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my score in 3dmark 2003
3DMark2003 Problems!!!
help a new AIW 9700pro tv tuner problem
I maxed out powerstrip, need a new OCing utility!
Why complain?
GF4 MX440 & 3dmark03
you think the GF FX is bad...look at the 9900 pro
Happy about the 3dmark03 result?
AGP 8x, 4x, 2x
Sound = real low, after XP Pro install?
w00t teh GF3 ti500 is fast!
The many choices.... need a new vidcard. Which one?
3dm2003 not comparable to 2001, period!
radeon 9500/9700 saphire voltmod
Better cooling for 9700pro
Benchmarking Editorial
3Dmark2k3=HT CPU/non-HT CPU
Radeon 32 DDR or GF2 400MX 64 MB
3dmark 2001 question
AGP 2X vs AGP 1X
Nooo I Ruined It!!!!!!!
3dmark2003 suck bad for me, theres no consitency, scores are very random,links inside
post the cpu score from 3dmark 2k3!!!!
strange problem....please take a look and help if possible
Gf4 Mx440 Overclocking
3D Prophet 8500 128MB
WTF!!!! 3DMark03 related.. horrible score.
Futuremark has gone too far
screen looks kinda like checkerboard in 3dmark03?
3dmark03 test #3
Where to buy Radeon 9500 128mb that can be SoftModded
Well that's awfully strange...(3dmarkissues)
aHH can't install radeon 9500
Post your Ti4200 and Radeon 9500pro 3dmark scores here!!!
3dmarks 03 demo question?
3dmark 2k3 Issue help!
3dmark2k3 and DX9
good 3dmark2k3 server (until it gets killed lol)
Is this an ok score for 3d mark.
416 meg card !!! wtf is this all about
AGP Drive Stength?
No Skill Gaming will be host 3dmark 2k3 for 2hrs
You`ve gotta love this forums
Post your 3DMARK 2003 Results!
GeForce3 Ti200 V.S. Radeon 9500 128MB size diff?
I downloaded 3dmark 2001se but........
check out my 3dmark on thie budget system !
How many of you will upgrade you video card to run 3DMark 2003??
New Drivers work wonders with my 3dmark score
256MB Video Card!
overclocking pentium 4 2.4b ati radeon 9700
Alt Tab doesnt work?
I only get about 2800 out of my MX 420 is this right?
New Drivers = Res Problems HELP!! PLEASE!!!
sudden audio problems on my system
That small cable for my CDrom to sound card
New ATi Drivers (Cat 3.1)
Saphire Radeon 9700Pro Ultimate 128MB
I really, badly, thruly, deeply, madly need help !
What do you think?
Video/Sound Stutters and/or Lockups
Gainward Geforce4 Ti4600 opinions.
roughly 22hrs till 3dmark 2003 drops
more 3dmark with g3ti200Please........
Help donīt know what to do!!!!!!!
Favorite method to detect screen corruption?
do you think video cards and mainboard memory could evolve enough 2 share the memory?
Where did you buy your 9500 Pro?
I'm tired of being Deaf
unable to change video drivers
Gainward gf3 and playstation 2 LOL?
"No Input" from Gainward Ti4600 GS...
Apple Cinema Display on a PC ???
GeForce FX 5800 Ultra not cancelled
Software Modding Ti4200
Dual LCD
New Graphics Card ?
AGP Rate
FireGL -> 9700Pro?
overclocking question gf4 4200 128mb
(2.1) or (2) speakers
9700 Pro Manufacturers
ARRG Volt mod troubles
nForce2 + all sound cards Game Pad / Jpystick fix
I just joined the 10K club w/ Ti200
9700pro gone UP?!
Were did my sound go ?
Sapphire 9700NP: modded, TV-Out bad
CAD/OpenGL question
What kind of scores should i expect?
should i trade my 8500 for a 4200?
damaged something... (sound)
so let's sum it up this way..
My card is too hot!
Radeon 9700 Pro Gaming Qvestion
Nvidia=Dead??? what do you think?
Volt mod a MSI GF4 4200 128MB TD(MS-8870)
GeforceFX Ultra CANCELLED!
FS 2000 not 3D Accelerating
agp voltage
3200@1440 wtf?!@
Video problem
Help!! Busted video card.
Help please, Busted Video Card
screen going crazy suddenly!!!
what card is "ENOUGH" for today's games??
What is EAX?
most overclockable 9700 pro
A question about Power supplys
GeForceFX Ti5800 vs R350...
what exactly is considered "running tests"?
just ordered the 9500pro
How do I overclock a 9700 pro
How do you uninstall RivaTuner?
