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Audigy X-Gamer VS. Game Theater XP
active mem cooling.
Just ordered a Radeon 8500
gf3 ti500 power needs
fegorce TI 4200 or 4600
RMA decision
Just for a show of hands! Who here is ocing a Radeon 8500 w/ stock cooling?
"Bulk" Visiontek Geforce 3 Ti200
Anybody have this problem with a 4200?
for those dissing Ati drivers...
When is AGP 8x slated to debut and will it matter?
3dmark2k1 games question...
Geforce 2 pro 64mb overclock
anyone have a g4 ti4200?
Visual problems sometimes on my Geforce2.. what could be causing it?
Gliches in Explorer 6 with Gigabyte 8500!
For anyone with Audigy and KR7A - and have problems
Volume Display
Audigy - Buy or not?
pny geforce 3 ti200
an unusual question about sound
Video card suddenly isn't 3D capable?
Inverting Laptop Screen Image? (mounting laptop upside down)
29.42's are out
a decision...help!!! 8500 or 4200 ???
which one is better? the Radeon 7000 64MB DDR SDRAM or Geforce 4 MX420 64MB sdram?
8500le here, 2 things left, help
what is the best PCI interface video card???
Which Radeon 8500?
JUST ARRIVED 8500 128. what do i do now?
how do i know when to stop pushin my mem?
Crappy GF3 TI-200
Video Card problem..
powered by ATI
Will Ti200 or Ti4200 affect system stability
LOL RageIIc @ 95MHz (default 60MHz)
Xtasy or PNY Verto??? which one is better
Radeon 8500 watercooled and v-moded pic's
8x AGP ...which cards are/will be?
GF4 Ti Reference HSF
Sound blster 16 pci, still worth it?
It's time to play... how much can this hold!
Anyone had problems with the Gainward ti4400 card?
Overclocking an old TNT2
GF4 Ti4600 - Voltage Mods ? ? ? ? ?
HELP: Powerstrip registration
If you overclock your GFX card too much, what damage does it do?
Geforce 3 Ti200?
What causes ths type of problem?
Which Geforce4 TI 4200 card
which vid card
3d mark playing up help!!
Can someone
Correct me if I'm wrong, but...
what does refresh rate mean
Need help finding this video card??
please help with agp question?
Can different detonators cause stability problems?
Audigy Gamer
Audigy & Klipsch 5.1 rear channel woes
strange behaviour after flashing the bios.
Radeon Rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is kinda weird/cool...
359 / 540 Mhz MX440... trying to go faster
SB Live getting static with XP
Finally got my gainward ti 4200
GTS won't overclock with XP
New System...new Card!!!
dual video cards
Installed Radeon 8500, get about 3 fps! Please help.
Need input on KR7A-133/Audigy problems
EAX Advanced HD: Is it really worth it?
Radeon 7000 32mb Ddr W/tvout
why cant I o/c whatsoever.. helpp!!
hmm g force o/c what will I need
S-video in/out?
Abit GF4 4400 = NICE!
3dmark scores (newbie question)
g4 ti4200 bios version. wha cha got?
Huge 2400x600 picture (Matrox Parhelia)
Hehe... got an idea...
RADEON problems
GeForce4 Ti
Video overclocking! need help!
D3D Render Creation Error
What's really faster for gaming?
where can i get some good mem cooler for my Radeon?
how do I...
Video problem need help..
Video card air/water cooling options
something must be wrong! O/C
Is a Robanton GeForce3 Ti200 64MB Card any good?
Geforce 4 4400 and abit kt7a raid?
Cheapest good Video Cards?
what program I need to use the video in of my video card?
all you 8500 people out there...
Thank you :) - Please read if you replies to any prior post from me
How much should I pay for a GeForce3 Ti200 ?
Digital Sound Card?
sorry 3D mark score!
Got to upgrade...
Epox and GForce 4 Ti 4600 help needed.
Help! System won't recognize onboard Iwill XP333 sound?
Firewire problems
Question about nvidias nforce gpu.
Low FPS with newest drivers for XP.
Ti4200: Gainward, Leadtek, Xstasy or Prolink?
will this work
Help with Riva Tuner 2.0RC10.2
who thinks i can pull this off
GIGABYTE AP64D - Radeon 8500LE - V-Tuner not loading ...
LOL! ATi Rage IIc overclocking!!
Any suggestions
Overclocked Monitors
cant oc with new geforce3 ti500
New ATI OpenGL Driver Released
Geforce memory timings (NOT speed)- possible?
DVD codec for XP
Messy install
3d mark scores 2002.. what did you get?
video card bios - what else does it do?
Overclocking 8500 (ARTIFACTS??)
