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Best card for streaming movies
Matrox Parhelia-512 Out in Japan
11.6k ti4400???Any good
Dungeon Siege Benchmark test?
How HOT is your GF3? Mine is burning
Radeon 8500 help...
8500LE, Ti200 128MB, or Ti500 64MB?
Buying a Video Card
Actual GPU not flat.
2 random questions :)
REMOVE Artic alumina thermal adhesive
madonion problem
Gf 440MX 64Mb
What GFX card to buy???? Pls need help fast!!!!
Opinions on system needed. Pls take a look!
my gf 4 ti 4200 is faster than a gf 4 ti 4600! look! :P
Why are nVidia's drivers crashing my computer?
Quadro hack (does it really work?)
Creative Labs Geforce4 Ti-4400?
Stupid glitchy lines! Someone please help me.
Voltage Mod for TNT2 m64
with 8x agp, does this mean time for a new mobo? or bios update?
gainward ti4200 and gigabyte mobo problem
1X+ AGP on Irongate Chipset?
Radeon9500 MAXX
Quick Choice!
AIW GeForce 4!!!!!!!
whixh is better grainwood or abit gf4 4200?
Best Video Card for under $80 (or around there)
Looks Like the Door Might Be Open For ATI
GeForce Ti4600 128MB
dell 2.26 ghz with ti4600 overclocking ?
Is this card any good?
DVI Video Cards with NT Drivers?
AGP clock speed limits?
For you O/C vets
looking for wisdom
Gainward OC sux but kick butt performance?
V-Modding a GF4
8500 resitor mod clarification
Inno 3d Geforce 3 ti200
Quick! 7500 vs. GF3 Ti200
connecting my computer to a TV.
Agp 2x 4x
Point of view 4200 with 3.3 ns memory
RivaTuner 2.0 RC 11 now available!
S/U/M/A cards 2D quality- anybody?
best nvidia gf4 cooler?
laptop video card
GF4 Ti4400/4600's Roundup!!
hissing noises when recording
Soundcards and Console Gaming
vmodding my gf2 ti
Are you shure you´re getting the best of your videocard? Read this
what is the best graphics card for gaming?
Gainward Geforce3 Ti200
Does refresh rate matter if you are using GF4 digital OUT?
Abit Siluro
GeForce4 MX420?!?!?!
AGP 2x is faster than AGP 4x!
Breaking 11000 pts
Need some help with French
Ti4200 overclocking
128 Bit Colour Ati !!!!!!!!!!
DirectX 8.1b now availible (Final, not a beta)
abit BD7 Motherboard does not recognize abit GF4 MX Pro video card
Visiontek 4600 vivo problem
Do I need to replace fan of Gainward GF3 Ti200?
ATI Radeon 9500 Benchmarks!
Anyone have experience with the Chaintech Ti200
Pixelview GF4200 64MB ready for 300/600??
GF3 Ti 200 Help
List of all nvidia OEMs... help?
yr opinions plz
Milky Star Video Cards
help me choose
Graohics aperature
Just got 8500 AIW 128 & got some question's
on board video
Physical size difference........
Help setting up video card
What is the best manufacturer of GeForce Cards???
ATI Radeon 8500 128MB vs. Gainward Ti4200 128MB
589% Performance Increase!
a little confused
geforce 3 help
Post your Gainward 64mb 3.5ns TI4200 overclocks here..
video card recomendations???
Parhelia- How much could performance be boosted?
Geforce drivers
testing sound
update on Parhelia: hate to say i told u so....
NView digital vibrance question?
Geting a geforce 4,,,, confused?
taking off the heatsink from Radeon 8500
Video Card Race Down to 3!!!
overclocking my geforce 2 gts: problems
PARHELIA review by thg link in post
3DMark results LOW!!!
a problem with many brands of video card
How high can you overclock??
3DMark2k1SE Questions/Prob
Connecting my computer to a TV
Radeon 7500 Overclock
problem that needs to be solved
4x and 2x agp
what v-card should i get?
how to difference
P10 review
Whats the Best Geforce4 4400
Parhelia reviews tomorrow am
ATI Radeon 8500 128MB Retail Comes with 3.3ns BGA??!!
AGP Fast Writes BIOS setting for GeForce3's
dual displays!
graphics on SDRAM Vs. DDRAM
4200 roundup, finally.
TNT detenators vs Office 2000... who wins?
VisionTek GeForce 2Ti Questions
Crazy card !!!
