controller
ati cheated too
(Sorta) Newbie Question about AGP voltages and OC'ing Video Cards
Higher GPU/VRAM OC w/ AF & AA?
what vid card to run Maya?
Attach heatsink to back of gpu
Unreal Tournament on a POS computer?
Best cheap speakers
best way to attach ramsinks?
Having problem with OpenGL on Viper2...
Newbie Card Question, Be Gentle
Overclock only when you run a program
Buy now, or wait?
FPS dropping
Nvidia Geforce Fx Marking lol
Video not showing on TV
Best Sub-$50 Video Card for O/Cing & Modding
Which should I use?
Geforce FX 5200?
HS in the back of the card
Digital out on Creative products = scam ?!
ti4200 random 3dmark drop!
No $$$ for video RAMsinks???
AMD and Intel join forces.....
Good or Bad Idea?
My GF4MX440 Overclock
Is it just me or does Nvidia need to keep their mouth shut for a while?
Voodoo or TNT2?
Standard VGA
where to buy 9500-9700
Dirext X offset on Radeon 9700np
choosing video card
radion 9700 and monitor
Upgrade Laptop Video Card?
mounting holes on gf4
Pro Logic in WMP9?
help please i think im bottled neck
Which card for HTPC?
Someone told me something about the FX's...
need a half height graphics card for a mini pc
Enter The Matrix video problem.
warcraft III problem with 9700 pro
Which Card to Get?
Visiontek Geforce ti4200 HSF question
AIW 9700 Pro and A7N8X Sound problem
Are the RAdeons 9700pro or Nonpro REliable
Artifact Tester 5.0
Best way to test video card o/c stability
TNT2 M64 16MB or Voodoo3 3000 16MB?
AGP voltage and FSB Overclocking
No wonder I started seeing artifacts..
Futuremark releases 3dmark 2003 patch. nVidia officially cheated.
Overclocking AGP bus
Graphic problems
Ati card in a laptop
hey guys just wondering
hi need 9700 pro
what is my bottleneck?
ti200+onboard video= an't access driver settings
Desktop graphics performance
2071 in GL Excess on GF4MX440, Good?
Need Info and Fast....
Run Nvidia's Dawn demo on your ATi DX9 card!
what the best fame buffer size for an intigrated vid system
No onboard sound when OCing past 108FSB...
money for best buy - new video card
Best 9500 Np to MOD
do GPU's throttle down?
FutureMark not publishing my 3dMark score
Best PCI Video Adapter
The 9700 pro mod “:D AMAZING results with my 9700P & it's new VPU cooler“
dual monitors using agp and onboard?
Using the GPU as a second processor?
Whats the deal with better soundcards? I never heard a difference yet.
Would you wait?
Wattage output of 9700
Video Card Deal.....?
Refresh Rate Question (I did a search)
don't panic... don't panic...
cheap VGA to TV?
Good Replacement for 9800 Pro HSF?
Ati 9800 Pro 3dMark 2001 scores?
Does it make a diff. changing the AGP Aperture size in an onboard video.
How to figure out your memory bandwidth
How can I overclock my Geforce 4?
Will this hold up? literaly?
Gf4 & As3
Enter Tha Matrix on my radeon 7500 - PROBLEM
Need Video Recording/Edit Software Help
Winfast TV/TUNER settings questions
Radeon 9800 Pro heatsink question
Poor quality VCD/SVCD tmpgenc
future of 3d graphics
buying new hardware need advice!
mod: 9700pro ~ fire gl x1 workstaion???
cooling block for 9800pro
9500NP has new PCB: It spoils the mod
What's this port do?
Sound card problem
Something is very weird going happening to my digital out...
Card with a MIDI port?
hooking up 2 subwoofers in a series
Heatsink Modding
Grainy Hauppauge Tuner
Overkill or just cautious?
help beginner \ novice
Web site that lists rankings of video cards
NV35, cheating, 3DMark, and DOOM
Ti 4200/4800
Thought the video card community would enjoy this
How does your ati9700 read in 3dmark?
'1.5V' only agp slots?
Fortissimo III for $30 after MIR, yay or nay over Epox 8rda+ sound
how can my card be dead....
Looking for advice...
simple question: temps?
New 9800 Pro
Ti 4200 overclocking..
Help: Ti4800 SE
Best Video Card
Nvidia Dimensions
help me !!!!!!!!
Check Out This Fanless Cooling Rig I Just Purchased For MY 9700 Pro :)
ati rage IIC vs geforce2
dual DVI video suggestion?
Love Cat 3.4 Drivers Broke 6000
Pci ???