"World’s Fastest GeForce4 Ti4200: 308MHz Chip and 708MHz Memory!"
9000 3dmarks good for an Radeon 8500?
people with geforce4 ti4200
Dont Use Rage3d Tweaker
V5 drivers for XP Pro
my hunt for a nice 8500le is over, i hope!
Did my video card ruin my motherboared
TV out help please
Radeon 8500 RAM DAC
my 3dMark 2001 SE went crazy
Need help overclocking 8500~~
crazy stuff
Need a solution for what could be a very simple problem!
any clocker programs for g4 go higher than 315/560
Best brand of GeForce 4 Ti4600??
HELP! Leadtek Geforce2 problem
3dfx V5 Question...
Suddenly I can't overclock the memory...
Volt Modding a Ti4400
geforce4 mx440 - help please
question about geforce 4
help!!! my SB CT4170(ISA)!
watercooling geforce4 ti4400
NEW PC crashes for Unknown reason!!
NVIDA RIVA TNT2 32mb help
potentialy serious problem with omega DRIVERS XK1.0.71a
Dell GeForce3 Ti200 and latest MSI BIOS
250Mhz Visiontek GF2 Ti?
Did i make a good choice?
some speakers to add...
This is what John Carmack had to say about Nvidia vs ATI and why he choose ATI for D3
LEAST expensive dual monitor card?
Radeon 8500 Heat output Mystery
Very hot Radeon 8500
Pny Verto GeForce 4 Ti 4400 temps
ATI Radeon 8500LE
fitting a geforce4 on an 8KHA+
question on video card
At what FSB does AGP Tearing occur at?
radeon 8500 and 3dmark 2001
Price for used Visiontek Ti200 card?
Putting Arctic Silver 3 on GPU cores
Onboard Audio
Post your Gainward GF3 TI200 bios verison...
GIGABYTE AP64D - Radeon 8500LE - one or two ramdacs ?
28.90 dets vs via chipsets????
I need some basic info on GeForce2 GTS O/Cing
Geforce cooling
Petition to ATI
Leadtek 4400 ?s
videocard ram
think this fan be enouf? on my g force ti 4600
Best Sound Card through receiver
Overclocking Video card with stock cooling
Need help with my ge 4 ti 4600 cooling
Geforce 256/Geforce 2-->Quadro/Quadro 2...25% performance increase!?
TEC on a Radeon??
Good PCI video card?
Problems connecting my PC with my TV
ATI Radeon 8500 Users - Driver Question
Video problems too
Video problem
Volt Mod for 8500
Couple questions on generic BIOS settings..
Nvidia newbie driver installation question
Best TV Tuner Card
8500 Drivers
How many watts needed for GF4's?
NOW I'm irritated....
Any Ideas?
20000 points in 3Dmark2001SE soon on 1Ghz PCs.
Radeon 8500 LE OEM OC
static sound from SBLive!
ATI TV Tuner Wonder VE & Descrambling
AGP 1x, 2x, 4x - 1,5V, 3.3V Confused!
SUMA 3.3ns Ti4200!!!!
Leadtek Ti 4400 memory speed
Help needed with the Simpsons keys (nVidia)
So what's the best Sound Card for me?
Onboard sound?
overclocking geforce4 mx440, help me
v7700 to a gf3 ti500
Anyone used an all-in-wonder 8500DV 64 MB DDR card?
geeforce 2 gts 3d mark score
Any tweakers for G4 4600 ??
I need help
Tv Out
GeForce 4 Ques
Sound Blaster AUDIGY Platinum..
Download DirectX9 now!
PNY GeForce3 Ti 200
What the hell does 1.4 or faster mean?
low sound level in DVD's?
TT Blue Ramsinks on Gainward Ti200?
ATP4 Problem
Dual Monitor Question
Gainward Geforce3 ti200 help
Radeon 7500 - 2nd Place in 3D Mark :)
do some BIOS's overclock better than others?
Which Is The Best
Altec Lansing ADA 890's and Audigy
thermal interface for Vid Cards
Visontek Geforce4 ti4400 vs ti4600
Speakers, Speakers, and more Speakers...
Wewp wewp, my journey to almost 8000 3DMark's
Geforce 4 Mx 440
Abit Geforce 4 Ti4600?
Dark bars on the monitor
Best Driver for Radeon 8500 and WinXP
Whats up w/ my Audigy and Winamp?
need help with soundcard drivers please?
low 3dmark2001se scores with overclocked ti4400 :(
ASUS V7700 Deluxe Ti BIOS wanted!
