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What is better for ti 4200 OC ? Raising Core or Mem clock?
g400 dh and tv out
How do you record video?
ATI AIW 9700 Pro
ATI 9100 by Sapphire !
tv tuner
NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 2003
Need Help Choosing Ti 4200
WHOOOHOOO! I hit the 14k mark in 3DMark2001SE
ok to share irq wid vid card?
just ordered Leadtek 4400 !
Are You Ready?
Sony F520 question???
some boards unlocking new procs by themselfs?
5.1 Not showing up..
Radeon 9700 shim?
Broke a capacitor off...
Ti4200 Lowwww 3dmarks
Which Ti4200-card is the best?
Xelo mx440
Dammn Comp
Simple Ez Questions
Why is the Radion 8500 better than 9000
Updated driver.... not good.
What about the Geforce 3's???
Uninstalling vid card drivers?
sound driver for SIS M841 LR motherboard
ATI Releases DX9 Driver and Demos
Overclocking an Albatron 4200 Turbo
just broke 13k 3dmark
40.72 nvidia drivers any good? What's new this time?
The Best Ti4200-card
Driver install is a pos.
Please help! Poor DVD playback!
Look at the fanboy!!! LOOK!
9700 Cooling
ATI vs. nVidia multi-monitor opinions?
Ti 4600 recomendation ???
8500 1u cooling
My 3DMark score, bad?
ATI Radeon 900 Probs
Nvidia Nview dual monitors anyone ever try it?
poor Quake III bench
Video Card Overclocking......Why?
Problems with Radeon 8500 and Powerstrip
ATI Fire GL2
9700 Mod
Anyone looking for a kick butt sound card/speakers for $140?
Warning to ASUS GF4 Owners...
Anyone find any proof the DELL 1900FP is SAMSUNG?
SoundBlaster Live Sound Fonts
ti 4600's
buying card soon..what to get?
what video card??
New Radeon 9700 from Tyan, WHERE can I get this???
Upgrading CPU
Cracks under stress
Video card compatability
Higher o/c with cooling ?
MSI ti4200 128mb, what do ya think?
me wants a Radeon9700...
post your OCs of albatron turbo p's here
vid card for $75-$150 budget
leadtek geforce 4 ti 4400 idea
Way to go Blorb!!!
jumper problems big time
ASUS GEFORCE-4 V8420 TI4200 128MB OverClocking.
Read several threads no i am confused.
Herc Game Theater Xp questions
O/C with Geforce 3 ti 500
Changing the Audigy's intro
Display problem...
Why the different audigys?
dual monitor (extended desktop)
40.72 and win 2000
Help Me Please!...before i throw my computer out the window
ATI Radeon 9700 flicker
my leadtek is extremely hot
Chaintech A-G21 Doesn't Detect TV-OUT
Radeon 9700> TWO Moniters?
My new Albatron Turbo from newegg. i will continually post updates
smallest G4-Ti4600
WTF!! Infinate loop error with ti 4200 + dts 41.03 + 40.72?
WOW 16.8k with ti4200 -> 3DMark PcTuner Team
getting to know 3dmark...
SB Live Value Problem
temperature problem?
Nvidia releases 40.72s
Gainward TI4200 post O/C speeds.
I just got a GeForce4 MX440, need advice
Audigy problamos muchos!
Which vid card 2 give least problem
cooling a GeForce 4 t14200
Mpeg2 encoder hardware better than software AVI?
WinTV-PVR-250 or PCTV or Leadteak tv2000xp
Geforce 3 Cooling HELP PLEASE!!!!!
Hercules Gamesurround Muse 5.1 DVD sound card, PROBLEMS!
Monitor Help
radeon 8500 64mb or 128mb?
are the saphire ati radeon 8500 le 128mb good?
need gf2 mx200 input...
Best way to remove Epoxy?
via integrated sound
guess my fps
8X Agp GF4MX400 or 4X Agp GF4ti4200 (or radion 9700 if its 8X Agp)
8X Agp GF4MX400 or 4X Agp GF4ti4200 (or radion 9700 if its 8X Agp)
8X Agp GF4MX400 or 4X Agp GF4ti4200 (or radion 9700 if its 8X Agp)
TI 4600 whitch company makes the fastest and best 1 for over clocking???????????
Aopen ti4200 running stable at 330/490...weird?
onboard sound or card
Lighting Strikes then this . . .
I tried overclocking the video, BUT
OverCloking dosent changes my 3d mark enough
Need 17 more 3dmarks!!!!!!!......
Vid card for dualie
7500 vs. GF2ti200
Which GF4 Ti should i get ?
