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can someone post direction on how to remove video drivers out of registry
geForce 4 440MX
Ram oc on my geforce 4 ti 4600
Radeon 8500 retail @ 320\670 DDR
is this a good or bad 3dmark score?
looking for a program to oc my ram on my radeon 7500.
Pricey (sp) Gr. Cards
radeon 8500 vs. voodoo5
problem with madonion
Gimme/point me towards a tutorial on vid card OCing
overclock help
geforce 4 ti 4600 help with caslte wolfenstein
3dmark 2k1 se scores (sticky please)
Visiontec Geforce3 ti200 6564 OC
why does ati's driver say error...
radeon le... need upgrade, what do u recomend?
CRT problem- getting an OLD CRT to work???
How fast is too fast, to be safe ???
voodoo 5 on XP
Gefroce 4 Ti4200
Mounting Fan
Bye Bye VE & SB PCI512 Heloo 8500 and Santa Cruz!!
CAD video cards
found a Geforce Ti4200 for 185.00!
Anyone here with a MSI or Leadtek Geforce 4 Ti4400?
Overclocking Vid Card in XP?
low benchmark scores?
miro dc10
who makes the best ge4 ti cards?
8500LE: Counterstrike problems
do you think 128MB is big enough or should i go bigger
voodoo5 1 or 2
New Radeon drivers not working
Gamma With Powerstrip
DVD on TV with 7500
Cheap cooling solutions?
Lookit !!!!!
What do you guys think of this...
Anybody know how to get Games to run at over 60hz in WinXP?
resistor question for video card
Peltier and Rad 8500
connecting comp. to reciever
Heatsinks for my Geforce 3 Ti200
highest Geforce 3 overclock
poppin me cherry
3DMark2k1 SE?
Geforce peltiers
Geforce 3 overclock
PNY TI4400 is An MSI 4400
R8500LE or MX460
Geforce 4 ti
Radeon 8500 or Geforce 3 Ti?
retail radeon 8500 @ 657 DDR!!!!
How do you know when a vid card fried/died?
ATI All In Wonder 128 32MB AGP
Radeon horizontal wavy issue
Tip for you gamers, your refresh rate goes to 60hz in games >>
Radeon 8500 Voltage mod question
Quattro? what is that?
Higher Clocks don't mean higher 3dmark READ>
hmmm better but not good enough !
Is this a good card? MSI G4MX420-T
any ideas ???
low 3dmark2001 score
what's the best ati overclocker?
nVidia 28.80 Reference Beta
What does the V mean in the GTS-V?
check out this Radeon 128mb overclock
Just wanted to say Thank you all!
Geforce 256 ddr?
post screen flickering in xp?
Geforce2 OC
Please help (MONITORS)
Gigabyte Radeon question!
4.1 vs 5.1 , 6.1 sound ?
SHMUCK has me beat...an 8500LE with 3.3ns!!!
voodoo5 upgrade
voodoo5 died or alive?
DirectX 8.1 doesn't work.
Viper 770 non ultra and Q3 Conflict
Help removing fan from card epoxy = :mad:
3Dmark2000 vs 3Dmark2001SE score
GF3 Ti 200 Default 2001 Score
Viper V770 (TNT2). AGP 1,5v or 3,3v?
How do you use 6.1 Surround??
Connecting sound card to home theater system
OCing my ATI Rage 98'
BM w/ Q3A
Thermal Tape?
I have to be retarded but...
Almost killed my 8500
Woohoo -> My new 4400ti 3dmark scores
Having Problems already =(
Gigabyte 8500
buying a cheap video card...wanna help pick it out?
Hercules game theater XP
New 8500 6058s for XP
Radeon LE 32mb DDR 3dmark2001
3dMark team challenged me...I accepted!!
good idea ? bad idea ?
Hercules Prophet Geforce 2 a 1.5v card?
Witch GeForce 3 Ti200 card is best
real gamers talk about drivers and geforce....
Extreme OC/Cooling for G4 ti4600 GPU
Question about gigabyte 8500 LE?
Quadro 2 pro software in 27.xx drivers?
GeForce 2 GTS-V Memory cooling ?
i NEED Advice . . . and FAST! =)
NV30? possibility?
best video for 40 dallars?
anistropic filtering?
Which card 4 DVD on TV???
Suggestions for a new GFX Card
GPU Cooling...
Radeon 8500 128 DDR LE
anyone havin probs with G4 Ti4400
New 8500 6058 Win2000
8500 and Dual Monitors
PNY GF3 Ti200 3.8ns
One more GF4 to come, the Ti 4800...
gone mad
Help plz !!!!!!!!
Slow GF3 ti???
