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Upgrade time, looking for advice
New NV30 DEMO inisde....
Sapphire 9500
3d Mark scores suck. Why?
overclocking geforce2 go
Sapphire ATI RADEON 9000 PRO 128MB?????
Ge Force 2 Mx Problems
Radeon 9000 Pro 64MB or 128MB?
video card terms?
radeon 9700pro....2 monitors... ?
hmmm 3dmark2000 score capped? lol
At what speed can the human not tell difference between frames per second?
what happens when u overclock the vid card too much?
Is this a good overclock for the GF4 MX420?
Which One to Buy
Radeon 8500LE
resistors for vmod
Omega Drivers
Drivers will not uninstall or delete.. HELP!
ati radeon 9500 pro at mwave.com et 12/5 ,204.98 plus shipping
4400 Or 4600 BIOS On Albatron GeForce4 Ti 4200P Turbo?
Sounds help
Oc'd my 8500
Ati Drivers
Help with getting my comp setup on my TV
EH!!! I got screwed!!
how high do u think i can clock my GF4 mx 420?
ok wtf
I have a question.
Post your highest 3dmark w/a ti4200 NOT overclocked
SIS Xabre 600!!! not great but maybe something to take note of
The future got hell
GeForce4 Ti4400's
Quality between composite and s-video connector.
9500 Pro news
9700 Pr0 Vs. 9500 Pro
4200 OCing...no speed increase?
Win98se To Win2kpro = 1k Point Loss?
IVE GOT A GFMX440,want to maxx it out...
OMG!!! Just got latest 4072 Drivers! 11400 3dmarks yea baby!!!!
help me squeez sum juice out of this aiwrage128 16mb
Which driver to use?
Should I go for the Albatron Ti 4200 TURBO
Help me overclock my new ti4200!!
det 41.04 whql drivers
should i get a radeon 8500le?
NVIDIA GeForce FX due january?
Uninstalling Dets. How ???
Nvidia GeforceFX 5800 ultra 173fps quake3 2048x1536x32!
my games are skipping frames and stuttering
better tv tunner
Asylum Geforce 4 ti 4200 128mb---not bad!
New det drivers 41.09 XP and 2000 only
Any ideas on how to get my overclock higher?
what does the le mean in radeon 8500le 128mb?
3DMark error
PNY Geforce 4 Ti4200, I like!!!
How to increase 3dmark scores and system performance??
Gta3 & 8500
Best O/C Util for ATI9700pro ???
Albatron 4200 Turbo... Anyone have it?
3d MARKS!!
voodoo 5 problems
agp video card kills my fsb?
What is lapping?
Albatron GF4 TI4200P
Best Bang For the Buck
NEED MAJOR HELP w/ Asylum Ti4200
Any difference..?
MSI G4Ti4600 or ELSA GLADIAC 925 G4Ti4600
Two Questions, Please Help
pc sound to a digital reciver
best driver for gf4 ti4200
turtle beach santa cruz
How pitiful is my motherboard?!!
9700pro motherboard
Memory Clock
XP or 2K for 3DMark?
Small lines in monitor-interference-
Best soundcard out of: Audigy, Audigy2, Fortissimo 7.1, Turtle Beach or Digifire 7.1?
Crystal Orb??
what drivers are best for gforce 4 mx 420 PCI?
Radeon 7500 vs GeForce 5 TI
Need help on how to make ramsinks...
my audigy is dumb. all sounds are loud but voices barely hearable..
Alternative to Rivatuner?
Cry for help! With Voodoo3's...and WinXP.
NVIDIA GeForce FX Benchmarks ! ! !
windoze not recognizing card
When 9 isint enough
Radeon 9500 or TI 4200, please help quickly
Slow Radeon 9700 PRO
radeon 9000 pro
G-Force master Needed !!!!
How much can YOU overclock your Radeon 9700 Pro?
New Nvidia drivers 41.09
Which 3DMark test?
9700 pro questions
16:9 Video out?
ti4600 default speeds
Whats the best card for my rig?
SB audigy acting weird~
Would these work well as ramsinks?
agp settings= how much more performance?
Computer Choppy On LAN!!!!!
If your having Problems with the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and Windows XP Pro read here
Samsung 21" 1100P+
Putting together my own speaker setup- Need a good start (n00b alert ;))
What soundcard for my receiver?
ho can i OC my GF4 Ti4400 more ?
How to Volt-mod your GeForce 4 Ti videocard
Radeon 8500le 128mb post 3dmark scores here please
MPG file with video but no sound?
The Radeon 9700 non-Pro
watercooling the gpu
Why does my GeForce 2 400MX not work properly?
