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Whats the fps command in UT3 ???
I just found out that All agp x4 boards are barly enough to get the 9700 working
ti 4200 or 9000 pro
xfering vcr tapes to cd's?
Asus V8460
How do you enable.....?
Upgrade video card?
BGA or Regular Ramsinks?
Creative Inspire 5.1 5100???
3594 ????Shouldn't it be better???
What am i doing wrong ?
How do i get the heat sink of on the 9700 pro
S3 Virge?
Audigy 5.1???
WHaTs tHe temp of a 1.8 ghz p4 williamette???
Which is better?
WindowsXP and Gaming Question
3dfx V5 5500 voltage mod
heatsink, or something looks nice :p
UT3 demo benchmark
I bet this has been asked B4, but is this is a good score for 3d?
Rage II gurus needed
Speaker Opinions
Some like it hot.
those 3d glasses for computer
Video trouble help ??
when wil
CMI8738 Chip differences
Nvidia NV30. Any info?
Video Card Issues and questions
ati 9000 pro
have to reinstall soundcard every boot up
Differences of the Radeon9700
8500 OCing and cooling
overclocking with ?
Wow! I'm happy with my onboard sound
Now these are some sweet looking speakers
The most often posted thread... once again: "Which card to get?"
My best 3d mark beats everyone on here check it out muaha
For anyone who wants to thrash their graphics card...
Buying logitech z-560 4.1 speakers what affordable soundcard will go best with them?
In case anyone is interested about the 9700 pro 3d mark stuff
Messed up my bios..but scored Higher!!
Whats the average 3d mark for a GF3?
are these speakers good?
Kyro 2 or Visiontek Geforce2 Ti?
Rendering options in 3dmarks!??
Need help about refresh rates
How do you know if your Sound card is 5.1?
Value of cooling OC'ed MSI G4 4400?
Watchdog error....
Refresh rate of flat panel monitors
V-sync and fps/refresh rate reduction
TV-OUT need help ???
Name this video card!
$135 for a jaton geforce 4 128MB!!!!
Hi8 to Digital Video??
O/C a Geoforce 4 MX400 issue
10K At Last!!
Savage drivers
Gainward Ti4200 128mb..
I need some advice on good speakers
Audigy drive sold separately
Good Flat Panel Speakers?
NV 18 and NV 28 Benches !
need major help please anyone
I can't get into 1024x768!
GeForce4 MX 480
what is the best way other than 3dmark to test GPU stability?
Refresh rates
dual monitor question
Alternative HS application on A GF4
Need help with my 9700 pro on 3d mark
ati radeon 8500 le
Best way to Install Det's in XP
I have a nvidia card i want to o/c it
Albatron GF4-4200 128MB 5ns RAM!?
Actual BIOS for the GF4 4600 Ti
Advice for tv tuners and video capturing
Gf2mx and fastwrites?
Gfx card not reconized but works
confused or uninformed..HELP!!!
Nice R9700 volt Mod
11,741 PCMarks on 1600+ and Ti4200
What would you do?
Is this moniter anygood?
Dissolved FINALLY breaks 10k!
Leadtek Ge4 4400 cannot go 4XAGP?
What program to o/c ATi Radeon 8500??
new soundcard
How good is MSI's stock cooling?
300w Enough?
nView not working prop. with new Detonators!!
Radeon Pro New drivers
40.72 Det's
Via 4 in 1 drvers ?
SB Live 5.1 speaker problem
Would the radeon 8500 64mb volt mod work on 128mb'ers as well ?
best gfx card 4 £100 ??????????
sis 6326
Radeon 9700pro
Why does this 9700 pro keep giving me problems?
graphics card fan....ARRRRGGHHHH
Average lifespan of a Monitor?
Video Capture...
High FSB and Geforce 4
Eek, made a booboo?
Is this a good deal for us Canadians, I have been meaning to get a new sound card...
Help Me Memory On The 9700 Pro Clock Is Messed Up
Is there something wrong with me or is the powerstrip site down?
Best 9700 pro drivers ???
Best Geforce4 Drivers
when I put my Radeon 9700 to the TV on 2nd monitor, thers a large white stripe...
Bahhhhh This 9700 Pro Makes Me Mad
Albatron GForce4 Ti4600 any good? or i made a mistake?
How much is too much?
Please help the noobie out :)
is the ESS Allegro Audio any good?