Blue Orb - POS?!?!
ATI 8500 or Giga-byte 8500LE
Needs of my 8500?
PSU for a Radeon 8500?
Geforce 2 ultra cooling
How much Creative cares about drivers?
I love my 8500
bios gainward
VISIONTEK Xtasy 5632 or Radeon LE DDR 32MB
gainward geforce 4 + 3dmark = why so low?
leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra TD or
Is 8204 a decent 3DMark score?
8500 Volt Mod
Ok having bit of a problem with my GF2
Any way to Increse In-Game GAMMA settings, through Nvidia setting?
Nvidia Vanta TNT 2 32mb
Is the GeForce4-Ti4600 a worhwhile upgrade from a RADEON 7500?
Gainward GF3 OWNERS!!!! NEW BIOS!!!
My PNY G4Ti 4600 made my system unstable??!! (MUST READ)
MSI K7T-266A Pro2 and Geforce4 MX440 problems
Video card stability test?
what the Overclock limit for GF2 MX 200?
Cheap video card with DVI
trouble with a Radeon 8500 and a Solotek SL-75drv4 mainboard help Please :)
60 fps in counter strike
Substitute for *Visiontek's* GeForce 4 Ti 4600 /w Epox 8KHA+
DVI or Analog with LCD monitor
RIVA TNT vs Geforce 2 MX200 in Celeron 466
why can't I get 4in1 drivers to work?
VisionTek GF4 MX440 O/C.
wmp 6.4 will not play mpegs
Radeon 8500 scores?
Pretty benchmark program
SBLive owners....
RAGE3D Tweaker.
I did it - Ti 4400
IF I O/C the Gigabyte....
Riva Tuner question...
dual monitors...
Creative Riva TNT 16MB PCI...
Scroll wheel "Mess ups"
Will This Work
Radeon 7500
Ti 4200 or Radeon 8500?!!
Laptop screen shrinking instead of changing resolution
Matrox G400 & G400Max: Difference?
Radeon 8500 cooling
Audigy problem.
XP and Monitor Refresh rates
SouthEast Asia
Which Geforce 4 should i go with?
Which Geforce 4 should i go with?
Geforce2mx400-how much is too much?
saw this article on tomshardware
ASUS V8170 Geforce 4 MX440?
ati radeon 64mb sdr overclocking
video problem
wich tweaking tool is in charge?
Replacing the Nvidia GF4 reference cooler ??
3DMark2001 error
Best Video In available
PLEASE explain diff between ATI 8500LE and 8500!!
Sparkle GeForce 3 Ti200
Overclocked Leadtek Ti4600
overclocking and radeon 8500???
Wood Glue?
what fan for vid
gf4 w/ dx8.0 or 8.1
video fan
Gigabyte 8500
Two(2) Bad Video Cards? Please help...
best Video Card for my system
Acorp 6a815EP1 motherboard
How to tell Vid card core/mem?
Fortissimo2 Huge problems
New sound card improving video performance?
Radeon 8500 performance problem
I need HELP using TV out!!!!!
ATI Retail or Giga byte LE
Geforce 3 Ti 500
Buying new card. Need Advice on Geforce and ATI.
getting radeon and want to fresh install but....help
ASUS V8170DDR GeForce 4 MX 440 Graphics Card
safe core/memory Hz ????
Burning MP3
What temps are You guys getting for a GF4 4600?
Tnt2 M64
v5 and XP - What drivers u use?
I should get better numbers 3dmark 2001
64 or 128 on a GeForce 3 ti 200?
New video card any opinions please!
Geforce 2 Ti Problems??!!
What will happen to the prices...
Ramsink Question?
Gigabyte 8500LE
Is the Geforce 4 Ti 4400 or 4600 worth to upgrade from Geforce 3
Nvidia geforce 4MX And Geforce 4 Ti
Anyone know about this?
i got another problem
Anti-Aliasing 4x 9-tap
Anyone else waiting?
Adding volts to a video card
GeForce 3 Ti 500 Speeds...
whats better Orginal GF3 or Gf3 Ti200?
Buying new vid card gigabyte?
AVerTV conflicts with 8500? Need to know before I buy.
Video Card Replacement
GeForce 4 is it worth the money
What Happened!!!!!
DVD playback issues....
GeForce 3 Ti 200 and high resolutions
visiontek 6564 UPC question
Audio Control
Radeon 8500 driver problem.
geforce4 ti 4x00 and ep-8kha+ with audigy
It Has arrived But why is it sooooo SLOW!!!
need help fast please .please explain differance in video cards
Radeon reboots!!!
ASUS V8460 GeForce 4 Ti4600
Tweaking help.
