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when connecting to hdtv with hdmi
Still deciding. HD 5770 or GeForce GTX 260
Why does my computer hate motion so much
AMD Teases nVidia with the new Video
Resetting GPU help
470GTX with Q6600 Bottleneck?
Help me find a Video card under 150$
Newegg Open box?
Best place to sell used cards
Mnay options, which to choose?
ati 5870 or nvidia gtx 470??????
I need pro help
XFX 5870 (HD-587X-ZNFV) Problems
Upgrade Time, Best option?
Best option I have
Low-ish Budget Card
Which Card To Go With?
The fastest video cards without power cable?
Options: Graphics Card Power Consumption and Power Management
SC2 locks up on anything but low graphics
Does any one knows what is the minimum i-Frame rate?
WTH! Ugly video cards!
Need Video Card and TV Tuner Card Advice
Playing Blu-Ray Movies on 2560x1600 Resolution Monitors
ATI 4850 or Nvidia 9800GT?
ATI's 5770 VS NVidia's 260
hd5830 gtx460?
Stupid question, but...
Factory OC'd cards
Graphics Card - Get Audio out?
Need a video output card suitable for long cable runs
Palit branded video cards
What to do?
Looking to buy a new card
What is my bottleneck?
$450 Budget, need a new card
Need CF HD4870, HD5770, HD5870 benches
Want to overclock my GPU! Specs in signature
Modern video card through PCI-e 1.0
card for new rig??? help!!!
Turning a graphics card 90 degrees?
Is the Intel g41 ok for Streaming 720 HD and lower content?
LCD Tv VS LCD Monitor
Difference between 32xCSAA and 16xCSAA
Sapphire HD5970 VS GTX 480
Can't decide again! :(
Time for a new Video Card
Best card for my lcd
NVidia/ATi Combo
need help choosing video card
choosing GFX
8800 gtx died 6 months after oven trick worked
Time for a new video card?
Need a New Card, and is it reliable to buy off of ebay?
Need help with Choosing a new card.
looking for an upgrade
Choppy Video - need new cheap card.
Need a video card that can decode 1080p Flash
Need the dumbest card ever that is PCI 16x
2 Cards vs. 1 ???
Sli vs. X-fire Bridges
ATI or EVGA for new build:
2gb Graphics Cards
Linux compatibility - what would be a good fit?
so whats next?
Help please...
Finding a good video card
AGP Graphic card - need a replace
compared to the 8800gt how much better are new cards on the market?
Crossfire 5770's or single 5850
ATI 5970 vs. 470s in SLI
Switching from Nvidia back to ATi.
Intel Kills Larrabee
An Update On Our Graphics-related Programs
4890 vs GTX 260 c216?
Graphics card and Sound card too close together?
which card would be the best upgrade?
Need help picking a new card.
I am BEGGING for Help Choosing a card!
Which video card should I get?
Ati crossfire and physx
BFG pulls from graphics card market
Need a 3 or 4 montor Video card
I have a problem thiis a beauty
Uber-frankenshtein, or ATIDIA GeFodeon VGA
Video card type? Help identify.
Video card recommendation -- $150
graphics card issue
Artifacts? But if they are how could I have taken a screen shot of them?
Good upgrade from a 8800GTS
Buy a second card (SLI), or buy a better one?
all pci-e x16 vid cards need 6-pin power connector?
5750 VS 2 8800 GTS
Need Help!
Building a system, need Video Card ideas!
Artifacts = death?
Crossfire Question
Bigger monitor -> Upgrade CPU or Upgrade GPU?
Do All INTEL Intergrated Graphics Use The Same Driver?
Am I Losing My Mind?
Video card for ~$150 (my Mom's system - main game is WoW)
Graphics card in the $300-375 range?
Which GPU-multi display?
Not sure of what card(s) to get to reach my performance target.
Need advice with comparing alternatives and how to get PhysX?
5850 or 5870???