Corrupt textures - 9700
Problems with 640x400, 640x480 and 800x600 on GF4?
does anybody know what an ADD slot is??
Best GPU cooler?
Nvidia 41.09's.........
41.09 detonators leaked....
Vantec IceBerq's rock !!!!
Real 9500 PRO review (final)
Could a 2005MHz AMD be a bottleneck for a 9700 Pro overclocking?
me R9700 = poor overclocker :(
Time for a Change in Colour!
UT2k3 and new ATi card
8500 or 9000?
A problem with TV Wonder VE and MMC7.1
Would water cooling the memory help??
Infinite Loop
Moving On Up?
Voodoo 3 3000 PCI overclock driver needed!!!
what would help my PCI vid card more?
Best Sound Card for Overclocking.
geforce4 mx440 OC question
Question about R9700Pro
Plz help me!!
9500 Pro Release
soundcard no sound!!
31.80 detonators leaked....
Soundblaster and KR7A-RAID??
ps 2 using tv tuner
New Personal Record
Radeon 8500, stock or Corb @ 5V?
Site for Video card drivers
mega nOOb question.. go easy on me :)
Gigabyte 9700pro ramsinks?
Geforce 3 ti 200 or Radeon 8500?
ATi Radeon refresh rate fix
I should sue for plagiarism!
n00b ti4200 question
Looking to overclock 9700 but how?
World-Record 3DMark GF3 ti200 Score by A.M.D...
Anyone using a 9500 or 9500 pro yet
Alot of trouble with my 5500 Voodoo
Audio visualization software?
Dual Monitor support
Audigy Or Audigy 2
ATi and overclocking
4200 w/ 8x agp
REFURBISHED Newegg Video Cards...are they any good?
7500 & 3DMark Q + Decision
stupid question, but...(Gefoce FX)
Ghetto Ram Sinks
256 3200 Corsair For Games?
Newbie Question?
Stupid PCI
MSI G4Ti4200 users need your advice.
Which Radeon 9700pro????
Which is your favourite TI4200 graphics card?
Is it worth watercooling
Overclocking the cheap Radeon 7000
Needed Best CS Nvida Drivers
ATI AIW 8500DV + geforce2 => dual monitor?
Survey about 40.72 Detonator Drivers
Voodoo5 - lets hvae some fun
8500le 64MB @ 250/250 vs 128MB @ 250/200
high AGP freqency can fry video card?
All In Wonder 8500dv & "ATIMMC.exe" & XP = No PC shutdown.
should I buy a Geforce 4600 Card
Anyone flash their Sapphire 8500le OEM to an 8500le retail?
How do I volt mod this?
What are these and how can I exploit them?
9700 8x issues.....will ATI help?? Please read
hint about GeforceFX2
what's better, high memory or high core when overclocking?
Multiple monitors?
Check this radeon 9700 out
Nice notebook Gpu fan!
Please help me to choose a Ti4600.....PNY or Albatron
GF4 Recommendations
Reformat Problem Radeon 9700 Pro?
8500Le Vs. Geforce3 Ti200 Vs. Geforce4 mx 440
Recording from TV-out to VCR
Audigy 2 OEM?
crap...Radeon8500 with 185MHz... :(
Can't find Sound Blaster 5.1 Live! driver
A treat for your dribbling eyes ;)
which radeon card is best
Opinions on the Raptor ti4200
Where can I buy pushpins???
Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP Deluxe
Det troubles with 3DMark...
my best tip for people looking to buy an OEM vid card:
9700pro cooling ?
Ahh man, I need 40 more points to break 10k :(
Asus Geforce4 Ti4200 good?
---want to change name of vid card...i think?---
highest score i reached on my gf3ti 200
Bios Fastwrites & Gforce ?
Radeon 9700 Pro Crashing?!
How would you go about cooling the back of the card
Microsoft DirectX® 9 RC0 "for people who are looking for it"
Audigy slows down shutdown?
Audio cable question
Re Sapphire 9000
Geforce4 mx440 vs Radeon 7500
Performance settings for 9700
Leave it overclocked, or only up it for gaming?
water blocking mounting for "built by" 8500LE
A couple questions..
You talked me into it, I OC'ed my TI200
has anyone flashed the bios on an OEM Sapphire Radeon 9000 pro 128 Mb vid card?
Someone give me a clue
Which GF4 4200 to get? MSI vs LeadTek
o/c'ing = more heat even w/o upping voltages?
3DMark....Windows XP Pro vs. Windows 2000 Pro
cooling for 8500
What exactly is the aperature for?
TV Tuner
grrr gf4 mx
nv 30 it's here!!!!!!!!!!
A question about an upgrade
Vid card overclocking... frying before tearing?