Question about 4 spk setup
newbie question
Radeon 9700 Help
game span across 2 monitors on 2 different monitors
How do you tell a 1.5V card?
multimonitor ti4600 trouble
Lamo o/b sound "Q"
help Bios is missing 4X option now
3Dmark help ASAP
Chaintech ti4200 GPU not level
Any Hope for Visiontek Gforce 3 Card?
Monitor to dark! please help
freezing and R9700 pro
gf4 ti4600 getting low fps
Is this the best MSI Ti 4200
Need help choosing a graphics card best suited for my system
Overclock GF4 Ti4200 to Ti4600
Good surround card, pro recording?
buying refurb from newegg....
I must be a moron...
agp card voltage??
Should I get this Video Card?
Desktop Pci Video Cards?
AIW 9700 Pro, when to expect it to hit stores?
Ok, so how much heat can the VPU take?
question all....
How do you get DirectX 8.1b on XP after SP1 its installed?
weak overclockers: gainward geforce4
Low level hardware o/c or Driver Level Hardware o/c???
Disable splashscreen
Friends 3Dmark FPS under 20 in first 3 tests.
i need a new soundcard bad...
firt time video card OC not to bad
Crucial,S3 and Sis
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Problems!
AIW Radeon 9700's UNLEASHED
All in Wonder and European TV systems HELP ASAP
GF4 MX with 8X AGP
How is this 3DMark score?
Video Card Temperature - Software?
Overclocking TI4600...WTF!?!
Voodoo 3 3500 Drivers - ooh old...
20013dmark score stock non-o/c video
Database for O/C Grfx cards?
Whats the maximum overclock speed for Winbond 6ns memory??
NE1 have probs w/ NVMAX?
is there somethin like a DVI-VGA adapter? where?
Albatron G4Ti4200 Turbo?
looking for a good video upgrade
nv30 slower then radeon 9700?
If you have a 9000 pro whats you 3dmatk score
4200 bios update hooo-pla
How to turn on Vsync with 40.71 dets in D3D
MSI 4400 - Old computer
Refresh Rate Only Nvidia Problem?
@8500 help. driver ver not showing up right.
Heatsink removal on Visiontek 4200
Counter Strike display "tearing" (vsync is on)
Non Soundblaster sound cards
Questions about Overclocking...
3D mark score, whatcha reckon!
CDA to MP3's need converter
S-Video in DScaler
best dets for gf2 line
Argh! Wheres my AGP 4x!?
Monsoon MH-350 Flat Panel Speakers -Sub Any good???
Audigy not working (??)
Best gpu heatsink?
problems with sound
Where to measure voltage on a radeon 8500 ??
Can I use the same line that runs my cable internet to get digital TV with a TV tuner
which one?
I there a difference(performance-wise) between..
Best PCI graphics card under $50?
RADEON 9700 PRO and Rainbowsix:Rogue Spear have issues.
Question need fast answer pls :)
agp overvolting
the old CRT or TFT?
Vid Card prob help ??
radeon 9700 pro voltage mod?
connections cassette to audigy
Dual monitors, what exactly does it accomplish?
Geez stupid GF3 TI500 wont do DVI unless
Does the new Audigy sound any better
Few questions about the X-bit labs 8500 volt mod
GF2MX wiring a 2nd vga output
dual vid cards
Uninstalling Det drivers in XP..
Do you use RAGE3D Tweak or Radeonator
Refresh rate+det 40.xx
Which drivers?
Duel-CRT with a ATi 8500LE 128
ati radeon 9700 pro VS. leadtek ti4200
RivaTuner 2.0 RC12 released
Is this a good score
Ati 9000 Pro or Geforce 3 ti200
Nvidia Gforce ti4600 Max Core Clock & Memory Clock Setting?
Det drivers
Which is more important?
****URGENT**** Problem with GF3ti200 drivers!
switching display drivers in Win2K
question about dual monitors
No sound ???
Dual VGA
2800+ and NF2 benchmark?!
Video card decisions...need advise
Onboard sound comparison...
Using an AGP and a PCI vid card at the same time...??
A few questions on TV/out
freeze card to remove heatsink?
using optical out from soundblaster live
Detonator Destroyer...help!!!
went to the oc-shop today
Pixal Shadding, is it nice?
3d Mark Refresh Rate only 60hertz?
TV-Wonder Problems
Bios/agp video related?
bass blockers.... read me
best Ati drivers for a 9000 pro
NV28 GPUs are clocked 25MHz Higher
Having Problems-> GF4 4200 owners POSTHERE
Radeon 9700 Pro new score
Best Video card 120 or under?
Need advice on new vid card...8500...?
looks like we will have a race!!!!
