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what causes artifacts?
Voodoo5 and splinter cell
i thought there was an Nvidia section and an ATI section for a reason...
16 bit vs 32 bit
9700pro just died, replacement suggestions?
Radio on your pc
Why not Monsoon?
HELP! Strangest Thing w/Sound!
take a look at this beast
tv-out on msi cards.. what port?
Codecreatures ???
video cooling upgrade worth it?
video card boxes
Whats the real difference? 128/64meg
Has any had there Logitech control pod replaced?
Card Modding Gallery
9800 Pro at newegg now fo 415
9500pro mod into a .....?
I dont want a fight...i'm sick of those but i have a question
PCI Express, to wait or not to wait?
Video Card Questions!!! HELP!!!
Which One??
What FPS should i be getting in CS???
Tricking output signals (speakers)
Problem 9500 Pro HL GL
Where can I get Hercules' cards?
Help on Possibly the worst 3dMArk for the hardware
"Neomagic" vid cards? Calling old nerds!
ATi, nVidia and quality settings - a small rant
Pushing my rig harder
How to cook a FX5800
Screensaver of Death: FX Ultra Style
Elsa jumps off of the nVidia bandwagon
Geforce FX (nv34)
SiS Xabre 600
Best VC for under $60?
buy 9800 pro
Dual monitor question Program/screen assignment
Omega Driver + OC Tweak proggy = No Go
Radeon 9000 (non-pro), no hope?
Problem with ti4200
Hercules 9700 pro Use a heatpad?
Which ATI Card?
double check the products you bought
Strange Ati problem
+500 pts replacing 9500 w/9700 pro
horribly low 3dmark2001 scores
Which card to get
Video card driver problems
overclocking the asus gf4 mx440
Asus gforce4 mx 440 se
9600 Pro Review at THG
What should I do??
9600 Pro reviews
Visiontek Allegations
Speakers keep defaulting back to 2?
128MB ATI Radeon 9700 TX ???
Is there any truth to what he said here i suspect there is not
Please Help With 3DMark2001 SE.........
It Ain't FUNNY Plop, stick, Plop, stick Stop laughing
9700 pro and cs glitch?
Finally I got my 9700 Pro and it works! Benches..
Another Demo
Geforce 2 GTS vs BBA 9000 64mb
Flash from the past.
Good Ol' Card Modding (pics)
Upgrade from Altec Lansing ACS56?
dual monitor question
Buy individual Logitech speakers?
What kind of OC do you think I could pull from this setup?
How do you?
Speaker Sets
S3 Savage IX/MX Problems with Counter Strike in OPENGL!!!!
What does OTES stand for?
17,5xx 3dmarks on my P4 @ 3.6 Ghz?! Seems low
Messed Up Video IRQ
How to record with VIVO?????
Got my sapphire 9500 HELP!
Choosing cards
New Video Card Choices
Little red dot??????
Best speakers
difference of 9500 non pro and pro
problem with video on TV
orange or green??
When will the 9600 Pro be out?
Problem with z-640
best card verse $$$
Which Video card for me?
Inno3d Geforce4 Mx 440 128mb
what speed is 5ns memory rated at?
Dual monitor, PCI vs dual card
should i buy an ATI 9500?
Where'd the Hobby Bashers thread go?
How do i change my IRQ?
Please post opinions for balance between overclocking and longevity
found out my video card's ns
GF3 TI200 or ATI 8500 for my girl friend
gainward geforce 4 ti 4600 ultra/750xp or evga geforce 4 ti 4600?
bought a 3D Prophet FDX 8500LE, any good?
3D Mark 2001 SE Crashing in 2nd test...
Saphire 9500np vs Powercolor 9500np
Sufficient vid card for backup system.
no sound from back speakers
Gf4 4600 Bios?
i love these visiontek gf4 ti 4200 cards!
HUGE ??? about the Radeon 9x cards
Come On?
Computer stalls at bootup after geforce4 install
low 3dmark scores wtf?!
VIDEO card on IRQ16?
ATi Radeon AiW software bundle?
Wich radeon have what more? 8500-9000-9100-9500-9700? Worth the upgrade?
Modding GF4 cooling?
Is this bad?
Radeon 9000 pro do me good? or no? Need info asap!
Radeon 9500 Pro and my monitor
LOL funny thing my friend said
Video Card Rankings?
Vmod electrical question
Cooling my 9700pro….