Whats the performance increase on oficial 40.72 Det
OCing a GeForce2 MX400
coolbits resetting ti4200 clock?
Where to find replacement audigy drivers
ATI Drivers (We willing to go there?)
Do ft4ti gpu's have an on die temp sensor?
Video Card Burning in
anyone know if this is a made by ati radeon 8500 le
Overclocking Utility for 9700 pro?
Monitor goin crazy....but its my vid card
Need some help with Radeon 9700 Pro O/C
AIW 9700 pro
sh*t think ive trashed me 9700pro
Replacing ribbon cable on Audigy2 live drive
Vga Bios
Screwed up msi gf4 ti4600
AOpen HS = Crap
how much mhz would be dangerous for my video card?
40.72 Whql
New Audigy Drivers
Some pics of my Ti4200 cooling
overclocking geforce3 cards
AGP Aperture Size
How can i find out my GPU temps
Need video card
My speakers came today!!!! (or Logitec Z-640 thoughts)
Radeon 9500 Pro Whens it coming?
Opinions on EVGA's GeForce 4 Ti's please
SIS315 AGP 128Mb
G2 vs G4 same results?
my videocrda came with AS
Question on AIW 7500 retail by ATI card
GeForce 5....
EAX3, wtf?
Temperatures needed for Ti4400
any1 wit gainward ti4200?
NV30 - Scheduled Release - January
Broke my Radeon 8500?!?!
r9700 pro, o/c system bus
tnt2/tnt2 pro hell
Logitech Z-680
Crystal Orb Clip Loss
If you've overclocked a radeon 8500LE
You gotta see this nv28 cooler!
I really dont understand the point of high end computer speakers
slot cooler to cool vid card
What sampling rate to set
Logitech Z-680 *drool*
Bsod! Help!
How can i enable FSAA ?
Creative says no to NV28 and NV 18, and so should you :)
leadtek ti4400 or albatron ti4200 turbo?
GeForce 4 Safety
which is better G3 Ti200 or G4MX440?
Texture Anisotropic settings?
Radeon 9000 timing
Best OC vid card
Det 40.72's "Up to 25% faster"...
detonator drivers?
Enabling AGP 8x w/GF4 AGP 4x
what det drivers????? CS looks crap
If you own a GeForce????
Buying a GF4 Ti4200 need help
is there a Version 1.1 of the 9700 pro?
8x AGP enabled?
9700 PRO vs TI 4600
Elsa vs MSI vs Winfast!
LCD Display Users Read This
Radeon 9000 pro on it's way
Xiod TFT #
Radeon 9700 Pro driver
Audiophile sound cards??
Sound Card Upgrade
The little card that could
Best way to overclock video???
DDR question
Artifacts, how to detect?
Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 PRO AGP 128MB ?
Nvidia's 41.03's
need to replace nvmax...suggest?
My Albatron Turbo 4200 BLOWS
i can't take it any longer
dispaly...analog or digital..which is better?
Up grade Video card
Anyone who GAMES with an LCD come hither!
Shopping for a new card
question about video cards..
PNY GF4 4200, anyone got any views?
FYI to Geforce4 overclockers
Bye Bye Voodoo!
Flashing VGA bios...Benefits?
Hows this 3d Mark 2001 score?
radeon 9000 pro
Rasing AGP voltage...?
gpu temp monitoring
what is the best pci vid card out there?
GF4 MX and Unreal 2k3
volt mod on ti 4200
I need a CHEAP video card.
Geforce 3 black screen after install uggg
Altec Lansing 5.1 Amplified Speaker System R they good??
just got Albatron turbo.... lets just hope i need to burn it in
P41.8@2.3hgz I Need With Ram Timing
Best driver for Radeon 9700 Pro
Ati AIW 8500 128
ATI 8500 dv questions
Audio Cables.
are all Soundblaster live cards 5.1?
Which card to buy??
Help with video card purchase
ati graphics cards
Did ATI ever ..
problem with 3dmark2001 se
NV30 is King! Of Graphics Cards. Set To Have 125M Transistors, Twice Speed GF4!
New Leaked ATI drivers
Odd LCD quirks
Overclocking Beyond Coolbits Limit /w Win XP
10.5k in 3dmark w/ Gefocre 3 :)
Ti 4800 Returns
NEW AUDIGY DRIVERS!!! Dated Nov 1st!
F***ing Awesome
No performance or Quality loss or gain AF none - 8x in NFSHP2
MSI overclocking util...?
Anyone know what these options are(from vidcard options)?
Geforce or Radeon
Whoever uses coolbits to OC.
Nvidia and ATI should.......
