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Radeon 8500 cooling
Fan replacement for Visiontek Ti200 suggestion.
R300 is here, finally
Home Theater System Help
Geforce ti 4200 64mb or 128mb?
digital out used on 2 satellite speakers
audigy installation problems
sound blaster live! value and fsb speeds
Help me Choose Some SPEAKERS!
Monitor ?
Can speaker fry you sound card?
CS stuttering
Overclocking Reg. hack needed
New ATI drivers and unknown devices, wtf!!!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!
HELP!!! My 3dmark2k1se score is way too low!!!
Audigy problems
GF2 and agp bus speed?
I have a 3d mark Question
GeForce Fan Problem
Live drive connector on the SB Audigy Platinum.
I did it!
Geforce4 Ti4200 and agp bus speeds
DirectX 8.1 Programs ...
NV30 uses 128mb QDR ram????!!!!
R250 to be released in 29 days, MSRP of $150
Leadtek gf4 ti4400 ....full screen video sucks!!?!?!
What Geforce4 Drivers are U running?
Gainward GeForce 4 4200
FSB and PCI video cards....
low low radeon 8500 score help!!! help!!!
Its here Matrox Parhelia 128MB
will upgrading video card not work my cpu so much when i paly computer games?
GF3 Ti200 vMod work on GF2 Ti?
Is this a good score?
is nevidia brand better than visiontech?
Dual Head Video
how Fast
Bought a muse xl but it's a 5.1 dvd
gf4 ti4200 128mb RAM Q
AGP 2X performing faster than 4x?
Survey from Nvidia
Where to buy...
"Nature" Benchmark in 3D Mark 2001?
Broke 9k!!!!! About time!
VooDoo 5500 Question......
Microsoft fix for Locking in XP with DX8.1 and AMD processors
3.6ns or 4.0ns ram on Radeon 8500? how do i find out?
How to remove LPF on Ti4600?
upgrade CPU or Videocard?
I like that one....
Radeon 8500 Acting up?
Anyway to overclock an ATI2000?
Which Brand Geforce4....
oem visiontek ti200 is not a joke right?
Pitiful performance.
overclocked GF2mx200 PCI not showing improvment
Problem with ATI catalyst drivers
is the ati all in wonder 32 mb good.
dvd decoder card
here is a deal PNY G3 64 DDR for $89.99 after rebate
links 4 eVGA Ti4200 or 4400 to buy in western canada anyone have
new agp card in an old hp = help!
WHy do video cards go in upside down?
what is a good program for tweaks?
new to overclocking,bout to overclock G2 and SCARED
Spotted Matrox Parhelia on pricewatch
overclocknig GF2mx200 with RIVA TUNER
Interesting to say the least
Prediction on NV30..
Leadtek GF4 4400 vs VisionTek GF4 4400 vs Gainward 4400
Did I toast my GF2?
overclocking PCI video cards
Game Theater XP and Windows XP
Something cool that UK people will like
Best Pci Card for a DULL
Will this short my board? Need IMMEDIATE Responce!
graphic problem after ocing
help with opengl
show me a GREAT LCD review! Need HELP picking an LCD
30.30 vs. Omega
What Is The Best Graphic Card !!!
I dun know if I am in the right section?
GF4 Ti 4200 64MB (Chaintech) or 128MB (MSI)
How to clean Leadtek GeForce 4 ti4400's filters??
64MB Asus V8420 TD GF4 Ti4200 Retail ? Help !
!!! Help Wanted !!!
should i get now a gf4 or wait to the nv30?
Best GF4 card??
Audigy 5.1 question
how to remove old drivers
Geforce 2 mx400 restart problem!
Major Problem with my LeadTek G4 Ti4600. Any help would be appreciated.
dif between msi ti4200 and ti 4400 ?
Is it really worth keeping the GF4 instead of waiting for the new ATI?
not running as fast as should be...
ASUS GF4 Ti4200 Any Feedback ???
Anyone know what the ram is clocked at on this Ti4200, plz let me know if ya know
AGP Fast Writes
Ati Drivers Aghhhhh
Whats the next step for NVIDIA and when?
SB Live or Audigy?
oh oh oh ooohhhhh! Here comes the R300'S! :)
ref rate fix progs
SBLive! 5.1 won't work on 98SE!!!
Prepare to be Stumped
Problem after installing new Det 30.30 drivers...
will ti4600 get cheaper?
R250 favors pentiums
Tweaked Drivers.
2909 3dmarks on gf2 mx 400 ok?
Show I OC my AGP BUS?
sick of waiting for Radeon 9700!
nVidia GeForce 2 Ti >ATI Radeon 7500 DDR
Ti4200 too hot?
device cannot start error in device manager
Best GF2 MX400 Overclock Ever??
