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dont buy into their BS!!
nvidia opengl problem?
problem with gainward gf4 ti4200 128mb?
Drivers not found each time i boot UP!! help!
128MB Radeon 9000 Question
UT 2003 Video Card problem
40.41 det performance STINKS!
i feel so weak.
headphones and speakers
need vcard any suggestions?
where can i get a ati radeon 8500 128mb for under $130
should i upgrade from a MX400 to a GF4MX440?
Upgrading theater box, need new vid card
Audigy+Xp or 2000=Bad
My Complete ATI Radeon 9700 PRO review with Pics
long shot but drivers needed
ati radeon 128mb or ati radeon 128le?
what is the best...
Green Lines and resart
Defalt clock on GF4 Ti4200
S-Video Cable Length?
Sideband Addressing... How To Enable?
Should i get this Video card?
Linux Stuff/Tools?
Sound Blaster Audigy vs. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
det 40.41 and geforce3 ti200
Average GF4 Ti4200 64MB Overclock + 3Dmark score
Dual Monitor Problem
Post your UT2003 benchmark results here!
Buying New Card Any In Sights?
Coolbits stuff
Opinion call. Ganward..
Albatron 128mb TI4200 with 3.3ns BGA
ATI 9000pro 128mb or Sapphire 8500LE 128mb??
No Warez Public Service Announcement
sound quality?
Replaceing my Gainward TI4200 (64mb 3.5ns)..Any suggetions ?
WinFox II problem?
what card to get??? its a minefield
Running second monitor off tv-out?
Quadro2 MXR
fps on screen display?
Fps Issues!
nvidia geforce 4 crappy quality?
Wait! DONT BUY THAT 9700!!!!
Radeon 9700 pro come with cooling problems
what could improve this?
11,536 3Dmarks @ 1600x1200.. now that's nice
Trying to link 3dmark team in my sig
MSI Ti4200 or Quadro4 700XGL?
Video Card Help Please?
Leadtek driver vs XP driver?
voodoo 3 3k voodoo!!! nooo!!!
R9000 Fubar?
OC GeForce3 Ti200
Sound Blaster® Extigy usb
5.1 sound with what speakers????
What do you use/what is the best OCing program for ti4200?
Radeon 9700 AIW: Monday
Ti4400 on SDR System
Ti4200 Leadtek or MSI?
3DMark Score??
ge ti4600 128mb @ £188
Coolbits reg hack, want higher memory clock options
ATI Radeon 8500LE
Any 1 got the Verto ti4600
Little prob with the 9700 Pro
Where is the cheapest 9700 pro ati card
Need advice
GeForce Temps
anyone gone from a ti4600 to a 9700??
Audigy Platinum problems
Applications are out: HELP WANTED
Wut kind of vid card do you have?
What is VIVO?
GeForce4 memory timings???
Radeon 9700 question
HELP! ASUS Geforce2 MX and WinXP
Is my video card crapping out?
Radeon 9700 score
256MB Radeon9700 ????
wtf the chaintech vc i waited for 2 wk for the RMA for dont work again
Grado SR-80, the BEST HEADPHONES ever
Catalyst 2.3 released!
Is this a good score
Baaaad scores gf2mx400
10,000 3dmarks!!!
Xtasy gf3 ti 500 64mb vs radeon 8500 128mb or 64 mb
G4Ti4600-TD Champion Edition (MS-8872)?
Make that 21,504
Overclocking ATI Radeon 8500?
radeon 9700 +60hz fix fast plz :)
?? geforce cards ??
Abit GF4ti4200 128Mb
40.41 NVRfix compatible?
Is this a good score???
is this crazy
How long have your Klipsch's lasted?
SP1 for XP slows down video?
does monitor refresh rate enhance/decrease performance?
When is ATI fixing this?
Performance difference between 128MB & 64MB RadeonLE?
opinion needed on these RAMSINKS!
Buying a Graphics-card...
How to Ruin a 9700 R
Is this a good 3dMark score for a G4 Ti4400??
How is YOUR 9700 Pro Today?
Enable 4X AGP on VH6T?
broke my headphones..not sure if fixable
inno3d + oc = eugh
GeForce 4 MX440 owners....
Can't Change Gf4 Card To 4x!! Help!!!
For those interested and I know there are!!
Nvidia nv30, nv28, nv18
Best way to OC
Video Lock ups
Help..any video card error with my computer
which maufacturer makes the best ati radeon 8500 le 128mb?
ATI 7000 Drivers
Post your GF3 Ti200 OC'ing stats
HELP! 64MB or 128MB gf4 4200ti
Leadtek & VIA 4in1
Better Tv Out?
could someone help me please...
voltage mod=dead 8500le
Gainward GeForce4 RAM
In Rivatuner
all in wondering why it wont work!
