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Sapphire Radeon 9000?
wow....i like clear sounds
3dmark performance
what in the world?
pny geforce 3 question
where to buy "build by ATI" 128mb 8500LE?
Not good for ATI
Asus V3800 vid card at voltage??
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quadro xgl 550
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Tom's Vga Charts
i cant stand it stupid video card
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best pci graphics card?
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Re: Gainward Ti4200 card with 64 meg memory
S3 Virge DX/VX ?Multi monitros with two cards?
Sound Blaster Cars And OC'ing...
video problem
Help!/Need To Cool GF3 V8200 Ti 200 Deluxe!
Opinion on this monitor?
think this is my vid card?
offical specs for geforceFX
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kickass tnt2 oc
built by ATI?
Now this is a fast Radeon
GF2 GTS lockups
How much good does turning V-Sync off do?
Question about video card memory
9000pro or 8500le
is it my Monitor, vid card or other?
Help Video card being retarded
GTXP question..
Tyan Tachyon G9700 Pro Good news/Bad news
gf2 mx400 3dmark score??
GeForceFX release date?
Video Capturing Problem MyViVo
oc'd video memory degrades over time?
Tachyon G9700 Pro review
3DMark:17225 ti4200 **3DMark PCTuner Team **
Gforce 4 mx 440 and overclock
Best Refreah Rate Fix Utilities?
Flashing video card bios
Sound problem??
ATI and Hydravision
if you had $100, what would you get?
What will be the MSRP of the GeforceFX?
Which one-
what will be a good vid card for a PIII 700mhz?
Problem with my new MSi 4200
suping up help plz
dual vga video card
re: multi-GPU 9700 cards
ATI Radeon 9700 Cooling Mods
Weird problem....
Sapphire 9000 Non pro OC's
hmmm. anti-aliasing does work anymore.
I finaly did it
The 9700 Pro problems continue..
Best system for my TI4200?
AGP 8 and 4
Finally, LCD's for gaming!
Ti4600 Overclockers list here!!!!
Radeon 9000 pro (128mb)
Cheap Radeon 9500 Pro!!!
OCing GF2Ti
Visiontek Xstasy Everything is it good?
AIW & Geforce 3 in same comp, any probs?
How Fix Fonts In BF1942 & 30.82 Dets?
Visiontek and their RMA service problems
S3 DirectX 9 Card
Cant get my Radion 8500 to work, help!
Help with XP Pro recognizing my older sound card
4 9700 GPUs in one rig !!!!
diff between mx440 and mx440 SE?
SB Audigy vs. Soundstorm integrated Nforce2 audio
Radeon 9700 Pro Probs.... :<
Is there any way to convert a MIDI file into an Mp3?
Sound card w/optical out
Running tv on s video, can u improve quality?
Avance AC'97 to Santa Cruz..?
What exactly is the Radeon9700TX?
Weird Video Problems
Leadtech GeForce4 Ti4400
OCed 9500 Pro?
Best image quality video card at around $60-$80 ?
Very good things to say about 9500 pro imho
Drivers + OS
dual monitors???????
Leadtek versus nVidia driver version
wait, R9700pro vs GFFX with antialiasing?
LCD/TFT monitor for my system
ATI Rage Pro 128 AGP Why transfer rate only 1x?
Vertical Sync ???
ATI Radeon 9700. NOt 9700 PRo version??
Broke 13000 3dmark!
Abit Siluro Gf4 Ti4200 64mb
direct 3d
disablign onboard audio in a dell dimension L800r
Question about RalliSport frame rates...
Soundcard help... anyone!!!
Losing Live Drive function when upgrading drivers? Try this...
OK, what can you tell from this picture?
vsync in Medal of Honor
Holy ****
nvidia driver/ problems
I'm done with the Audigy...
Chaintech Ti4600 'GT61'
witch radion 8500
S-video cable
tv card
Shutter (LCD) Glasses, anyone tried it?
Someone with a 9500 please try the new PowerStrip
Best Card?
radeon 8500 or 4200ti
my monitor keeps shutting down
Gearing up for OCing a ragefury pro 32mb, what do i need?
TI4200 only does 6900 in 3dMARK2001???
GeforceFX vs. Ti4600 cpu scaling
Coolbits trouble
Gf3Ti500 detected as QuadroDDC?, WTF?...