9700 Volt Mod Help
Ati Vid Cards
good graphic card to use for capture and edit video
Inno3d vs everyone?
individual game aa/af settings?
Sub 14K 3dMark on 9700Pro?
Yummy video card and dual monitored goodness!!!
Come to the conclusion..
Nvidia/ATI mounting hole positions
Nvidia Cheated? Check this out, Very interesting Read.
Just a question!!!!!!!!!
Answer to the "what card should I get for $XXX" question or "which card is better&quo
Power Outage Knocks Out Drivers?
latest news on nv35 cheating...
radeon 9200 or geforce fx5200?
How do I "downgrade" to DirectX 8.1?
9700pro worth the $$?
9500 PRO cooling options?
Eat it nVidia Half-Life is ours
Radeon 9500 PRO OC'd and 3dMark
What Is This Guy Talking About!?!?!
r9600 vs r9700?
video problems with games
New Detonators
256MB Graphics Cards Standard Soon!
The poor man's video cooler.
What is single- and multi- texturing?
worth it to go from 9700pro to 9800?
Jaton GeForce4 MX440
Oh dear oh dear!!
Ati mobility 9000
V-sinc on or off?
recommend me a TV Tuner/FM card
Budget need to decide
Radeon or GeForce
twin view q's??
Tricky Trident
Now that the NV35 is out of the way we can stqart speculation on the NV40!!!!
anandtech's server... lol!
Is Nvidia cheating???
NVIDIA beats ATI ????
New Audigy Beta Drivers Out.!
NV35Ultra Reviews here
Best place for new and old nVidia drivers?
dvd decoder?
gotta re-glue ramsinks...
Sound echo echo echo
Temporary Card
How are these headphones?
leadtek gf4 issue
100 Dollars
what to get?
Someone has to be stupid enough to ask!
Cat 3.4 release in mid May
Crackling Sound :/
Matrox P750 review
Can't overclock my R9500P
leadtek cards anygood?
600$, what to get, not only vid card.
Backwards modding a workstation card
MP3's skip forward 2-3 seconds once in awhile.
new cooler needed for ti200
All In Wonder 9000
8500 no go, 4600 no go, gf2 go?
Can't install DX9 in XP?
Sound card Heatsinks?
Having trouble updating the driver....
Vid Card/Game poll (sort of)
ATI 9600 Pro vs. ATI 9500 Pro Price/Performance
Which 9500 Pro to get?
Future of Graphic cards....
9500 64mb pro
Fortissimo III good with Grados?
GeforceFX 5900 Ultra Pictures ?
When Is The Next Release of Cards?
What memory is this ?
gf4 mx 440 problem
Yeay another "what card should I get thread"
NVidia Geforce 4 Ti4400 for $110
Savage XP
SIS 650: incorporates T&L?
suggest a good and cheap 15" LCD...
Powered By ATI or Built By ATI?
Geforce3 ti200 or Ati radeon 9000pro
pro to oc past 510 core?
gf2 400mx problem
GeForceIII Dim Screen and Lockup
Triple Monitor setup question
42" monitor?
ati compatability question
Interesting review... $ vs. perf. normalized
gf4ti4200 voltage?
Finaly got my new 17" LCD yeah baybay!!!
gf2 mx400
9500 Pro Cooling ?
softmod 9500 pro faq
Why is my videocard so hot?
Any info on a Matrox G400?
ati 9100 128mb or nvidia 5200 128mb
What to get??
Raised temps!
!!~pcmcia Sound Card~!!
Confused on nVidia boards
Deals on a VIVO or TV card
Increasing Memory/Video thruput ?
Radeon Users: Report TV out functionality
Geforce ti 4200 or ATI 9500 or...?
Does this sound right
I almost crapped in my pants!!!
Should I change Vids?
z640 connections
Does anyone know how to get the redline tweak utility?
New 9700 Pro
GF4 440MX prob
built-in sound card
Wildcat cards?
ati 9700 pro driver
smokin radion 9700
AGP voltage. what does it really do?
3dfx Source Code
ThermalTake G4-VGA CoolMod Cooler
Video Card Cooling
Post your video card History
need to upgrade video card
DVD Display problems with... GeForce4 Ti 4200
FINALLY, Upgraded my video card
Black outs?
3dfx Driver Source Code Released
Radeon 9500 becomes (more) hobbled 9500 Pro
Weird but cool at the same time 9700 pro issue
Dual moniter question
A few questions
Best PCI video card w/DVI
DVD on TV-Out question
AGP Aperature Size
Does anyone ever overvolt their AGP slot???
