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8500LE 128MB DDR or Gigabyte, ATI Radeon-8500Pro, 64Mb DDR
Looking For A Video Card??
Radeon 9000! HELP!
Radeon 8500 Pro or GF Ti4200 128 MB (Asus)?
sound levels on klipsh 5.1
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Video Upgrade advice...
What card 2 use - AMD1400/100
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SB Live 5.1 gameport not working under XP
Gf4 Ti4600
NVIDIA Driver & The Sims PROBLEM
Live Drive
Weird thing in 3DMark2001SE
msi geforce 3 ti 500
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Where can i get 3D glasses
Memory NS Question for Video Cards
Which GF4 4200?
Geforce 4400ti low 3dmark2001se
ATI Xpert 2000 Install Problem
geforce3 ti or gefor4 MX?
I need a soundcard with optical out...Audigy/Live Platinums too much $$$
speaker selection with headphones. - Live!, maybe Audigy.
fan mod on vid card?
are the specs on this monitor good?
Sound Blaster Problem
rear volume on live 5.1
live drive
question about powerstrip
Sharky's ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Benchmark
Radeon 9700 overclockable to 400MHz !
Best, reliable and problem free driver for 8500?
PCI Video Cards
Hercules MUse 5.1 is it good or what
Buying Radeon 7500
What Geforce card?
NEw Crucial 8500LE AWESOME!
Help! my graphics are messed
Question: What's the best oc'ing utility for Radeon 8500?
Front Panel Sound Cards...Help
anybody have GF2 Ti???
Audigy..Plz Help
Game Theater XP or Audigy??
New Det's v31.00 out for xp/2000!!!
AC '97 sound with 4.1 or 5.1 speakers
New Radeon beta drivers. 6143
Modding a Geforce 2 TI
realistic overclocked speed of Hercules 8500LE 64mb
to hot for 4600?
How do you use riva tuner???
Now this is a gf2 overclock
Sound Blaster Problems
Which Vid Card To Buy?
Gf4 4200
gf2 screen resolution
Audigy and MIDI
12,000 3dmarks with a 1533mhz cpu and 133mhz fsb!
Ati radeon 7500 price vs others
Tv tuner card help
first time you see this problem
worth it ?
ati 9700 pro
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 @100 MHz AGP clock speed???
Looking for a GeForce4 Ti 4200/4400
anybody got that fortissimo III 7.1 yet?
Anyone still using a 3Dfx Voodoo 3 ??? I need some info..
Dual Monitor Interfearence Problem
ATI Radeon 9000Pro 64M DDR AGP $98
8500le video out put problem
are this scores good for a 8500le
What is the difference??
SB Live5.1 or SB Audigy?
Best OCing Ti4200
video compression question
Will adding more voltage aid in OCing my cpu
Radeon and MX
AIW radeon 9700 pro ?
chaintech g-f4 mx420 prob installing
ATI 9700 coming to newegg on the 31st!
Anyone own a Chaintech 4600ti? Good?
Sound card recommendation for K7S5A
Got some good info on the adhesive that we use for vid cards
Why is Newegg dropping ti4600 prices? Sign NV30 is close?
Changing bass and treble
Whats the BEST gf3 ti500 out there???
video lagging with ti4600
when the perfect time to buy new video card?
Asus v8420 Deluxe
Hooking up MIC jack to Audigy
just a thought
R8500 & Win2k Fullscreen Probs!
Is there a GF4 to Quadro mod out there?
voodoo2 question
geforce 3 ti 500 over clock
a guide to anisotropy with latest detonator and rivatuner
Visiontek GF4 Ti4200 128mb (SE?)
geforce 2 mx400
Anybody here with an Aopen GF3 TI 200?
Anyone else get this with msi geforce4 tv-out?
Best Card for under $175????
need some help here
GeForce 4 Ti4400 Dual Monitor res?
4ch speakers with 2 speakers
Voodoo 3 2000
Display adapter loading too late. HELP?
O/Cing a radion 7500
3dmark error
400 MHz Radeon 9700 PRO !!!!!!
modded Ti4200
3D Mark scores (laptop users)
performance difference MX400 & MX400DDR?
how to o/c a 8500LE?
Little Specks On Screen.....
Is there a way...
Gainward G3 Ti-200?
Voodoo 3 2000
Gigabyte MAYA II GV-R9700 PRO
tv out on radion 8500 problem
Radeon 8500 Voltage/Core Questions/Troubles...
help a converted guy get his crappy ati card to work...