On board sound help!
coolbits+nvida+krusty missing
need new card
New Powerstrip Version
Two sound cards
radeon 9700 for $250 Hurry Up!!
o/c feature in drivers ?
ATI 9500/9000 Pro Unlock Petetion
How does this 9700 Pro look?
AGP 8x vs. 4x in case you wern't aware
Just ordered a refurb ti4600
hhhhmmm 9700 and 9700pro
AGP Fastwrites
Geforce 3 passive heatsink idea's
Video card comparison
Fried GF3 Ti200
Wtf Help!!
Ocing a Verto GeForce4 TI4400 AGP 128MB DDR
Why is my 3dmark so low
3dmark scores
Pinnacle PCTV vs. Pixelview play TV pro
drivers for nvidia
ATI 9500 or GF4Ti4600.....Clock and Mem Speeds???
Is there a volt mod for a MSI GF4 TI4200?
Good Deal?
Need help picking TV Tuner
Is there a program like coolbits for ati radeon cards?
Just overclocked my system & geforce
Geforce MX440 8X AGP voltage mod
Possible to get 80Hz on a monitor?
Bad cap, on a Fortissimo III
Laggy 3d mark?
what is dot pitch?
Which one is richer, Ati or Nvidia?
Best pci video card?
3dfx question
onboard sound "crackling"
BBA or Saphire?
Mad G4 Ti4400 cooling.....
faster than geforce FX and radeon 9700?...
Via Hyperion Drivers (4-in-1)
Is my video card dead?
Need help to choose..
Which Video card would best out of these 3?
geforce 4400 in a retail puter
very good cooling, but no water or stuff like that
Is it possible?
anyone tried X-Setup...?
Cannot oc my 9500 pro
R350 and Rv350 ............ Taped Out
HLT instructions for a Video card?
ONboard fried??
916 3D Score..WAHHOOOOOO!
how many monitors?
Finally Broke 1200!
This mobility Radeon 7500 is pretty sweet!
3dmark scores for R9700 Pro
Anyone know the release date for GF FX?
Albaton Ti4200P Turbo Vmodd guide
OCing a Sapphire Radeon 9000 pro
FYI: MadOnion is now Futuremark
running the buss with a audigy1,2
Where to find Gainward VIVO Cable?
Need suggestions on video and sound cards
As if the ATI 8500 wasn't confusing enough
Questions about agp
Noisy Visiontek video card fan.
whats better
ABIT Ti4200 8X OTES 128
how can i enable 4 speakers setup on windvd
I'm stumped. 3D Mark giving me half my usual score
can u guys post some pictures of modded video card
110 3DMarks for my laptop!!!
Sound Skipping!!!
Is this awsome or rong?
The 9700 PRO breaks the $300 barier ???
Where can I find performance Analyzer???
Albatron turbo....
Im looking for a good graphic card
so who here has seen above 2048x1536 resolutions?
What do I need to watch tv on my pc?
GeForce4 Ti4800?????
where can i pick up a thermal probe
9500 non pro
Some Weird Thing!
possible radeon 9500 pro overclock fix
anisotropic filtering...?
New Video Card Christmas HELP!
No pic when playing video clips...
How do you ppl overclock the GPU
Is my 3d mark score good?
Leadtek Overclocking-Speed Runner
Radeon Problem
Radeon 8500 LE 128MB
ram sinks...
Radeon 9500 Pro CPU scaling
cheapest VIVO card with DVI
best overclocking radeon 8500?going to be pelt cooled
Asus Ti4600 underclocked! plz do help
Power Off Cuts Temps??
Anyone here use Nview 2.0?
Radeon 9000 clock speeds
WOohoo 14340 in 3dmark
Radeon 9000 pro help!!!
help with 8500LE
Will the Geforce FX only work in 8x agp mobos?
41.09 is Good and works great!!
WTD: Drivers for Voodoo 3-3000 for XP
overclocking the gforce4 440mx
changing vidcards
3d mark 2001 oh my g help me!!
Which Brand TI 4200?
battlefeild 1942 & 41.09s
Question on these 2 cards by Sapphire of newegg refurb
I cant get my new driver to install
My latest cooling creation for the 9700pro :)
Video Card Temp
Got me 9700 Pro!!
My 8500 cooling guide
Albatron Turbo or 9500 pro
overclocking my 8500
Gateway 18" LCD?
8500le heatsink mod
Dual Video Card and Dual Monitors with XP
overclocking sapphire 9000 with rage 3D?