8500 tv-out not working
i dont get this 8500le - retail bios HELP
8500 volt mod - have you done it?
VERY Confused about R250...
this has prob been posted before, but whats the best geForce 4 card out?
New detonators 29.80
MPLL doubling...
Anyone know where in the Win98 registry you go to change what CD player it uses?
Introducing the 3Dlabs Wild Cat VP...
Geforce 2 Ti with 3.8ns RAM or Geforce 2 Ultra!!
8500dv voltage mod
AS3 on GF4?
Problems with WinFast A250 Ultra TD
Surround Gaming - The next big step!
ATI AIW 8500DV Settings in Rage 3d
Mobile O/C Qs.
Direct X problem
OMG 240FPS with the new drivers.
Looking for a new video card
---Starfoxes Free GF4 Ti 4600 Plan---
pci videocard with dual head and tv-out
how do you oc agp without pci?
Are the RAM chips damaged one by one?
3d mark 2001 nature test
help with the radeon
Ati Aiw 8500dv
AGP texture filtering
New Detonator drivers omg!
Are the new Det's any good?
Anyone getting bad FPS in Counter-Strike
Have a LOT of monitors??
ATI 8500 vs GF 4600 ?
HELP: To all of you with dual monitors
8500 Vs. gf4
DirectX Uninstall Help
desknote video
gf4 mx440 DDR
video card issues
how far you got on your ti4400?
is it safe?
Time to sell your Voodoo card! Time to finally upgrade.
NvCplDaemon error
TI 4600 overclocking
Wide Screen Format on gf3 ti500
A CRT to TV product
All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 or G-Force 4 4600
which sound system?
GF4 Ti4200 Disappointment!!!
3dfx, Gigapixel, and Nvidia in one core. The GeForce Succesor.
ti4200 64mb (3.5ns) vs ti4200 128mb (4ns)
Vid Card help. :(
Mounting holes on the GF4?
Get a Ti-4200 or wait for R250?
Gainward 64mb 3.5ns Ti4200 reviews??
Buy Radeon 7500 Where?
Need Drivers
NEWBIE Overclockin Video Card...
Display Calibration
Win2K locks under Radeon8500/direct3D
Audigy OEM
regretting this purchase of a radeon 8500...help please
A problem with my vid card...
The Next Generation Of Video Cards: The 4 Contenders
What is the Refresh Rate?
Tv tuner software
I am new to ATI
Refresh Rate / Flickering Problem - My Eyes Hurt
Problem with installing Turtle Beach Santa Cruz in a TH7II-RAID machine.
hey how do u kno how fast the ram can go with the ram ns speed?
What brand VC oc's the best...
RADEON 8500 128MB DDR good or bad?
Who here has a soundblaster live platinum 5.1 card?
Blorb or Stock?
Dare I speaketh here?? Or wil't I die-eth
Default clock speeds for PNY GF4 TI 4400?
Which is better??
470 3DMarks any good?
Radeon 8500 for 3D Graphics??
Anyone else running GF4 on BX mobo?
Tutorials on Tweak Programs wanted...
Getting most out of my card
Burning in the video card
Do different overclocking programs make any difference?
Best Sound Card $70
I messed up BIG didnt i?
Clock Speeds!
Anyone have the Creative Inspire 4.1 4400's?
Ati Tv wonders
Hypothetical Overclocking questions...
routing tv through the cpu...
tv out problem
Q on Gainward G4 Ti4200 settings?
Overclocking GeForce 2 MX??!?!
Need video card help in the next hour!!!
Whoever recommended those Logitech Z540 speakers thanks!
Upgrade GF2MX 400 Bios?
nVidia NV30 specs?
$35 agp vid
Whats better 4 ocing geforce3 or the geforce3 ti200?
vmod on an ATI 128 RADEON 8500LE
Need a cheap pci video card to use for dual display
Robanton GF3 Ti200
New Radeon Drivers!!
Overheating Leadtek Ti4400
Drivers for TI 4200
Pants frame rate in Dungeon siege!!!!!
Best way to get GPU temp?
GF4 Problem
Gainward GF4 TI4200 Prob with Winxp
Need help Quick!
Maxing out an nForce
gforce 4 ocer
3dMark 2001SE on CD?????
Maximizing Klipsch Potential
Do Radeon 8500's run cooler than GF4's?
video card for dual monitors
VIVO not working? Virtual Dub says that it can't capture anything...
Help, I need Vfwwdm.drv and Vfwwdm32.dll, my win98 cd got scratched and I need them!
