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How looooooowwwww can you go?
Dual Video Card Setup Possible?
97 3Dmark03 score
how much better is 9700 (non pro) than ti4400
Sapphire 9500 Pro
Ti4600 oc specs
Installation Procedure For Ultimate Performance?
I May have Fried my G4 :(
can i use dvi with one monitor?
How would i go about adding RAMsinks???
comparison of mobile graphics chip ?
vice latop question
Whats the Ns on these ram chips?
3Dfx forums?
flashing geforce256 to macintosh?
Cat 3.2 today info from ATi!
New Det 43.30!!!
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6 Channel Audio
3D Mark 2001SE card settings
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sb live 5.1 will not work
Sapphire 9700 nonpro. Just Ordered!!
Nvidia video card tweak??
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8500 LE or Vanilla GF3?
Anyone Know how to get GeforceFX demos to run of Geforce 4??
RivaTuner work for ATI refresh rate fix?
Chunk from another thread..AUTOCAD anyone????
really strange video->audio interference!!!
Budget video card
System RAM timing and video graphics card performance..?
Voltmod for Asus v7700
Best Budget Card
AGP Voltage Increasing via bios
Why is my Geforce4 MX440 in PCI mode???
3Dfx commercials (hilarious)
Matrox Parhelia 256MB?or geforce fx?
coolbits and overclocking program
2 sound cards
gf 4 mx 440 se
April 1st
wow...albatron turbo ROOOOCCCCKKKKSSS!
Someone give me a crash course in LCD monitors, please.
Is this normal?
planar px171m vs hitachi cml174?
How many of you use AA and AF?
Which Speakers?
NV31 & NV34 Benchmarks, feel the pain
"GeForce3 Ti200 salvagable?" -or- "Who's up for a challenge?"
Need Palit Daytona GeForce3 Ti200 bios
Powerstrip Oc'ing fer n00bs
Where can I download better/newer BIOS for 9700 Pro?
&($^&( Argh!!! Just how conductive is AS3?!
5200 and 5600 Performance
creative 5200's (5.1s)
Samsung 959NF - went 'green' :(
Radeon 9500 or 9700 length?
GTXP issue...
Nvidia oc'ing n00bs, please read this
openGL cards vs. radeon & geforce
Matrox Reef Demo on all DX8 Cards !!
Low sound for DVDs
My dilemma
Asus or Gainward Ti4200
dual monitor question ?
Flashing your Bios 9500 PRO
radeon 9700 pro problems
problems w/ creative labs vid & sound
ATI Driver questions
radeon 9500 to 9700+?
9700pro keeps stuttering
TQ's story...his first OVERCLOCK
Just new speaker smell or is this new speaker punishment?
Inspire 5.1s vs Logitech 640s
Wait for Vertical Sync? whats this...
7500pci or Gf4 MX440agp?
Ti4600 or ti4800
Voltmod for Asus v7700
Do different video drivers overclock better?
Do PCI sound cards hurt performace?
Is there an equivalent of coolbits for 9700 Pro
ASUS V9280TD Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB
Hercules Muse DVD 5.1
Hercules 9700 pro
Graphics Aperture size ib bios setting?
Is it just me or is this trend not a trend at all
Finally Broke 10,000
Voodoo 5 5500 extra cooling....
Ti 4800se not reconized
i wonder if anyone would help little me.........
ATi encourages overclocking ?
Video Card Settings Help i.e. OpenGL etc etc
Mod Forum...
$175 limit for 128MB V-Card
PSOD on Golden Sample GF3?
Creative SB Live! Value sound card problem
64MB v-card both types
Old and new AGP.
Logitech Z-560
Z-680 question?
WildCat VP 990 Pro!!!!!!!!!!!
A little problem here
Heatsink on back of the card?
NVIDIA First to Deliver DirectX 9.0
Geforce FX 5600&5200 initial performance impressions
suggestions ( vid card)
I think I have come to a decision...
NVIDIA Fight Back with NV31/NV34 Release
sound card for z-560's or z-680's
Video Card holding me back?
tv tuner card and nforce2 motherboard question
Time to curtail the idle chat.
Dont mind this question
Fast answer!!!!
GeForce FX Family Preview
Radeon 9100 Atlantis 128MB (any good ?)
Visiontek GF4 ti4200 heatskin removal (newbie question!)
about sound cards.
Voltage increase worth the risk???