Full Driver Set For Audigy Platinum EX
Cant install video card
about the ati 8500's..
somebody tell me.....
speakers scratching when there's internet activity
3D Mark 2001 SE score went down!?
silver layered pcb!
ti200- ti4200
Geforce ti 4200 Cards
how is this for scores?
Quick: Which Ti4400 card to buy?
Help, OC my Leadtek GF3Ti200
A good read on FPS (link)
Okay a lot of questions about v-card (geforce) from a newbie
S/U/M/A Platinum GeForce 4 Ti 4200SE-P
DX 8.1 for XP?
S3 Graphics ProSavage?
d3d8.dll file needed!!
video and sound sharing an irq...help?
Gainward 3.5ns Ti4200 !
*NEW* 3dmark score..higher online record
My mad onion score seems low :(
help, O/C Geforce 256
Move over Nvidia.....Matrox is new king!
8X AGP mobo out soon..what about Vcards
Multimon GeForce3?
help on buying a video card
Help On Drivers
What Do You Think Of This Card?
having probs with voodoo3 pci 2000 and gta3
stuck on heatsink
My sound problem
How much can I get out of this Ti4200 ?
PNY GeForce4 Ti4400 o/c
New OCer wants know know what tools you commonly use
Good video card for Photoshop???
Any good Nvidia sites?
Radeon 8500 "Revision 3" ???
Overclock video card utilities for Linux?
PNY G4 Ti400 for OC
One or two RAMDACS ?
Confused: Names of Nvidia ATI Cores...
Ti200 question - please answer quick!
Need a new 3d card...
What would be on par with....
Wavy lines - Radeon 8500
shuttle ak35gt2 and radeon 8500le
Blue Orb on a Voodoo 3 3000
MORE VOLTAGE TO Geforce4 4400
oh my.......
Leadtek Geforce 4 Ti 4400 overclocking help needed.
ATI All in Wonder VE problems
Screen Jumps
Video/Sound problem on laptop
OC causing sound problems
Best drivers for Geforce 3 Line of Cards? 23.11?
GeForce 2 issues with 8k3a's ..r there any
Bundles with Video Card
Tricked out GeForce 4200
x2 x4 bios or control panel
Dual VGA on Visiontek 4600?
Sound Blaster Audigty EX
Is there a "Voltage Mod." for GeForce2 mx-400?
29.40 Nvidia Driver gave me an extra 10 marks =P
does this seem right?
geforce4ti4200 preices
visiontek gf3ti200
Voodoo 3 3000 Volt mods
Anyone with around an 850AMD,GF3ti200..
Radeon 8500, GF3 Ti500, GF3, or GF3 Ti200?
Sound Blaster Audigy eX
Sound Blaster audigy
AGP X2 = X2 hassle
300$ 17 inch lcd
Now THIS is a video card
DVI to SVGA converter?
Question about AGP Slots
GeForce 4MX
Does SP2 for Win2000 fix the Nvidia Refresh rate problem?
Playing around with my GF3ti200
Is there a switch for...
ATI Radeon 7500 and XP
Volt Modding GeForce3 Ti 200
GeForce2 Ti vs GeForce4 MX440
Please read, need advise.
sorry i need advice again
Gainward Golden Sample GF3 Ti200
Thermaltake Geforce 4 Cooler
3D Mark 2002 (when?)
7500 chaning sinks
3dmark2001se opengl test?
3dmark 5040 on a Ti4400 help!!!!
new matrox card
This card kicks a$$
8500LE Problem
Time to mod the Radeon 8500
can't overclock my Ti4600
I just bought...
3d screen savers crashie crashie
PNY4400 memory problem
GF4 ti4400 on an overclocked BX mobo
2 Video Cards in 1 PC, 1 for game, 1 for tv out
3dmark2001 skips with ti4400
Problem playing MPEGS, etc.
TI4600, WinXP, KK266
Gainward Geforce 3 ti220 to quadro mod
This ant right!!
Viper V770 heatsink, can it come off?
is the GeForce4 Ti4600 worth the price? or just go for the 4400?
Canadian retailers?
video bios????
need radeon info
Radeon 7000 64mb DDR - How does it rate?
Dungeon Siege DirectX Probs
5 inch LCD for Car PC?
radeon 7500
Voodoo 3 heatsink removal
new cooler for GeForce4
Windows XP pro compatibility
How many ram chips are on a PNY Ti4400
Really hot resistors?
AC'97 begins to cracks on the "sh" and "ch" and etc...
Cnr? Amr?
looking for TB Santa Cruz....in Canada
MSI Ti4600?
Radeon 8500 newbie
Pointless but FUN!
Radeon 7000 driver problems
Please help my get 4000...
Geforce4 TI 4200
anyone else have this prob with sb audigy??