Hercules 9700 Pro
Problems with the Asus smart doctor!
i decided to be *smart* and save some money....
Which is better
Gaming With 9700 Pro!
Leadtek G4TI 4200
Just ordered it
9700 part II...
Monitor keeps popping
abit it7 + sblive value
Radeon 9000 pro passiv cooled?
Nv30!!!! Fun!!!
How does Visiontek check for overclocked cards
3DMark numbers on XP2200+ and GF2-GTS Asus V7700
Good Stock ATI 3D Mark?
New Radeon 7500 - Garbage Viewing Some Web Sites
somebody's gotta feel this!
sketchy video
Will 9700 rule for long?
Best method to totally remove Nvidia drivers?
not so much as a hardware question...
new sound card to go with new z560s?
40.41 oc tool?
giga-byte 9700 or ATI stock 9700? HELP!?
Voodoo3 + BF1942 + DX 8.1
High AGP clock together with GF4 ti4400
Integrated direct agp Help
Is it my Vid Card or 3DMark 2001?
Please help me!!. Need 3DMark 2001 Build 300!!
How do you pronounce NVIDIA?
Logitech Z-680 Thx??
What causes crackling?
possible 3dmark boost thingy
Help with my TI 500
bets sub-$100 5.1 speakers, must be black and look cool
Which 3D card to repalce faulty Gainward?
A quick driver question
Xtasy GF4Ti 4200 not putting out .
Need help w/ 8500 Radeon LE
Need a new gfx card..has 100$
ATI 8500le 64MB and AutoCad 2002
20,000 3dmarks
People with NewQ Platinums
ATI Radeon 8500DV CD out connector question
geforce 4, radeon, or wait....
Ati 8500DV and high FSB
Geforce4 Ti4600 is SUCKING
Old bag of bones needs a new breath
Which ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb has the best ram?
geforce4 not detected in xp
geforce 4 mx440 problems
Radeon 9700 pro numbers?
hey guts can u guys help me
Video card coolers
Flat Panel How To!
Nvidia NV30 in Q1 next year?
15,571 baby now #2 AMD & NVIDIA system in the world
ATI-ALL-IN-Wonder Radeon
Sony Reciever Computer hookup.
post your copper ramsink base thickness
Video & Sound card for P4B533-E ?
Problems with AOpen Ti4200
4X AGP with ATI 9700?
anyone got a Hercules 8500 FDX LE
Ti4200 Bios tweaking help needed
Radeon 9000 FUBAR?
radeon 9700Pro ordered :D
Which currently shipping ATI 8500LE 128MB card has 3.3 or 3.8 sec memory on it
Det 30 driver probs?!?
Can't change resolution or colors
4200s duke it out...
radeon 8500le black box on tv-out video files
Is FPS that important?
Purple Screen HELP!!!!!!!!!
Ti4200 or Radeon 8500?
Has anyone overclocked a Parhelia?
GeForce 2
Can't play opel GL with Dual monitor
ATI AIW 8500 128MB how to hook sound up internally
Radeon 9000 pro 128mb ramsink help
98se/Me and 40.xx Drivers
Show off your GF4 Ti
ATI Radeon 8500 Too slow for Unreal 2003
40 series problem
Sapphire (ATI) 7500 SDR overclocking
Gainward gf3 ti 200 goldensample 128
Gainward Ti4200 128mb..
Help!!!! Stuck at 16 color!
omfa!!! i finally got my msi ti 4400 and drivers are invalid
GF4Ti Display Problems
gf2 200 to gf2 mx400 to quadro 2 mxr/ex?
YES 15k!!!AND fastest sub 1.9ghz 'AMD' PC TO DATE AIRCOOLED...
help, coolbits won't save my settings.
Anyone have or know where to get DX9 Beta2?
problem(may be vid card)
what program do you use to...
What's the price range for Radeon 9500
w00t, 8.5K Gf3ti200
V8440 Ti 4400 Series
Sound skipping. Audigy + inspire 5.1 5300
Radeon 9700, and my 3dmarks SUCK ! HELP!
reformatted, now sound is better
crackling when i sound plays
ATI AIW 8500 128MB how to hook sound up?
ATi to NVidia
Straight answer please!
I can't find a good video card?
need help wid my card
Recently Joined the Overclockers.com 3Dmark Team
3.6ns memory how fast?
Geforce 3 ti200
Further NV30 Delays ?????
problems wit my cmedia
kick @$$ 8500
buying a g4ti4200
Affects of FSB on vid card
Extreme Urgency Please!!! Vid Card Help!!