2 sound cards and DVD playback...
9800, 9600 and 9200 Benchmarks.
Agp bus ?
Radeon 9800 Reviews
Better for O/C'ing and better all around performance?
9800pro officially released
EASY Socket A Video Card Mod
Best Buy 9700 Pro Deal
Logitech 640's into Nforce2 board...
So what does *click* mean?
Coaxial splitting question
Best Bang for the Buck?
chaintech gf4 overclocking results?
what card do i buy
pbl oc'ing GF4
Is Nvidia having trouble with the lower end cards also?
Gf2 Mx400 Oc???
ATI's Radeon 9700 versus NVIDIA;Understanding the next generation of graphics chips.
FX is no more a dustbuster guys
Audigy 2 remote???? WTF
ouch! do mx440's come in 64 bit ddr too?
What is this, Pics included
Been to ATI.COM lately?
MSI Lowdown
Geforce FX shadow???
Quick question
Breaking in your speakers
video editing recommendations
AIWA CX-NMTD9 - MiniDisc optical in question?
This is what blissful sound sounds like huh..
PNY GF4 Ti4200 question
Just made the switch from nvidia to ati
Anyone seen a Panasonic PS21 monitor?
overclocking RAMDAC
9500 mod question
.15micron FX
Doesnt exactly fit here but....BEST CRT mon >$200
Uh oh... another Newbie...
Ti4200, R9500 or wait?
Question for the Old School O/C
How do I flash my Gainward Bios?
Is this right?
Fist real person with a FX Ultra I know of!
whats the market share?
Preliminary 9800 specs....
Best bang for the buck ~ $120-140
comparison on ATI Radeon 9000 and 9700
need advice, gonna order a 9500...
Floppy connector on sound card?
Permanent OCed videocard
video card performance
WOW Nvidia really is starting to show REAL signs of defeat. MUST READ
On-Board vs PCI
Sandra says I have no IRQ, stumped.
graphics are shaky sometimes (ti4200)
Quick question
Help Please!!!!!!
Urgent Question!!! Radeon9700 pro
What is the next big thing (vid-cards)?
Stupid 60Hz problem in XP
Please Help With Dual Monitors!!!!
what's the minimum playable frame rate?
Logitech speaker problems
video card messing up?
whats the best 2.1 spkr system for under a hundred bucks?
BGA or Rev 4 ramsinks...
KVM switch with dual monitor setup??
something odd here,
I have a question about my 9500--->9700.
Question About Installing!!!!
Abit Siluro GF4 Ti4200-8X 128MB Card For $119
9700 @ Circuit city
Removing Nvidia Drivers
Intel "Extreme Graphics"
9500 Pro Warp 11 Bios
Got a 2.4 GHz now help with score ?
Mitsubishi DiamondPoint SB70
Testing speakers
why no 9800 pics and more importantly...benches
Question on Futuremark 2003
About the 43.00 dets...
3D Prophet 8500 128MB anyone?
Why so slowww....GF Ti4200 - 6000 3dmarks
3DLabs Wildcat
BBA R9700 Pro -- worried...
why don't gpu and mem run in sync?
PC reboots on 3d app launch
new video card has slowed my computer
First visiontek 9100 overclocking.....
r8500 high performance? not any more...
Installing 8500 in 4400 system
How do i get rid of drivers??
Is my Video Card mod [H] or what?
Did I F^*$ up my video card?
Super Deal for ABIT Geforec4 Ti4200 8X 128M - $ 124 Free Shipping
ATI 9000 pro
BFG GeForceFX Is Out!
Detonator 43.00 Released
monitor / tv same time?
And it starts (my first order) ordered my speakers/sound card
DVI vs. Analog
MSI ditching Nvidia for ATi?
9700 shutter and tearing problem
Check out this new 9700 ultimate
Talk about image quality! Get a 21" trinitron AG monitor!
After much thought and reading....
Graphic card memory bandwith?
few quations about a video captuer card
9700 PROblem
The 1 ? that has been answer B4
AIW 8500, or 8500 DV ? ...
GF4 TI4600 -vs- GF4 TI4800SE
Onboard sound 6.1 vs Audigy
dvi or vga connector
Radeon 9700 help :/
Who Da Man?
3d Prophet Radeon 8500LE
Bad video Card ?
URGENT: Need Radeon 9500 Help!