New Graphics Card?
5870 CF vs GTX480 SLI?
Video Cards
Single slot Video card upgrade
New video card advice
Need advice on next upgrade
Need a video card that is as good or better than my X1800XTX
SLI 280GTX or 480GTX or 5870?
2 GPU's 2 drivers?
What would be a good CAD card?
increasing dedicated memory
Can these 2 components fit and run in my pc?
Running HD4870 1Gb, Have a Geforce 285 Should I switch?
GTX 470/480 vs ATI 5850-70
9800 GT will SLI with...?
FireGL GPU running at 1x
Need some help
Crossfire does not work anymore!
project jean: GPUS
Grainy graphics in dark scenes
470 or 5850 or 5870
What should I buy!
Need help choosing a GPU for new build
VIA Takes the Jitters Out of Online HD Video
OC High end GPU Vs. 2 Mid lvl. GPU's in SLI
hdtv gpu choices, need help!
Price increases on the 5800's and the 2xx's mean...?
Ha, bottle necks do exist!!
Should I do it?
Could a PCI Express 2.0 or 2.1 Motherboard Accept PCI Express x16?
Need a Video Card, must fit in an SG06 Case
Nvidia 9800GX2 SSC or ATI HD4850x2 ???
Not sure what card GDDR2,GDDR3, or GDDR5 pls help!
PCIe 2.1 card in 2.0 motherboard
RX 1550 msi? worth it? 25 dls! for tomorrow.
ATI vs. NVIDIA cards for Photoshop CS4 and some gaming
been out of the game for a while...help?
Need a New Video card, can't decide.
SLI my current card or bottleneck a x16 2.0
How can I check if my PSU can handle a specific video card?
Need some help picking a card
If i add to low end cards will i have same performance as one high end card.
Is it worth getting a Low End Geforce for CUDA processing?
AA/AF and CPU usage...
Nforce 630a / G 7025 onaboard and stalker and other games peformance
which video card to get?
Looking to upgrade..
Got my new 3d vantage score...Can someone explain it to me how it factored?
NVIDIA GPUs Power All 2010 Best Visual Effects Academy Award Nominees
The new bang for the buck?
PCI GPU confusion
Which company has the better GPU naming scheme?
4650 or 8600
Freezing/ Stuttering Issues while playing games
VIA Demos Dual GPU S3 Graphics Card at Digital Signage Expo 2010
Did Nvidia already lose this generation?
Looking at GPU's again... Who's going DX11
Part 2: 2D, Acceleration, And Windows: Aren't All Graphics Cards Equal?
Looking to setup a 6 HDMI PC
Directx 11 one step closer to removing bottlenecks?
Need to run 10 monitors.
Non gaming video card...
How do you pronounce component names in real life?
Buy the ATI 4670 or the 5670? this month
Low Powered GPU
IGP HD 4200 or NX8400GS, one better than other
sapphire vs XFX 5770, which to buy?
Wanna see your GPU's belly?
need help deciding
ATI 4850 or GeForce GT240 for the girlfriend?
Why am I losing DVI Signal to my two monitors?
Laptop External GPU
GTX 275 OC, any other options around same price range? (240ish)
Anybody get flickering?
Need help picking out video card
I've been out of the game a LONG time just looking for a little info
re do the thermal paste
Single XFX GTS250 or 5770?
MSI NX8400GS vs Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro???
ati vs nvidia, xbox vs ps3
New heatsink = won't boot correct, Stock heatsink = just fine
8800 Ultra vs 4870
All the benefits in Crossfire/SLI
anyone know of a hacked driver 4 physx geforce tandem with radeon for graphics?
What do GPU specifications do?
My best suited GPU :)
No flame! 3d+surround+physx? Sli 2 only? Think new nvidia can deliver? Radeon?
GPU Fails After ~30min of 3D Games
MSI afterburner
My upgrade from 8800gt to hd 5850 results
Anyone ever owned a Diamond video card?