Core/mem voltage...
GF4TI4200....the answer to all our prayers...!
Highest overclock of Gainward Golden Sample Geforce4 MX440
Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT
PowerStrip, Rage3D ... how do they work?
Radeon 8500, not what it should be?
Logitech MouseMan Wheel Optical Problem
Lots o fun...
Fast writes disabled!
Is my 800 Celeron going to have enough "oomph" to make use of a Radeon 8500?
VGA overclock how they find it out?
Most stable Radeon 8500 driver?
GF3 Ti200 or ATI 8500???
More FPS with GF2 than with Radeon 8500?
No video...
need a part number....
Getting an 8500....FINALLY!
Someone Please Help Me !!!!!
which Radeon --- HELP, please!!!
where is agp 4x
tnt2 m64 pci OR agp lockups! plz help!
Radeon 8500 Bios Flashing
Radeon 8500 drivers.
Wacky Radeon 8500 o/c problem
Text quality GF3 or GF2 :(
more than one vid card??
Best Drivers for Radeon VE?
RunDLL error on windows load
Geforce 3
i got duel monitors up
your ti200 score
GF4 mx440 vs GF3 ti2000
Highest Overclock for G4 Ti4600
Checking and changing IRQ?
Leadtek Ti4400
Pine gf2 mx 400 installation problem
What can my 8500LE 128 do???
Geforce 4 mx worth getting?
what should I be able to o/c to?
geforce 4 mx 4400 vs geforce 256
Better my 3Dmark scores
looking into a blue orb fan for vid card.
GeForce2 Ti DVD support?
For AIW Radeon owners?
Only 8400 3dmarks on new sys - why?
turtle beach santa cruz soundcard upgrade
Gigabyte 8500LE
To trade or not to trade?
Killer system, only 8,000 3Dmarks?
Ok--A FPS & CS Problem Thats Been Driving me crazy
Anyone got PNY GeForce4 Ti4400? or Leadtek Ti4400?
if i get a new beter video card will that make my picture clearer?
Heatsink Trouble
Next Generation Creative Audio!!!
Vid card works on one monitor, but not on the other...
which one
hercules 3d prophet 4500
GA-7ZMMC S3 Savage ProSavage Win98SE MESS UP
GA-7ZMMC S3 Savage ProSavage Win98SE MESS UP
Adapter to make GFX card lie parralel to mobo??
Anyone else have problems with nVIDIA 27.50 drivers?
my ti500 is mysteriously slow
Problems with 3d games!
GeForce 4 Ti4600 HELP ME PLEASE!
Which NVidia Drivers???
Error in 3D Mark 2k1 SE
Did anybody notice...?
Urgent!!!! Vid Card choice
Replacement parts for Game Theatre XP?
Gf2 Mx-200
Anyone got a Hercules Radeon 8500LE?
Ti 4600 Just Got Here
o/c'in gf2 mx400
UC vs USWC on an nforce?
Problems running DOS based programs/games...
8500 OEM install problems
GeForce2 MX quality mod
gainward golden sample and radeon 8500
VisionTek GF4 TI 4600 "SpeakOut"
I got a Radeon VE knock-off!
Bad image with full screen video and tv-out with GF3. Help!
Fast Writes
why did i have to get the audigy?
i just dont get it..Slow geforce 4 :(
LOL I can't get back to stock speeds!!!!!
please, do u have a palit??
Vid Card Temp
Geforce 2 mod to Quartro 2
can't install video card driver
Sideband addressing?
What are your highest Radeon 8500 clock speeds?
Gigabyte Radeon 8500
A few questions on OC an V3 2000
Overclocking the GF2 MX 200 chip, no success...
Geforce 3 Ti 200 64 mb ram VS 128 mb ram
Greyed MX Controls
Best Driver for Ge2, and where can i find it.
Video Driver problems with Radeon 8500
Radeon 8500 Voltage Mod..
Nvidia Geforce 2 MX400
Video Quality
refresh rates....
ram sinks for a radeon 7500
Finding out temps?
Vid card question
Voodoo 5 5500 & 3DMark 2001
g3 ti overclocking
This 7500 wont stop!!!!
messing with frequencies.
Graphic Card's BIOS...
nvidia card, dvd on tv-out, copy protection
Video Card Problems
Refresh Rate problem in win2k
TNT2 card.....
lcd screen and fonts
Evga GF4 Ti Benchmark
Ripped off, what is this nvidia card
Its Here :)
Ack 3d gaming exp not good =(
Abit Siluro GF3 Ti200 observations
tweaking ti 4600
Whats this mean?
please let me know what ya think..
please palit g3 ti200 owners!!