Cooljag U1 data?
svid->composit cable?
soundcard problems.... help!
9700 pro aiw bad!?!
GF FX 5200....good bargain card?
voodoo card
9500 Saphire 0em
LMFAO!!! ATI has released the 9700 pro AIW!!!
What happened to digital CRTs?
EVGA fx 5200 now in! for under $100
Vid Card Burn In
13,232 3D Mark 2001 SE points with Ti 4200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MSI - Leadtek - Ati 9700 - 9800 - Other????
This a good deal
Non L-memory 9500np overclock options??
ATI slows down!
TV Out? Wats the best?
water cooled FX....pics inside.
just got the 8500le...how's this for o/c?
Fastest Voodoo3 drivers?
Is it worth for me to get a new video card?
Hmmm, i'm turning into an overclocker i think, will this work?
ahhh choices
ASIII for my core?
AGP pro 110
R9700Pro Ramsinks look nice but...
My 9800 Pro OC
AGP overvolting question
comp not recognizing DX 9.0a.....
k7n2g-l mobo onboard audio and battlefield 1942, help!!!!
GF4 4600 only 64 MEM?
Should an audiofile go for home theater?
ocing geforce4
Buy or wait for Graphics card
Is this 9500 poddable to 9700 ???
3DMark2k1SE no longer run after installed DX9??
Avance Sound Cards...
Geforce AA modes???
Calling all Logitech Z-560 Owners
Monitor dont remember setting
To Reinstall Or no To Reinstall.....
what am i doing wrong (new speakers)
video card death throes?
Just a few questions
Need Help On AA
Monitor size
Eizo Monitors
Woul an 8500LE bottleneck my system?
16 gauge copper wires for my z680's
geforce 440 or ati 8500 or 9100?
Can't Decide...
Quick Newb Question about installin drivers when swappin vidcards....
GF4 vs 9500
Video Blanking Out In DOS
Man do I love my 9500Pro
odd popping
DX 9.0a
LMFAO, just found out why gf4mx has holes at end!!
Radeon 9500 vs GF4-4800
Were to get Softmods?
Whats better? SB LIVE! 5.1 or MUSE 5.1???
Whats better the a 4200?
Please Help Me
On my second system but UT engine games still crash
Another BS review at vr-zone.com about the FX 5800 Ultra!
What 9800 pro should I get?
What's the best bang for the buck (true) DX9 out there (or that will come out)?
Can't play dvds on secound screen
Geforce FX5800 slips again
plz help with my 9700 pro AIW
what is the best, fastest radeon9700 pro?
Just bought my first ATI
Need help with my ATI 9700 Pro.
Gf4200 Pink Lines?
New Direct X 9 Demo
DirectX Remover
Icky Low 3dMark03
I was looking on getting a tvtuner card......
Overclocking My card
cheap temorary vid card
Mac Video card on PC???
my audigy sounds messed up
gfx card dead?
Logitech Z-680's... Digital Connection?
43.45 opengl fix
Screen Flicker when Start Window
Low individual 3DMark01 Scores... Help!
When will the 9700 pro's go down in price????
9700 AIW and digital cable
ATI TV Wonder... Pro?
Sound Card Muse 5.1 or built-in 8rda+ Sound
OC'ing 9700Pro
HP Matrox G450
9800 pro is out. Anyone preorder get their credit card charged?
monitor or vcard
Odd graphics problems
Half-Life 2 to be nVidia-only game (more rumours & speculation)
GAHHH checkerboard screen
9700 Pro driver questions
Monster 3D accellerator cooling...
I Finaly killed my 9700Pro!
16bit color looks like 256 color...why?
S video to VGA?
2 monitors ?
nVidia Demos on ATI cards???
help me pick a agp card at newegg!
Refresh Rate
64 DDR shared mobile video vs 32 DDR dedicated
Radeon 9900 and 10,000 going to be released next mont!!!!
Deathstar series
I was bored..
W1zzard's Softmod + me..
5800 and 5800 Ultra may rarely be seen
quick q
LCD, is this one any good?
My S3 will pwnz0r j00!
9700 Pro fans
saphire 9700 np bios needed
How much better is the Geforce 3 TI200 VS Geforce 2 MX 400?
Mobile graphic cards (for laptops)...
