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AGP voltage increase with wpcredit possible?
2d quality
GeForce2 Ti pushed to the limits!
best detonators? Q of the day! {Poll?}
Geforce 2 Ti
Don't know where this belongs...so
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Video Card Performance in Windows 9x vs. 2000
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New ATI Drivers dated May 9 (MS certified)
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Gainward ti4200 review
anybody got any info on chaintech
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HELP: Ti4600/TH7iiRaid Issues
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epox boards with 6 channel sound
Geforce 4, A waste of Money?
question #2
GAINWARD/CARDEXPERT GeForce 3 Ti200 64MB, Good Card?
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Got my GF4-TI4200 Wow!
reviving an older card via VOLTMODING
Please HELP.... HDCD Won't Load
RADEON 8500 ... what are the diff models?
Video upgrade question
how much vid card do you really need?
Radeon 8500 128mb?
4.1 Sound
Ti4200 with BGA
Which detonators should I get?
ATI 8500 LE vs. 8500
Overclock for games only or all of the time ?
ATI Radeon 8500LE and Counter-strike
really new to all this
Matrox "Parhelia"
Duel Monitors
Geforce4 ti 4X00 memory heatsink
Audigy responsible for never ending beep death?
RivaTuner 2.0 won't detect clock speeds on GF4 Ti4400
Ti4200 links
Malakai, and interested others-gainward ti4200
How far can I overclock my gainward Gforce3 ti200 128mb with regular fan cooling?
Leadtek Ti4200 when? when? when?
Anybody get their ATI 8500 rebate
Need help on this 1
Voodoo Overclocking, No Gains?
Video Card Flash Screen
leadtek Ti4400
fsb 150 does a geforce 4 work?
Heads up for visiontek 4600 owners.
does anyone here have a evga g3 ti200 128 meg?
Help needED!!
8500 Stock HSF removal? Whats the....
Longhorn 3D
anyone reccommend any sorround sound systems?
newegg and 8500 and 4200?
Can my PCI only computer have a video card?
anyone try dets 29.20?
how do i safely remove hs/fan on geforce3ti200?
geforce 4 ti4600 frame rate problem ???
Noob needs some video capture help?!?
ti4400 vs ti4200
Graphics Temprature
Latest Drivers
MSI 64mb GeForce 4 mx440
Geforce 2
NV30/35 Details - A fun read of the next nine months to come!
geforce2 mx and midtown madness
Good upgrade from GF 2 Ultra
Unstable Symptoms
Driver problem
P3 933 and ti4400 poor results
Need help installing Blue Orb
cheap, high quality video cards
--500 3dm2k1 points inside!--
What is????
Problems with slowdown...
Voodoo 3 adapter to RCA?
Anyone have any advice on putting sinks on my card
Need help my Visiontech ge 4 wont oc
W00t W00t! Go 3Dlabs!
Radeon 8500 coming next week, need help
driver uninstall question
GeForce Two
Direct X Problem
msi g3 ti200 users!
audigy echos all the time! help!
Weird OCing problems.... please help.
Changing AGP
PCI and AGP cardw/ 2 monitors help
Monitor or Video Card???
Joytech Bloody Monster II Geforce 4 Ti4600 Ultra
TV/Tuner cards, can be used just for tv plus another card for 3d?
AGP PRO or APG Universal.....????????
Which G4 Ti 4400?
8500LE Cooling
3dmark2001 SE help!
MSI-8826 and Quadro
Goodbye GeForce4/Radeon8500????????
Worse performance after upgrade :(
which ATI?
Do not attempt this mod at home
Gf4 Asus Board Reason for Overheating?
Can you overclock a 3D Labs Wildcat 2 card?
ATI vs. nVidia... vs SiS?
SB Live! X-Gamer question
550 points gain on 3Dmark2001SE
TV on my PC?
Organized overview of ATI's cards!
Post your Radeon 8500 overclocks (retail and LE)
3d Prophet 8500le is HERE!!!!
Volt Mod for GF4 Ti cards???
29.20 Detonators.....
Radeon 10000
HELP! Having trouble running 3dmark 2001
GF4 Ti4600 to Quadro 900XGL
Radeon 7500 OC :D
Anyone got a Creative GF4 4600?
Found the 2 budget videocard, now, wich?!!
DVD question,
quick response needed!!!!!!