Creative Audigy
radeon 8500 LE or not? please help!
Loop? But i got finishing 3dmarks
Radeon 7500 All in Wonder - Clarification Please
Radeon VE and Voltage mods?
GF4. 4400-4600 I want 1 !
SBlive sounds like crap on cds?
how come there gf2 is doing 220/330mem default and mine 200/175
Help with beeps
How much is this worth??
nvidia ti500
well i thought i fixed the infinite loop...
New fan for Visiontek 4600
none of the tweaker are working
Audiophile 2496 + IRQs
Is there something wrong with my Voodoo 4?
Radeon8500 testing file
chaintech geforce2 mx400 64mb model A50x
OEM v Retail
3dmark score on 1800xp/gf4ti4400?
Help: MY tv card is stopping my gfx card
building game server: gf2 GTS or radeon?
8500 Install Problem
Price/performance (Q3A/OpenGL)
GF2 MX 200/400 support fast-writes?
Quick 8500 Question
TV out probs Gf3 Ti200
Max Speeds with Geforce 2 GTS
Did Creative lie to me?
Max Geforce 2 GTS temps
Ti 500 unstable at 150 FSB, AGP causing this?
4400 or 4600?
Advise Please
TNT2 Pro & blury screen
Radeon 8500 and font "corruption"?
glueing on heat sinks?
HELP!! XP + Sound card :/
creative labs soundcard
SDI out
Sorry wrong one :(
Ti 4400 what can I say?
anyone have a radeon 7000 64 mb ddr agp video card?
heatsinks for video card
The Overclockers 3dmark Team challenges you to beat our scores!
fortissimo 2 recording problem
Radeon 8500 Will Not Install On BX Board
Quake 3 FPS
Old Sound Card Problem?
As GPU/MEMORY clock goes up..... score goes down!
Radeon 8500DV - Some thoughts on TV Out feature
Gigabyte Radeon 8500 -- Where to buy!
tnt 2 volt mod?
Normal GF3 temp
Help! Problem with my GeForce2
Low Vertex Shader score!!
Is it worth it to upgrade now?
I'm new to this - Gainward Golden Sample Geforce4 MX440 Overclocking
sony cpd-e400 & GF3 ti200
Whats my prob????
The Logitech Z560 or The Altec Lansing 641??
No laughing now...What do you guys think of AC97 sound quality?
Blue screen nv4_disp.dll
Gainward GF2 450 Golden Sample or Leadtek GF2 Ti
Audigy or Turtle Beach???
can i use cool bits with win xp
Bios Updates for MSI GeForce3 Pro-VT64D (MS-8822)
Radeon 8500: Retail, OEM, LE, Oh my!
Geforce2 or Geforce 3? Let me know
Geforce4 Mx Quadro mod
refresh rate settings?
Some one helkp me with a 3dmark2001se problem ?
4.1 vs 5.1 sound?
Very poor results with a new GF4 TI4600
what you guys get your 7500 to?
Does 2k hate 3dfx cards like XP does?
radeon overclocking software
TV Out problem
what's your Geforce 4 Ti 4600 overclock?
weird benchmark graphics
What have I done!?!
Refresh lock on Win2k...
vid memory ?
ATI radeon 7500 64 duel vga help
Asus to make Ati video cards --possibly
am i the most upset..
how to mount new fan to 8500
Best VC for Right Price..
Video card cooler from Golden ORB
GeForce 4 MX440 upgrade?
best speakers for me!
rage mobility-p
change my card and ????
help w/Radeon please
Where to find the Result Browser for 3dmark2001?
Backside Fan
3dfx Tidbit....
Games dissapearing???
Geforce 3 ti200 drivers
What's after GeForce4 Ti 4600 ?
Error message using RadeonTweaker
Anyone else have a Gainward card that will not overclock?
My First Dead Hardware: My Radeon 32mb DDR
GeForce 2 MX400 won't work.
Where can I find the newest leaked Nvidea drivers?
how many of you have tried to update the video bios before?
What is the best proram for ocing GF2Ti
TV Wonder VE and Windows XP
Who makes the BEST geforce4 Ti4600
a bios update, what for?
NO MIC. with WinXP and Audigy
Is GlobalWin caf12 good?
DirectX 8.1 = no go
Infinite Loop/WinXP/Radeon 7500 AIW
"out of frequency range" error message?
--Best Radeon 8500 Drivers--
Which is better??
How do I.....?
Holy cow... new bios is freaking cool...
Leadtek G4 TI 4600
Collector series:D
What drivers should i use for new gf-3 ti 500
3d mark nature tweaks
is it hard to put some Artic Silver 2 onto my Gainward Ti200?
Apature size?