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gf4-4200 128ddr problems
MSI Ti4200 with only 150 pt increase in 3DMark despite 300/600 clock
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gf4 mx420
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weirdd problem with my PNY gf4 ti4200 64 meg
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oh man
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will this work?
Video card Tweak guide (nVidia Geforce4 and Radeon 8500 / 9000 / 9700 )
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Creative Audigy? What else aside from Creative?
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nothing but problems with my chaintek gforce 200ti
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Attention OC.COM MadOnion team leaders!
8500DV help
Are you ready?
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Scratcy Sound
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[H]ardOCP R9500PRO Review
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9700 OC problems, Gf3Ti500 overheat
3 prong S/PDIF in on mobo?!?
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Heat Sink OFF
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Video Card resets settings at reboot
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lap that gpu!!!!
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Resolution problems, plz help!!!
Porsche Unleashed 2 choppy-Do I Need A New Video Card?
hmm, new albatron geforce 4mx480.... any good?
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MSI AGP x8 mx440
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Hercules 7.1 Scard Review
1.5v graphics card
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3d mark 13297 to 7023
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radeon 9700 using DDR II
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Sapphire Ati 9000 Pro < Best Drivers?
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ATI trade up program!!!
Aeolus TI 4200 Any Good?
video artifacts
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Well I Did It
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What is the BEST?
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Agp 4x 2x 1x?
Ti4200 vs Radeo 9000 or 9000pro
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Question on what to get, and where =)
What are the best drivers out now for GF4 TI's.
How's the cooling on MSI 4200 64mb?
Question on what to get, and where =)
what the nuts is happening to my Audigy?
Question about thermal adhesive/paste for GF4 HSF from a Newbie
NV30 won't be out in time for the Christmas season
Now part of the 15k club
svideo out problems...???
Nvidia Geforce 4 ti 4600 video in?
have i been runnin 3dmark wrong the whole time?
Does anyone else get this error(ut2k3)
Radeon 8500 BIOS Flash
4200,or 8500?
Aiw 9700?
Faster timing+detonator 40.52=wow!!
R9000 non pro help!
Is this a Good card?
Powerstrip holding your overclock back?
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XP Home and No Sound
SB Audigy2 Review
Quiet GF4 Cooling - Gainward's fan too whiny
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ATI RAdeon 9700 Probs...
USB Monitors?
A question for anyone with an 8500+Duron.
What's the differences between LE and regular version 8500?
How many watts for GF$ 4000 line
Crashing During 3d Games
3dmark 2001 question
Video drivers
11 GeForce 4 Ti4200 card roundup
:: I think i burned out my card... ::
GF4 vs my ati
RIP... Any last tries?
Tweaking the ATI 9700 Pro
Not bad for 133fsb??
This a good score?
PS2 on a radeon 8500?
Almost to 10,000 Marks, Need Help
cooler for GeForce 4 MX
How Do I Get Tv Out Working On My Ati Card?
8x and 4x
Does the sound card matter to play multiple sound objects?
Abit ti4200 OTES or MSI ti4200?...need advice :)
what is the highest anyone has ever oced 4ns DDR?
Connection Question
S3 Graphics ProSavage
Best Periphs for OCing?
Cold boot probs with GF4-MX460
MSI Geforce 4 ti 4200 (64megs) or Hercules Radeon 8500LE (128megs)
TV on comp!
Gigabyte Tadeon 9700 V tuner, Any figure out how to make it work?
I want a G4 4200 with great TV-out..??
ur computer specs, whta's best for GTA3??
video card results in CS
What's the solution for the gainward POS?
TNT2 overclock lol
GF2 mx crappy???????????
Can't install ATI drivers
Radeon 8500LE or Radeon 9000?
NV30: DDRII @ 1Ghz!!!!!
ATI friggin blows
Q's on Leadtek Winfast 2000 XP Tv tuner
Yes!!! I did it!!!
GF4 Ti4200 64mb vs 128mb
MX 440 o/c ?
Yet another 3dmark2001 score post
Burn in Program For Video Cards?
coments on my 3dmarck 2001 score
overclocking ti4200 to speeds of 4400 question
what is the diff between the geforce and detonator drivers
is the radeon 8500LE the...
GF4 Xtrme OC problem
Golden Sample Stuck in 2X?
Video Input
An ATI 8500 question
Ati Or Nvidia
ATI 9700 Sucks
Best $125 vid card?
Anybody Claimed That 128 Mem Is Not Worth It??? Look Here
Will a GF4-MX460 work on my BE6-II (iBX) board?
How to get my heatsink off my 4200?
goofed with riva tuner?
GeForce 3 Ti200 pushed to the EXTREME!!!
C-media 6 channel sound- on board , quick question
How loud is the fans in the Leadtek 4400/4600?
How would you rate ussa.com?
AC97 onboard sound - possible to change tone?
Help with Radeon 9700
nice new Video card Heatsink!@!@!@!
Moddin' the MX200
What card to buy?
Input on 8500 owners and driver they are using
Can i use the NV30 in my P4B533 4x agp?