Monitor Overclocking
Coolbits Tab Maxed-How do I change it?
Quick audigy question
Need help picking video card
8500 128mb Edition vs. 9500 pro?
Xbox to vga
overclocking Voodoo 3's on Windows XP
R300 AE2 Stepping defects
Catalyst 2.5 Officially Released
Bypassing overclock?
Why do I beat the top 9700 pros with Car-chase?
gainward 4200 oc"ing
9500 pro
removing old video card drivers?
WinFast TV2000 XP
3D glasses with Radeon 8500
128mb geforce2mx 400's?
8500 BIOS flasher needed
o man oman dont know
Windows Xp Directx refresh rate problem
geforce 4 mx420 Svideo out Problems
GeForce 4 mx420 question
Just got my 9500 Pro
new trident card = POS
Dual monitors: 17in and 15in?
What is the difference between the Sapphire 9700 pro OEM and Bulk?
Need a Good Voodoo5 Driver for XP!
OC'ing a GF2 MX 32MB?
Sapphire ATI 9000
geforce2 ti burnin
A Couple FX Q's
WooHoo, SoftQuadro 4 is here!
Overclocking GeForce4
visiontek go bad, what should I do?
help with visiontek vivo
3dMark Help
Albatron Bios!?!?
wohoo! albatron turbo engineering sample!
2k + 3D mark
Is there a release date for the Tachyon G9700 Pro?
OMG.... OMG.... VGA bad flash!!!!
9500 Pro...what's in the retail box?
Asus V7700 Ti or ATI Radeon 7500?
Look At This!!!
artic silver or not??
8500le, good core/bad memory
Where can i get driver for the ATi Rage?
video card fan removal
Opinion Please
GF4MX440 vs. Radeon 9000
MSI GeForce4 Ti4200-TD64 64MB good choice?
MX460 to Ti4200 much difference with my system?
Video Card Recomendations
Best of the Best?
GF4 Ti4400 vs ATI Radeon 8500Pro
Radeon 8500 LE cooling idea...
Best Detonator for compatibility
Which RAMsinks and fan for Ti46?
Who has a Parhelia?
I thought Win XP SP1 was supposed to fix Nv refresh bug?
what happen to......
6553 Points GEFORCE 3 TI 200 *READ*!
ABIT KX7-333R and nvidia TI 4200
stability test...
Who has a 9500 Pro I wanna hear what they think!!
BIOS setting for MX200 agp
nView Desktop Manager Problems
Please Help DRIVER Question
ATI 9500 pro VS Saphire 9500 pro
Sound Blaster Audigy 1 or Audigy 2?
Overclocking AIW 9700 vs regular 9700 Pro
GF2Ti V. GF4MX440
Radeon 9500 Pro @ Newegg for 2 bills!
Radeon 9500 Pro Owner ?
New Det drivers (nvidia)
Ugliest Audio panel ever
External Video Card
Radeon 9500 pro Price
TV Tuner?
Radeon 7500 A-I-W
9700 Pro vs./ 9700 normal in overclocking
SMT resistot for the vmod????
8500 Le
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
eye gogles
what agp speed can 8500 handle?
For the Albatron lovers...
Best Pci Video Card?
8500le from future shop
fastest detonater for 3dmark
Best R9700Pro overclocking brand?
What is wrong with this picture?
9500 Pro/ 9700 Pro or Geforce FX? Which shoudl i get for X-mas?
Visiontek or Asylumn 4200...
Need good software for my cool new gadget
3dLabs P10 where are you????
nforce2 sound
Best card under $200
Cool Jag And Ti4200
video capture card software
Cat 2.5s from Saphire
any one know if/how much OC'ing hurts your vidcards life?
Tachyon 9700Pro review!
Detached heatsink-help
How bad is my vid. card???
WTF is with all these restarts?
OEM Audigy giving me static
Why are my games defaulting to 60 Hz on Radeon 8500?
ALL ALbatron ti4200P turbo Owners PLS READ! Info Only, No Spam!
G4 TI 4800 released
Where are the AGP Pro cards?
Geforce FX working sample VIDEO!!
Klipsch 5.1 or ati radeon 9700?
Upgrade from gf3 ti200 to gf4 ti4200
video card temps, what are yours?
These people ae actually allowed to sell this???
3DMark Game 4 Brown Sticks
memory timing on a radeon
OMG!! what have i done????