Best Company for a Gforce 4 Ti4600?
upgrade from geforce 2
Your opinion of the MSI GF4 ti4400?
8500LE vs. 8500
Onboard sound chip. Is there a performance hit?
geforce 4 memory cooling: is it worth it?
Removing Leadtek HS on GeForce 4 Ti
SoundBlaster 5.1 Driver Update
Radeon 7000 ???what is it and what can I expect..read inside
why can't i overclock my mem ???
Graphics card overclocking
CPU or Video?
New 29.11 Dets....
GeForce 4 Ti 4400 cooling
Radeon 8500 or Geforce 4
8500le clock
Quincux AA crashing in XP
installing 28.90 driver
change fan on radeon 8500
I'm an idiot
Gainward Ti4200 out this or next week!!!
humm...no improvement?!
Gainward GeForce 2 Pro/450
Radeon 7500 AIW max FSB is?
For people debating between Radeon8500 and Ti4200:
radeon 8500 vmod question
Gemini@ great video card water block
Is this best price?
uh-oh....no monitor
no OpenGL in XP!!!! ARRGG!!!
Strange problem
GTS 3 ti200 pny verto bios question?
Post your Ti4600 overclock scores here..
busted a cap off a vid card, can you help ID it?
ATI AiW 8500DV & PIII 866
cooling my vid card
The Pencil Trick
Visiontek GF4 ti 4600 problems
Gainward GF4 Ti4400 TV out 1024?
hercules radeon
Audigy or is ther better out? Opinions
radeon @ 335/335(670)
Radeon 8500 overlay problem
hercules gf3ti200
stealth III S540 and UT Artifacts on W2K
Crappy graphics in Widows XP with Radeon 32mb ddr card
Environment Bump Mapping?
MSI Geforce3
HOT, and I mean HOT GPU!!!!!!
Gainward Ti 4400 on the fritz!!!
Gainward GF4 PowerPack Ultra 700XP Golden Sample Review
Omega Radeon Drivers
Video Card OverLay problem
Radeon 7500 prob
radeon 8500 ram water blocks
Someone with a GeForce3 ti200
What can I do to tweak my card a bit more
OpenGl 1.2 & 1.3 with XP
What are the signs of bad mounting?
Avatar lending library
how do I use the digital out on my audigy?
geforce 3 overclock challange
tnt2 take ut
Radeon 8500 + Unreal Tournament = ? FPS
A other upgrade question?
Matrox Parhelia
Best GF4 MX?
Vid card differences
can you recommend a good/cheap non-creative sound card?
help (overclocking voodoo3)
3dfx Monster Fusion Drivers ?
ATI AIW transparency level of the TV window??
Two vid cards blown.HELP!!
Need help on setup for 3Dmark2001SE
getting there.....
HELP!!!! Whats happening?
Update on the 3Dmark site:
GF3 (regular) - should i upgrade to 4600 TI?
To HELL and back with my GF3.
I heard
Damn Radeon freezes after 6 minutes!
Don't buy any radeon but ATI.
Should I re-apply my heatsinks?
nVidia about to rule "Sounds Cards" next ?
Best GeForce 4 Ti Hardware-wise?
Who's running GF4 4600 on oc'ed AGP?
Nvidia Vanta LT Overclocking
I Need Help Fast!!!
gtu expert tab
how do i remove heatsink from vidcard?
Vid Prob need help frm the experts
AMD/GeForce 3/ Comanche 4 help!!
GeForce 4 Ti 4400 overclocking info
GeForce 2 mx400 problem
Video Card OCing newb
help me on a overclock issue
3dmark corrupted?
what does this term refer to? quincix
PNY Ti4600 Overclock? How high?
Voodoo3 3000 TV Out
Klipsh ProMedia 5.1 Anyone have them?
this is a good article on what should be considered the gf4 mx serie
Gforce 2 mx 400 & tv out problem!
ATI's Radeon 8500 Getting Faster!!! Watch out G4 Ti 4200
Fix for almost all Audigy problems with winXP and/or VIA chipsets
New RADEON DRIVERS dated 4/24/2002
ahhh my ongoing audigy nightmare!!!
Alladin TNT2 problems
Overclocking GeForce?
new 3dMarks Score... PUMPED
Yay! Got My GF4! But...
Will a 300Mhz Celeron PC lag down a game of Quake or UT on a LAN?