FX = 77db...9700pro = 68db.....
Pretty amazing....
Ive got the money, now what to get???
Nvidia is out or just slipping a spot?
Is anyone else watching the 3DMark2k3 countdown?
How are these for 2.1 speakers?
Is there anyone out there that bought or will buy GeforceFX?
only 6300 3dmark2k1 with tbred 1700 and ti4200??
I just picked up an MSI TI200 pro. How do I tell how fast the memory is on it?
cheap card for 1.2ghz?
Hercules fortissimo II?
FX Canned??
GFX Stability
You think this will be a good buy?
Geforce FX Canned?
GeForce FX cancellation rumour
Ati Strikes Back!
ATI Rage
Carmack and Doom III talks about FX vs 9700
What would be the best O/C settings for my GF4 MX 440
Rank some video cards for me
Apply command?
9700 vs. 9700 PRO
A nice safe O/C for a ti 4400
128DDR v 64DDR
Quadro FX use in games?
Best choice of these budget cards?
Thermaltake G4-VGA (For GeForce4s) Fan - Use Molex Connector For Power Or Not?
Heatsink only for Geforce4
Promedia 2.1 or Logitech Z-560?
ATI Boxed vs. Sapphire
9500 and 4200
Nvidia GeForce FX 5800 Benchmarks on "The Screen Savers Tonight"
8500le or 9100
200$ to spend..need some help
I'm so sick of my audigy...
R350 Specs and release date... so much for nvidia
WTF! My Ti4600 shows up as 64MB!!!
Finally got 10k out of my radeon 8500
OH NO!!!!!! early R350 pics...
9700 - Which one?
nv4_mini.sys and BSOD
what should i do about a video card?
2 cards
How much would you pay for a 9500 without softmod.
Would I be able to secure a pentium 4 heatsink onto a Geforce4?
3Dmark and image help!!
Quick Question on Geforce 3, and 4MX
overclocking lowered 3dmark 2001
Help purchasing a ti4200 128MB
Noticable wavey lines on Radeon 8500:
Reducing video clocks
sound skips when playing in game movies!
gf2 mx + warcraft 3 = ?
Help, Import Video and Sound seperatly
Computer vs Real sound system Speakers
How many buyes FX...
help: connect computer to TV
Is this AGP or PCI?
Sapphire 9500 128meg oem overclocking
Visiontek a little angry?
GF4 MX440 Volt Mod Help... Please?
looking to record some VHS-tapes to VCD. whats the best card?
I have 100.00$ to spend on a video card what should i buy?
9500 pro mem bandwith?
How do i use rivatuner?
FSAA Comparison- NV30 vs R9700.... looks bad for...
9700 Preo + dustbuster = GeforceFX
3DFX still around!
R9500 and R9500 Pro ?
Hmm heatsinks/fans for 9700 pro?
Software mod from 9500 non-pro to 9700 help plz
highspeedpc.com sells premodded 9500->9700
Ge-force 256 ddr help
help with ati8500le 64ddr
need help
Why is my 3Dmark score so lo?
Best Sound Card
need help with my 3DMARK score
good cooling kit for 9700pro
soft fire gl
Improvement, but sill need help
Please Help! I Am Going To Go Crazy!!!
PNY GeFroce 4 Ti 4600
64Mb and 128Mb R8.5K LE
AGP 8x vs 4x Hype?
Whats the difference between GEFORCE4 MX440-SE and GEFORCE4 MX440-SE?
recording problem!
Anyone know how to get ahold of Chaintech?
TV out...s-video or composite?
I'm just too confused!
Any good?
Will I notice a diff between AT 9000 Pro and 9700
Video Card weak link in O/C
Both ATI and Nvidia to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N product cycles
FX reviews......??
Broke 8000 3dmarks with Celeratin
Quick nView question
Odd performance...
Venturing into area i've never been
strange geforce3 problem
Need help getting S-Video output to play on TV on Ti4600
finaly broke 13,000 3d marks
Asus V9280S/TVD Ti 4200
NV30 performance on DX9
FX disappointment.
antistropic filtering?
Trying to break 14000
All of you transidtor/resistor movers I need your help!!! (need pics hosted too pls)
Soundblast LIVE 1024 with 600E PIII?
my heart beats still....GF FX at 7db!!!
Can not play Realone video when using TV out
Carmack's View On The FX
My personal opinion of radeon9700 pro
How to beat a GeforceFX for $100!
Not sure which card to buy.
Klipsch popping/crackeling
AIW 8500 => FireGL ???
Is it ok to..
Radeon 9700 Pro = Help !