What scores you getting with Geforce 4 ti 4200?
Homemade aluminum RAM cooler
what's better: gf3 ti 200 or radeon 8500
MSI GeForce3 Ti500 or ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb
How do I overclock my Nvidia Riva TNT2 16mb APG video card????
Great Article - Unreal 2003 and your video card & how it fares
UT and ATI Catalyst
Geforce 2 PRO problems
Can you recognize an overclocked graphics card???
very not so good 3dmark scores
New NVIDIA Detonator 30.30
AAH! Too many speakers...
OK, does any online store carry Built by ATI Radeon 7500's?
Has any one any helpfull hint of over clocking a Geforce 2 GTS
asus Ti4200 delux review (3.3ns memory)
Is there any point in having those super high frame rates?
30.30 Beta Drivers.
Overclocking a Voodoo 5500
Voodoo5500 only AGP2X??
OpenGL Benchmark
Look at this beauty
Any difference between Radeon 7000 and 7200?
Best/Fastest PCI Video Card?
wich ATI should i get????
need question answered
msi ti4200 and xp home
Muse 8738 4.1 W2k, no front sound
gainward gf4 ti4200
Problem!!!! Booting with a GeForce2 MX400 Card!!
What do I need to edit to be able to...
Why hasn't anyone overclocked the Matrox Parhelia 512 yet!!!!???
How high have G3 Ti500's overclocked to particularly MSI brand
More speed, less 3DMark-s
Return of the See-Through Drivers
Clock rate from ATI' new wonder :)
G3 Ti200 problems w/setup need ur help
.bin file
30.30 dets are out.....
How to test video card heat??
More GF4 questions....
i845G & GeForce2MX, which is better?
Interesting glitch in 3dmark 2k1...
for those who use tv out on an ati card(and perhaps nvidia too).....
11k stock!!!????
why is my geforce3 score so low?
Can't decide between GF3 TI 500 and GF4 TI 4200
new to this
Oc'ing a Ti 4600
Quanity or Quality: A poll
Gaming with Sound Blaster 5.1
Question /feedback from Ti owners , all flavours
Anyone got one of these??
extigy soundcard usb and logitech quickcam express
All that work for nothing!
GF2Ti vs GF4MX
Alternative site to get Omega/Plutonium 1107 Win2K?
No Sound!!
Can you overclock a Radeon 7500?
The best brand of GF4 Ti4200 boards
What speeds are ATI's Radeon 7000 OEM?
geforce3-4 mounting bolts??
EVGA GeForce4 Ti 4200 128, any good?
Where do you find high res monitors?
Quick help, please!
Ok, SERIOUSLY this time, Drool! DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.7k with ti4400 272 to 12k!!!!
Matrox's Parahelia wtf
XPs, P4s, G3s and G4s
NV18 is a very interesting graphics chip!
What is the best gaming pci videocard?
Does anyone know how to change IRQ in Win2k?
ti 4200 with 128 to ti 4400
Installing a fan on a card using a stock cooler
Im chuffed :D
For all you Video Card junkies out there....
Cant play games, why?
do u know?
Ti4400 vs. 4600
MSI G4MX460-VTP Problems
What's an Artifact?
Can my ATI Radeon 8500 break 10000 3dmarks?
Dell laptop 1.6p4 & Gf4 mx 440 go benchie
Asus TI4400 or Leadtek TI4400??
Do the Compaq Audigy drivers improve sound quality?
pny ti4400 bios!!!!
overclocking GF4 4200 TI???
Center channel has no sound while playing mp3's
ATI CATALYST driver version 02.1 PATCH for GTA3
Anyone running an ATI AIW Radeon 7500 > 66mhz AGP?
nVidia Det. Driver Comparison
Creative Labs Audigy - Difference in Models?
Drool! I SAY DROOL!!!!!!!!!! OMFGWTFITHS!!!!!!
Low End Card?
Ram help plz
8500 TV out Question
Dolby Surround hack, Dolby on the cheap.
Aureal Vortex 2 Windows 2000 Sound fix
Some Radeon 8500 Tweaking Help - Rade3D Tweak
GF3-ti200 1st oc results how do they compare
anyone using DVI-D on 8500LE????
should I knock these pins out??? (dvi-i to dvi-d)
BIOS flashing a "Hybred" Ti4200 to a Ti4600
HELP - my LCD DVI cable wont fit in to 8500LE DVI connector (??!!)
how can i tell if i have a 1.5v agp card?
Overclocking the Abit G4 4200?
Ok now that Im back to a Nvidia based card, what Driver are you all using?
15,000 3DMarks out of the box?
ram sinks
Radeon 8500
Dungeon Siege brings even my Ti 4600 to its knees!!!
GF3 ti200 = ti500?