How good is this card
ahhh Problem with Artic Alumna Epoxy + cooljag + ti4200
Please Help with video playback
radeon "Smartgear"
8x AGP
Crystal Orb Question.
Just a silly question, but...
Clean it out!
I'm Getting Ready For GF FX!
NV30 delayed again? (April)??
Cheap PCI Video Card for SOFII
Best 17" LCD monitor for $500-$600?
Original Geforce3's post your clock settings here please!!!
DET 40.72 Issue
halfheigt agp cards?
4ns....250 mhz a given?
ATI disgusts me...
Is my G4ti4200 fried...vertex and pixel shaders are jumpy
RMA a busted ATi card?
help with abit ti4200 card
My TI200 is no more than the equivelant to what an MX-400 was a year ago!?!?
Overclocking Utility
worth the change from gts pro to ti4200?
New Pics of Geforce FX
Gforce Mx400 Tweekin
Which gFx is the best for a ti4600
Radeon 9900 .13 maybe some interesting reading
did i fry it?
9700 PRO problems
Give Future Shop Hell
Best OC tool for radeon 8500le
ocing radeon 8500, first timer
Linux Radeon Drivers
Compaq Video problem - bright white screen?!
really low 3dmarks?
Take a moment and think back.....
How to Volt-mod your GeForce4
radeon 8500 vmod
Thermal output for geforce4 cores
This isn't good
7 GeForce FX Reviews
finally broke 13k with Geforce4 Ti4200 64MB Part II
Comparison of all detonator drivers
ATi Radeon 9700 Pro Vs nVidia GeForce Ti4600
Nforce2 Board and Video Card Problem.
S-video 2 Rca Adaptor
OCing a GeForce4 Ti4600
new case cooling
2 monitors on R7500
3dmark score seems to low...nature wierd.
New 40.72 Dets
problems with TV out, HELP
Somehow this should be higher
Xtasy Ti4200 heatsink come off???
need backup :D
G-Force nEwbE ! OC QuEsTioN ?
Best speakers within my budget.
Lose Signal
Sapphire 9700pro Fan Question/Newegg
GF4 not liking underclocked AGP?
Radeon 9700 Pro, what are the 4pin power cables for?
Gainward PSOD fix?
Geforce fx performance?
radeon 9700 & cs
Coolbits overclocking settings.
3DMark2k1SE and not running half the tests???
need help choosing new sound card
Radeon 9700 pro II (Gigabyte) NEW DRIVER!
bad scores for a good overclock
fanless silent Sapphire Radeon 9700 pro
Leadtek A250TD & Abit Kt7 Raid ???
radeon 9700
Finally got 10k 3dmarks with my gforce3!!!
Best GPU cooler?
Overclocking Radeon 9000
ATI D3D patch?
Tech Report NV30 Dissection
Best graphics card for $120 or less
Albatron TI4200's question....
win 2k not finding SB live.
finally broken 13K with Ti4200 64MB
hello, need a little help for searching video card history
GF FX movies!!!!!!
Bring The Albatron Ti4200P turbo back to life
directX download
Where is Ed?
Radeon 9700 + V-Tuner Tweaker?
HIS Radeon 7500 128mbDDR
Voodoo Still Alive! New Drivers!!!
Forget wimpy little 3D cards like the NV30 and the R300, check out the new undisputed
vidcard that will display on tv/not monitor
CT 3670 Info
just got a leadtek tv tuner, have some questions
42.70 Det issues?
GeForce FX Benchmark
Geforce4 Ti4200 support AGP 8x!!!
opnions on 41.03 drivers ?
no luck OC'ing Leadtek GF4 Ti4400 !
Radeon 9000 and overclocked AGP limitation
New vid card or wait for GeForceFX
where do i get rid of the damn windows echo...
Really confused.... sigh
GeForce FX Official
My Ti4600 is really messed up
coolbits prob
problem with video card?
NV30 30% better then 4600 link?
Any websites with video card info?
graphic upgrade 4 new year! help me???
Sound Blaster Live!
No AGP with new ASUS P4PE mobo?
The GeforceFX(NV30) will have less memory bandwidth than a Radeon 9700!!!
Can someone find me a built by ati, retail ati radeon 8500le 128mb or 8500mb
need layout help
Where can i find how to volt mod geforce2 gts-V
so close but yet so far
Who made this 9700 ???
Stupid Question?
Will a Radeon 9700 take 80 MHz on the AGP bus?
question about 8500le
Ti4200 versus ti4600
Is O/Cing a 9700 Pro worth it?