How high did you get your Geforce 2 Ultra??
GF4 temp readings?
Please Pick one for me
SBLive updated drivers?
dumb question about new video card installation
My Ti 4400 killed XP Installation!!!
Visiontek MX440
´Performance difference between Kyro II and Geforce II Ultra?
Radeon cards
Cooljag or ThermalTake GF4 Fan?
Help needed.........
Need 2pc speakers with both headphone & microphone jacks
How to do a Gainward Ti200 Volt Mod
Mory praise to eVGA
New hercules sound card
ATI All in Wonder PCI 8meg
PNY 64mb Ti 4200
SBlive (and USB) technical info
Logitech Z560 Problems
wanting to add a second monitor...
geoforce ti4400 cooling
??? Sound Card Overclocking ???
TEC Condensation prevention
New challenge... old card...
nView problem
ti 4200 Vs ti 4400 &ti4600
gf3 ti 200 64-128
quick question, best driver for Riva TNT 16 card
Lowest 3D mark...
total n00b question
radeon 7200 fan header output voltage?
Is my bud's Ti200 crap?
Can a monitor affect performance?
GeForce4 Fan #2
I need opinions por favor! =)
need original software for my SB Audigy Mp3 card!!!
geforce 4 mx 420
radeon bios?? anyone try this?
vmod for the old Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO
GeForce 4 Fan
VisionTek Xtasy Ti4600 - PC6400
visiontek geforce3
chaintek gf3 ti200 oc
My Ti200 overclock - What do you think?
Need to find the perfect monitor
Geforc3 drivers for CS
Game theater 6.1 OMG
urgent tv out help!!!
Getting either a 955DF or E90f
GeForce2MX vs TNT2Ultra
built by ati drivers on powered by
Bladerunners done it again
Stereo connections for PC?
Anyone buy ProLink PixelView Ti4200 recently?
Practical uses of nView?
Why Nvidias new Cg language really scares me
AGP 4X data transfer?
fps locked
new vid card
3.3ns ATI's out!!
What the heck is SPDIF
anyone have a g4 ti4200 vivo?
Low 3d mark scores with Ti4400
ATi catalyst drivers
ABIT strikes back - Ti4200 with 3ns memory
Logitech Z560 needs a good matching sound card
--Need AC97 Help--
Video Quality
crystal orb w/artic silver compound question
Abit IT7 and Sound
Which vid card for price and games?
Anyone still like their Geforce 3 Classic?
finally found out why my 3dmark score was errattic-3dmark team READ ME
Will Ti4400 GS work w/ older MB?
for all you looking at 8500le's...
help choosing a GeForce
overclocking with Live! and G3Ti200.
Leadtek GF3 Ti200 Any Good?
128 or 64MB Geforce4?
New ATI Drivers(Catalyst) and article
cant get gainward Geforce4 Ti4200 to work right!!!
anyone have trouble with CREATIVE DXR3 card?
How to Remove nVidia Drivers
Performance Difference between GeForce 4 Ti 4200 64Mb or 4400 128Mb
MSI G4 Ti4200
Got my new radeon card!
3dmark2001se patch
Any other All-In-Wonder type video cards
any know were to find Geforce data sheets?
problems in 3dmark2001
BRAND new ati 8500 driver dated TODAY
Is it possible that Windows Me is slower?
Sound Card Memory
RV250 Info.
need help on supermonitor project
8500le adapter question
What is Better....just some pro's con's ?
3.5ns ram on my Gainward Ti200?
Radeon 7500 Overclocking & Scores
get aload of this everybody
Matrox Parhelia.
Overclock a Geforce2MX
Overclocking The Sound Blaster Live! / Audigy!
video card problem ( dual monitor)
Heat sink of the Visiontek Xtasy 4600
question can u push ur card to the limit?
GeForce -to-> Quadro Soldering Mod.
Taking Off GF3 HS
Sound Card Overclock
Uninstall nVidia drivers in w2k
DDHelp errors
Is it just me? Or does no one else care about Detonator leak anymore...
New GF4 copper cooler
Det. 29.60 Betas
Digital Viabrance problems w/ GF4.
new ti4400?
GigaByte 8500Le and Dual Monitors
Post your best STOCK OVERCLOCK for the 4400 and 4600
nView with new 29.42 Dets
Opinions please!~!
help o/c GeForce 2 ti
what's 2x, 4x, quincunx antialiasing and 4xS (direct 3d only)?