What is casuing the problems? my vidoe card?
Friend is stupid, selling outbalanced systems.
Best Vid Card?
Strange 3D Problem
*URGENT* Need DVD video on my tv
Vacuum cleaner of GPU - which one is it?
Rateing the ATi Fire GL Radeon 8800
Rateing the ATi Fire GL?
Heatsink replacement?
Using stock P3 HS for Vid card
Advice--Best buy for ~$50???
gfx 5600 256mb 8x agp
quick albatron Ti4200P
OK, got my money together, time to buy...
9500 pro/9700pro differences worth the price?
New cool 3d screensaver
Software T & L stops freezing with a VGA in one particular system, diagnosis ??
3DMark03 update = crash/reboot !!!
3DMark03 Question
Hrmm, which Video card??
need vid card for $100
Broken video cards arnt always a bad thing
crossing z-540 and z-640 at same time!
WTF!!!, I cant figure this out!
variations in 3dmark scores
I need to see some of your 3dmark scores
The best vid card for the best price
VGA or DVI for LCD??
Dual monitors, desktop + gaming?
Cataclyst question
About hooking up a TV to my PC
Should I or shouldn't I (pics)
3DMark 2003 patch
agp slot Q
Anyone run a ti200 with cs?
Zalman VGA MOD
does WIN XP gain any 3dmark points from SP1?
Chaintech GeForce 4 MX440 128MB
Home made radeon cooler gone wrong
Wierd extigy sound
Why Voodoo had been discontinued?
DVI output....
do dual monitors reduce performance
how come my 3dmark score is so low
nv35 to details
When Will We See It ???
Gainward GF3 TI 200 golden sample with 4ns ram or a Sapphire ATI 8500LE???
Need Info on OLD vid card
Need help from anyone with a Audigy 2
Logitech Z680's at JustDeals.com
Where Do You Guys Get Your Hs For VidCard OCs?
Any way to flash a PC radeon to Mac?
sound on nforce2
deciding which vid card i want to get.
Picture in Picture
good card for $150 or so
What does your G4 ti4200 get in Vulpine GLmark?
New PowerStrip 3.40.386
odd things on 3dmark2001se
FPS and the human Eye
how high can i get....
Radeon 9200
Will this work?
Does this sound right or should performance be a little better???
How do vid cards compare to consoles?
I installed DX9.0a and now 3dmark2001SE won't RUN!
Gamer Vs 24Bit Audigy2s...
Albatron or Asus, TI4200 8x 128MB, which one?
What causes Artifacts ???
Whats the point of flashing vid bios
Looking for a vid card that
which warp11 bios to get?
whats diff betweeb built by ati and a reg ati card?
Does ATI have something like "digital vibrance"?
New from Matrox
Ati TV Wonder Update for Xp
Ultimate Vcard Demo Links
Dual Monitors And Playing Videos Question
Cant shut sideband/fastwrite off!
is this card any good?
Radeon 9100 128 mb
New drivers for nVidia
New "Dual" Monitor
Geforce FX 5200 retail sighting today
How to cook a GF FX 5800 Ultra with a screensaver?! Must Read!!!
Which 9500pro?
ATI 9600 release date? or TI4800?
ATI or Nvidia
4.0/1 headphones?
Whats going on? Weird stuff...
thinking of getting a radeon 7500 any opiions?
Graphics card Power Consumption
nVidia Ti4600 or ATI 9500 Pro
Where to buy this cooler for ati 9700
Help me break this bond (thermal epoxy???)
Geforce FX5200
Max safe AGP voltage?
TV card
FX for 9700...YAY...Humm...
3D Glasses Suck - Please Help
useing 2 video cards questions.
Does the Geforce FX 5200 suck?
where is that one thread that has a list of video cards in performance ranking???????
what is better? the ATI 9100 or the NVIDIA 4200?
Good heatsink to cut up?
Monitor as a tv?
Imaging And Display Device Forum
Altec/Lansing XA3021 speakers..
Simple question
Best price for Radeon 9700 non pro in the States?
green buttons
Artifact prevention?
Can't decide!!!
how good are these 3dmark scores?
how can I tell which agp rate I am running at?
Quick question.......
watching tv with TV-in?
Good $125 Card...Suggestions?
S-Video out to TV question
AGP aperature size
APG2 frequency problem. Which cards will run at 88.7Mhz (BX440)
best vid card for around $160?
is vid ram dependent on the GPU?
Mounting Heatsinks?
help configuring dual monitors
Is there a difference between AGP4x/8x if it's IGP?