Recommend me good headphones
Fraps and Nvidia conflict (due to sound problems)
leadtek 8x video/ asus cusl2
Help setting up for video capture
What Card ?
ti4200vivo or Ati 9000
Just got a 9700 Pro.. already have problems.. need help
dual 2500s and 9700pro only=11,000?
Is this possible?
where to find DVI to DVI cable....
whats the best tweakable vc out there right now?
i need serious help
Radoen 9500/9700 v-mod ???'s
HTPC parts, are these OK?
arc-a6ch audio not working
S3 Trio Video problems
temp of vid card??
testin agp voltage
OMG 5800cfm of cooling power on new FX cards
TV on PC
Specs and Speculations.
kvm cables
GF4 Ti4600 Overclocking?
FX 5200 Ultra 128 4x\8x For Sale!!!!
You can only Soft-mod 9500NPs
43.45 Dets. out
Ti4800 or 9500 Pro?
NV35 Details emerge
Does anyone know where I can find this?
sapphire vs. ati
Integrated graphics?
Half-Height Vid Card recos?
newbie with good vid cards---8500le?
New Nvidia Drivers....42.35...OUT NOW!!!
I have a few questions about which video card to get
hi quality tv-out card?
Lost sound to rear speakers?
Artifacts in 3DMark
Playing Movies.
S3 Files Chapter 11
just think about this
How Do You Find Your NS ?
altec lasning 641's and adding more speakers
How to record video?
What to pick?
A7N8X Dx sound issues
Should Winfast Owner Install A Detonator?
Problem booting with 9700 Pro
Advice needed... and quick if you could please!
What the heck is DVI ?
Weird display problem
Radeon 9800 Pro Cards On GDDR-II finally announced to be at $599!!!
I think Nvidia and ATi should slow down
Video Card problem
Problem with my 680's for real this time!!!
How do i set-up up new gfx card ?
Geforce 3 cooling
Can anyone tell me who makes this soundcard?
Duel Monitor Problem
What am I doing wrong?
Access Denied
Enabling TV OUT for Asus v7100 Deluxe?
Problem with my Z680's...any suggestions?
DX9 Probs...
OK, how about a heatpipe for my 4600?
new directx 9.0a
Geforce 4 MX 440se or Geforce 3 original?
HardOCP detailed review of R300 and R350 at equal clock speeds
Advise on an entertainment rig please
monitor keeps going to sleep!!
should I trade in my mx440-se for a....
New Powerstrip 3.31.375 Beta
radeon 9700 lowest resolution
mp4 encoding
audigy 2 70usd
how to read ns
Sound issues
Ok im not sure where to post. Having vcd probs.
Goodbye S3
New Video card?
SiS® 650
AGP isn't AGP????
Can the AIW 9700 Pro do this?
3D Glasses On ATi (Specifically 9500Pro)
VooDoo Banshee
Futuremark disables new Detonators
Pci card and dual monitor
not sure if it the right section
Is there any hope of putting a better video card in this computer?
DX 9.0a out
Video Card temperature ????
which gf2?
need help with new system
Will have 200$ for a vid card, what to get?
Modding GF4 ti4600?
Graphics card for CAD
Seeking Radeon 9700 OC Advice
TV-out in black and white, why?
Klipsch Monster Cable Kit 4.1 worth it?
Poor DVD playback sound quality
PCI ram for video cards (extream, possibly stupid idea)
yet another "who's stupid, me or manufactors" thread: video card designs
Fan going on GF4 ti4400
Which is the best video card out there for the money? ati or nvidia?
9700 Pro -> 9800 Pro softmod?
VooDoo 2's
My Sapphire Radeon 9000 Atlantis
Cool site for learning about GPUs(general info) may help some.
Video Card sales this month
Thermaltake cooler for my 4600
good card for celeron?
sound cards and CPU usage
ABIT ti4200 OTES fan noise control
DX9 & 3dMark2001?
Grrr... Ti4200 does NOT remember my OC settings ???
TV Out Question
Audigy Install problem...
How to overclock my 9700pro?
3DMark2001 Environment bump mapping test Q
Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro Question...
Looking for a good video card
NEED Help choosing card w/tv out
Catalyst 3.2 bugs...
What is it made of?
ATI 9500Pro w/Infineon Junk
Gainward 4800SE overclockable?
Anyone with Z680's please help
video not working
Close call!
silly video question
AIW rad 9700 pro shimmers
Direct X problem...
Gateway GeForce 2 GTS Question
Anyone help with this error message?