Anisotropic Filtering Unimportant
geforce 4 ti4400 problems... or maybe it's my mobo?
Solution for 60HZ refresh rate lockup in games
need a video in card.
tv tuner software????
ThermalRight ALL copper heatspreaders?
40.71 works great for me
Questions about TV Tuners and their uses...
New GF4 = Crapp~~~
Best tv tuner card?
IS this a good price(Canadian)
ATi Radeon 8500 with win 98.??
Ordered new card!
can I flash my card's bios?
Strange lines on the screen, monitor near death?
any one got a v-mod for a gf2 mx400?
Looking to upgrade, is it worth it? Opinions please!
Need help with my geforce4 card..
Overclocking Radeon 8500LE
9700 Pro volt-mod ???
how do u overclock a video card?
Heatsink to put on my 9700. ... ????
40.71 det's for 98/me and 2k/xp gettum here!!!
driver comparison: faster high quality, slower at fast settings.
best video card?
wtf ... is this score (R9700) ??
ATI really do need a kick up the a*&?!!
Radeon 7500, Radeon 9000 or GF4MX 440?
radeon 7000 vs mx400
How do i overclock my video card? I'm a newbie at this
GF4 Ti4200 Voltage Mod
Screen Splitting in Unreal Tournament 2K3
NO Creative P10 consumer boards after all
my radeon 8500 problem
Vid Cards under $150, what do you think?
as3 gainward?
Boy I am ****ed
I thought xp had dx 8.1 as standard!!!
take a choice
Bargin or what ?
7313 3D Mark2001se on 9700Pro?
What card should I get now?
Radeon 8500 BIOS
wtf!!! 3dmark scores down help!!!!!
This Decoder card look's awesome!
Sound problem with my Audigy
how my oc'?
Wot does this mean?
Rivatuner Q
GeForce 5
Could this be the video card?
3dMark score good?
What is this
AGP Fast-Writes Don't Help
uninstalling drivers?
A good VGA Scan Converter?
New 9700 PRO Drivers
ALBATRON GeForce 4 TI4200P TURBO Pic's Needed
Aopen GF4 MX440 AOPEN prob
RAM Sinks On a 9000?
Removing the 9000 HS?
Thank You Ed Stroligo
Finally, 98se/Me and xp/2000 40.xx drivers
LN2 Cooled ATI 9700 = 20372 3DMark Score
POV Ti4200 XP
Whats the difference ?
Albatron ti4200 turbo in Vancouver?
NEW Sounblaster Audigy 2 from Creative
Radeon 8500 & ramsinks
MSI O/C tweak
8500 how hot are they suppose to be?
optical out, with no livedrive?
New Hercules Drivers
New nVidia Detonators
Upgrade Question
Update your OC3DMark Addy...
O-oh...capturing gone wrong
what are good video and sound cards for overclocking?
how far to overclock
Aopen geforce4 TI4200 128mb DDR
Nvidia Nv30?
artic silver adhesive. .. non corrosive silicone
Get ur ATI logo :D
WHAT THE f*%$!!!!
Maximum weight that vid card can hold (heatsink) with as adhesive
Geforce4 Ti4200 (plzzz help)
4 More Staples...
please users of GeForce3 cards
a good comparison between detonators
problem with sound...
Problem with g4 4200
AGP Fast Writes?
gainward Ti4200+explorer=crash
MyVIVO on GeForce4 boards
And again: new Detonator´s out
Post Your Result with the Radeon 9700 Pro
Need help with Radeon 8500 AIW
Is this the "Coolest" Ti4200?
Is it just me? Or are thing getting ridiculous?
Madonion problems
Anyone Remember
XP pro Radeon probs.
new sound card
what's this
win98 wont hold GF2 GTS drivers
ATI 9500 specs
ATI 8500LE 128MB - - Terrible performance
Powercolor Radeon 8500 fan needed desperately!!
.fr-08: .the .product
woah, vid card is hot!
nVidia GeForce 4 Ti Shootout
asus geforce 2 mx 200 bios
Help me break the 10k mark with my 8500
radeon 9700 heatsink removing
Help, the vid card boot screen disappeared.
would this work?
Cheek of it
Saphire! who is that?
Detenator 29.42
Next Nvidia Card coming out? Ideas of when?
**New info on Audigy2**
2001 Score
Advice on relevant mobo, mem etc
HELP choosing video card!!!
What Video pca for BD7-11 or IT7-Max2
Will I need to upgrade cooling of new 4200?