4.1 or 5.1 Speaker System?
so whats this all about PCI Express
high agp bus capable vid cards
Vid OC - native driver vs 3rd party tweak?
After 11 hours. ut2003 finally finishes downloading!
Gotta love Gainward RMA
possible monitor or video card sucking?
AGP PRO50 Bus?
Do your speakers crunch?
Stock speeds
Powercooler Radeon 9100
Radeon 9500 Software Mod
SIS 530/620 drivers
Digital out on SB Audigy?
Alienware SHIPS w/ RADEON 9800PRO! pics inside
TV Tuner Card and XP
Full Format and Still Issues
will it fit?
do any of you still run games in 16 bit color?
Need 9500 np 128mb bios
BFG shipping the FX Ultra
question about ut2003 demo
"ATI readies next-generation graphics chip" -- Reuters
Inspire 6.1
Post your 9500 pro overclocks
Should I wait??
Weird Artifacts with 9500 pro
GeForce 4 suddenly stopped working.....
ti 4200 bit the dirt!
hp pavilion
Does this sound right?
tv out
Will video card affect cpu OC?? Newbie.
How do I setup Sound Blaster Live?
game just shuts off..help
hahahaha Visiontek site has some awesome one liners
Asus A7N8X, my video card :(
Ok I am going to do it .... Going to get an ATI Card
3D Mark 2001 SE Scores
3 monitors
do driver versions make a difference?
Voodoo Banshee overclocking
Overclocking Utilities
Cant publish Results?
GeforceFX best gpu of 2002 ?!?!
SiS Xabre 600
SPDIF. Is it the same as the digital optical on my minidisc player?
memory OC error, help
VooDoo 3 2000 16MB PCI
ATi asks "Are you ready...for more?"
I won't be oc'ing my cards anymore
"nv4_disp.dll" pbl
dead gf 3
A question - please help!
Finally 10k in 3dmark01se
Can't play dvd's
the $200 question
Help with VIA Drivers
which ti4200 should i get?
s-video to rca
favorite program to play Mp3
Will a LCD work on a Matrox G400?
I wanna add shared RAM to video card
R350 presells available 3/3
Spot the artifact....
anyone got Abit Speakers
Hercules Gaming Theatre XP + Half Life (CS)
Yay! 13000 marks
Yay....I hit 13000
9500 pro cooling and performance
Good Gaming Headphones for under $70 bucks?
Pic of 9700 Pro with PCI Express?
Windows XP and drivers
Should I...
method to the madness?
massive slowdown
GPU Heatsink Should it be Upgraded (pics inside)
question on quiality of a powercolor evil commando 2 9700 pro.
best vid card under $100
Is increasing my FSB speeding up my video card?
Need Opinions..
3d mark 2001 improvement???
Nforce2/agp Card Problem
Rage Of Fury MoD
Overclocking Programs..
video card AGP?
75 ohm coaxial cable vs 75 ohm load (tvout related)
online streaming problem
HELP! with 9500 PRO
Creative FPS200 to Logitec Z-640`s ?
Good job ATI :)
sound sort of stopped... help!
Please stop pasint URL's from your results page @ futuremark
Tell Me
Coolbits for XP Home
FX really 4x2?
Is a Geforce3 ti500 really faster than a ti4600 in quake3?
Anyone know of a decent mem Vmod guide/instructions for the 9700 pro?
please help a nOOb!
ASUS ti4200 agp card, running in PCI mode?!
what happened????
Sapphire 9500 Pro
need a little help plz
OpenGL Refreshrate fix for newer Detonators
agp8x or agp4x
How to install a new vid card?
Dead Video Card Help!
Which Geforce 4 Ti 4200?
9700 pro all in wonder price drop?
Penny Sandwich Cooling mod?
Extreme Problems w/ my new Radeon 9500
Anyone else see this?
voltage mod for my ti 4200.
Old Geforce 256
Direct X 9 Should I even bother?
Mad Dog Raptor Ti4200 64MB Question
Voltage for my geforce ti 4200 ?
BFG Tech Heatsink Removal
Direct X 9 question
help setting up dual monitors
Got My 9700 pro
asusv9280s wont boot
GeForce3 Dual Moniters
GeForce3 Ti200 Help!
3DMark03 revisited, By Tomshardware
Is there any card that can stand the abuse of pci speed of 40 and above?
Vid Card HeatSink.
Can't get newer drivers to work with my 8500.