GraKa Temprature
need a line on video cards
How to overclock?
Geforce Driver Question
Ledtek 64MB GeForce2 TH MX400
GF4 volt modd?
Epox 8K5A2+ on-board sound
S-video To Tv
can I do dual CRT's on my 8500?
8500 finally water cooled.
ATI Radeon 7000 64MB Overclocking HELP
Can someone that reads Chinese translate this for me NV30 data?
Need to replace my Optiquest Q71 17" monitor with a 19" recommendations please
scores going... lower?
Problem (I think) with WinXP and a mobo
Mounting Cooljag to GF4 Ti4200
Hey guys what's the max i could overclock my Geforce 2 pro 64DDR ?
Temps on Asus Ti4400?
How to connect MIDI devices to PC???
Doesn't quite fit in the case.... what to do?
8500 Q
onboard ac'97 audio
working dual monitr PCI and AGP combinations
Voodoo2 in SLI mode
Ati Radeon 9700 For $340 Us!!!!!!!!
NV30 bench...?
ABIT Geforce 4 TI4200 128mb
Radeon 9000 Pro Questions
Vid card with tv-in???
Tweak tips for GeForce Ti200?
Trident talking smack about their newest card
Radeon 9000 Pro OC!
New Live! 5.1 and Audigy WHQL drivers courtesy of Compaq
7392 3dmarks
Is this a good 3dmark for an "AMD" system?
something wrong with my tv-out?
Chaintech AG441 Geforce4MX Freeze Prob
Looking for GF4 that can do 1600x1024 on the DVI
Radeon 7500 video out.....Not ?
MSI GF4 4600 Dead........
MSI Geforce4 problem...?
What vid card to buy
Gainward gf4 ti4600 prob?
Video Card and O/C
GF3 Ti200 slow?
What is wrong with my Vid Card???
Gigabyte R8500LE 64MB, lastest Gigabyte driver or ATI reference C2.2???
NV30 not .13 micron?
Is Nvidia in trouble now?
Chaintech Geforce4 4200
My ATI Rage Based Card...
Geforce2 and xp?
removing stock hsf
Radeon 9700 Pro Comments, Post Here!
R9700 review at Tomshardware
Ati 9700 Pro Real Benchmarks!!!!
Geforce2 problems
Radeon 9700 Pro
Chaintech AG441 Geforce4MX 10sec Freeze Prob
Keyboard and Mouse Lockup......
question on detanator drivers..
[OC'ing GF4 Ti4200128MB] Best cooling solution?
addin video card for video input/output and tv tuner
nforce drivers or detonator?
i cant figure this out!
New video card
dual monitor stuff
Best Nvidia Detonator Driver for WinXP
Reasons You Can't OC a Parhelia That High
Best drivers for Radeon 8500LE?
ATI Radeon AIW 8500DV
ram on msi geforce 4 ti4200 128mb
Visiontek Foreclosed?
I didn't know where else to turn... sound card troubles.
directX grafics problems
what's the best ti4200???
Should I
17000+ in 3dMark???
Help flashing the BIOS on my Radeon 8500DV
Bladerunner's done it again
3d Labs
ATI has got the crown, and nvidiots reply...
G-Force 4 Overclock Program?
SB Live 5.1 VS Audigy
8500LE brand/model/memory speed
which card has best image and tv out quality?
Newbie need some suggestion
What card is this.
geforce 2 problems
Shield test???
AIW 8500 Video Problem
Video Card??????prob
Woohoo! My Radeon 8500 just pulled 10325 3dmarks!
ti4200 vs ti4200 ?!?
Funny looking video card
Sound Card: Link to livining room's 5.1 speakers (not normal speakers for PC)
Video Card: TV as monitor
video recording question
Gainward or Leadtek
Sound Blaster Audigy Mp3+?
New Video Card Wanted
Voltage mod for Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 128MB
Holy Cow!
broken video card?
13k with AMD finally!!!!!
PC Speaker??
Just want to know
8500LE 250Mhz
Geforce 3
good headphone
Anyone ever had this happen?
Which cheap card for great tv-out quality and management?
abit gf3 ti200 DVI/tvout volt mod
Just got my new GF3 Ti200 back from the Gainward RMA department...
Over Clocking a Radeon 7500
blue monitor?!?
Should I replace the HS/RAM sinks?