Truth about x16 and x8 speeds
Looking for video card suggestions
ATI cards run GTA IV badly
Another happy user of the oven trick
card w/ HDMI for TV
8600GT vs Ati 3650
You know you have a good video card when...
Time for an upgrade!
PCI slots
does overclocking GPU cause or relieve stress on CPU?
Don't Expect that Fermi or Radeon in QTY soon
GPU Wattage
Which is better performance? Nvidia 7600GT or ATI HD4250?
Need a card $50-$150
First Post: PCI-E extension cable question
GPU dilemma Need Advice
Lucid Hydra, MSI Big bang Fuzion review
9800gx2 deemed faulty, what should i get for replacement?
Cool little Archive of GFX Card Reviews
Windows XP Span Mode - Hidden?
Waiting for new video cards from Nvidia...
Picture freezes on streaming
Possible failing video card?
HD4850 or not HD4850
I'm looking for a card to replace my failing EVGA 8800gts 320mb
White pad on the back of my hd4670
Need help choosing new graphics card...
So frustrated. Trying to see where my 8800gt stands before upgrading.
help selecting video card please
Do you think Nvidia GT300 series will beat the new ATIs (5850/5970/5970)
xfx 5870 problems
PCIE-16 in a PCIE 1X?
PCI Express x16 in a PCI Express 2.0 x16 Slot?
Need help deciding between Sapphire 5850 and BFG GTX 285
will a 9600gt run at 120hz
Question about ATi 5770 and 4670 and 4770 fast please!.
my GPU situation (dilemma)
nvidia equivalent card
XFX 9800 X2 vs XFX 5870
Boy do I feel jealous now
MultiGPU Setups and PCI-E Overclocking
MultiGPU Setups and PCI-E Overclocking
best video card for 42in 1080p lcd tv
PCI Cards
Card suggestions
Don't know which to pick
Best Video Card Under 100 dollars?
Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart
What GPU to take?
INTEL Consumer Larrabee Shelved (For Now)
Which card to buy?
ati vs nvidia
Inexpensive Way to Connect 4 Monitors?
GTS250 VS 9800GTX
Video card recommendation
ATI now? Or wait until Nvidia GT300's?
PCI-Express and Onboard for Tri-Monitors?
Runs too hot (Reviews)
adding ram
DirectX 11 Benchmark Results
GTS 250 vs. HD 4770 512mb
ATI 5850 vs Crossfired 5770's.
Which card do I NEED
5870 or gtx295 or 4870x2 or
[O/C]Are ATI and NVIDIA Running in the Same Race?
Does the Video Card Affect video editing ability?
Charlie Demerjian
OCing X4500?
AGP and HDMI and Blue-Ray
What's the final verdict on PhysX with an ATI card?
Number crunching: 5970 vs GTX 295
no 5870 in Aus, should I gtx295 it or wait?
went from evga 9500gt 512mb to xfx 9500gt 1gb and wei scores went DOWN???
[O/C]The Oven Trick (repairing your broken video card with an oven)
What onboard video is comparable to a nVidia 6800 Ultra??
SLI/Xfire v single card
8-way video card, Matrox M9188
Hydra gets a run for its money
The Lucid Hydra GPU load balancer
Gigabyte vs Sapphire
Shared video memory
1g v.s. 512mb
Graphics Card with Audio HDMI
Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang "I'm all Apple!"
DX11 Tessellation (Radeon HD 5870)
Power vs Cooling
NVIDIA screws over Hydra
Video Card Selection Help Please
help with dual monitor setup - adapter needed
interesting Benchmark program i came across..
FurMark - How to use?
SLI / Xfire vs 1 Uber card?
Do the new nvidia drivers lock up if they see a HD3300? (IGP)
E6850 vs i7 860 and a GTX 280
How many people will take advantage of eyefinity?
Another which graphic card threads...