RTCW and Sis 730 Open GL
Older brother's GeForce 3 is buggin with detonator D/L
Which should I buy
Bloody Monster GF4 cards?
MSI MX440 Overclocking
helpful tips for increasing 3dmark scores
"Gainward Ultra/700XP Golden Sample" What's in the retail box ???
Bestest Cheapest!!!
Where can I buy a GF4 ti4200?
what can a crystal ORB do here?
video severly drags if my fsb is set higher than 144 !
why everyone waiting for 4200, why not 4600?
3 Video Cards..only 2 will Work??
How to OverClock Gainward GeForce3 Ti200
Enable Fast Writes and Video Ram Cacheable in Bios?
I'm learning to use my new QuickCam Pro 3000
ASUS video card
Refresh Rate Fix
AGP driving control kills?
Any improvement with the 6071's?
mic through speakers
chaintech cards any good?
radeon 8500 on a bh6 problems
Waiting for a gf4 4200...good idea?
4in1 AGP prob
how to volt modd
Alternative memory sink mounting info
Post Your Ti4400 overclock rates and card.
radeon 8500 @ 330/670
do u have a MSI ti200?
Radeon 8500le
Help with Gf4 Ti4400.....
"The Product" - holy sh|t!!
What exactly is a golden Sample?
cooling vid card memory
For Giga-Byte Radeon owners please read!
Why is this card so cheap?
Registry change for clock/memory speed?
What's the standard 3dMark setting
How many fps should I be getting?
what? why does sandra say i have 2x agp?
What ratio should my GPU to RAM be?
What do artifacts look like?
geforce 3 ti200 volt mod
"Old Reliable" isn't so reliable anymore. =(
Apollo need help o/c
Creative buys 3dlabs
apollo devil monster II ati 8500
Video Card Problem I Think...
Generic 6 channel sound card
GTU and Coolbits Problem?
The old video card question
GF 3 Ti Drivers/overclocking
nvidia color controls.
Recommended ATI Drivers for WinXP
Which card should I use
low 3dMark scores
How Long did it take to RMA your ATI/Nvidia cards??
dual monitors with 2 different vid cards.. help plz
who here has a radeon 8500, how do you like?
Is this a good score? Radeon 8500
I dont get why people would buy a Geforce 4...
Philips Acoustic Edge Digital Out ?'s for owners.
Radeon 8500 or GF3 Ti200?????
geforce2 mx400 volt mod???
I want TV on my monitor:) Help please!
can anybody understand what is written here something about geforce3 emulator
Anyone have experience with a Terratec 24/96 card?
anyone no of transparant veiw for ati aiw tv?
GF4 Ti4200
just a little article for the pleasure of all
Which gf3 ti200 should I buy?
Radeon 7500 TV out problem
New Detonators 28.90
Sound Blaster Live dead?
Quick D3D Benchmark
geforce4 ti 4200
Booting w/Radeon 8500 and TV
How 'bout every1 post 3dmark compare links for their GF2's, GF4 Mx's, or 7500's
is this a good card, need lots of opinions
Refreshrate in games HELP
ANY info on 3dlabs new card, post here plz!
TV on my computer
Hauppage wintv poor reception
question for you ATI All in Wonder Radeon 7500 owners
Aureal Vortex SQ1500 and Windows XP
Good Video cards under $120 USD??
Games resetting back to the desktop!!! Could this be a sound card problem?
Radeon 7500 with DVI-out
Voodoo 3 3500 question
Anyone know which of these two GF4 cards overclocks better?
help with Geforce 2
decent video card for little money
Blorbs on my Voodoo5
ge4 and 8500, which one got better 2d quality?
ThermalTake Tape,sinks on 8500
is a retail 8500 allinwonder as good as the stand alone 8500?
Multi Monitor help with wIndows XP
SB Live Dr
Help for Geforce 2MX 400!!!
Bwaaah ha ha ha! Nvidia and ATI are in for a fight
the performance of my GeForce4 Ti 4600
what's a good card
1271 FPS In DirecTxDIAG ?
ATI Rage Pro Turbo
Can't remove my GPU sink. 911!
is it me or ati tweaks bettre then nvidia
Video In/Out
3 D Mark Error.... Any Suggestions
Increase in fsb..OC'ing the video card
Ti44000 Driver probs
How hot does video RAM get?
ASUS Geforce 4 - Ti4600 Deluxe ???
Best Cheap Video Card
640x480 Only - Need Help!