40.41 to 29.42 ???
is there a program out there that can....
Generic Video Bios Flasher?
WMP 9 Series public beta
OK whats the diff b/t the SAPPHIRE 9700 and ATI 9700
mx400 pci 245/223 rock solid
Who has a GF 4200? post O/C and benchs
TI200 vs MX 440 but which one??
maybe stupid question ;)
as anybody ever tried this little progy
TV Wonder VE
Radeon 7500 w/XP - keeps dieing
How high will it go?
what is a good video card ?
Monitor drivers (this just isnt right)
Got a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI today
Radaion 9700
best deal ever?
need some help
radeon 850 vs 8500le
need quick responce : which GF Ti 4200
Stock Gf3 ti200 HS
8500LE 128MB RAM Question
Refresh Rate
Silver , about your Chaintech mod?
Maximum GeForce4 Overclock 288/532?
If the 64 meg version of the Ti4200 ocerclocks better then the 128 meg version which-
via chipset and audigy problems?
Audiophile sound for consumer prices
What's the best o/c util for GF4 ti4200?
Help need about Monitors important features !
DirectX & 3dmark
Does CPU Speed mean that much when gaming?
GF2 MX400 to Quadro2 MXR
Video-in captures in black and white...
visiontek mx420 PCI any good
nVidia to crush ATI?
ti4600@371/803 aircooled 14,412 3dmarks and 103fps in nature with 149fsb and 1863cpu
Gainward Pink Screen 64mb Only?
Visiontek card rebates, sweet stuff.
Enhancing Coolbits?
What card?
Which video card for my budget...
need help wid my vid card
What happens when you O/C too high on teh mem?
need direct url for audigy drivers
NVMax no longer working?
O/C Prog for 9000
14k fastest "AMD" system with only 148mhz fsb and 1850mhz cpu air cooled ever!!
what is the best graphics card for $100 dollars or less?
stability issues in detonator drivers
Squeezing out a few more mhz
Leadtek Ti4400 vs ASUS Deluxe Ti4200
nforce 420-D audio or acoustic edge?
nv4_disp error even with latest driver
Creative Labs Dxr3 video decoder card
Aftermarket video card fans
Poll: Which Detonators R U using at the moment?
Chaintech GF4 MX440
Raidon 9700
gf ti200 how much did u overclock?
VIVO with Ti4600?
Max o/c for gainward gf4 ti4200 3.3ns golden sample
Can'f find a 4amp 250v slow blow fuse for z560 anywhere
Onboard Video
Ti4600 - can it be a quadro?
How do I take a screenshot in 3dmark?
Voodoo/Glide Emulator or Wrapper... where?
My 3D Mark 2001 score..........is it ok?
How to GPU make IDLE at Radeon 8500?
Dot glitch
Integrated-Dual Ramdacs????
Audigy VS Hercules Line
please help me oc my Ti200
Ati All-in-wonder Radeon 8500dv
Vid Card
Help needed with annoying GeForce4 Ti 4600 problem!
AGP Aperture
good gf4?
Safe pci speed settings
Geforce to Quadro links
ATI 9700 Pro Driver Support (OEM) ???
Completely new to ATI
Tv Out Help?
How many 3dmarks can i get with XP1600/R8500LE 64MB???
Good deal for Tutle Beach and Altec Lansing?
8500LE DualMonitor support?
Nvidia registry prog. for OC'ing the Gfx card?
MSI TV @nywhere
Radeon 9700? Or Quadro4 900XGL?
PowerColor Radeon 8500 any good?
Nvidia's new 40.41
Its time to expect more from AGP's!
ATI 8500 Le 128Mb Saphire??????
Ack, stop the scratching!
Quality of Visionteck
Update Ti4600 @ 364/798!!!
Hidden features in Detonator 40.41!
Opinions on Chaintech's Reputation and their 4200 "GT21" Special Edition VIVO
MSI Ti4200 is a good Oc'er
a bit disappointed in my ti4600 3dmark score...
Video Card HSF failure! need some help...
GeForce3 Ti200 Dual Moniters?
OC'ing ATI AIW 8500 128mb ???'s
3dMark Score --> 759!!!
Need Help For New Video Card
You know it's time for a new video card when...
what software do i use???
Are grpahis Cards easy to kill?
Why Not???
nvarch32.dll problem and thunkconnect32
how are ati's
Nvidia and AGP 8x
Questions about T&L
64MB vs. 128MB
Nvidia 40.41 gf3 and CS
g4 gpu dimple for fan replacment
CD in on sound card
What new graphics card?