Am I missing something?
Prolink PixelView GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB
3 best GeForce4 Ti4600
List all bencmark scores- 3DM2K1SE,GL EXCESS, PCM2k1
UPDATE - 3DMark2001 Team Site
Watercooling my gf3?
AGP overclock
best open GL drivers
Please post Geforce 4 Ti4600 3dmark and overclocks
Ti500 to 4400? & does Nview work.
Geforce 4 MX owners...
memory identification
Which Audigy update do I download/install for XP?
Geforce 4 Ti4400 Benchies
have Radeon 7200, need better, help?
Need some help from a ti4400/ti4600 owner
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 drivers
Gainward ti 200
Geforce3 Ti200.... Prices going down?
GF2 ULTRA-DEAD?....Help needed
VxDDsound Error
Nvidia Bios editor questions
datasheet for nvidia gpu
there is something wrong here....
Geforce2 GTS versus Geforce3 Ti200.. Should I upgrade?
video card choices
Radeon 8500 retail chip and memory voltages
What's your mem/core oc to for G2 MX400 or Radeon 32Mb SDR?
Help! Black screen with white flashing cursor, top left
Problems with Radeon 75oo All in WOnder
I'm getting the itch again, help!
ATI Blows
I am so happy
Low 3dmarks with Gigabyte radeon le?
Radeon 7500 retail. (overclocking)
Visiontek or PNY Geforce3 ti 200
Electrical shielding
a sound and video question
Sound Blaster Live Digital?
Not happy with new radeon
Crashing 3DMark2001 question.
nVidia RIVA128ZX problem in XP!!!!
Quadro4 700XGL or GeForce3 Ti200?
Soundblaster 128 pci
I need help with my Geforce 2
Geforce to Quadro Hack?
Please post Geforce 4 Ti4600 3dmark and overclocks
Asus V8200 Pro Pure
Directx 8.1 please read
argh!! newegg out of leadtek ti4400's!!
Just picked up a Geforce 2 GTS PRO with 64mb ddr
Parhelia pics
Any good Ge-Force Mods out there???
how big of a heatsink would it take for no fan on gpu?
Geforce Tweaks Question
Crazy question...
lapping PNY Gf4 Hs
Does the SB Audigy Platinum have pass through Coaxial to Optical ability?
Video Caputre VS Gaming
soundblaster Live 5.1
Video card advice
Dungeon Siege Picture Quality On The GeForce...
Official name for new Matrox card "Fusion G800"?
Radeon 8500 LE question
cheetah graphics cards
Radeon 8500 question
Anyone want a stock 300G / 800M TI4600 Graphics Card?
overclocking Radeon 8500.
audigy and kr7a
Conneting Klipsch 5.1 and SB Audigy
More New Detonators
Matrox Parhelia-512 High Fidelity Graphics
Connect A Laptop Lcd Screen On Your Computer
2 Ti? 4MX?
GF3 Budget card-
Been outa da loop 4 a bit. What is a decent card 2 upgrade 2 from a 7500 for gd $$
The Long Awaited Matrox Card: Its name is Parhelia-512
need to know which video card is the best for this system
Voodoo 5 (dont laugh at me, hehe)
is their a trend between nvidia and 3Dfx?
How do you do the online 3dmark2001 compare??
EVGA 4600 and Intel p4t-e compatible?
Artifact Tester 5
I heard my DDR Memory FRY!!! Yes, I heard it..
I need advice in modding a Geforce-BIOS
A decent PCI graphic card?
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX>
GeForce 2 MX400
Soundblaster prob
anyone try the new Radeon driver 9032 yet?
This Combo giving me any 8k3a stability isues?
Getting a ti4600 soon, what can I expect?
Max Payne don't work with my 8500!!! Arrrrr
Worth upgrading to Geforce3 ti 200?
Matrox is up to something...
Blurry monitor
Cannot load Open GL Subsystem ??? what is this ??
What's the "top of the line" vid card regardless of price...
the choice between two video cards....
Radeon 8500 mod
ATI Radeon 8500LE <--Does LE=BAD
Is GF3 Ti200 a good Vid card?
Aopen Geforce 3 Ti200 DV128 Problems
cant compare......
Need help with VIVO on Geforce4 TI4400
TV Tuner
leadtek ti4200
Overclock Help
Omg, Look at this new Vid Card.
Want to win a CAK38?
Need Help, I'm slow..
Best Ti4400 to buy
Volt mod for Geforce4 MX cards?
Help Here Plz!
Multiple Monitors
leadtek ti4400 hw monitor?
Prolink and Powercolor Ti4600 cards
AGP voltage increase with wpcredit possible?