Regarding a Card
code creatures 3d benchmark
Sound Blaster Live! and Via Chipsets
radeon 7500
video card comparsion
Which Geforce 4 Ti 4200?
need help
AA Adhesive & GPU's - I need a lesson
Ti4200: Held back by CPU?
MSI GF4 4200 Bench marks
Pine XFX Geforce4 TI 4200
Geforce4 HOT!!
Switching video cards
Radeon 7500 - Blackout
Got my Radeon, and did my first go @ 3dMARK.
geforce 4 ti4200 HELP!!!
geforce 4 4600
29.42 official Windows® XP Driver
Gf3 highest GPU speeds?
GTAIII freezing up. Video card problem?
Best Speakers?
Overclocking a GeForce 2 MX 400
Whats the real deal with LCD- to game or not to game?
Anyone ever make a Digital Video Recorder?
Best 19" Monitor
Irq Radeon 75000
Which Card?
Crappy Vertex Shader Marks...
What gives? A fight w/my MOBO Bios
Radeon 8500LE vs Gainward GF4 4200
non-golden sample gainward?
Triple screen anyone?
Which ti4200 can handle high fsb on mobo with out apg speed adjuster
3d Mark2001
Radeon 9500 release date
how do Altec LAnsing AVS500's sound? or should I hook up my stereo to my box?
agp clip
My take on the refresh rate bug
have a few question regarding 8500 radeon
250 top for my 8500
monitor acts like it's unpluged.
Question about the temp of of my geforce 2?
RTCW and ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb
Problem with new system +ti200
3d Benchmarks!
PNY owners please read....... your thoughts....
ISA-PCI Adapter?
Gf3ti200 o/c questions....
gefoorce 3 ti200 vs voodoo3
Do AGP card to PCI slot adapter cards exist??
Ntsc- Pal
GeForce 4's don't like high FSB?
MSI GeForce4 Ti 4400 fan
Woooooooooohoooo 12k On 3d Mark
New Audigy Drivers
pny geforce 3 ti200 cooling?
Speaker decision
3dmark: Is this good?. can I go farther
ATI R300 specs !
Is it possible??
my system specs
GT60(ti4600) with 2 analog monitors?
help me decide
Uninstalling Nvida drivers
Help with settings for a GF4 440Mx
Getting the alumina off
PerPixel Lighting
NV18 In August
Geforce 2Ti Memory over 505Mhz?
just got a pny g4 ti 4400....wow !!!!!!!
Any thing have better sound quality than my SB Audigy Platinum?
8500 and the theatre chip, why?
Gainward GF4 Ti4200
MSI GF3Ti200 Pro-TD128 128M DDR TV-Out, Any good?
Help with an old Trident 2MB, and a Samtron monitor (refresh rate woes)
OC issue
How to flash the 8500le
Is it better?
How to tweak the max outta a gf2?
64mb or 128mb, which is better for Ti4200????
which card would be best for slower sys.
ATI all-in-wonder
average gf4 score
Where is this OC'ers.com 3dmark team?
Is it dead???
i fried my damn vid card
I love Matrox
help me out with some tweaks
GeForce4 Ti-4200 or Radeon 8500? Can't decide..
Wow.. Great 3dMark score with 7500
on board sound or separate sound card?
I need some good tweaks formy ge 4 ti 4600 :(
im dumb when it comes to videocards
HOT vram
GFX on budget
Radeon 8500 oc damage tv-out?
How to remove stock geforce 2 heatsink
Monitor Wire Frayed...How can I replace???
The old debate on cooling BGA memory
99.00 PNY GF3 question?
crystal orb Qs
Best price
Help me find the compression type
which one is better?
Pins on ATI Radeon 8500 LE
Problems with Smoke, Radeon 7500
sb live value and BD7II problems
What program can i use to overclock my Geforce 4 mx420 PCI?
It worked hahahaha
Gainward Ti4400 pulled from Newegg product lists.
Ti-4600's Which Brand?
GF4 Ti 4200 Super performance - lockups!!!!
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz + Logitech Z-560 = Audio Bliss
GEforce 4 MX440 weirdness
FSB and AGP????
Crappy Fan on Visiontek Ti 500
I am comparing 2 video cards, I need opinions on which one is better.
help on video card
Am i missing something??
Someone please explain the Sandra Benchmarks to me!!
whats better
sound card
Best Software for overclocking geforce4 ti 4400?
Looking for a good sound card
Radeon Ve