Thinking of how to run multiple monitors
Xfire or SLI, or sigle GPU?
8800GTX still ok?
Seemingly Fried HD4870
The whole family! (almost)
Nvidia is out and ATI is champ
5850 vs 2x 5750 vs 2x 4850?
Nvidia or ATI?
does high rendering effect online gaming lag
Need help picking out a graphics card!!!
X58 x16/x16 vs. P55 x8/x8
GTS250 Or HD4850
CPU-Z shows running at 3d speeds on desktop
5850 vs gtx 260
BFG Advance RMA question?
Helping a friend building a pc...
NVIDIA GTX 285 vs ATI radeon HD 5870?
200-250$ GPU recommend to my specs?
GTX295 vs HD5870 /w i7 975
Future Upgrade... HD58x0
nvidia 295 core clock lower then 4890
gtx 285 + any other nvidia gpu
Help, can't watch dvds
2x HD 4850 or 260 GTX 216 cores
Dual 8800GTS v single GTX260
Which Card?
E8400 bottleneck?
Need a Decent GPU for "Family" Computer. Suggestions?
switching monitors whilst gaming
multi monitor questions?
Best budget card for 1900*1080?
Video card for 1680X1050 (Suggestions)
Help choosing card
A must read, 5870 and different pcie bandwiths at techpowerup
Intel demos Larrabee
Hydra is out!
AA/AF and why you should not care
OCForums needs content editors!
OCForums needs content editors!
when do nvidias new gpus get released?
Why DirectX11?
Is this a gpu ramsink??? Wat to use to remove thermal gel?
3D Graphics Cards for Video Editing (what's the real deal?)
2x 4890 or one GTX 295
U Think gtx200 prices will drop afer ati 5000 series is released?
USB Video Card - Replace broken internal card?
Mass Effect, Source & WoW - Do I need more than a 9600GSO?
8800GTX Upgrade? Help?
Help! Which card?!
ATI 5800 series pricing revealed
Usage of e-GeForce 7300 LE
I need some advice for an upgrade
Q about gaming on a 2.8GHz X2 240
Laptop graphics card ratings?
9600 GSO vs. HD 4770 vs. HD 48xx vs. GTS 250
Need good physx card to be passively cooled with V2
ATI vs Nvidia image quality test
Can't windows 7 run game effects in software?
Graphics Card for Dell E520
Updated -RivaTuner v2.24c
Low end video cards & video playback
Quick question need reply soon :0
Question about triple monitor with 1 pci-e x16 slot
What Gfx card to get for 2 1920x1080 monitors?
Radeon 4890 crossfire,Gtx 275 sli,gtx 285 or gtx 295
Stream Processors?
Device Drive Cleaner?
Cheap Upgrade
MSI P55 "Big Bang" to feature Lucids Hydra
Which HTPC Video Card with HDMI & Integrated 7.1 Audio?
force dx10 to run on XP
Quadro or FireGL Video Card for Architecture
Toxic HD 4890 or gtx 285?
I've not made a mistake have I??
GPU encoding .....
Power at the slot for PCIe 2.0...
It's time for an upgrade
Cannot decide on which 200.00 dollar card to buy.
HD 4850 vs GTS 250
9800GTx2 or Better?
Overkill GPU dilemma
Why can't computers display round objects in 3d?
Why do some games heat my card up way more than others?
dont really know where this goes.
Have you cleaned your GPU lately?
Video card upgrade HELP
Oldschool member here looking for help.
I need a video card fast and cheap
best bang for my buck, come 2010?
3x ATI HD 4790 vs 2X Gtx 295 ?
duel non sli video cards
Ati vs. Nvidia Unified Shaders
Card Warped?
4350 vs 7800GTX OC 512mb
Best mid-range choice this autumn/winter?
800TFLOP raytracing GPU - Not for gamers
Im power hungry! >_<
Difference in single and dial GPU?