AC 97 audio + polk audio speakers = no go
types of 9700s
watercooling vid card worth it?
Rush fans: the greatest rock band in the world choses nVidia...
black borders dvd to tv out
GeForce2MX Probs.. :(
well that doesnt sound good...
Need a new vidcard heatsink
Why does my card keep doing this?
Should I RMA this Albatron 4200 Turbo?
Computer Dying!!!
extreme tnt cooling lol
Ti4400 temperature
3Dmark results on a Geforce2 GTS
Black scratches in Dragothic
ATI gay fan boys, come in!!! plzz :)
How does this Ti4200 card perform ?
What is this caused by?
3DMARKS restarts computer
Voltage Mods for 8500??
2 questions !
Omega ATI Drivers
Dying card?
Need help Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive of the GPU
anybody tried these yet?
best thing to oc Det 40's w/? coolbits and powerstrip not cuttin it!
Need some advice with my 4200!
Anyone Volt mod a G4 ti 4200??!!
how high fsb can 8500 handle
Help with G4 4600 TI
Video card cracking up under high fsb??
Quake3 and New Powerstrip = problems..
why do they make gf4mx cards with agp8x but not ti cards?
Plz Help..SB Live Mp3 Abit MB WinXP!!
Radeon 9000 Pro
Radeon 9000 pro agp 8x?
from 7000 to 12000 3DMark
new card teething probs... help please
what's this PCI mode BS?
Monitor going crazy!!!
forcing 1152x864 on a TNT2
Before I go to the store
Acoustic Edge crackling
Anyway to increase the memory frequency Powerstrip allows?
how much agp speed can 8500 take, I'm afraid to blow it
128 or 64mb?
Best online CDN store.....
kill MSI-ti440 noisy fan?
Video capture card
I cant OC my Gainward GF4 Ti4200 golden sample past 290!
My 3dMarks Score Sucks
Very slow FPS in 3DMark2001 nature test
GF4 4200 128mb vs 4400 128mb
9700 PRO ATI Overclocker utility?
video card clock speed
WTF Happened here?
umm.. question about sound blaster 5.1 and audigy..
Need some feedback on capture card
Hot GF3 + Old Stock AMD Heatsink fan = Cool Card
suggestion to ed!
stretched textures = too high mem speed right?
ATI AIW 8500dv heat problem
TV Tuner Cards
Is it the TV?
Is my Geforce2 broken?
9000 Bios?
agp shutting down after fsb +
R.I.P. Logitech Z-560's -- Need new speakers, suggestions?
G4 ti4600 PCB is a Gimmick!!
Video cards and Doom 3...
changed my sound card and opengl dont work no more ?
y wont WMP use my sub?
Audigy digital/analog out to reciever AC-3 in, where can I get the cable for this?
What sounds cards are DX 8 compliant?
Help Optimize my G4 4600ti
8500 LE VS. Others
O/C'd Parhelia score
What is up with my Rage3D??
Opinions needed before I blow this think up!!
Why can't i get my 3dmarks higher than 11k ???
TNT2 3dmark Post.... post your score
Sound Problems
X-gamer vs. Soyo onboard
UT2k3 surprisingly works on a TNT2 Ultra
can it be saved?
Computer to Stereo?
cheap video card advice
Anyone know a good $20 sound card?
vid oc
New 9700 heatsink mod!
Need a new video card
VisionTek might be out of business, But my new G4 ti4200 overclocks like MAD!!
Evga Tnt2 32m
For Ppl Whos Computer are crashing during...
Any info on the new Viewsonic 2290b?
7500 vs Gf4 MX420
How are the "Chaintech" ti4200s?
WTF is up w/ this Tnt2
Audio input
Best Utility or Program to OC voodoo 5 5500
Next Radeon?
Low price 4.1 - 5.1 sound card?
For those craving more power to their 9700 follow this
Wow look at what 3DFX was workin onuntil they died!
Rage 3d for G4's
Sapphire ATI 8500 LE 128 mb
Links to history of the video card?
What program can I oc my gf3 with?
Good Reason to NOT Mod your video card!!!
That [H} Review of the 9500 PRO
need help identifying ATI AIW card
best speakers around ?::
good quality low priced speakers; is there such a thing?
I think this is Not a Good Score!
What happened to my 3D mark? Please Help!
D3D or OpenGL?
For those Canucks looking for a good deal!!!
Need some GF2 MX400 help!!111
DAMNNNN!!!!! i need a new Gf4 4200
Temp Monitors
Lock ups
How do I get into my GF4 Bios?
Made the mistake of not buying the turbo...
Radeon 8500 Temp Sensor??