S3 is back my friends look inside for more
Low Framerate w/ geforce4 mx400
64mb GAINWARD TI-4200 -> 128mb Radeon 9500 Worth it?!?
can you get a 9500 to 9800? (ATI)
Xabre II updated specs
Intel's Built In Crap, With Compaq That is!
Wha is the voltage of the 9700Pro ?
Question on mobile graphics cards
AOpen MX440 -> PNY Ti4200...?
What speed is this memory rated for?
Trouble with Evga Ti 4600
It Lives!!!!
LCD vs CRT monitors...
musing about vidcards
geforce 4 mx
Were can i get Direct X 8.1!?
Yet another 3dMark2001 ?
9700 Pro arrived messed up
Maximum cable length to Monitor/HDTV from video-card???
video cables
dual monitor problems
AA or AF?
how to get higher core/memory speeds?
Need new BIOS??
Ok, someone explain this to me (ti4600 better in PII then my P4)
got my FX ultra in today
ATI 9500 bios
9700 & Dual Monitors
what kinda results should i get with this card
3dmark2k3 question
ATI 9500 Pro..what best manufacturer/deal?
Missing effects in 3DMark 2003
AT7-Max2 / 9500 Pro
FX cooling for 9700Pro
changing AA and AF
SB Live + GF4200 = problems
What is the Best 17"-18" LCD in the market?
Ti4200 64MB 8X AGP vs. 128MB 4X AGP, which is better?
Best for the money
Why not integrate?
5.1/6.1 DirectSound3d and EAX question (and throw Doom3 in also)
3dmark2003 hates me....
DBI Output Enabled For Agp (Bios Setting)
Connecting an HDTV to my Computer
is powerstrip the best?
how can I test for ddr....on my video card?
Sapphire 9700 Pro Ultimate
My graphcis card whines...
the next step?
Powerstrip question
Still a good deal at Circuitcity
[H]ard Truth On FX 5200 and 5600
How to overclock video cards?
New Omega Drivers. anyone who wants a free 9800 read :P
How to setup vivo
9700 to 9800Pro ?
TV tuner and FM radio
What would I score with a ATI 9700 Pro...
Uninstalling detonator drivers to install a different version...
qvestion about overclocking RADEON 9700PRO
Radeon 9500 or Ti 4200? Need a response.
!9" Monitor
Think I'm going to get the 9800PRO
Suggestions for a new system
Equalizer Program
Asus A7N8X Deluxe onboard sound...
monitor from a 386 question
AGP-8, not needed now but in the future
Check Out MSI's FX 5800 Ultra Here
Graphics card w/ TV tuner
Anyone flashed a Ti4800
problem with 8x AGP?
I need help.....Bad please
Computer just shuts off, please help!!!
Low 3D mark score??
wow 3d gamming is fun! <n006 alert>
Coolbits not working???
CAn someone give me a direct download for 3DMARK2k1??
albatron Ti4200 vs. all
9700 pro
Artifacts problem in UT with 9500 pro
Video Card information
The Ultimate Vid Capture Card = ?
Radeon 9100 fan is not working.. what is better substitute heat sink/fan and how?
Soundcard install freezes every attempt
radeon 9000 pro 128m better then 8500le 128mb ?
Need some help with the Hauppauge WinTv Card
would this work...?
agp voltage
dual-tri monitors
Yet Another New Soft-Mod... for 9500 Pro
New soft mod for Radeon cards! (9800 one:)
heeeeeelp please
Problems with new Geforce Card
Need help with Hauppauge TV card & winTV
How Do I Set Max Quality on GF4-Ti4200?
Why do my 3DMark 2001SE scores keep going lower?!
I think ati cards must undervolt ram or something.
AGP/PCI Freq and increasment
whats considered good?
ATI Drivers (new 3.2)
agp enabled
IQ worse on FX than GF4?
Wow, this could be a very good thing for us
New Cats finally out 3.2!
9000 pro 128mb or....?
Refresh Rate Problems
9700 Gettin hot? One reason why....
agp frequency
What Order to Install drivers after format?!
Suggestions On Tv Tuner Card
Cat 3.2's arent even out yet, and there talking about 3.3's
Hercules vs Sapphire
NewEgg has Radeon 9500 128MB w/ red PCB for $160!!
First OC and 3DMark lockups. Need Help.
HardOCP GFX5600/5200 Graphics review