NV 30 Offcial Name Geforce FX
9700 Cooling mod questions! Please help
new geforce cooling
NV30 Architecture Info
NV30 - The specs and pics - FINALLY
NV30 to enter mass production by year-end
nForce2 and ATI
Replacing vid chip in laptop: possible?
Need help choosing graphic card...
Geforce FX and TACHYON G9700 PRO Todays News
What air cooling for a Radeon 9700 Pro
"burning in" a video card
Asus 7700 and DirectX8
Why' does it still sell 105 bucks??
Help I Am Going Bonkers
hi m8
aopen 128mb ti 4200 golden version???
Post your nvidia manufacturer favorites
ATi's trade up program
Overclocking Albatron P Turbo 128mb
good vid card for $100
Battlefield 1942 runs like crap
Should I buy a 42" plasma or a 22" wide screen monitor???
does this look like a built by ati radeon 8500 128mb
can't get higher than 5200 with GF3Ti200
q about voodo 2 and ge 3...
Are they artifacts or errors?...
RMA video card, through Newegg or manufacturer?
9700 shim removal ??
Soundblaster and microphone trouble
Can you oc the new NV28M laptop graphics card?
What is Geforce3's 3dmark score
anyone owns the asus v8440 geforce 4 ti 4400 TD?
Radeon 9700 Pro easy/newbie question
DELL 2.26p4 w/ti4600 vs 1700+ w/Ti4200
Please help!
reccomend a good ti 4600...
More help needed!!
geforce 4 4600 ocing
Are artifacts between loading screens mean too much OC?
Static and AIW 8500DV
3Dmark 2003 Next!
Ok I Really Really ned help on this!!
Problem with playing some video files
Ti4600 voltage mod guide with pic's and links to other graphic's cards!!
How do you tell when you've reached the limits of your ram?
Is 3DMark 2001 SE crashing to desktop a sign that I OC'd too much?
Frequent crashes... :eh?:
old cards new slots
Radeon 7500 VS GF2 MX400
Problem with playing avi. files
My 3DMark good or bad
Powerstrip 3.29
need suggestions on sound cards with digital inputs
GF2Ti problem
Sennheiser HD 600
Radeon 9500 review
I need some advice guys
3Dmark scores worse on XP?WT
How the hell can I get my videocard options back on XP?
Dual-Monitors on a GeForce 4 MX440 with DUAL VGA...
Dark in Counter-Strike
how much cpu does onboard sounce from ac97 take up?
HEEEEELPPPPPPP Radeon 8500le 128 meg, low 3dmark 4281
LOOK!! Real pics of NV30!!!!!!
just a quicky
My video card.. is it AGP?
Trouble when playing game need help ??
GameSurround Fortissimo III 7.1 or soundblaster audigy(oem)
4XXX 3D mark 2001 with powercolor 8500 and 1466 512 PC 133 :((((((((((((((Help:((((((
Need help installing new Nivdia Driver (40.75)
3DMARK2001 SE question
Ati strikes back?
Radeon 9700 8xAGP ???
Radeon 9700 New Drivers/panel
Found o/c P bench
Ti4200 and a older system
Frustrated! What Graphic Card?
What program should I use to OC
So whats it mean
Do all AGP cards run at 1.5V?
NV30 - "30% faster than 9700" 45Gigs/second!
Tyans New Radeon 9700
how do i use the tv out for second monitor on ti4200
AWE64 or Ensoniq 1370?
Need comments about soundcards
Safe Speed
Video Card Overclocking. Need help.
Annoying Problem...
Reply Fast Please! ti4200 or ati 8500
so whats the scoop on the 9500 Pro
PNY 4200 64mb
XP and Radeon 9700 - issues?
An upgrade?
Which should o/c the best Asus or Leadtek 128meg Ti4200?
Radeon 9700 Pro revision #
Just got a Powercolor 8500 64megs, what to expect :)
Suggestions on possible fixes for my Radeon 8500...
converting GeForce 2 GTS into Quadro / Quadro 2 Pro
Albatron Ti4200P 3dmark scores
Anisotropic Filtering ???
artifacts at 290/550 on ti4200... power problem?
Need your opinion, Involves a Pentuim 2...
4200 Go
40.72 and RefreshRate problem
does the software you use to OC matter ?
what's the best Overclocking software ?
Newbie ALERT!
17 inch lcd
Here's a question.
Radeon OC software?
wanna mount mount SK6 to GF4 Ti4200... best way to do it?
Wow!, overkill of what?
arrr.... running 3D mark restarts my computer now...
TI4200 now in notebooks!
Question about Det Drivers?
inspire 5300 speaker covers
Catalyst 2.4 Released
Official FF XI Benchmark results
pc lock up during games
What's the latest driver for 9700 Pro?
NV30 named!
What temp's do video card's normally reach