Geforse 2 Driver Problems :(
Cant Get Sound To Work
Mac ADC to AVI adapter
will klipsch promedia 5.1 connect well with Herc. GTXP
Building Audio/Video System, Need Advice
Which of these 128 MB Ti4200 cards?
Lowest score you can get
My 3dMark2001SE Score: ATI8500
Small black line on screen!!
someone help with visiontek ti4600 o/c
Difference with 8500LE and 8500
AutoCAD users????
How's this 3DMark score?
radeon 7000 vs geforce2 mx
Video Problems
What is recomended?
Radeon 8500LE with 4ns mem... worth it?
17-19 inch monitor
what are specs on...
ATI Radeon 8500 or MSI Nvidia MX460??
Buying a new video card
8500 vs 4200
Help Low Fps W/ Radeon 8500le 128mb Ddr
OMG! Only 6500 3d Marks?!
2 Quick Questions
someone plz help...OC problems
Could the VGA card be the cause of this?
ASUS drivers or DetonatorXP?
how far to go?
extigy?? +other sound card Qs
Two Computers, One Monitor!
GF4 Ti4600 AA problems?
evil ogl stutter
Got My Retail 8500 128mb card yesterday
kyro 2 oc
4.1 sound problem
Question of gf2 and rage 128 pro
Laptop display conversion
Using ASUS tweak with the 440MX
why EMU10K runnin really hot!
4200 + CPU Question
What GF4 ti4200 would you get?
How to find out what speed the video card is running at?
softquadro and GF3
Did i do the right thing?
Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 128MB..good or bad??
msi ti4400 or msi ti4200 128meg?
Klipsch Promedia 5.1 THX speaker system worth the money?
Can't OC my ATI 8500
Price Drops
Game Theater XP
Need Help on Radeon 8500 LE
Newbie question about OEM Vid Cards
Dual LCD Video Card
Dual Monitors (Game & an App)
Video card O/C stability
Because i'm a moron!
TI4600 problem help please
what is the default core clock and memory clock for the gforce 4 mx 420?
which Geforce 4 ti4200??
Nvidia Refresh Problems
tv resolution wont go down
Innovision VS Leadtek and ASUS graphic boards
Help with sound card
Radeon 8500 Drivers
Good Quality Graphics Card for DVD Playback
Detonator 29.90
The First Victim of war is
Which soundcards have optical in/out?
Rage Pro and powerstrip
List your cards overclock,
securing a 'thermaltake' fan to my vid card
hehe just got my ti200 :D
WOOHOO! I just pre-ordered my R9700!
how far to overclock a GF4 Ti4600?
how far to OC Xtasy GF4 Ti 4200?
SBlive, or Fortissimo II??
wich video card?
Dude, i send Dell my broken Geforce 2, and get a different card back???
My Monitor wont sho bios screen.
My Radeon 9700 Pro Retail
Suddenly confused about DVI
gf4 OCing tool
new to overclocking video cards
can anyone help me fix my grapics card problem
sound problem...
sb audigy & winXP
Voltmod a Asus GF4 (V8440/Deluxe)
Think I want a 9700 but when!???
Help...Problem with AGP(PCI) mode!
Gainward GF4 rma
Can some on fill me in....
GF3 Waterblock question
hiccup in 3dmark2k1
MSI fan noise
ti4400 --> 9000+ to 5400? in 3dmark???
Ti500 now or ti4200 later?
Attention lonewolf1983... Here's a pic
Two Vid cards in a system
need the freshest information on Radeon 9700
Audigy Skipping Gone with WinAmp 3!
GF4 q
New drives...
3dMark Problem
compare a gainward geforce 3 original to the ti 200
Need some advice on a vid card.
3DMARK question
Help with AGP problem
got my GF4 4200
OC my Xtacy GF4 Ti4600
30.82 drivers are here
Radeon 8500 Dead!
Vid Card unable to start. Help!
Shared Soundblaster IRQ?
Soundblaster PCI 128 help needed
wc3 nad my video card
Can u overclock Atlantis Radeon 9000 64 meg ddr?
onboard graphics
64Mb 8500LE Pro OR 128Mb 8500LE OR G3 Ti500
tb cruz drivers?
problem-rejecting geforce 3 ti200
new nvidia cards?
Video card with S-video
8500 voltage mod. survey
Got my ram way up!
What is the best video and audio compression?