"own brand" vs Retail
Does cooling vcard really help LOL ?
Plz help w/ video card problem :(
ti4200 64mb v ti4200 128mb
PCI Cards
anyone with sapphire Radeon 9700 non-pro please look here
Good Video Card for ~$50
23114 3dMark 2001 Score
NVIDIA GeForce FX Named Best Graphics Processor of 2002
Wdm Drivers = ?
AIW Radeon 8500 Locking up
K7s5a s-s-sound sk-sk-sk-skips
Quick Audigy Driver Application Question.
Differences between 9500 and 9700
Core and memory o/c...
Tv out?
Abit GF4 4600TI Siluro
best video card for TV out purposes
what video card?
DirectX 9
8500LE causing black screen
9700 Pro overclocker no frills
Gigabyte R8500LE bios flash...
seperate refresh fix...
How do you overclock video???
what gives way better picture? the Samsung 955DF (19") or the Dell 18" flatpanels?
Trials of a 9700pro and DualCPU's...
Trials of a 9700pro and DualCPU's...
150/150 good o/c for a rage fury pro?
vid card advice
Catalyst 3.1 Review
Catalyst 3.1 Review
Screen rez?
Where can I get 256K x 16, 60ns EDO SOJ?
Latest ATi Control Panel
Where can I.......
Wow, this is amazing
Detonator Destroyer won't work
New Vid Card?
8rda+ onboard audio?
R350-->r9800 Rv350-->r9600
woohoo finaly ran 3dm 2002se, heres what i got:
AGP setting?
Leadtek Winfast A280LE TDH
3DFx voodoo3 2000
Need A Dual Montior Video Card
Well its dead
Vga Apollo Sis 400 Agp 8x 64mb Ddr W/dvi/tv
on my 9500, ram says 3.3 ns, but doesn't go to 3.3ns spec, why ?
Thermal tape for Ramsinks?
Please help me understand the conundrum over the radeon9500 and 9700 pros!
Pc card for Mac?
ASUS Geforce 4 TI 4200 card PROBLEM?
Physical speaker positioning?
Would you pay twice the price for a card twice as fast?
New [H]ard UT2K3 benchmark program
ATI Drivers - How good are they?
Important 9500 to 9700 question
85$ well spent???
Help with my Radeon
agp queston
looking for card with audigy 2 (plat) features but higher quality card
Can't... wait...
AGP sidebanding addressing
klipsch promedia 4.1 speakers
Radeon 9700...
worth upgrade 8500 retail to 9500 pro?
Tweaking Guide Revamped.
OMG !!! The highest OC in the world???
42.86 dets are really cheating!
Did I Hose My Bud's Audigy Platinum Front Panel??
video in ? TV out ?
OC slider bar won't go any further
Unreal Tournament 2003 running on a 4200
My New Radeon 9500 Pro
Vid card experts check this....
9500pro or go for the 9700
3dMark03 is defective... I think.....
Video Card Stock Speeds
problem updating ATI Radeon driver
64 vs. 128mb ti4200??
Gaming settings
Suggestions for new video card
Can a 500MHz EDEN Play DivX?
Video or System? Advice Plz.
t minus 2 weeks until thumpin day....
What a crap year for 3d/video/graphics so far....
Real 9900 Pic
abit 4600 TI tv out?
Ti 4200 for 58.70
Sound Card
Radeon 8500 performance w/ A7N8X
$80 bucks well spent
S-video questions galore
3DMark dropping out?
Need some help installing a voodoo2 pci card
Voodoo 5 =?????
Article on 3DMark2003
Anything you can do to ressurect a card?
r9500 or ti4200
Infinite Loop Help - please
Checking temps on video card
Will O'Neal is sticking with Radeon
Beyond 3D's 3DMARK03 Overview
AGP Voltage question
Just a thought
Radeon 9100
AS3 in Zalman heatpipe
Radeon 9500 w/ Black PCB
Ti 4400
Gainward Vid refurb
thoughts on Abit's Ti4200 64mb OTES?
Is this a 1.5V or 2.3V Vid card?
Show me the light.
Help my gpu is really hot and i need to fix this!!!
NVIDIA blasts 3DMark03
My frame rates suck
New Det's(42.86) cheating@3Dmark?
Direct x 9 vs 8.1
Poor 2002 and 2003 scores???
my score in 3dmark 2003