What is the best avalible video driver for my gf4 4600 ?
Radeon with Epox 8k3a+
Msi gf4 ti4200 64MB can prevent from oc'ing fsb?
core/memory, which affects more?
Ho Hum, Ti4200 Overclocking post again... :)
Yes its the 18th...
Gonna Buy one VERY SOON, Help me on my choice : Video Card
best 3d mark so far!!! no laughing
Powercolor Radeon 9000 Pro?
Upgrade triplex 4200 64mb 3.3ns to Leadtek 4400 128mb?
RAM chip used on a Leadtek 4400
anyone having a problem with Radeon 9700 Pro and Gigabyte
!! Confusion !!
NV30 news!!!
Why cant I overclock more?
sis 6326 gets a thum's up by me at least
Asus V8420 Deluxe GF4 Ti4200 128mb
Albatron GeForce4 Ti4200 Turbo?
Anyone have a MAC I can borrow?
3DMark score??????
TV Tuner Card With Component Video
Visiontek Ti4400 shows up as 4600
got a little carried away with the vid card oc (help)
ti 4200 or 9000pro (both 128MB)
GeForce 2GTS
card 4 dv editing
WOOHOO I joined the 10k 3D Mark Club
IS this ti4200 any good?
who thinks madonion is in the process of making a new 3d mark?
I finnaly broke 3000 on 3d mark
Leadtek Ti4400 My VIVO BIOS
GRRR....Bloody Self-Crashing Geforce 2 :@
is there a video now that has VIVO??
Radeon 9000?
OC sound card problem (maybe burn in needed?)
VX800 or 181t and why?
vagp @ 1.52?
Windows ME VS. Windows XP for games
my 2 monitors worked a week ago but now...
upgrading to ti4200 from a voodoo3 3000 question
Ati Readon 9000 128Mb DDR Ram
video card heatsink --Crappy--
ALBATRON GeForce 4 TI4200P TURBO 128mb
getting an LCD with DVI-in worth $182 extra?
Scrolling/2D performance
leadtek gf4 ti a250LE, any good?
New MS Nvidia XP Update
nv4_disp Infnite Loop?
New Audigy 2 making wild claims?
where did my clock frequencies adjustment go?
replaceing vid card soon, help with a new one plz
dual monitor without extending?
all in wonder cards
AGP 1.0 slots
Audigy Problems HELP!!
Just Ordered My 9700PRO
Radeon 9700 and 8x MO issue!
dual monitors?
Did anyone see the new Radeon 9700 (DDR2) ?
which 4200?
Altec lansing XA3051
Geforce 4 4200 or Radeon 8500?
R9500PRO benchmarks inside(German)
OLD SCHOOL Voodoo2 question
Powerful mobile video solutions
Crucial Radeon 8500LE or ATI Radeon 9000?
Albatron ti4200 128mb
Detonator 40.72 your views please
A7N266-VM Onboard Video - Anyone else?
All-in-Wonder Radeon 32 mb UT2k3 HELP
9112 3dmarks!!! wahoo
The Best Video card??
OCing an ATI rage fury pro?
Gefroce 4 and XP?How to incrase FPS?
Radeon 9700 - Awesome
will this work
Questionable Sound idea?
why voodoo5 still selling for $103 ??
4200, 4400, 4600... I'm confused.
Multiple Video Adapter AGP AND PCI
Wtf Is Going On With My Monitor
how are the leadtek 4200 or 4600's?
One not so happy campper
freezing in 3dmark2001 SE
Detonator Driver Problems
I hate my yamaha sound card.....
fullscreen games with hydravision
Overclocking an ATI Radeon 7200
help w/r8500 and dual mons. in win2k...
Flashing Nvidia BIOS
Best G4 Ti-4600?
Video Cards Way To Slow!! :(
Connector on Voodoo cards?
MSI Tv@nywhere....
Surround Sound Demo (4.1 or 5.1)
Latest Nvidia news
Best Nvidia Tvout Card?
Remove ATI9700 Heatsink?
Anyone owns a Radeon 9000???
Xtasy geforce4 ti4200
VCard Driver Links
Trident XP4 Vs. Nvidia GF4
ocing a vid card
Nvidia 30.87 driver???
Overclockers.com 3dmark Team...please Read!!!
Need help wiiith mobile gfx cards.
My Geforce3 shows up as a Quadro DCC. What's going on here?
Game suddenly exits
Sup guys ! i need a favor : Anyone have extra fastener plugs ?
soundcards, speakers, and 5.1
MSI Ti4200 in the mail
Did I partially damage my Ti4200?
Chaintech G4
Battlefield 1942 fps
hahaha, please help me with this one.
Comon sense video card heat solution
AVG 3dmark2K1 scores...
Help.... need ur expertise.
capturing games
Best setting for overclocking GeForce2GTS
Wrong forum , I know.......
3dmark2002se ?
MSI Ti4200
Only 150 3D Marks LEFT!!!