Radeon 7500
driver issues with XP and MX400
Ti4600 help
radeon 8500 crashes in games
Need help with Tv-out
Geforce 4 ti 4200 cooler
for ppl lookin to get a ti4200
Proof watercooling helps radoen 9700
ti4200 64mb msi or leadtek?
SB Audigy and Windows XP issue
how can i find out...
9000 thoughts?
looking for media xp for abit board
O/C 'ing GeForce4 MX 420
any TV tuner reviews???
Need Help With 3dmark2001 !!!
Will upgrading from GF2 to GF3+ impove my preformance here?
Which GF4 4200
8500pro 3dmark scores. help
Which ASUs V8420 Ti4200?
Hot Memory on GF4 Ti4200
Which GF4 Ti4200 is best ?
OC a sound card?
Whats the TD in Leadtek Cards?
shared irq fix?
Klipsch 5.1s
helpoverclocking gf3 ti500
8500 or 8500le
8 reasons why NOT to get the NV28!
Ti4200 error
ok, WHAT is the DEAL with 3dmark? bizarre stuff going on...?
URGENT, need help with a vid. card
SB Audigy 2 !!!!!
Any one have a TV LEADTEK WINFAST TV2000XP TV/FM tuner card running on windows xp??
pny ti4200 memory
Klipsch 5.1 and Audigy issue
Best Driver For Geforce 2 Ti
my new geforce 4 ti4600 is worth then my geforce 3 ti200 help!
My 9700 Pro
transform & lighting help
HELP have problem with H&L
overclocking 8500 pro
a7v333 and TV wonder
Nvidia Quadro 4 750 XGL
After Ti 4600?
Flashing the Hercules FDX8500LE 64Mb???
In need of TV Tuner card
ati 9000 pro ?
Desktop Pci Video Cards?
detonator 40 overclocking utility
Any problems with integrated sound and overclocking?
KX7-333R and 8500 AiW DV
Overclocking GPU core
ati or nvidia??
This is the last time I will bug you:) Do I get a Ti4400 or a 9700 for $140+ more?
Video system main feature: (help!!!)
DVD-Player Sound output AC3/DTS...
anyone break 12K 3dmark with their ti4200?
Abit GF4
VIVO as firewire alternative?
Good Sound Card That Can Handle OCing
have you guys seen this?
Chainteck GeForce 4 Ti4600 A-GT60
radeon 9700 refresh rate problem
PCI Video cards
what is sideband addressing and why does it cause instability!!
Radeon9700 Vsync Fix !!!!!HOT!!!!!!
What to go for?
Hercules Game Theater XP or SB Audigy?
8500LE 64mb DDR, 128 DDR difference
Removing stock fan and Overclocking...
does anyone have a gforce4 mx 420 or 400 PCI and how far has it oc'd to???
Terratec vs M-Audio?
Inno3d or Microstar?
Oh!!!!! Check Out This New Abit T14200's Cooling Exhaust System!!!!! Sweeet!
All-In-Wonder Question
video cards galore
Gainward or Leadtek?
Leadtek gf4 ti4200 tv/out?
What is better, mem speed or mem amt
asus v8440 deluxe
MITSUBISHI Diamond Pro 920- is the best 19" monitor?
V7100 overclock?
Why upside down?
Geforce 3 Ti200 TV Mode
CS, 60fps - GF2, XP
Do I need to burn in my MSI GF4 ti4200?
What graphics card you got?
Somethin dodgy with Ti4400
New Soundblaster coming very soon?
Overclockin Geforce 2 Ti
What do you guys think of the new ABIT OTES cards?
ATI 9000 Pro video card
A-i-w 7500
Best GeForce 4 Ti4600 Out there?
Help, Using 2 ATI cards at once, problems?
UT2k3 Demo and v5 5500 ???
I Want this GPU Cooler..
windows xp refresh rate fix?
Which monitor better and why?
Best Value Geforce4
Low cost card with digital output?
For those of you that changed your HSF on your 8500s
problems with gf3 ti500
Well does this sound good enough for you?
Maximum FSB
GF4 Ti4200 - 5515 3dMark
Should I go TI4600 or ATI 9700?
Video capture Questions
98se and Nvidia 40.xx drivers
radeon 9700 pro @ 350/700
Anyone running a XFX GeForce4 Ti4200 - 64MB DDR??
sound card bios???
Ati's New Card
Whats up with Visiontek??
My Card Hates Default !!!
Need just TT VGA Copper heatspreader! HELP
Whats the deal with MSI's colors???
Overclocking GF 3 Ti500
Crackling sound after 'sleep' mode