Asus 8440 tv-out resolution
Radeon9000 or 9000Pro performance difference?
any 4600ti w/ 8x agp yet?
40.41 dets cause BSOD
Is it worth it?
Overclocking my GF3
Radeon 9700 Pro in Europe?
Stupid question
Wierdness with Asus Ti4400
2 different Gainward Geforce 4 ti 4600?
Video, Sound Card, and Speaker Upgade, HELP!
Thougt I toasted my vid card..
Problems with Audigy
Is this monitor any good?
ATI Users: What Drivers Are You Using?
Wanting new sound for comp
Best bang for my bucks?
Best TV tuner for PC
denonator drivers for GF2 Ti
Where are the 3dMarks for the 9700's?
PLEASE agp 2x 4x
Still Having The Same Problem
9000 or 8500
40.41 are really beta
Quick Newbie Question about Geforce3 Ti 500!
What voltage
Radeon 8500LE 64MB overclock??
Dual montiros in xp.
Radeon 9700 defeated by itself?
100 Fsp In Nature!! Can Your System Hang??
If you own a Leadtek GF4 ti...
Msi GF3 TI500 running to hot?
help please help a man in need
going out of my mind
Rage3D Tweak for Radeons Help
40.41 Drivers and 98se/Me
How would you rate the MSI GF4 Ti4400 128 MB?
Gainward TI4200 128MB GS Overclock!?
New Nvidia Drivers (40.41) are a gimmick
Asus TI4200 Broke 13k on 3Dmark
"Error loading NvQtwk"
TV OUt???
Abits new Patent Pending Gpu Heatpipe GPU cooler looks impressive
aiw 7500 tv-out help
SB Audigy and home audio setup?
What's a good show off game?
Help me decide
Here's a question...?
How to set vsync?
AGP aperture i need help
My final bench @369/787 with ti4600 on air!!!
Found something funny at EBAY
GF 4200 lockups in 3DMark and in games
Leadtek Geforce4 Ti4200 question
CoolBits reg question Umm Help!
Best Nvidia Video Card for $160
agp bus voltages.
Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb Ddr Tv/dvi 8xagp
Newbie question
Anyone who is interrested About how to fix the 40.41 probls come here
AIW 8500 horizontal lines...
NV30 when?
3D Mark 2001 SE Problems....
radeon 9700 pro 369$ at new egg
Do these 40.01 beta drivers smell fishy or is it just me ?
my Geforce3 ti500
My Head Is Going To Explode!
Wat is a good price?
best vid card for 110 or under???
how to flash the bios on a 8500LE?
3DMark less stressing than GL Excess??
Gigabyte Radeon 8500 pro (le - ap64d) Volt mod questions
Whats next ?
cant run 3d mark
Peltin 3D card
C-orb and Radeon 128 retail
Help desperately needed!!
faster agp bus?
now then, i need information.
40.41s 700 point increase in 3DMARK
40.41 det's up to 25% increase 2000/xp gettem here!!!!!
Which of these GFX to buy???
8500LE Errors
GeForce 4 VIVO function
Overclocking Geforce Sorftware
Graphics Card SuperGuide
Rendering in 3DS MAX with a video card
ATI all in wonder
lower 3d mark scores with better processors
Best Video Capsure Card
Benchmarks/tweaks/IT all HERE!!
Should i get ti4600 or radeon 9700?
how can i use this bios
What do You think about this GPU cooler from TT?
Decision Decision....
AGP, ABIT and Geforce play time rules
Sound Blaster 128, new card needed?
I went back to my nforce sound today
MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 Video out doesnt work ;( Help lol
Does anybody have the 9700 yet?
Radeon 8500LE scores?
How to force refresh rates on a 8500 card?
check this out
ABIT, ASUS or Leadtek
AGP Stability, The AGP Driving Value!???
OC'ing Video Card
Leadtek and kx7-333r problem! help~!!!!!!!
TT GeForce4 Copper Cooler
Fastest 64MB GeForce2 MX 400 clock speed
ti4600/9700 swell and all but...???
31 Channel Onboard sound!?! (yes thats 31)
Temp problem or have I reached the limit of my core?
Anyone read Maximum PC?? Great 9700 stuff in it.
im new to ATI
I want to voltage mod my graphics card!, can someone help?
Question for you Vid Overclockers
Whoa get off my 3Dmark 2001SE scores
best sound card for the money
8500 + 7500aiw
Which Dets for power Strip
I BROKE 8000 3dMARKS!!
Ideas to get past 250/370 on msigf2mx400
Conspiracy Theory
Nvidia BIOS editor
Budget vid card ideas
newbie Advice needed pse