Cheap PCI card?
Difference in ATI...?
brest way to attach ram heatsinks
3dmark2001 low scores
Radeon 8500 (Devil Monster II)
need info on what i should get next (vid card)
geforce 4 ti 4600
Finally got on Crystal Orb but my temps went up wtf??
ATI Xpert 128 Is it OCable?
What is a DVI input or output?
Checking FPS
voodoo5 single chip?
Uncapping FPS in Quake 3
What's the "best" utility for overclocking a geForce 3?
ATI radeon 128mb all in wonder card
AGP compatibilty - Agp2.0 in Agp1.0 slot?
Which card to get???
Voodoo5 vs. Geforce4MX 440
Price od "ATI Radeon 8500 128MB" in the U.S. ?
100 bucks
New Omega drivers
My video Capture drops on its own!
How good is ASUS TI4x00 GPU heatsink?
Yikes, so many Det's! Please advise..
Radeon vs. GeForce
Freezer method and heat method doesnt work any others?
d3d renderer fail.. what is it?
out of the list below, which geforce manufacturer is better?
Turtle Beach Sound card,any good?
3d Labs Oxygen Card
Ti4200...64 or 128??
GeForce 6????
Any nvidia/geforce site/forums around?
Look what I did :)
Turtle Beach Sound Card
SBlive software for XP?
3dmark team domain and hosting...
Really Great Info on all Cards!
Advice for Video Upgrade! Need good advice!
19-inch Monitor recommendations?
Is there a utility that keeps your card cool??
Is it worth it? Upgrade from Gf3 to Gf4 4400?
New gigabyte 8500!!
Gf2 using GF4 drivers = BAD???
Buying Gf3 ti 200 128mb ddr or Radeon 8500..whats best..
voodo 4
Post your 3DMark2001 results URL here...
Is AS2 Epoxy good enough for this situation?
need help finding hercules game theater
A quick question about the GF2 Ti series of cards...
new geforce4 4600......help!!!
Geforce 4 Ti4400
can i capture a picture inside a video w/o a all in wonder
geforce 3 ti200. 64meg or 128?
NVidia overclocking
Give me your thoughts on the Elsa Gloria II
Dazzle Movie Studio 2/Win 2000 Pro
DVD Playback: GF2 vs GF4
Guys, Where can I find the newest Geforce 2 mx drivers?
Driver help needed...
Do I need a ferrite capacitor?
8500 Le 128
Just a little update on the Radeon VE
Some Very Useful information about TFT LCD screens.
Depressed ....Ti 4400 blues
Spontaneous rebooting caused by GeForce2
Looking for guide for overclocking ATI Radeon 8500 128
artic silver adhesive
Is a 300 W PSU really NEEDED for a Geforce 4?
Geforce Tweak Utility Question
my friend has green dots on his screen..
TV Capture inverted...hmmm?
Reviews aside
2 different vid cards to get dual display?
ATI Radeon stability with gaming?
Nvidia refresh rate fix + new detonator drivers
Scores dropped on 8500
Anandtech - sub $200 gfx card roundup
radeon 7500 on an msi nforce m\b
Is this the right choice?
Is the geforce 4 still for just gaming
well i ordered my gigabyte last nite
FIFA 2002 WinXp Prof. Geforce 2MX400 constant crash
vid ram sink positioning
CPU power for Vcards ?
Look at my 8500!!!! Wat a beaut!!!
5.1 Channel support
Leadtek GF4ti 4400 Overheating at stock speeds
money for voodoo5 retail?
graphic card bios
I can't get a very good overclock
Jetway 128MB 3D SIS315 how does it compare?
geforce eqivalent of 8500le??
Can you O/C a Radeon 32MB DDR???
Fastwrite and Sideband addressing
is radeon le concedered radeon ve on ati drivers page?
Post ur Ti 4600 temps
How to Nuke Detonators??
newer drivers for the ti 4600 are bad !!
Gainward gf3 and dual monitors?
Geforce 2 GTS acting deadish
Radion8500 Volt Modded, Now how do I clock it?
Freezer trick doesnt work on my 8500
No Audio for some of my movies
Geforce 256
8500 slows me down
Best Fan for a Visiontec 6564
Anyone know where to get the dapter from DVI>Second Monitor for 8500?
follow-up on my new vid card
Overclocking video cards
Enabling AA?
can someone post direction on how to remove video drivers out of registry