Nvidia Quadro DCC=GeForce ?
A moment of weakness
How good are the Z540 speakers compared to Yamaha MS201 compared to the Logitec 560's
radio tuner on the soundcard???
128 meg gf3 ti 200
Refurbished Ti-4400
onboard vid
Pushing the envelope w/Radeon 8500le
Radeon 9700 probelms
Radeon + DVI = no signal
Restarts during games
UGH UT2K3 is running slow!?!?
chaintech gf4 ti4200 oc
Help me please...ati 9700
No Video Display when OC'd
Killing my radeon
HELP! Albatron GF4 4200 Plus PROBLEMS
Should I get this 8500LE?
Who has a Voodoo 5 6000?
Geforce 4 Ti4200 Cooling-Concept
9500 Wtf?
Is this a correct 3D 2001SE score!
AGP in PCI mode? wtf
Inno3D Geforce Ti4200 & WinXP
ipods work for pc's right?
ATI 8500 LE 128 mb
Det 40.XX Problem in OpenGL
Voodoo 5 Underground Drivers?
Ready to oc, but...
Changing color depth????
Just got my Albatron Turbo: need help in setting it up
Matrox G550 on an A7V333 with 166 FSB
ATI Driver Probs
LCD owners try this: to ghost or not to ghost, here's a test!
Help OC Video Card? Newbie
Graphics Card, Which one?
help me get my 3d performance higher..i'm new at this
...another maybe "stupid" Q on my samsung monitor.
8500LE warranty
Video card memory
Visiontek GF3 Ti500
My 3dmark test
Voodoo2 in SLI and RTCW
Anyone know if the 9500 Pro is for sale in Canada
Best settings for 9700pro
Why is no one OCing their Parhelia?
Help me ATI, im going insane
Overclocking Advice (leadtek)
Bitboys article...........well not really...check out the size of that chip
Wich one is better?
9700pro problems
Can someone tell me what does HZ on the refresh rate means ?
9700: ATI or Somebody else?
audigy mps vs audigy gamer
logitech z560 speakers
Better cooling for my Radeon 8500LE - required?
I need Help PLEASE :(
cooling my vid card: K6-2 hsf
Video card burn-in programs?
Albatron GF4 4200 Turbo - is it worth it?
whats your score in codecreatures benchmark
possible stupid 3dmark 2001 question
Samsung 959NF 19"
How are my score for 3Dmark
Coolbits Quick Question
Bought my mom-in-law a A-I-W 8500 .
Is my leadtek ti4400 dead ?
GeForce4 Ti4200: MSI or Abit?
Laptop Sound ?'s
onboard sound vs add on card Why?
GF4MX460, GF3Ti500, or Radeon 8500 LE 64/128MB which one?
Gforce 4 Thermaltake Copper Cooling Set
is this a good 3dMark score?
Bit Boys
overclocking my soundblaster live!
geforce2ti overclocking
overclocking a Geforce3 Ti200
Best Grafix-Card for 200$ max. passiv cooling
Installing Audigy results in 2 MPs = 1 XP??
best LCD responce time?
Gainward GF3 Crapping out when OC'ed
power consumption and video cards
Overclocking in Riva Tuner
I Need Reply Quick!!!
Radeon 8500LE Booting Problem
is my Ti-4200 in the ****ter?!!
Why is my Ti 4400 being seen as a Ti 4200?
Nice GF4-Ti4200 3dmark
nView Problem
Quick Answere Noob Q
floppy power on AIW 8500DV also on 9700 Pro...
WOOOOOOT! Finally hit 13k on 3Dmark w/ my TI4200!!
Help me spend 150 uk
3dMARK 2001 HELP!!
Cooling on both sides of my GF3??
new toy
Were should i overclock On Rivat Tuner...
ATI 9700 Pro Users...!?!?!
Wouldn't It Be Nice If???????
Modified BLORB for the gpu backside ; what ya think ?
Today I had some time & I have finally done it 10K + 3D MArk 2K1SE w 8500LE 128
GF4-MX480 misleading!!!
I'm thinking of getting a G4MX480 for $99 bucks!! what do you think?
What speed ram is this exactly?
graghics overclocking programs
tv wonder recording
Geforce4 Cooling
What Is The Best Pci Video Card?
what hapened to my geforce3?
gf4-4200 128ddr problems
MSI Ti4200 with only 150 pt increase in 3DMark despite 300/600 clock
Overclocking a Leadtek Ti4400
core speed VS. memory
tv out problems with ti4200 (wierd)
Buying cards at the Future Shop, my experience
Best sound card
Anyone still using a Voodoo 3???
Help me choose a vid card!