Inte GMA 950
Crossfire 4870 512 mo Vs Gtx 295
Price question
Do resellers make their own PCB?
OC'ing A GTX 260 core 216
PCI-E bandwidth usage of modern gpus
sli scaling on 8800gt in Badaboom & FC2
ati radeon 4890 vs GeForce gtx 260 core 216
On a budget please advise
Making the most out of a video card...
new some help with 4x agp
ATI 4850 Or Nvidia 8800GTS
Do I need a Graphics Card to play Blu-Ray films?
Sub $100 AGP Graphic Card Suggestions
Trick computer into thinking I have an Nvidia instead of an ATI?
Dual GPU Cards
convert .AVI clipts to play on a DVD player? (any)
cheap or nice
so ive got a 256meg hd3850 and a 1080p tv...
What level of card is too much for AGP bus?
ati crossfire on a stiker 2 extreme
Step Up!
why should i get 448 bit+ if I'm not a gamer?
Looking for a PCI Video Card
Laggy/Bad Video Performance? Or what..
Need to know if this is true?
How to equate Videocards amperage?
I can has 1920X1080 @ 40fps Crysis w/ 1 GPU?
Which is better for Dual View Ati or Nvidia?
PCIe into PCI
Silent but powerful graphics card for HTPC?
New Card between $75-$100
Which of Two Video Cards is Superior
Low powered video card
Pls recommend a vid card for streaming video
Is PCI-e x 16 swabable into PCI-e 2.0 x 16?
My Desktop is Scrolling?
PhysX - can I use an older nv pcie gpu?
Old Intel onboard, 1440x900 option disappeared
Need advice on GPU upgrade.
SLi Setup Question
Init display 1st?
Auto detect video setting confusion
Nvidia Ion...what is it? Does ATI have something to compare?
So it seems 160 dollars was a good deal for a BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55?
Help me choose a graphics card.
GPU load
AGP or PCI (not pcie)
Any difference in ATI and nVidia graphics?
A little bird told me...
ATI or nVidia?
vga slot cooler below card?
Two GPU Questions
Too much Video Card for this system
i has sum questions for joo!
General question (may be dumb, but VERY important)
Help decide on GPU
Quick Question
higher res makes GPU fan CRANK
How many case slots do current gpus take?
4670 really require 26 amps on 12V?
4850 vs. 4850CFX vs. 9800GX2
The micro stutter discussion thread
The definative micro stutter results thread
Sell 4850 or 9800GX2??
ATI vs. Nvidia. Crossfire vs. SLI
My video card collection's website - The Golden Era of 3D Acceleration
Upgrading from a 8800 Ultra
Need a New GPU
CPU OR GPU @ RES: 1650 x 1050
ATI crossfire vs nVidia single card
EVGA geforce 7600gt
ati 4890 OC or gtx 285 OC
9800GTX+ or 4850
20 bucks extra for a gtx275 over 4890?
4890 CF or GTX 295
GPU-Z wrong?
How can i tell if slowdown is caused by lack of VRAM, or by Clock speed/Fill Rat
Intel to ship Larrabee graphics chip in early 2010
Video card test/stress test program?
Can my MOBO handle latest v-cards??
DID I make a good choice???
Upgrading, not sure what to expect!
Need a replacement AGP card, please advise
Need vid card for a Apple PC
Duel monitors with different resolutions?
So, between the dates of April 9th to 19th i get a new card!
8800gtx 1920x1200?
trade 2x4870's for a GTX280?
Which video card series is best for LCD TV
Mid-Range card suggestions
ATI or NVIDIA on my mobo
I need advice on upgrading!
HTPC Graphics Card with HDMI Audio?
Laptop GPU overclocking guide
Ultra low end video playback?
Power Efficiency
rivatuner wrong clock times w/gtx285
PCI Express Version (1.0, 1.1, 2.0)
Intel's Larrabee GPU?
Aftermarket Cooling