Sound Blaster Audigy Digital Entertainment
oem 8500 voltage mods
Got my Gainward today
Where does the radeon 9000 fit in.
Soundblaster Live! 5.1 problem, HELP!
What is a good mid range vid card?
Upgrading video card question
IRQ mania - look at this ;)
GF4 mx440 to Gainward GF4 ti4200
radeon 8500
What makes a good sound card??
2 Vid Cards=3 Outputs=3 Displays?
DVD sound problem.....
Window 2000 pro won't load
Damaged vid card
new vid card..
Anyone tried the new Radeon 8500 drivers?
Okay best card for $100 - $160 range?
R300 out early aug.19th. update!!!!
Anyone use Pine Technology cards?
Best video card for the money
Great Help Needed with Morrowind
radeon tweak
My TV has a S-Video in and I never new it!
Radeon 8500 retain flash
Your opinon on Chaintech
Uh-oh. In deep doodoo. Need advice.
what's the best?
AGP 8x
Radeon 8500DV AiW and Catalyst 2.2's
Omg, this is cheap...........
detonator driver issues, need help....
people with 7500's..
refresh rate problem with 8500 pro&Win98
What's a SAFE 8500 Core?
How to get AC3 signal from computer to reciever?
Installed an ATI 9000 Pro today
Holy Crow! ATI has a 9700 Pro now! LOL
Orbs Are Here
Horrible framerates on desktop
low 3d mark 2001 SE Score
MSI GF4 4600 Dead.........??
Catalyst 2.2
Looking for wolf demo
Yet another Radeon 8500 volt question
Crap... did I just nuke my 8500?
ATI vs. Nvidia
My Radeon 8500 64MB Retail ATI
Price of the ATI 9700
Soundblaster Audigy Volumecontrol problem
Cooljag on 128mb radeon 8500
Gainward: Is it live or is it Etrontech?
Speaker hack?
screen black on first boot
To RMA or not to RMA
I got the worst Gainward GF3 GS Ti200 on the planet
driver problem...
temps on a G4 ti 4400
Can you get 1500 from an mx200?
Delta 410
which is better the geforce 3 ti 200, ati radeon 8500 or ati radeon 9000?
Best Driver for STB Velocity 4400 ( TNT )
just wondering..
3dmark low xp 1600+ @ 1672mhz
ATI-TV Wonder freezes.....
Does this sound right for a 4600?
official 30.82 det's are out!!!!
Geforce 4 and high AGP rate...
overclocking gains on Ti4200
have to have one?
drivers??????????????whats better?????
what's the spec of this?
10,000!! I'm with the big boys now!
What is the point of flashing a video cards bios?
Unstable fps in Q3A
finally here
Mod Walkthrough: JAC 311 Tweakmonster -Ti4600
9700MAXX Dual Radeon 9700 VPUs on a card
ram timings on a visiontek GF4 mx440
Home made ramsinks!!
A REAL BitBoys Card
The best 19-in monitor
Coolbits test
WinXP and Video Cards
video card temp
Klipsch Promedia 5.1
video card advice
3dmark probelem - Faster CPU, same score?
Hey HEy HEy, 10K on its way very close .. 8500LE
Yet Another Newbie With A Question...
gainward 4200 3.3ns
Audigy plat or IT7 onboard sound?
Xabre or Mx440
3 monitors w/ this splitter? and @ diff res?
Last minute Decision Retail Radeon 8500 128mb or Abit siluro ti4200 64mb
Yet another speaker thread
Quadro 4 hack?
No boot-up on first Try!!!
dual monitor possible?
Need help with coolbits
Is running 3Dmark in loops concidered stress testing?
Sound Blaster Live problems
Need help ASAP
Riva Tuner Question
Need GF2, GF3 datasheets... for mounting holes
How much gain should I see?
Which 4200 128
radeon 8500
does anybody have the hercules muse 5.1 dvd soundcard?
Yipes! ATI 9700 to cost $399.00
Hi, I need help on Overclocking my geforce 4 Ti 4200
Most Overclockable Geforce4 ti4200 128mb
2x vs 4x AGP support
motherboards and MIDI ports
geforce2 ti overclocking
ThermalTake Copper for GF4 cards?
broke 10k but...
Help with Geforce 2 ULTRA
Trident gets into the fray!
Small Vid card problem :\
8500 w/dual monitors. different refresh/reso on each monitor?
Sound blaster live! 5.1 Win XP issues