Ti 4200 Trouble
Performance Problems >: (
laptop refresh rate fix 4 xp
Sight Vs Hearing!
Damn 24" SUn wide screen Monitor.
overclocking my ti 500
ati / nvidia fighters, please read
FUNNIEST things ever to do with your FX card
ATI STILL losing market share to Nvidia
Geforce256 volt mod articles (yeah yeah old card... :P)
Need to upgrade video card? Hold off for a month!
R300 or NV30
Sharkmark ?
neweggs 8500/9100
Dustbuster 5800cfm Review - one hell of a product.
What if NVidia are trying to trick everybody
Here is a good use for the geforce fx :)
6.1 speakers for 6.1 card
Need to find drivers for SIS card
Waht is the best brand of ati 9700 to get
SBLive vs. Nforce2 Soundstorm
Major Problems With My New 8500
AGP8x question
Anyway for Digital Out With Klipsch 5.1?
Hep me fix my audio input
3D Mark Problems
The Bottom line...
recording tv/video onto computer
Speculation -- why not?
geforce4 mx440 why does it run so bad?
A Good Gift For My Girlfriend At Valentine
GF4 Ti4200 64Mb 3.3ns: Red points on desktop!
Looks like Nvidia bought more of 3Dfx than they bargained for.....
What is the best way to OC your vid card?
Which Video Card?
help with ati 8500 le
Does my Ti4400 need 4 in 1 drivers?
FX benches LOL
GeForce FX, what a dissapointment, sticking with 9700 pro
9700 all the way
Anandtech Reviews on GForce FX
Should I wait for new ATI card, or get Pro?
anyone know where to get a 256bit radeon 9500
The 3Dfx curse is alive in Nvidia.
Omega(or whatever its called) vs Catalyst questions
TV Tuner Card
ATI vs. nVidia
Built Super Computer but Video Card needed.
Ti 4200 problems
reusing an lcd laptop monitor?
Higher fps?!?
compare the 9700 and gfx the right way
prerelease 9700pro benchmarks
DirctX 9 Benchmark
O great, thnx Geforce Fx
Need Help : The scenes in my games is skipping / jittering a lot.
ATi 9000 Pro 3DMark score
GeforceFX *will* cost $599 or more! confirmed!!!!!!
something else than ATI and NVIDIA?
Anandtech GFFX review: Radeon 9700pro still the king
The New Geforce FX OWNS the Radeon 9700 PRO
HardOCP NV30 review
FX not the 9700 killer we thought it would be.
Real Nv 30 Complete Review
yippy! broke 11k on my 8500
tv wonder does not allow tv on 2nd monitor?
live vid program
MY FSB seems to be locked, any suggestions?
World's First GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Review
does ATI have a secret weapon
Please Help --> Pants 3D mark score
We've gone a LONG way in video technology!
How is the All IN Wonder 9700 Pro??
Best way to get to 10k bench?
GeForce4 ti4600 @ $150
Is the 4600 still available?
voodoo 3 agp
Kyro II
dual monitors
Yet another Newbie Question
more ram?
Yeah !!! i hit 10k 3dmarks
$150 for a video card
GF2 GTS fan only starts "manually"
Prerender Limit
Via 4in1s
Price predictions once the FX arrives in stores?
Anyone familiar with Yamaha's Cavit Recievers?
Any Rounded cables for Audigy?
The possible end of ATI?
geforce3 ti500 BLACK SCREEN
Realtek ALC650 6-channel onboard sound
There will be a 256mb GFFX flavor
P4Pe on board sound
Speaker/Sound card
8500dv Clocks
9700 pro real big pos
ATTN: People with sound crackles!
OC'in a SIS video card
Best way to O/C a TI 4400
Vid Card holding me back???
SiS Xabre 400 3Dmark score
What do you think?
THE CRACKLING! (newb question)
What type of ti500 is this?
Any hack for a radeon 9000?
Which video card to get?
Please Help: Need a decent PCI 3d card for a affordable price
3DMark Lock up
Geforce FX Only needs 300watt PS now? Weird
My Monitor love to show "Out Of Range"
EliteMT 3.5T 250MHz/512MHz
nvdia drivers
Where did Rage3D go??
9000 pro vs 8500 pro
Looking for Low Profile TV Tuner or TV OUT PCI
Tweaks where have they gone?
frame rates
3dmark HELP!!!
Nvidia or ATI and Card Brand
Gainward Ti-4200 3.5ns w/ TT GF4 CoolMod
people who've successfully modded a 9500 to 9700 please read !
Turn 9500non pro int a 9700 or 9700pro if you want!
gf4 ti 4200 problem
Which Leadtek?