GF2 MX400(people that have overclocked this card)
Video overclocking KIT????
3DMark 2001 score horrendously low...what to do?
my next gfx card HELP!
y is my 3dmark so low
Ati Supposedly announces Radeon 8500 MAXX
What would be the best Air cooling solution for my new Ti 4600?
any idea?
Radeon 8500 major problems
Pixelview 64MD TI4200 Anti-Aliasing Problem!!!
Audigy XP problems
News about what the NV30 will offer:
Confused !
CTX PL510G Jumping
Flicking Screen on DVI with convertor on GigaByte AP64D 8500LE
whats vivo?
possible to epoxy sk-6 to a gf3?
S/PDIF optical...but no sound????
preview of agp 4x VS 8x
What temps are GeForce4 GPUs safe to run at?
ASUS V8420 Deluxe..;) nice!
Radeon 8500DV AIW question
ATi8500 vs G3 Ti200
P.O.S. Radeon 7500
ti4400 volt/mod blues....
Just wanted to say thanks.
Upgrading fro a GF 2 Ultra,need advise
sound card
Whats the best overclocking utility for the gfx card - i'm curretnly using RIVA tuner
Audio randomly stops playing
GF3 Ti-200
Visiontek OEM warranty
ti 4200
Visiontek GF4 4200 128MB - artifacts/glitches on stock
is my GF2 PRO 1.5V???
S3Savage video card?
Geforce 4 display issues? anyone
Why do we bitch at the MX series ???
Good Video Cards
Which is the better value
Blarg two monitors
S-video Just Black & Withe
8500 driver?
Ti4200 overclocking
anyone with gf3/4 and abit at7 please post!
why is visiontek ti200 so cheap?
is an ati radeon 7500 with 64 ram better than gefroce 2 ti with 64 meg ddr?
ATI Rage 128
Ti4200 from suma with 128megs of 3.3ns bga ram
Woohoo, VIVO at high resolution
more vid card
Display Card
8500 and Win XP
Silver colored PCB for Vid Card
Take A Look
OCing Radeon 32ddr with Omega Drivers v2.4.31a
BIOS Flash Error
Omega Nvidia Drivers
Voltmod almost gone bad...
problem with sound
ATI Radeon 8500 6094 Catalyst 02.1 drivers are quite nice!!!
Help me decide!
When Geforce5?
Need some help with this ti4600.
a few problems, please help..
is 8500LE much better then GF2 PRO?
ATI 128Pro or Voodoo3 2000?
Graphics Card: To Be Or Not To Be!
my vid card
Problems playing DVDs on TV w/ TV-out
eVGA vid card
SBLive!5.1 and Via KT333 problem!
how many frames you get on SOF 2 double helix
Someone get me a shrink!
what driver is he using???
How to make these drivers work???
geforce4 Ti4200 or geforce Ti500
the xabre video card???
SB Audigy crackling sounds
How do i get in vidcard bios
Frame rate
dts decoders and sound cards
help with pinout of s-video input asus
Voodoo 5 overclocking
which 8500
keep GF2 PRO or buy 8500LE???
Creative Geforce 4 440mx
Poll: What Should Be The Official Name For NV30?
z560's & audigy
My Prolink GF4 Ti4200 died after 4 hours !!
Cooling Geforce 2 MX200 32mb
Radeon 8500 bios NTSCL/PAL
GeForce 4 MX 440 VS GeForce 3 Ti 200
good new game to test , GOT OCLOCKING URGE AGAIN
GF4 Ti 4200 now or wait for 4400 to drop?
can we revive her?
where do i get riva tuner from
What is Nvidia Driver Helper?
Price Check on Isle Five
VP6 & ATI AIW-8500DV Help!
Software Direct3D
Geforce 4 tweak utility
is this total crap?
what a dumbass gf3 ti200 twice as faster than a radeon?
SB Audigy Platinum Ex Problems
GeForce Becomes 10% Faster On July 15th...
R300 and R250 pictures
How do I attach a fan to GPU
Sblaster: Dos and WinXP, help is neeeded
what headset to buy?
Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 LE 128MB mem
At the end of Coolbits ... now what ... i wanna go higher
Geforce4 TI 4600 card
The deal with core/memory setting
z-560's... help!
DVI-to-Component Video?
HELP! I messed up my card ;(
new card with decent LCD/DVI support
Nvidia tweak utilities
can you glue a heatsink on?
need a GF4 O/C progie besides Riva Tuner...
What is AGP Pro? And why would I want it?
Which Card?
ACS56 anyone?
Help with ATI Rage Fury Pro!!! Please!!!
limited knowledge
Overclocking Geforce 3 any advice please
u got problems wif this card
just a tick to tell me whick one u like better
Geforce 2 pro 64mb DDR
My new GeForce Card
what is the standard?