Radeon 9700 image quality
Video card going bad??
overclocked albatron g4 ti4200 turbo need help
how to overclock my gfx card
wow 4 fps average with my tnt2 hehe
64MB or 128MB RAM Real world differences?
A-tek Radeon 8500???
Sound Card Opinions.
TNT2 aint workin....
8500 lele
Nvidia Quadro 4.
No increase from a Gf2 to a Gf4 ????WTF
got my 8500 le refurb... artifacts?....
how do i get the temp of my GF4?
Rge 3d tweak keeps reseting my o/c everytime
most reliable geforce4 ti4400
Please help! Removing HSF from radeon 9700
just pick up Unreal tournament and
Crystal orb on radeon 9700?
resolution and screen size
Which TI4200
no sound
Here is a pic of my modded vid card
is this score too low?
8X AGP Reviews
fps in unreal 2003
ugh EAX kills FPS
Comp speakers pickin up radio station!
Cheap Sound Card and speakers?
Got a new monster....
tv-out 8500le ?
GeForce Ti 4600 128 is craped out (i think) Help
Leadtek GeForce4 Ti 4200 128DDR
how to volt mod a gf3 ti200?
9700 ram heatsinks
3D Mark 2001 SE Question......
Ram heatsinks on my Radeon 8500 128mb
Radeon 9700 Pro Retail applyed sum Artic silver3 now freezin prob?
Graphic card makers
What is limiting my Graphics Card?
Radeon Competition wanted
Fan dimensions on ti200
best ati 9700 manufacture brand ?
Radeon 9700 and FSB?
Finally completed! Installed Vantec cooler to backside GF4(PICS)
Few questions
9700 Pro incompatible with A7V8X
SiS's video card
Voltage mod for the Vanta
Modded 9700 pro good results
What the dilli-o with this Radeon 9500
Coolbits Tweak Question
Old Graphics card help needed
Bypassing NVtweak limit
cooling gf3 ti200...overclocked
I want 40FPS average in UT2k3....
3Dmark2001 Problem with GF4 4600
my friends geforce 2 ti just got a problem..
BIOS and LCD problem
Help! I think my g4 4200 is broken..
Video and Video BIOS shadowing.
leadtek or gainward
Got my Ti4200 today, very satisfied
need help with the TV?
Which Tv Tuner is good???
non VIVO vs VIVO
Highest stable o/c for a Ti4200 and 3DMark scores..
Silent VGA Air Cooling
Burning in a graphics card
Riva Tuner
new drivers for C-Media sound(XP&WIN2k)
Leadtek Gforce Ti 4200 64mb?
VMOD the 4400-4600...
NV30 release?
Where to get gf4 case stickers?
The Official OC3DMark Team Thread
Periodic "glitch" in some games
9700 water block
replacing GF4Ti stock HSF
Porblem about my 9700 pro
homemade VDR
8x AGP Question
I got 19.25 Reality Marks in Final Reality..
Added ram sinks on my 9700 radeon got a big increase
Any difference between geforce4 ti4200s?
a new video card
ATI Radeon 8500 128, 9000, and 9000 Pro?
Whats the difference?
Does anyone own a MSI TV@nywhere TV Tuner ??
Trade in on old Video Cards on New ATI
Riva Tuner Test Option
added crystal orb to ti200/GF3
Thermaltake Geforce 4 Copper Cooler
AIW 8500DV and NHL2003
Direct x 9.0 beta 3 Is out !
alright...video is tweakin..and its freakin me out
Q about the memory of the new NV28:
worth upgrading?
9700 or 4600ti
Upgrade from GF2 Ultra -> GF3 Ti worth it?
Gigabyt ga-7vax x8 is this mobo any good for the 9700 pro
Sharp LCD questions..?
whats the diff between 3.3ns, 3.5ns etc
Old 3dMark2001 SE Score
Adjusting Video Card clock frequencies?
Which GF4 to pick?
W00T!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally did it!!!!!!!!!
Watching TV with MSI Ti4200 VIVO
Radeon 9000 Voltage MOD
Rad9700Pro will not post at all!Help, plzzz!!
Green Geek
Omg!!!!! Went From 13970 To 14450 With One Little Setting
Creative Labs Geforce 4 4600 TI & Soyo Dragon Plus Config
Radeon 9000(non-pro) or Radeon 7500
In desperate need of help with video issues! --PLEASE LOOK!--
Is this the same card?
coolbits get crazy!!! :(
replacement fan for geforce2 gts?
old monitors!!!
11260 3d mark score on Ti4200Turbo
I NEED 196 more points please help for 14k
Need diff cooling....
Need opinion for a friend on new vid card
383/795 need an explanation
Graphic settings In UT3 whats youres ?
Audigy 2 cost around $130
ok~ wtf?
Sub-par performance...
operating temperature of videocards
Man UT3 sucks
Frame rate displayer
Video(DVD) tv out on a Radeon 7000
GPU Heatsinks fit on northbridge?
Whats the fps command in UT3 ???
I just found out that All agp x4 boards are barly enough to get the 9700 working
ti 4200 or 9000 pro