MASSIVE Comprehensive Review
Opinions on between a 9500 and ti4200
Your opinion please
Overvolting the video card, how safe is this?
GF4 MX for $60 -70
Utility to test video memory bandwidth
GeForce4 Ti's with black or blue PCB...
soft9700. does this look right?
S-Video out, quality issues?
Geforce 2 Go
Geforce4 MX440-SE, how to tell if it's 64 or 128 bit memory bus
Sound question now...
What do you make of this?
QuadroFX, etc.
OMG What a difference!!
So there is an Geforce FX Ultra
First build video question (general)
The final verdict on fan filters.
safe O/C speed? 4400ti
The ATI puzzle
s3 delta chrome 90$ 20K 3d mark B.S.
Audigy Audio HQ
Can I replace the cable on Live Drive?
stupid question
What can $70 buy me
R350 info inside-Reactor Critical and Voodoo Extreme
Limit mouse on Dual Display in 3D
Help me decide onboard 6 channel or audigy
most effective r9700pro air cooling
SoftQuadro4 + AXP at 2.4GHz = funny framerate
9700 PRO IS BACK FROM RMA, but wait HELP!
3d accelation problem
I need help with my Geforce3 Ti500
quad monitor conundrum
Dissapointed with Ti-4200 w/ TT CoolMod
O/C my card and 3dmark score went down :0(
can't find cat 2.5s
Whats the cheapest-oldest card America's Army will play on?
ATi partnership with Cadence
Can I get 6000 3dmarks?
Difference between the Ati 9700 and 9500 pro
Benchmark, smenchmark
DRAM CAS Select.....
Massive Vcard Review
Someone make up my mind!!
ASII, ram chips, and a wasted ti4200, any hope?
geforce4mx 440 overclocking
Control refresh rates in games?
3dmark 2003 Teaser
Nanosecond Formula
ati radeon 9500 pro stock at 270/550?
Opinions on Radeon8500le
Expected Performance?
pics of TnL in action?
What is going on with my card?!?
anyone know about ATI's MMC and DVD player ?
Playing dvd from pc to tv
Rage Of Fury Pro.
nice cheap good graphics card
can tnt2 play metal of honor
Geforce ti4600 v ti4800
Everything you ever needed to know about FSAA
locking the monitor
Illusive Radeon heatsink? Any help in finding this beauty
The logic of radeon9700 pro vs. Geforce3 ti500
finaly 10k 3d marks on a cheap system!!!
geforce 3 clock speed ?
Any suggestios?
Radeon 9100 3DMark2001 SE scores
Suggestions for 3d/tv tuner card
128mb 8500LE or 64mb 4200Ti?
Radeon 8500le question
ahhh whats wrong with my 3dmark
G-Force Fx and 330pw
8INXP - which video card to get ?
i need oc utility for ati radeon 7000
Dual Moniter... scanlines?
coolbits in xp?
to LE or not to LE
350 watt ps for geforce fx?
Geforce FX out on Feb 5th
Msi Ti4200
GeForce3 voltage mod w/ forced air cooling
Installing ATI Multimedia Center on Windows XP...
3D Mark 03 Teaser
Mod a 9700Pro into a Fire GL X1!!!
To the man who comment agp
Does increasing AGP buss helps ?
directx9 grrrrr
Touching Vid Card? Shocks?
Swiftech Picture
HELP! Freak problem with old Aureal card...
Noooooooooo (Interview with Nvidia)
Wierd Problem - Help Please
MSI-8822-G3 Pro-VT640 69.00 bucks good or not??
LOTR Screensaver
I finally wimped out
First time builder
Best Video card for under $100
Help Please! Need to replace old voodoo...
Windows Equalizer?
Them Sweet Parhelias
Terrible 3Dmark score with TI4600
g450 with v. shaders?
Trident Blade 3d!
For sround sound do you need...
Need Help Quick>>>>>>>
Just added 800+ pts 3dmark!!
DirectX9 Causing Crashes in Games?
Abit Siluro GF4 4200
GF4 temps!!
Gainward Ti4200 PSOD update
Power requirements of GeForce4
3DMark2001 Demo loop...out of memory
will all 9500's do THE mod?
Be careful......GeforceFX to come in 2 flavors!
9500 Saphire OC
Info on BFGs GFFX card
Dual display, need help
Video cards and xp
jbweld ok thermal adhesive?
Videocard for overclocked AGP bus
Do ramsinks really help?
What to do? WHAT TO DO???
nForce2 mobo : 9700Pro or Ti4600?
Refresh rate
geforce2 ti is dead please help
Not enough sound outputs on the audigy
ramsinks. home made or store bought?