Why does my TV out with an AiW7500 blow?
What are your speakers pumping?
Oc’ing a Geforce 4
GF4 MX440 on a BD7 mobo
GF4 Ti4200 aweful performance! PLZ HELP!
Video Settings
8500's new driver...
8500DV recording video from on screen...
thermaltake g4 cooler???
Parhelia availible at newegg soon?
Inno3d GF2 mx400 OC & Bios
My ideas for a GPU heatsink!
Just got my Abit Siluro 64mb 4200...
Hercules 64MB Geforce 2 Pro or MSI 64MB Geforce 4 MX440????
ATI Radeon 9700 comeing up ! ! !
winfast Geforce 4 ti 4200 64mb or Gigabyte 8500LE 64mb what card better for.....
4X AA??? What does it mean?
guess this score is somewhat low...
ti200 problems
GeForce 4 to Quadro 4?
Best Video Card 75 or less
Geforce 3 ti 200 64mb or ATI 7500 64mb
Damn, Radeon 8500LE is scary!
new guy with questions
pencil vmod
Radeon 7000 PCI Problem
need power color mx 200 bios
Riva Tuner newb
A couple of problems
P10 Power and Rendering
questions about audio CODECS
HDTV Tuner cards anyone?
Geforce 3 ti 200 or Geforce 4 mx 420?
GeForce2-~Scrambled image?HELP
Overclocking GF2MX
Good GeForce 4 440Mx oc'ing software?
Some questions on 3d mark test scores.....
Are Benchmark scores affected by vid card performance?
Best under $70
Help! Artifacting!
Motherboard / video card compatibility
misterious 8x agp video card? not nvidia, not ati, who?
want to use a remote
Gamer XP
i finally caved in...
ti4400 overclocks????
ABIT Ti4200 64MB DDR
4200 - 8500
huge vid card shootout at anandtech
Radeon 9700 is next up from ATI
is this fan good?geforce
can i use the Corb with this card?
9996 points in 3D Mark 2001SE with a GF2 PRO???
Soundcard Upgrade
AIW ATI Radeon 8500 & Satallite?
hook up video or cd to tv?
3dLabs is my hero!
Capture quality of a MSI GF4 4400?
PNY or Visiontek for GF3
???/??? ?
Sound / Vid card suggestions?
masi pny - visiontek
ABIT BL7 Doesnt recognise Audigy!
Remove heatsink of geforce 4
What to do with this 8500??
AIW ATI 8500 Buy now or Wait?
Diablo 2 with Catalyst Drivers
monitor settings
Riddle Me This-Two Video Cards, One Desktop...Can It Be Done On Windows ME?
XP333 Sound problems help!
Best 19" CRT monitor?
For anyone who bought a visiontek gf4 ti4200 from best buy in the last 30 days
Asus 4600 or msi 4600
Voltage mod for ti4600
GF4 TI4600: Anyone With This Card, Read This Thread!
Something I noticed...
G3Ti500 vs. G4Ti4200 128mb
POLL: How often do you change videocards?
gainward geforce 3 powerpack ti450 overheat problems!
canīt get my audigy to work with my nic
2 klipches 2.1 speaker set -up?
anyone with a radeon 7500 DDR 64mb?
Ge 4 ti 600 problems
Soundblaster Live Drivers for Windows 98
how can u tell when ur overclocked graphics card is reaching the limit?
T.V. Monitor
GF4 ripple in games?
what program can i use to find out the temp. on my video card?
has anyone overclocked any PCI interface graphics cards?
is the gforce4 mx 420 PCI the same speed as the geforce 4 mx420 AGP?
ati tv wonder(usb)/poor quality...?
Audigy, XP, and Inspire 5300 combo problem
Old Matrox Card Better Than My Current?
which is better
3dmark is a little choppy
Problem with Geforce 4
overclock doesn't stay on startup
ATI AIW 8500DV Driver Upgrade
Video Card overclocking...
Matrox's Answer to Poor Gaming
Video Upgrade Recommendations
hahaha!!! I need selt belts on my chair! New speakers!
Feedback please
Thinking on upgrading
Video Card Advice/Help
ti4400 overclocks??whatyagot??
what is the highest 3d2001se mark ever?
PCI vs. AGP?
monitor or no monitor, that is the question
Could someone plz help me choose a good performance/capture solution
Forgive me for being such a beginner...
Sapphire 8500's
Can I get 4x AGP on a Abit KT7a with a gForce 2 MX?
I dun know what had gone wrong
aaahhh so many companies
OOOOHHHH!!! 3-D glasses
RDRAM and AGP 4x vs DDR and AGP 8x
How can I tie the line-in on one soundcard to the output on another?
Better Sound
3DMark 2001 SE
Abit Suliro G4 4200 Question