Fans on the Zalman ZM80 heatpipe?
Who needs 128mb of video memory
Just got my radio deck hooked up!
help!!, speakers malfunctioning
best driver
Diminishing Returns?
ATI, or Nvidia?
agh... new SB drivers won't install
I killed it....
What to use to attach a CoolJag?
GF2MX400 128mb ram????
AGP voltage means no volt mod?
how do u find out ur core and ram speed?
trouble with video when I raise fsb
MSI Ti4200 Vid In
best GF4 vid card under $200
ATi Radeon 9500 is out
New Omega Drivers
LeadTek A280 (Ti 4200 128MB)
Video Card OC bad stressful on CPU?
Overclocking GPU. i duno
radeon 8500
Deciding that you've clocked it too high
avg temp of G4 TI 4600
LIST 3DMark2001se Score Here !!!
I need to learn about the history of Matrox
Will ATI Bring AFR Technology Back!?
Page Tearing & Overclocking Video Cards...
Which Graphics card will I at least need to play Doom3, and Unreal2, at high settings
Soft Sandra/System Crash
rage fury pro ocing
Which Ti4200 to buy? help!
Klipsch vs Altec Lansing
Stability at certain speeds?
Ancient TNT2
Fuzzy text
41.09 vs 30.82 det?
inline amp for regular headphone jack?
MSI Ti4200 BIOS ?
How do I monitor my nVidia video card?
What could cause a low 3D Mark score?
What Video Card Should I Get???
ATI Radoen 9000pro or 8500le 128ddr??
AIW 7500 problems
ATI Radeon 9700 & Abit TH7-II ?
Radeon 9000 Pro and 8x AGP
New Heat sink= Void warranty?
Would GF4MX 440(460) outperform my GF2 ?
Radeon Cards
Video BIOS Shadow On/Off ?
Graphic Card @ 2048x1536 X 32bit 16.7M ?
Det 41.09 Official Release
My video won't give me good benchmark scores
fps problem
Better Sound card = more FPS ?
i think i found out why my card doesnt overclock..a possibility at least
Dual-VGA GeForce 4 MX440, DualView Q
will giving my PCI vidcard an IRQ different from rest make it faster?
EAX mode on SB Audigy...
BFG 4200 vs. PNY 4400?
How to change a videocard stepbystep
Ati 8500 Le
Albatron Turbo, long brun-in?
Should I buy ATi or NVidia
Radeon 7000 help
new nvidia 41.09 drivers are out!
New Geforce FX demo footage
New drivers on Nvidia.com
I know this sounds stupid.....
Are you thinking of buying a new Graphics card???? Check Here
Power Strip HELP!
Looking for a good sound card
Take heed, AGP Bus source of OC woes...
oh ya guys lol with my p3 its only 300 points!
ATI tv wonder VE help
GF4TI 4400 Creative
Radeon 9500 Pro 64 vs Geforce4 Ti4200 128
Diminishing 3DMarks
Question on Logitech Z640's
Which set of drivers for my TI200???
Cruddy sound quality--but WHY?
Is a 9000 Pro really faster then a Ti4600 when AA and AF is on?
Video Capture card
Tips on getting higher me speeds with ti4200???
New sound card
Getting Optical out from my PC
input lag in ravenshield+o/c not saving
Radeon 9700 won't run at 133 FSB
Awww Yeah
best ti4200?
LOL 655IN 3dMark 2001 se
soundblaster live
Oem or Retail Box!!!!!!??
Geforce4 Ti4600: How high can it go?
S-vid out problems?
when should i get 8500le 128 mb
Sapphire 9000 w/vivo
4600 Golden Sample modding
ti4200 with 128m samsung 2.8ns ?
voodoo 3 and direct 8 and earlier...
my friend took back his audigy, so what should i get now?
Refresh Rate Fix - Win XP
RMA G-FORCE What should I get too replace it ???
How do u know how fast you ram is on your video card?
Epox EP-8RDA+ integrated sound vs AUDIGY
LCD 25ms is not 25ms
GF4Ti4400 and system stability
What's the best Card under $200 can
Ti500 or Apollo ATI Radeon 8500 128 mb sdram With one should I get.
The first 9500 ive seen in the UK and not a bad price either(until they changed it)!
Macrovision tool for ATI Radeon7500
Wierd sound problem
buying new video card low end??